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SOI: ​Global systems can experience revolutions as a result of innovations.

Research Question​:​How did innovations from the Industrial Revolution shape the transportation system? 

Goal: To finish the timeline on time and fill up the research organizer by using the ATL skill and follow
the action plan.

Action Plan Criterion B Strand ​ii. follow an action plan to explore a research question 

Steps (planned date) Finish Date

1. Write ​sub research questions 1 November 2018

a. Write questions to discover innovations that changed your
b. Write questions to discover how your system is connected to
other systems
c. Write questions to discover how your system will be changed
by modern innovations.
2. Decide what ​research methods​ to use to investigate your questions 1 November 2018
3. Research Criterion B Strand iii: ​Use research methods to collect and 8 November 2018
record appropriate, varied and relevant information.
4. Reflect on your research, ask yourself, “Do I have enough information 13 November 2018
to answer my main research question.” If “yes” then move on to step 5.
If “no” then you need to write more sub research questions and do
more research.
5. Use the Task Specific Clarification for criteria A and C to complete 27 November 201
your timeline.

Research Criterion B Strand iii.​ Use research methods to collect and record appropriate, varied and
relevant information.

What ​research methods​ will you use to investigate your research questions?

Identify, Investigate, Discuss

Sub-Research Before The IR Steam Train (Train) Car

Question↓ Invented by ​Matthew Invented by Henry Ford,
Murray, 1765 1885
What Before the IR there weren’t a At the beginning of the IR, When car was invented it has
innovation lot of transportation, by that there are no train but instead change many life in the
from the IR time there isn’t any plane on there are steam engine. industrial revolution period.
causes the earth yet. The road were built Soon people use the same People can go anywhere on
transportation badly and the only method from the steam the road without even
system to transportation on land was a engine to create the sweating. Also, car help
change? carriage with horses. There transportation called “Steam transport people very quick.
are no railway network and Train” around the early
it’s hard to transport raw 1800s. Steam train can carry
material. a lot of people at once. Also,
steam train could carry raw
material like wood, stone,
coal, etc.

Invented by Wright
brothers, 1903

When the first airplane was

invented, it couldn’t carry
people more than 1 person
but what it could do is that
people could control it and fly
across the world. Without the
first airplane, there wouldn’t
be airplane in the present

Notes, Source 1​ X
Sources Source 2​ X
Other → Source 9​ X
Source 10​ X

Sub-Research Infrastructure: Manufacturing: Health


What is the Infrastructure is important for Manufacturing is responsible Transportation help carry or
connection transportation because even for producing goods or import thing more efficient and
between the if people in the IR have fast mechanism part for the faster. Without transportation
transportation transportation like steam transportation. Without system, food would be harder
system and train or airplane, it could not manufacturing, there to import and some poor
the other go anywhere without roads wouldn’t be mechanism part people might starve.
system? and airports and that’s how and so transportation would
infrastructure is important for not be made.
transportation system.
More → Health (Medicine) Trade: Music

With transportation, medicine With transportation, trading With transportation musician

would be much faster to would be much easier. would be able to transport
import and spread it around Transportation support trade around the country so that
the country and people in the system a lot because if they could perform their skill
countryside have medicine transportation wasn’t made, around the world.
when they were sick. trading would take a very

Notes, The Connection Between The Other System

Other → Source 3​ X
Source 4​ X
Source 5​ X

Sub-Research Hyperloop Space Plane Flying Car


What modern Hyperloop is a floating train The space plane is a high Flying is like a personal aircraft
innovation now using magnet and it could tech plane that could carry but it could also be use on
is going to travel about 350 miles in 35. its passenger out of the orbit land. In the future maybe all
change the In the future there might be a of the earth. In the future, the car could be floating and
transportation faster train and maybe it people could travel from doesn’t need wheel.
system in the could transport people from planet to planet with the
future? country to another country in better version of space
just an hour. plane.

Notes, Source 6​ X
Sources Source 7​ X
Other → Source 8​ X

Relevant Infrastructure: Education: Trade:

Connection ● Infrastructure is ● Education are very ● Transportation mean
between the very important important to every a lot to trade because
other system. because if there transportation if there were no
were no rail road because if people transportation, it
there wouldn’t be a weren't educated, would be hard for
steam train. no transportation people to trade their
● Also if the airport would be invented. product with other
wasn’t invented, all country.
the airplane
wouldn’t have place
to land.
● If there weren’t any
manufacturing the
mechanism part for
the transportation will
not be produce and
that means no
transportation will be

Other Sources

Reflection Criterion B Strand iv. Reflect on the process and results of the investigation.

So first I pick my system (Transportation system) and I pick three innovation which was car, train and
airplane. Then I research deep into the three innovation and find the connection between the other
system and transportation system. Next, I will pick one modern innovation and imagine what will
happen to this modern innovation in the future. Last, I will put everything in the slide and site my
sources. I think the result was going great because I accomplish my goal by finishing my summative
and be able to explain my research question clearly. I think that I could improve my summative next
time by research more because I feel like I need more information.
Here’s the link to my Weebly blog: