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26th OCTOBER 2018
✤ Cancer Vulnerability

✤ Amnesty International

✤ Privileges of MPs

✤ Asia Africa Growth Corridor

Indian Women Vulnerable to Cancer
✤ Report published by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

✤ Breast cancer most common among Indian women, both in

terms of incidence and mortality

✤ Proportional presence in younger women in India higher

than global average

✤ Incidence estimated to increase from 25.8 per 100,000 to

35 per 100,000

✤ Penetration of cancer screening is very low in India —

majority of cases detected only when women either have a
lump or discharge from breast
✤ Almost 50% of breast cancer patients first visit doctor
when they are in stage 3 and 15-20% of patients visit
when they are in stage 4

✤ Lot of patients are being diagnosed in their late 20s or

early 30s

✤ In contrast to US and UK where majority of patients

are in much older age group

✤ Nearly 48% are diagnosed in pre-menopausal age —

aggressive disease
Amnesty International
✤ London-based NGO focused on human rights based
on Universal Declaration of Human rights and other
human rights instruments

✤ Works to mobilise public opinion to put pressure on


✤ Against capital punishment — ultimate irreversible

denial of human rights

✤ Was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1977

Privileges of Members of House

✤ They cannot be arrested during session of Parliament

and 40 days before beginning and 40 days after the
end of a session

✤ Freedom of speech in Parliament. No member is liable

to any proceedings in any court for anything said or
any vote given by him in Parliament or its committees

✤ Exempted from jury service

✤ Sources

✤ Constitutional provisions

✤ Various laws made by Parliament

✤ Rules of both Houses

✤ Parliamentary conventions

✤ Judicial Interpretations
Asia-Africa Growth Corridor
✤ Economic cooperation agreement between the governments
of India, Japan and multiple African countries

✤ Vision document was launched by India at African

Development Bank meeting in Gujarat

✤ Unlike BRI, it is a sea corridor linking Africa with India and

other S-E Asian countries

✤ Jamnagar — Djibouti

✤ Mombasa and Zanzibar — Madurai

✤ Kolkata — Sittwe
✤ Components

✤ Development and cooperation projects

✤ Quality Infrastructure and institutional connectivity

✤ Capacity and skill enhancement

✤ People-to-People partnerships
✤ Antibiotics commonly used to treat a variety of
illnesses such as respiratory and urinary tract bacterial
infections in humans as well as in animal husbandry

✤ Generally very safe antibiotics which do not cause

serious or life-threatening adverse reactions

✤ Most frequent side-effects — gastrointestinal

reactions, dizziness, headache etc.

✤ Ciprofloxacin is the most widely used antibiotic