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[Note: some prisoner statements are in a different format,

and are lacking the usual preliminary info - perhaps not

completed - but have astonishing info, regardless.]

Name - Jin Nar Kan

Preparing To Attack Nga Khu Ya Border Guard

Police Base:

On Oct 8, 2016, around 10 pm, I gathered with the following

Bengali Muslims, at the south Nga Khu Ya primary school

1. Kay Fike Tular – center Nga Khu Ya village

2. Mawlawi [Imam] Adu Ra Man – center Nga Khu Ya village

3. Mu Na – south Nga Khu Ya village

4. Ar Kis – north Nga Khu Ya village

At about 11 pm, the following Bengalis joined us, bringing weapons, and more Bengali men. There
were about 30 Bengalis in their group:

1. Mar Mat Tarli - U Shay Kya village

2. Bar Bu Yar ( aka Zaw Naing ), son of Mar Mat Tarli - U Shay Kya village

3. Ar Mi Har Kane ( chief of U Shay Kya village )

4. No Ar Laung – U Shay Kya village

5. Ar Yu – U Shay Kya village

On October 9, 2016, around 12 midnight, Ar Kis phoned Zaw Kri Yar ( former chief of Kyi Kan Pyin
village ) and Zaw Kri Yar said, “We have attacked the Kyi Kan Pyin Border Guard Police Base and
occupied it, and now you have to attack the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base, and do like we

So, at the south Nga Khu Ya primary school compound Bengalis were still arriving to join in the
planned attacks. There were about 100 Bengalis there. At around midnight we began walking the
path from south Nga Khu Ya Village to center Nga Khu Ya Village. About 12:45 we arrived at the
football field near the police outpost. About 10 minutes later we saw a vehicle come out of the

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

The Attack, AK-47’s:

Then, around 3:30 am, group #1 - that’s the group that I was the leader of - began to quietly enter
the police outpost from the school nearby, at gate #1. In our group was Kay Fike Tular, Mawlawi Adu
Ra Man, Mu Na, Ar Kis, and myself. We had 4 AK-47’s in our group. At that time I carried a
handmade gun from Bangladesh. We also had knives and heavy sticks.

Then, when we entered the border police outpost, I saw other Bengali men with guns. One of them
was the son of Mar Mat Tarli - Bar Bu Yar - who had a long gun - I don’t know what kind of gun it
was, but it was long. And other Bengalis had long guns, short guns, knives, swords, and heavy

In Nga Sar Jue Village and Kyat Yo Byin Village we fought the Burmese military, shooting at each
other. One of our Bengalis died. And, another man from Mu So Ni refugee camp in Bangladesh,
named Ar Ti Ula was shot in the leg. After the shooting, Kay Fike Tular, and the wounded man, Ar Ti
Ula, and 26 other Bengalis - I don’t know all of their names - joined other militants in the Kyar Gaung
Taung Mountains, in Kyar Gaung Taung Village Tract, and hid there. They had 15 AK-47’s and some
other handmade guns.

During the attack on the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base, among the 20 that came from
Bangladesh to join the attacks, 3 of them were killed. Another 4 of them ran away to Nga Sar Jue
Village then Kyat Yo Byin Village, and then I don’t know where.

A List of Other Villages and the Number of Attackers From Each, Who Also Attacked
the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard Police Base:

Doe Dann village - 40 attackers

Auk Phyoo Ma village - 40 attackers

Ye Kap Chaung Kwa Son village - 30 attackers

Nga Sar Jue village - 40 attackers

Kyat Yo Byin village - 30 attackers

Kyar Gaung Taung village - 15 attackers

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2

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