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1 Penyerahan Bantuan Aksi Cepat Tanggap (18/10/18) Osis Madania menerima
Bencana memberikan piagam piagam yang diberikan oleh Aksi Cepat
sebagai bentuk ucapan Tanggap sebagai bentuk ucapan terima
terima kasih kepada Osis kasih atas bantuan yang telah
Madania dikirimkan untuk meringankan beban
korban bencana alam di Sulawesi

Sebelumnya, hingga tanggal 9 Oktober,

Osis Madania telah menggalang dana
dan terkumpul sebesar Rp. 27.338.000.
Hasil donasi tersebut disalurkan melalui
Aksi Cepat Tanggap dan Yayasan Peduli
Amal Peduli Kasih.

Terimakasih untuk seluruh keluarga dan

sobat Madania yang telah
berpartisipasi. Semoga bantuan ini
dapat bermanfaat bagi saudara-saudara

#prayforpalu #prayfordonggala
#bencanapalu #madaniaschool
Learning Celebration Ig Grade 3 Students The enthusiastic and creative students
Grade 3 Celebrated Their Learning of PYP grade 3 made a celebration with
Journey and their parents and peers on their
Accomplishment on “How learning journey and accomplishment
We Organise Ourselves" on the second unit of the year “How
We Organize Ourselves” and it was

Throughout the course of this unit, the

students approached their learning with
curiousity and commitment to explore
the central idea “communities provide
services to meet people’s needs”.

During the whole period of the learning

process, the students developed their
social and communication skills, as well
as cooperative skills by working
together and helping each other within
the group members to finish the tasks.

It also was exhilarating to know the

students learned to take risks to make
decisions in a group to finish the project
chosen as they made a fascinating
creative 3D model of the rural, urban,
and suburban areas. They worked as a
team to construct critical conceptual
questions and used these to inquire
deeply into their chosen communities,
so as to build on their existing

On their big day, they fully took

ownership of the presentations and
showed responsibility for sharing their
#learningcelebration #PYP #students
#primaryschool #celebration #urban
#madaniaschool #theyearofalignment
Parenting Seminar – IG The spirit of the Youth Pledge that was
Announcement proclaimed in 1928 with three ideals,
one motherland, one nation, and one
language drives the awareness of
preparing the next generation to fit the
era they will face and assuring positive
contribution they will give to the nation.
Madania believes the importance of
filling the generation gap to accomplish
the goals.

Therefore, join us for the better of the

future generation and learn more how
to deal with not only generation Z
(those who were born 1993-2012) but
also Generation Alpha (from 2013-

Check out the date and venue!

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