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PETITION FOR THE CONDUCT OF A SPECIAL ELECTION TO FILL A VACANCY TO THE HONORABLE Judy White, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools: Pursuant to the California Constitution and California election laws, we the undersigned registered and qualified electors of the Moreno Valley Unified School District of Riverside County, California, respectfully state that we seek to terminate the provisional appointment of Darrell Peeden effective immediately and call for a special election. "NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: A PAID SIGNATURE GATHERER OR A VOLUNTEER MAY CIRCULATE THIS PETITION. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK." The estimated cost of the special election is $70,000. The printed names and addresses of the proponents are as follows: NAME ADDRESS Aaron Mariscal See 01200 Valley. CA 92557 ~~ 2. Guadalupe Marquez ‘ae I SMD. Woren Valley, CA 92553 Each of the undersigned states for himself/herself that he or she is a registered and qualified elector of the Moreno Valley Unified School District, of Riverside County, California,