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State of Catton Commission on Judicial Performance 435 Golden Gate Abenne, Suite M400 an Francisco, CA 91102-3660 a) S87 200 Fax @18) 857-1266 Webste: ntpepea gov December 11, 2018 Susan Bassi P.O. Box 2220 Los Gatos, CA 95031 Dear Ms, Bassi: This letter is to acknowledge receipt of the voluminous correspondence you have submitted to the Commission on Judicial Performance, including your letter dated October 29, 2018. This matter is still under consideration. Your letter, dated October 29, 2018, incorrectly states that you were asked to send additional information via email to Ms. Drummer. Please note that, as staff has previously advised you, any additional information you would like to provide should not be submitted via email to staff; you may submit this information via mail or fax. In order to proceed further with your complaints, please provide the following additional information by mail: 1. Please provide a copy of the transcript from the hearing that took place on October 3, 2016, which you refer to in item “A” of your correspondence, dated October 29, 2018. 2. You state in item “M” of this correspondence that one judge continued a critical motion you filed on December 5, 2015 to August 21, 2017. Please provide details regarding t cluding the nature of it, and any related court documents, 3. Please provide a copy of the ease management order you reference in item “R” of this same correspondence, which you state was made without a hearing pending before the judge. In items “S” and “W” of this correspondence, you allege “repeated ex parte communication” by one judge with two individuals, including one incident on June 15, 2015. Please provide specific details regarding the additional Susan Bassi December 11, 2018 Page Two dates and nature of these communications, any transcripts, if applicable, and ‘a copy of the emails you reference. (On the last page of this correspondence, you state that one of the judges campaigned for a DA. Please provide additional details regarding the nature of the judge’s campaigning, including any materials pertaining to this matter. 6. Ina document entitled “CJP — Final Information October 2018”, you state that you observed a judge drinking alcohol and talking about litigants with lawyers and other judges. Please describe specifically what you heard this judge say with respect to the litigants. 7. You have also informed staff that one of the judges did not disctose that his wife was a prosecutor, but that, in the beginning of the case, the judge gave disclosures, which you believe were inadequate. Please describe specifically what disclosures this judge made. The additional information you provide will be reviewed upon receipt. However, without further details, we cannot determine whether there may be grounds for a judicial investigation. Please provide the above information by December 28, 2018. We will be in touch with you if any further information is needed, and after the commission has reached a decision regarding your complaint Please note that this commission does not have the authority to provide legal advice, reverse or re-litigate legal rulings, move your case to another department or court, or otherwise intervene in your case, Our work is limited to handling complaints involving allegations of misconduct by California state court judges. ‘Thank you for your attention to this matter. Very truly yours, Anjuli Fiedler Staff Counsel AF:aap/L120518Bassi Confidential under California Constitution, Article VI, Section 18, and Commission Rule 102