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‘sans mae en ETA ‘sc0ee2see2 THE EARLY HEIDEGGER & MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY ‘Phenomenology Re the Gadforsakey S. J. MCGRATH The Catholic University of America Press Washington, D.C. an isa con SI. bio, inie ‘Much of chapter 6 appeared in "The Facticy of Beng Forsaken: “The Young Heidegger Accommodation of Luther’ Theology of the Cross! American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (Spring 2005): 275-90, “Heidegger and Duns ‘Scotus on Truth and Language" appeared in Review of Metaphysics, vol. 7 (2003):303-43 Andra) Wier, editor and president of the InornatonalIotitte fr Tesi, ‘Toronto, published my papers in Between the Human andthe Divine (2003) 355-77 Between Desripin and Interpretation (2005): 266-73, and in Stas {nthe Philosophy of Religion, no. (2005): 38-306, Copyright © 2006 “The Catholic University of America Press Al igh reserved ‘The paper used in this publication meets the minimum equiremenis of American National Standaeds fa Information Sclence—Petmanence of Paper for Peinted Library Materials, Ans 22048-1984 Library of Congress Cataloging Publication Data McGrath, [1966 ‘The early Heidegger and medieval philosophy ‘phenomenology for the yodtorsaken SJ. McGrath pet. Includes bibliographical references and inde, Ison-3:978-0:8132-4971-9 (lth alk paper) 1888-10 0:81522471-8 cloth alk. paper) 1. Heldegger, Martin, 885-1976, 3 Philosophy, Medieval 3. Phenomenology. 1. Title ‘s279.149ns735 2006 aden 006006991, For Sheilagh The and compl SM biogre ining. Arist great a comp chan from the f ofm ther high die hab grat retr the Ef ‘Have | spoken of God, or uttered His praise, in any worthy way? Nay [feel that Ihave done nothing ‘more than desire to speak; and if T have said ‘anything, iis not what I desired to say: AUGUSTINE CONTENTS Preface &. Heidegger and the Medieval Theological Paradigm 2. Heidegger’ Religious-Philosophical tinerarium 3. The Phenomenology of the Early Heidegget 4. Duns Scotus 5. Mysticism 6. Luther 7. Primal Christianity 8. The Effort to Overcome Scholasticism 9. Being-Before-God in the Middle Ages Selected Bibliography Index % 60 88 3 285 208 243 267