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Name – Faw Tin Khan

Another name - Nil

Age/ date of birth – 17 / 2. 2. 1999

NRC – Nil

Race / religion – Bengali, Islam

Occupation – Teacher

Education – grade 10

Address – Center Nga Khu Ya village, Maungdaw township

Wife’s name / occupation / address – Nil

Childrens names / address – Nil

Organization – Nil

Siblings names / address –

1. Faw Pake Khan ( older brother ) – student

2. Faw Tin Gin Nar Yar Sami ( younger sister ) lives with parents

3. Saung Mat ( younger sister )

4. Shar Thaw Nun ( younger sister )

5. J Bi Khan ( younger brother )

Place of investigation – Maungdaw police station

Date of investigation – 21. 10. 2016

Subject of investigation – suspected person as Bengali terrorist

Military force of Investigation – Military Security Force, ( West Military Administration Base )

Brief History:
My parents are ( F ) Gin Nar Khan, and ( M ) Zaw Mi Nar Bi Bi. I was born on 2. 2. 1999, in Center

Nga Khu Ya village. I am the second of six siblings. I went to Nga Khu Ya high school from

kindergarten to grade 10, from 2002 to 2013. I passed grade 10 in No.1 high school in Maungdaw in

2014 and 2015. And I worked as a teacher at South Nga Khu Ya Village Primary School since July,

2016. I am single.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

Militant Training:

On September 15, 2016, 4 Bengalis Muslims named – Mu Nar Sa, Adu Ra Man, Kay Fike Tular and

Ar Bat went to Nga Khu Ya village, Nga Sar Kyu village, U Shay Kya village and Kappa Kaung village

and told young people that they must attend terrorist training in U Shay Kya village. Those 4

Bengalis were giving training to young Bengali Muslims, teaching them how to fight and how to

shoot guns. There were about 300 Bengalis, in that area, who finished the training. And, Adu Ra Man

received money from Pakistan to give to the young Bengalis who finished the terrorists training. Adu

Ra Man gave the money to the leaders of the villages. But the leaders of the villages used the money

for their own families without giving any to those young Bengalis who attended and finished the

militant training.

The Attack Groups:

On October 9, 2016, there were about 100 Bengalis attacking each of these three border police

stations – Kyi Kan Byin border police station, Nga Khu Ya border police station and Koe Tan Kauk

border police station - all of which were attacked in the middle of the night by total surprise. About

100 Bengalis including 2 RSO members, were in each attacking group. And, I heard after the

attacks, one or two of those Bengali Muslim militant groups crossed Kappa Kyaung village and U

Shay Kya village and were hiding in the mountains near Nga Sar Kyu village, and staying away from

Nga Khu Ya village, for fear of being captured and arrested. During the attack of Nga Khu Ya border

police station, my father - Gin Nar Khan ( leader ) and another man – Say Ra Zaw Tin ( or ) Khin

Maung Htun ( leader ) - led the attack on Nga Khu Ya border police station. I do not know exactly

what responsibilities they had in the preparation, and the attacks. And now, no Bengali militants -

who attacked the police stations - live in those same villages, and I do not know exactly where the

Bengali militants are hiding.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2