National Pride 2010

2010 edition of World Enduro Canada/Royal Distributing’s Canadian Enduro Championship, presented by Parts Canada is over. Boy was it an amazing ride! Bigger and better than last year, once again, I was lucky enough to be along for the ride again. It started at Machine Racing, in Sharon, Ontario, where the Captain, aka Yamaha/Machine Racing’s Brian “Wojo” Wojnarowski, and I set out on our 50 hour journey from Ontario to Blairmore, Alberta. Between Blairmore and Penticton, BC, I accompanied another group of Ontarians, Lockhart’s Suzuki rider Chris Van Hove and Machine Honda rider Bryan “Swampy” Marshall. Parry Sound is the “local” round, a mere two and a half hours from home, it was an easy solo ride up Thursday evening. For Labelle, Quebec, I was reunited with travel buddy Swampy. We must be cursed. Last year, while travelling to Labelle, we got lost and almost ended up on the Oka Ferry (except it was midnight, and the ferry was closed). This time, on the way home, we were stuck in an extra three hours worth of traffic! These photos were gained from the eight rounds of the series, and there are pictures that span the Pro and Amateur classes. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Well, another one is in the books; the


Lovely Ladies:

Left to Right: Victoria Hett, Jillian Bolso, Karla Brandt, Almeda Rive and Suzanne Pelletier, with seven month old baby Jacob.

Rounds 1 & 2

Marty -The Party- Halmazna:

Marty “the Party” Halmazna rode the big Husqvarna E3 bike in Alberta and BC. And whether he was busting a move in the pits (left) or busting out some smooth moves on the track (right) he rocked the TLD gear, unique to the Husqvarna Team.

Adam “-Cheeseburger- Millson:
The 2009 CEC Eastern Amateur A Class Champion, Millson moved up to the big time, joining Yamaha/Machine Racing’s Brian Wojnarowski in the big rig. Blue 22 had a pretty good rookie season, finishing 11th overall.

Ryan -ThunderGraffunder
The name “Graffunder” has been getting a lot of press lately, and while cousin Cory might be partially to credit, brothers Ryan and Nick are doing their bit on the home front. While Cory is out exploring the Carpathian Mountains and battling in the bar to bar action of the AMA Endurocross series, these two brothers have been ripping it up at home.

Nick Graffunder the Lumberjack
Older brother Nick puts the power to the ground in the E1 class, while Ryan represents the family name in the E2 class, taking home the Inside Motorcycles Top Junior award in 2009. Coming into 2010 he had his eyes set on the prize for the second year in a row. After a phenominal run in Alberta, he was well positioned to claim that prize.

Shane Watts - the Man from Oz:

Last year, fast Aussie Jake Stapleton tore up the E2 class aboard a Yamaha/Machine Racing ride, this year Shane Watts ripped it up in Alberta aboard his kangaroo KTM.

Factory Phil - Philippe Chaine

Philippe Chaine came all the way from Quebec to compete in the E1 class, with his eyes set on the Championship. He wasn’t alone. Chris Van Hove, Ryan Durkee, Jared Thomas and Nick Graffunder were also chasing that dream.

Eric Demoulin Chris Van Hove Adam Millson

Brian Wojnarowski Ryan Graffunder Jack Sawatzky

Ryan Durkee (left) and Ryan Graffunder (right) both came into the series with the intention of putting their names on the podium, as well as earning the title of Top Pro Junior, and the $500 prize put up by Inside Motorcycle magazine.

Legends in the Making...

Alberta is known for being home to big bikes. The E3 riders are the big boys on campus, with the E1 class populated mostly by eastern riders who made the trek. Jack Sawatzky is one of few E1 riders to ride out of the Prairie Rose province.

Jack Sawatzky - Little Bike; Big Fight

Geoff Nelson - King of E3
Geoff Nelson, former ISDE competitor, is no stranger to the big bikes. In 2009 the British Columbia native raced E3 and came second to then teammate Jason Schrage. In 2010, Schrage signed with Honda and moved to the E2 class. Nelson swept the western E3 podiums, but was unable to push Schrage off the top spot at home.

Guy -G-Rox- Giroux

The firy Frenchman from Quebec didn’t have the best of finishes in the west. His short legs didn’t seem to be condusive to the rocky terrain of the ruggesd Rocky Mountains. That said, he still had fun.

1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Ryan Graffunder, HSQ 3 - Ryan Durkee, KTM 4 - Shane Watts, KTM 5 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Shane Watts, KTM 3 - Ryan Graffunder, HSQ 4 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 5 - Ryan Durkee, KTM

Top Finishers Rnd #1

Top Finishers Rnd #2


Rounds 3 &4

Brian “-Wojo-” Wojnarowski:
Also known as: Captain Stress, the Captain, Wrinks, GottaMinute? and any other number of aliases. Wojo is the front man for Team Yamaha/ Machine Racing Off Road. An experienced rider, Wojo has raced moto, enduro, hare scrambles, the ISDE, enduro cross, trials and Xtinction. .

Shane -Moose- Cuthbertson
One of the original off road riders who put Canada on the map, Shane Cuthbertson has had a long and distinguished career, having raced Romaniacs, Erzberg, the ISDE on several occassions, Red Bull’s Last Man Standing and, of course, the prestigious Canadian hare scramble, Corner Grass and the first running of the Canadian Extreme Enduro, Xtinction.

1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 3 - Shane Cuthbertson, HBG 4 - Ryan Durkee, KTM 5 - Ryan Graffunder, HSQ

Top Finishers Rnd #3

1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Shane Cuthbertson, HBG 3 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 4 - Brian Wojnarowski, YAM 5 - Julian Cerny, KTM

Top Finishers Rnd #4

Parry Sound

Rounds 5 & 6

Julian Cerny comes off the log jump a little low in the nose. As always, though, Cerny scores points for style. Elbows out, head up, looking where he wants to go.

Ben Rego lands heavy on his front wheel too, but Rego is able to power his way out of a crash.

Julian Cerny
The Original Hurtin’ Albertan, Julian Cerny is a one of the few who can make the transition from off road to moto and back. Cerny competed in the Wild Rose MX round of the CMRC nationals and finished 12th overall in MX1; he finished 5th in E2, and 8th overall, in the CECs.

1 - Guy Giroux, HSQ 2 - Brian Wojnarowski, YAM 3 - Jason Schrage, HON 4 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 5 - Chris Van Hove, SUZ 1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Guy Giroux, HSQ 3 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 4 - Brian Wojnarowski, YAM 5 - Shane Cuthbertson, HBG

Top Finishers Rnd #5

Top Finishers Rnd #6


Rounds 7 & 8

At the beginning of the series, Ben Rego was deemed the “toughest man you’ve never heard of” by several media outlets, but now, that title seems to need some editing. Rego has made a name for himself. From Kitamat, British Columbia, the tough rider drove 56 hours to race the eastern rounds. Rego finished 6th in E2, 7th overall.

Ben Rego: The Toughest Man you HAVE Heard Of

1 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 2 - Brian Wojnarowski, YAM 3 - Jason Schrage, HON 4 - Guy Giroux, HSQ 5 - Ben Rego, YAM 1 - Jason Schrage, HON 2 - Geoff Nelson, KTM 3 - Brian Wojnarowski, YAM 4 - Guy Giroux, HSQ 5 - Shane Cuthbertson, HBG

Top Finishers Rnd #7

Top Finishers Rnd #8

1st Place: Jason Schrage

2nd Place: Geoff Nelson

3rd Place: Brian Wojnarowski

E3: 1st: Nelson

3rd: Kroeker

2nd: Giroux

E2: 1st: Schrage

2nd: Wojnarowski 3rd: Cuthbertson

E1: 1st: Thomas

2nd: Van Hove

3rd: Chaine

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