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Cry OF HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND (CITY HALL | 1 EAST FRANKLIN STREET | HAGERSTOWN, MD |21740 December 1, 2018 “The Honorable Lawrence J Hogan, J Governor ‘State of Maryland 100 State Cree. Annapolis, MD 2140 Dear Governor Hogan: | think very highly of you and recognize the development and progression you have brought othe Slate of Marland. Asa resident of Washington County, | appreciate having a Governor who has shown {pana been present in an often forgotton part ofthe State. Your dedication to the Urban Improvement Project in downtown Hagerstown is hoping to change the future of our City for generations to come. We fate now able to provice sol locaton fr businesses to open and steadily grow our economy. As & ‘membar ofthe Hagerstown City Coun, | thank you fr your comment fo ou ly. | ran for ffs in 2016 for many reasons, but primarily because of the pio epidemic. This eeu is extremely personal me, as lost my Welong best fend to a heroin overdose in 2016. | watched her ‘Srugale for years and continue to observe countess others inthe own personal bates | sat helpless as ny best fend los er possessions, career, fends and utmaely he fe because ofthe arp that, ‘adc had on her. have made li my mision in fe to bea voice fr people ike her who need it. 1 have spent the last several years doing all that! canto lear about adaiion, treatment methods, harm reducton and ferent intatves to help my community heal. am a member of our Opioid Senos Policy ‘Group, atend the OO Fataly Review Meetings, and heed iaunch ‘Washington Goes Purple" ~ 2 ‘movement to educate our youth about the dangers of prescription panklers, so one day we are no Tanger having this conversation Governor, with all due respect | am dismayed and contused by your decision to appoint Steve Schuh asthe Opioid Command Center's new Director Weare nthe midst ofthe most deadly heath ‘ics in tha history of te United States of America In Washington County, we have over 300 overdoses forthe yaar and 68 deaths- more than double the amount of dealy overdoees in 2017. The cis is ‘gong to ivolve an understanding of tue teamwork, an allance of tnoweedgeable leaders and a Fesponsibiy to exhaust any andaleffrts to fd a solution. | srugle to find reason why Mr, Schuh is quaifed fortis pateular positon. He does not have Spd Command Center would need to ve. He hab spoken out agenet harm resucton method, sough mute studies by scholars and health care professionals show harm reduction fs necessary in ombatig this epidemic Of course te oly way to bet tis al ogethers for ade toe clesn and healthy ves, but Keeping a person ave unt hey are able fo enal in teatment has tobe pry. fi Schuhe comin of of two tems as a Delegate and one as a Couny Executive and has @ very iong- ‘Standing reputation of mudsinging and pertsan antic, Governor Hogan, | think you wil agree that polis, Demoxrat or Republican hes no place Inthe batte against fhe onion cri, Ths sve fs not a TEE CITY tsk @S “The Honorable Lawrence J. Hogan, J. December 18, 2018, Page polfical one where two eldes ty and outmanewwer each other o win a victor forthe paty. Its a public heath crisis and shoud be Weated as such. | tuggl t understand how an indvual who has made a ‘career out of extremely ive polis, isthe bast person to lead in @nor-partsan way, espocally inthe {op postion in Maryland fo combat the opioid epidemic Maryland has made so much progress and there are many more changes to come. Together, we have created atop notch team of deccate professionals to combat hs plague on our ctizens, and those hard working professionals anc the peop they serve dasorve a leader who Is not only an expert in public health and addleton, butane that swing fo put aside partisan polis and sorve te community. Implore you to reconsider tis appointment ‘Our eltzens, our communities, and ou loved ones who bate adsiction each and every day ‘deserve bata. You have bul lagacy ove the past four year of bing a Governor that work forthe people, not for his party. Tho people of Mayland spoke loud and clear during the elation, agreed with {you and granted you another four years to contin the great work tat you have started. ask you to Ive Upto tis legacy now andl do whats best forthe people of Maryland who ere under siege each and every ‘day by this ens. This the ime we nee your leadership mare tan ever, and | urge you to step up an lead forthe benefit of ALL ofthe people of he great State of Marylan. Sincerely, Emly Kellor Hagerstown City Councwoman