Basic D&D House Rules 1.Character Creation: a.Attributes: 4d6, drop the lowest, and arrange as desired. b.

Hit Points: Max at 1st, roll after. 2.Class Changes: a.Clerics: Wield only blunts and deity’s favored weapon. b.Elves: Wear up to Chain Mail Armor, and find secret doors on 3 in 6. c.Magic-User: Wield any one-handed weapon and Quarter Staffs. 3.Combat: a.Combat Maneuvers: i.5' Step: Make free 5' step at the beginning or end of each round if no other movement. ii.Aimed Attack: -4 to Hit, special effect. iii.Charge: Move 10' in straight line and attack - +2 to Hit, -2 AC for rest of round. iv.Cleave: Whenever your melee attack drops a foe, gain an immediate bonus attack. v.Parry: +4 AC, but no other action in round. vi.Set v. Charge: Delayed - when charged, make immediate attack for double damage. vii.Stunt: Win an opposed To Hit roll verse Target, special effect. b.Critical Hits: Rolls of natural twenty result in maximum damage. c.Death and Dying: Death occurs at -10 HP. Below 0, must Save v. Death every round or fall unconscious. d.Fighting with 2 Weapons: Elves, Fighters, and Thieves may fight with two weapons if one is light (d6). Such characters make only one attack, but roll damage for each weapon and use the best result. e.Healing: Characters heal 1 HP per Character Level, per day. Binding wounds after combat restores 1d4 HP. f.Initiative: Rolled every turn, d10 + Dex + Weapon Speed. Weapon Speed = d4/+1, d6/+0, d8/-1, d10/-2. 4.Spells & Magic: a.Bonus Spells: Casters with 15 or more in Prime Requisite, gain a bonus spell at each spell level. b.Ray of Energy: Elves and Magic-Users may cast the following spell a number of times per day equal to CL+INT: i.Ray of Energy (0 Level) Range: 25' + 5' per Character Level Duration: Instant Effect: Ray of Energy The caster fires a ray of eldritch energy at a single target. Caster must succeed on a ranged touch attack. Damage is 1d3.

Long: Lances. Pole Arms. and the Sea. rather than 1. b.Quick Draw: Daggers. Victory. her sacred weapon is the Mace “Salvation. and Secrets. 6. its’ sacred weapon is the Short Sword “Razor’s Edge. Knowledge.” l. his sacred weapon is the Rod “Ruin” (Mace). Maces. d. and Wilderness.Spell Books: Spell Books weigh 200 cn. his sacred weapon is the Staff “Purity. and Slavery. Disease.” e. j.A regal goddess of Benevolence. e. d.Quarter Staff: Quarter Staffs grant -1 AC. c. g. his sacred weapon is the Spear “Heart-Peirce.A loathsome god of Beasts. and Spears are long and have 10' reach.” h.” f.” . h. Sacrifice. her sacred weapon is the Short Bow “Inspiration. i.Fist: Unarmed attacks deal 1d3 damage.c. War. without memorization etc.Example Deities: a. and Destruction. and Storms. Passion.Shield: Shields improve AC by 2 points. 5.Great Helm: Clerics and Fighters may wear Great Helms for -1 AC. 7. her sacred weapon is the Club “Balance.Caller: The character with the highest Charisma will be the party “caller” or leader.” c. its’ sacred weapon is the Staff “Truth.Spontaneous Casting: Casters may cast any spell available to them by level. his sacred weapon is the War Hammer “Wisdom. and Re-Birth. and Community. his sacred weapon is the 2 Handed Sword “Fortitude. Gluttony. and Prophecy.Lance: When mounted.Arms and Armor: a.Torch: The first strike with a torch deals fire damage. lances deal double damage on a Charge.A clever god of Law.” j. rather than blunt damage. and must be consulted for one hour each day (Elves and MagicUsers).A jealous goddess of Beauty.Flail: Flails ignore AC from Shields. g. and Fear. b.A grim god of Hunting.A stoic god of Blood. Nobility. his sacred weapon is the Glaive “Despair” (Pole Arm).” m.” d.A popular goddess of Agriculture.” i. Courage. Nature. Quarter Staffs. These weapons may also be Set v. Charge. its’ sacred weapon is the Flail “Anguish. and Honor. Swords.A fickle being of Luck.A mighty god of Chaos. Skill. Cost: 10 gp Weight: 4 lbs. and Shadow. Greed. Trickery. f. and Hammers are heavy weapons and are +1 to Hit medium or heavy armor. and Short Swords may be drawn as a free action.A terrible god of Strength.Heavy: Axes. his sacred weapon is the Sword “Ravager.A cosmic being of Magic.A festering god of Death.” k. and Civilization.A gentle god of Charity.

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