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Wednesday | December 19, 2018

City freezes spending ‘on everything’
Mickens’ broad motion puts
six-month moratorium on
By the time
Tuesday eve-
ning’s Colum- Council: Overtime costs
still ‘out of control’
bus City Coun-
any expenditures beyond cil meeting
came back to
the approved budget questions Jones
By Zack Plair
posed about Mickens Jones Some suggest charging businesses,
how city cred-
it cards were Inside organizations fees for extra police presence
It started when Ward 5 Councilman Ste- being used, n OUR VIEW: City needed
deeper examination of spending
Rob- before blanket freezes. Page 6A
By Zack Plair tions, including whether the city
phen Jones voted against the city’s claims should charge businesses and or-
docket because he had questions about some ert Smith had
ganizations fees for special events
of the charges. heard enough. Concerned city council mem- that require increased police pres-
From there, the council, led by Ward 6’s So, he challenged the council, referring spe- bers peppered the city’s police and ence.
Bill Gavin, grilled Columbus’ fire and police cifically to items citizens most often request fire chiefs with questions Tuesday “That’s definitely something we
chiefs about their departmental overtime — from their respective councilman. about overtime expenses they still should look into,” Ward 2 Council-
all in an effort to rein in spending after the “What about all these speed humps? They believe to be “out of control.” man Joseph Mickens said during
city suffered a near $881,000 deficit last fis- cost about $800 or $900 (apiece) to put in?” The inquisition brought to the the council’s regular meeting.
cal year. See Spending freeze, 3A surface some extreme sugges- See Overtime, 3A

Finding the positive way
from CMSD
Superintendent Cherie
Labat said Shannon’s
habitual lies helped
lead to firing
BY MARY Pollitz

During a termina-
tion appeal hearing
for former deputy
superintendent Craig
Shannon at Colum-
bus Municipal School
District Tuesday, Su-
perintendent Cherie
Labat said she did not
trust Shannon to be
honest with her.
Slim Smith/Dispatch Staff The Dispatch re-
Long-time taekwondo/boxing instructor Oliver Miller is smothered in hugs by his students at the Columbus Boys ported in October
and Girls Club Tuesday after Miller was honored as the club’s “Mentor of the Year.” Miller, who has taught the through off-the-re-
kids the basics of taekwondo each Tuesday and Thursday since January, said he challenges the kids to use their cord sources that
energy in a productive way, even when it’s difficult. “The kids are going to love you regardless,” Miller said. “One Shannon received
minute, they’re mad at you, the next minute, they’re back happy. That’s how it is with kids.”
his termination letter Labat
from the district ear-

Martial arts trainer’s efforts at Boys and Girls lier that month. Shannon, who has
worked for the district for 10 years,
is appealing the firing, saying he

Club earn him ‘Mentor of the Year’ honor had no knowledge of his job perfor-
mance before receiving the letter.
During Tuesday’s hearing,
By Slim Smith at his studio on College Street in struggle with, whether it’s at home which Shannon requested be open Columbus. or school or here. It’s been great.” to the public, Labat testified to mul-
tiple incidents when she felt Shan-

Since January, Miller has been Tuesday, Miller’s current class
here is a figurative river of non demonstrated unprofessional
teaching the same skills at the of kids put together a short pre-
energy that flows through and deceitful behavior. She claimed
Columbus Boys and Girls Club that sentation at the club, followed by a
the building on 14th Avenue she tried to work with Shannon on
he has employed for all those years brief ceremony recognizing Miller
North in Columbus — sometimes his job performance since arriving
wild and unrestrained, but always at his studio. at “Mentor of the Year.”
But in some respects, his mis- Every Tuesday and Thursday, at the district in June.
powerful and filled with potential.
sion at the club is much like that of from 4-5 p.m., Miller teaches a “I was trying to give him correc-
For centuries, man has sought
an engineer. group of youths the fundamentals tive actions of expectations of what I
to harness to raw power of real
“We reached out to him in of martial arts — punches, kicks, expected of him,” Labat said. “I was
rivers to channel it in useful ways.
Engineers now use it to produce search of somebody who could help blocks. It’s become so popular that trying to work with Mr. Shannon
electricity and promote commerce. us deal with all the different con- the club has rotated kids through and tell him my expectations. But
Oliver Miller, 63, is not an engi- flicts here,” said Brittany Turner, the program to keep Miller’s partic- there’s not a plan for lying. I can’t
neer. For 41 years now, he has been the unit director at the club. “We ipant numbers manageable. teach him that. There’s not a profes-
teaching Taekwondo and boxing see kids that have conflicts they See Miller, 8A sional development for that.”
Labat was the permanent re-
placement for Shannon, who served
See Shannon, 8A

Weather Five Questions Dispatch Local Folks Public
1 Bluesman John Lee Hooker craves “one holiday meetings
bourbon, one scotch, and one... ” — what? Dec. 28: Lowndes
2 What astronomer lost part of his nose schedule County Supervisors,
in a duel and took to wearing a metal 9 a.m., County Court-
replacements? ■ The offices
3 What is the only letter of the alphabet of The Dispatch
Jan. 2: Columbus
with more than one syllable? will be closed
4 How many times does the average heart City Council, 5 p.m.,
Julia Dunand and no paper
beat each day — 10,000; 100,000; or Municipal Complex
Second grade, Annunciation will be published
1,000,000? Monday, Dec. (rescheduled to

60 Low 50
5 What was the name of the IBM comput- 24 and Tuesday, accommodate New
High er that beat world chess champion Garry Year’s holiday)
Dec. 25 in
Mostly cloudy, chance of rain
Kasparov in 1997? Jan. 7: Lowndes
Answers, 8B observance of
Full forecast on Christmas. The County Supervisors,
page 2A. offices of The 9 a.m., County Court-
Inside Dispatch will
also be closed
Jan. 9: Columbus Mu-
Classifieds 7B Obituaries 4A Tuesday, Jan. 1 nicipal School District
Comics 4B Opinions 6A for New Year’s Elizabeth Waggoner and Preston Gibson Board review meeting,
Crossword 8B NATS 5A Day. both attend East Mississippi Community 11:30 a.m., Sale
Dear Abby 4B College, Waggoner for culinary and Gibson International Studies
139th Year, No. 241 Food 5B for automotive. Magnet School

2A WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •

Did you hear?

Macon woman arrested
for embezzling from
Columbus store Trump says he’s eager to sign
Suspect allegedly
sweeping criminal justice bill
Edwards, 44, of 2006
Gillespie Road, Friday af-
gave refunds, ter a Highway 45 North
business reported the em-
merchandise bezzlement to investiga-
tors, according to a CPD
‘America is the greatest Country in the world with mental illness and addiction
and who are overwhelmingly poor.
to customers who press release. and my job is to fight for ALL citizens, even those He said the nation’s criminal justice
The press release didn’t system “feeds on certain communi-
hadn’t paid name the business, but au- who have made mistakes’ ties and not on others,” and he said
thorities said Edwards had President Donald Trump via Twitter the bill represents a step toward
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT stolen more than $5,500 “healing” for those communities.
worth of money and mer- By KEVIN FREKING years of negotiations and gives “Let’s make no mistake, this leg-
A Ma- chandise. The Associated Press President Donald Trump a signa- islation, which is one small step,
con woman CPD Chief Fred Shel- ture policy victory. The House is will affect thousands and thousands
has been ton called it a “complicat- WA S H I N G T O N expected to pass the bill this week, of lives,” Booker said.
charged ed case” with Edwards ap- — A criminal jus- sending it to Trump’s desk for his The bill would reduce the life
with embez- parently making duplicate tice bill passed by signature. sentence for some drug offenders
zlement af- receipts for items, issuing the Senate would “America is the greatest Coun- with three convictions, or “three
ter allegedly refunds for items that had give judges more try in the world and my job is to strikes,” to 25 years. Another pro-
giving away never been purchased and discretion when sen- fight for ALL citizens, even those vision would allow about 2,600 fed-
money and giving away merchandise tencing some drug who have made mistakes,” Trump eral prisoners sentenced for crack
merchandise from a Co- to customers. offenders and would tweeted moments after the Senate cocaine offenses before August
lumbus business. Edwards has been boost prisoner reha- vote. 2010 the opportunity to petition for
Officers with Colum- released from Lowndes bilitation efforts and was hailed by “This will keep our communities reduced penalties.
bus Police Department County Adult Detention scores of conservative and liberal safer, and provide hope and a sec- When the bill appeared to
arrested Angela Lashell Center on $5,000 bond. advocacy groups. ond chance, to those who earn it. In have stalled in recent weeks, Sen.
The sweeping bill addresses addition to everything else, billions Charles Grassley, the Republican
concerns that the nation’s war on of dollars will be saved. I look for- chairman of the Senate Judiciary
drugs had led to the imprisonment ward to signing this into law!” the Committee, pleaded with Senate
of too many Americans for non-vio- Republican president added. Majority Leader Mitch McCon-
lent crimes without adequately pre- The vote also thrilled Demo- nell to bring it up for a vote. With
paring them for their return to soci- crats. New Jersey Sen. Cory Book- Trump’s urging, McConnell even-
Send in your News About Town event. ety. Its passage in the Senate, by an er said the nation’s prisons are full tually agreed, and he voted for the
email: 87-12 vote on Tuesday, culminates of Americans who are struggling bill as well.
Subject: NATS

Funding government without wall appears back on table
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH Without a resolution, more than 800,000 government course, said a person fa-
miliar with the negotia-
Office hours:
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri
Main line:
n 662-328-2424
workers could be furloughed or sent to work without tions but not authorized
to discuss them by name.

HOW DO I ... Email a letter to the editor? pay beginning at midnight Friday “We want to know
what can pass,” Sanders
Report a missing paper? By LISA MASCARO, government, though just itol Hill would be to sim- said at a press briefing.
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100 Report a sports score? MATTHEW DALY last week he said he’d ply approve government “Once they make a deci-
n 662-241-5000 and CATHERINE LUCEY be “proud” to do so. The funding at existing levels, sion and they put some-
n Toll-free 877-328-2430
The Associated Press president would consider without a boost for the thing on the table, we’ll
n Operators are on duty until Submit a calendar item?
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. other options and the ad- border, as a stopgap mea- make a determination on
n Go to WASHINGTON — ministration was looking sure to kick the issue into whether we’ll move for-
Buy an ad? community President Donald Trump at ways to find the money the new Congress next ward.”
n 662-328-2424 appeared to back off his elsewhere, Sanders said. month. The chairman of She also said the pres-
Submit a birth, wedding
demand for $5 billion to It was a turnaround the Appropriations Com- ident “has asked every
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce-
build a border wall, sig- after days of impasse. mittee, Sen. Richard Shel- agency to look and see if
n 662-328-2471 ment?
n Download forms at www. naling for the first time Without a resolution, by, R-Ala., confirmed late they have money that can
n that he might be open to more than 800,000 gov- Tuesday his office was be used.”
a deal that would avoid a ernment workers could preparing legislation to The turn of events
partial government shut- be furloughed or sent to keep government funded, kick-started negotiations
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701
down. work without pay begin- likely into February. The that had been almost
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 The White House set ning at midnight Friday, White House preference nonexistent since last
the tone Tuesday when disrupting government was for a longer-term week’s televised meeting
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 press secretary Sarah operations days before package, although the at the White House, when
Huckabee Sanders indi- Christmas. conversation remained Trump neither accepted
SUBSCRIPTIONS cated that Trump doesn’t One option that has fluid and Trump has been nor rejected the Demo-
want to shut down the been circulating on Cap- known to quickly change crats’ offer.
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430

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Judge’s rebuke of Flynn upends sentencing, prolongs case
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo.
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo.
tional security adviser and
telling him in a stinging
‘Arguably you sold your country out’
The Associated Press rebuke, “Arguably you U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 sold your country out.”
WASHINGTON — A Lawyers for Flynn re- lies the Trump adminis- had praised his coopera-
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. tration official told from tion, including 19 meet-
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card.
federal judge who de- quested the delay Tues-
scribed himself as dis- day after a tongue-lashing the grounds of the White ings with investigators.
gusted by Michael Fly- from U.S. District Judge House. But the judge’s up-
Emmet Sullivan raised “I can’t make any guar- braiding suggested oth-
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320) nn’s behavior upended a
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi. the prospect that Flynn antees, but I’m not hiding erwise and made clear
straightforward sentenc-
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS
could spend time behind my disgust, my disdain that even defendants like
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: ing hearing, postponing
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703 bars for lying to the FBI for this criminal offense,” Flynn who have cooper-
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., punishment for President Sullivan said. ated in special counsel
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 Donald Trump’s first na- about his Russian con-
tacts. The postponement Robert Mueller’s Russia
Prosecutors hadn’t gave Flynn a chance to investigation may none-
FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE continue cooperating theless be shadowed by
recommended prison,
but the hearing that be- with the government in the crimes that brought
gan with the defendant hopes of staving off pris- them into court in the first
upbeat and smiling took on and proving his value place. The hearing upset
TONIGHT THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY an unexpected turn when as a witness, including in what had been a careful-
Mild with periods of On-and-off rain and Cooler; a little rain in Mostly sunny and Mostly cloudy
the judge said his sen- a foreign-lobbying prose- ly crafted agreement and
rain drizzle the morning milder
tence would take into ac- cution brought this week. pushed months into the
47° 55° 39° 47° 30° 55° 39° 58° 38° count not just Flynn’s ex- The possibility of prison future a resolution of one
ALMANAC DATA tensive cooperation with had seemed remote for of Mueller’s signature
Columbus Tuesday investigators but also the Flynn since prosecutors prosecutions.
Tuesday 61° 35°
Normal 56° 35°
Record 74° (2016) 14° (1953)
Tuesday 0.00
Month to date 4.97
Normal month to date
Year to date
Normal year to date
Trump administration moves to ban bump stocks
In feet as of Flood 24-hr.
Regulation gives gun owners until late concert, killing 58 people
and injuring hundreds
7 a.m. Tue.
Stage Chng.
-1.36 Shown are tomorrow’s noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.
March to turn in or destroy devices more.
The regulation was
Columbus 15 7.11 -0.39 Showers T-Storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Cold Warm Stationary Jetstream The Associated Press March to turn in or destroy signed Tuesday by Acting
Fulton 20 14.36 -1.01
Tupelo 21 2.07 -0.31
-10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s
the devices. After that, it Attorney General Matthew
WASHINGTON — The will be illegal to possess Whitaker. It will take effect
LAKE LEVELS City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W
In feet as of 24-hr. Atlanta 53/46/r 48/33/sh Nashville 53/40/r 44/30/r Trump administration them under the same fed- 90 days after it is published
Boston 48/42/pc 60/50/r Orlando 73/59/r 66/45/pc
7 a.m. Tue. Capacity Level Chng.
Chicago 43/30/r 36/27/c Philadelphia 48/46/r 64/45/r Tuesday banned bump eral laws that prohibit ma- in the Federal Register,
Aberdeen Dam 188 164.05 -0.50 Dallas 59/37/s 60/44/s Phoenix 75/48/s 74/48/pc stocks, the firearm attach- which is expected to hap-
Stennis Dam 166 138.16 -0.50 Honolulu 79/70/s 82/71/pc Raleigh 60/57/r 61/40/sh chine guns.
Bevill Dam 136 136.34 -0.25 ments that allow semi-auto- pen Friday.
Jacksonville 71/54/r 63/41/pc Salt Lake City 47/34/s 45/30/pc
matic weapons to fire like Bump stocks became a
SOLUNAR TABLE Memphis 52/39/r 48/33/pc Seattle 55/39/r 49/37/c Bump stock owners
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
machine guns and were focal point of the gun con- will be required to either
fish and game.
SUN AND MOON MOON PHASES used during the worst trol debate after they were destroy them or surrender
Major Minor Major Minor
Wed. 9:29a 3:16a 9:56p 3:43p WED THU FULL LAST NEW FIRST mass shooting in modern used in October 2017 when them to the Bureau of Alco-
Sunrise 6:53 a.m. 6:54 a.m. a man opened fire from his
Thu. 10:20a 4:06a 10:49p 4:35p
Sunset 4:48 p.m. 4:49 p.m. U.S. history. hol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Forecasts and graphics provided by Moonrise 2:39 p.m. 3:21 p.m. The regulation gives Las Vegas hotel suite into a Explosives, a senior Justice
AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018 Moonset 3:20 a.m. 4:24 a.m. Dec 22 Dec 29 Jan 5 Jan 14 gun owners until late crowd at a country music Department official said.

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Spending freeze
Continued from Page 1A
he asked. “… What about said. “No new spending could negatively impact freeze, however, despite 22 names, along with the
these LED (street) lights that’s not already ex- public safety, Taylor said. Jones’ efforts Tuesday. card number each is asso-
y’all are always asking pressed in the budget. “The LED street lights Discussion between ciated.
for? Those are about $300 That’s what this means.” especially are a safety is- Jones and the mayor be- Several of those names
each? … I need to know, That’s also how City At- sue, and that’s why I vot- came confrontational after listed, Jones said, are no
council. If we’re going to torney Jeff Turnage inter- ed against the motion as Jones started questioning longer city employees.
cut, let’s cut.” preted the motion. In fact, it was made,” Taylor said. how and when city credit “There are three of
Ward 2 Councilman Jo- he plans to suggest the city “Many times, we put these cards were being used. these cards in Selvain Mc-
Smith Taylor lights in high-crime areas
seph Mickens saw Smith’s amend the meeting min- Then he asked for those Queen’s name,” said Jones,
“speed humps and street Mickens said. utes to reflect as much. to help promote safety, and cards to be frozen until the referring to the former po-
lights” and raised him Smith, for his part, said “It was obvious to me it helps.” city could account for them lice chief who hasn’t been
more than he bargained he could live with that. that’s what he meant, and Jones, who was the last all, but Smith said that is employed with the city
for. “I’m good with it,” that’s how I will recom- to raise his hand to sup- impossible because such since 2014.
Mickens moved to place Smith told councilmen. mend the minutes be craft- port the freeze, and thus a measure would hamper Rawle told the board
a “freeze on everything” “But when the citizens ed,” Turnage told The Dis- cast the deciding vote, said department heads making each card is held by a cur-
for six months, broad lan- call asking (for things), patch after the meeting. he still wants more clarity purchases within what has rent city employee or of-
guage that drew a second and those are your con- “We’re not shutting down on what exactly the mea- already been budgeted. ficial, and the city simply
from Ward 3’s Charlie Box stituents, you’re going to the city government. I ex- sure entails. According to Jones, the didn’t change the name
and earned approval on a tell them about the freeze, pect when I send the city “I wasn’t going in there city holds 22 credit cards. after the card changed
4-2 vote. Jones and Gavin my bill that I will be paid. looking for a freeze on He requested the names of hands.
voted along in favor, while I feel all the other vendors everything, but we do who has each card, and he Smith directed Rawle
Ward 1’s Gene Taylor and the city uses can expect need to look at what we’re said Chief Financial Offi- to provide Jones with an
Ward 4’s Fred Jackson op- What ‘everything’ the same.” spending and how we’re cer Milton Rawle provided updated list of cardhold-
posed. means The freeze, beyond spending it,” he said. “I be- him a handwritten list of ers.
Before the vote, Jones Immediately after the speed humps and street lieve we will have to come
and Jackson asked for clar- meeting, Mickens told lights, could affect hiring back at some point and
ity on what constitutes “ev- The Dispatch his motion and travel, as well as em- define what ‘everything’
erything,” but the motion pertained to all spending ployee overtime, which means.”
went forward unaltered. that isn’t already budgeted garnered at least a half-
“We need a freeze on for Fiscal Year 2019, which hour’s worth of discussion Credit cards
everything until we get a began Oct. 1. on Tuesday. Spending on city cred-
grasp of what’s going on,” “No new projects,” he Some of those freezes it cards is not part of the

Continued from Page 1A
The city spent nearly mas parade or events at shift, as it normally works,
$1.1 million in overtime establishments like The produces 20 people with
in just those two depart- Princess nightclub or 14 hours of overtime each.
ments ($470,022 in police Trotter Convention Center Many cities, Andrews said,
and $627,128 in fire) last downtown. budget that in regular sal-
fiscal year, according to “These businesses and ary whereas Columbus
documents The Dispatch citizens, they pay taxes, counts it against his over-
obtained through a pub- right?” Smith told The Dis- time allotment.
lic records request. Of Andrews Shelton patch. “If you’re paying tax- Ward 3 Councilman
that amount, more than ments that serve alcohol. es, you’d hope you’d have Charlie Box saw Andrews’
$300,000 combined went He said he could cancel some services come from point and asked Chief Fi-
beyond what was budget- those, if necessary. that.” nancial Officer Milton
ed — a key contributor to a Ward 4 Councilman Rawle why that couldn’t be
fiscal year in which the city
suffered an overall deficit
Fred Jackson disagreed. Fire department changed.
“I don’t recommend Fire Chief Martin An- “Whether you count it
of nearly $881,000. cutting manpower for New drews, when questioned as overtime or not, at the
In just the first two Year’s,” he said. “We need during the meeting, pre- end of the day it’s still go-
months of FY 2019, which that.” sented the council cuts his ing to be the same number
began Oct. 1, both de- department had already (amount of money),” Rawle
partments have already Safety vs. savings enforced to mitigate bud- replied.
burned through more Mayor Robert Smith, get overspending.
than one-fourth of their speaking with The Dis- For example, he said,
budgeted overtime for the patch after the meeting, 75 of his firefighters were
year, prompting Ward 6 took particular issue with accepted to the State Fire
Councilman Bill Gavin to the council’s talk about cut- Academy this fiscal year.
press them about making ting police presence. His command staff, how-
changes. He acknowledges the ever, has decided to only
“We’ve got to get hold of city needs to reduce costs, send 11.
this,” Gavin said. “It seems but he insists there are The academy cost runs
like through two months smarter ways to do it than up to $400 per firefighter,
into the new fiscal year, undercutting citizen safe- meaning the cutback could
we’re no better off than we ty. save the city as much as
were (last year).” “You have to provide $25,600.
Police Chief Fred Shel- safety,” he said. “That “This hurts us in a way,”
ton pointed to two fatal should be the No. 1 prior- Andrews told the council.
shootings since October ity for the city. … When “But we understand the
that prompted increased you have areas with a lot of position the city is in.”
police presence, also not- crime, we need increased Andrews questioned
ing that events like Wassail manpower. Otherwise, why so much of his payroll
Fest and the city’s annual what is the chief supposed is being counted as over-
Christmas parade — put to say? The citizens can time, claiming most of it is
on by Columbus Main just handle the problem unavoidable regular pay.
Street — required extra the best way they can? Each shift, by law, re-
manpower. “I’ve asked all my de- quires 20 firefighters,
Police staffing has risen partment heads to cut he said. Each firefighter
to 69 officers — after the where they can,” he later works two consecutive
council approved hiring added. “But where over- two-week pay periods of
five on Tuesday — mean- time is required, we have 120 hours, followed by a
ing patrol shifts are now to provide it.” pay period of 96 hours (two
fully staffed, Shelton said. Smith said he was also longs and a short, Andrews
That could allow him to cut taken aback by the notion called it).
overtime on patrol shifts the city would charge busi- Fair Labor Standards
and assign fewer off-duty nesses and organizations dictate anyone who works
officers to special event se- for extra patrols in the area more than 106 hours in a
curity details. during special events — pay period receive over-
“I’m aware of our num- whether it be the Christ- time pay, meaning each
bers, and we’re trying to
find ways to cut in a reason-
able manner,” Shelton said.
When Gavin, Mickens
and others openly ques-
tioned either cutting man-
power for security details
or charging private busi-
nesses or organizations
who ask for extra security,
City Attorney Jeff Turnage
said the latter would defi-
nitely be an option.
Turnage said a few At-
torney General’s opinions
speak to the contrary, but
he believes those are incor-
rect. He also noted the city
already charges Columbus
Housing Authority a fee for
supplemental security at
its properties.
The council, however,
did not vote on whether to
start charging others extra
Shelton mentioned spe-
cific holidays like Christ-
mas and New Year’s Eve,
when he had planned to
use extra patrols for so-
briety-check roadblocks
and maintaining a visible
presence around establish-
4A WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •

Area obituaries
William Wilkins Sr. Roy Hendricks Feb. 9, 1927, in Amo- was from 5-8 p.m. sister, Christie Collier.
OBITUARY POLICY ry, to the late Era and Tuesday at the funeral She is survived by
Obituaries with basic informa- BROOKSVILLE — STARKVILLE —
William “Bill” Wilkins Roy Donald Hendricks, Dewdrop Lewis Ritter. home. Cleveland-Mof- her husband, Sammy
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided Sr., 87, died Dec. 17, 87, died Dec. 17, 2018, He was a 1944 graduate fett Funeral Home is Neal; daughter, Jessica
free of charge. Extended 2018, at his residence. at North Mississippi of Amory High School in charge of arrange- Ballard of Smithville;
obituaries with a photograph, Services will be at Medical Center in and was formerly em- ments. sons, Matthew Neal of
detailed biographical informa-
noon Friday at Cockrell Tupelo. ployed with Mississippi Mrs. Neal was born Northwest Florida and
tion and other details families
Funeral Home Chapel Services will be at Valley Gas and Refine July 31, 1960, in Amo- Tyler Neal of Amory;
may wish to include, are avail-
in Macon. Burial will 2 p.m. Thursday at Metals Corporation ry, to the late Doris sister, Sherry Collier
able for a fee. Obituaries must Pope. She attended of Meridian; and two
follow at Brooksville Welch Funeral Home in Memphis. He also
be submitted through funeral
served as a volunteer Smithville schools and grandchildren.
homes unless the deceased’s Cemetery. Visitation with the Rev. Dickey
firefighter. was formerly employed Pallbearers will be
body has been donated to will be one hour prior Bryan officiating. Buri-
science. If the deceased’s In addition to his as a seamstress in the Matt Neal, Michael
to services at the funer- al will follow at Self
body was donated to science, parents, he was pre- garment industry. Smith, Joey Holloway,
al home. Cockrell Fu- Creek Baptist Church
the family must provide official ceded in death by his In addition to her Nick Ballard, John
neral Home is in charge Cemetery. Visitation
proof of death. Please submit brother, Winford Ritter. mother, she was pre- Robinson and Jonathan
all obituaries on the form of arrangements. will be one hour prior
He is survived by ceded in death by her Clouse.
provided by The Commercial Mr. Wilkins was to services at the funer-
his wife, Mae Gilmore
Dispatch. Free notices must be born Feb. 16, 1931, in al home. Welch Funer-
Ritter of Amory; chil-
submitted to the newspaper Brooksville, to the late al Home is in charge of
no later than 3 p.m. the day dren, Kathy Pritchard
Joseph Tyson Wilkins arrangements.
prior for publication Tuesday of Macintosh, Florida,
and Willie Hopkins Mr. Hendricks was
through Friday; no later than 4 Thomas “Buddy” Ritter
Wilkins. He was a born to the late Horace
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday of Nettleton and Su-
edition; and no later than 7:30 graduate of Brooks- Hendricks and Hildred
zanne Ritter of Amory;
a.m. for the Monday edition. ville High School and White Hendricks. He
sister, Oleta Webb of
Incomplete notices must be re- attended Mississippi was a U.S. Navy veter-
Tupelo; brother, Harold
ceived no later than 7:30 a.m. State University. He an and was formerly
for the Monday through Friday Ritter of Delaware; five
was formerly employed employed as a meat
editions. Paid notices must be grandchildren; and
as an L.P. Gas Vehicle market manager with
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion four great-grandchil-
the next day Monday through Inspector with Motor Kroger. He was a mem- dren.
Thursday; and on Friday by 3 Vehicle Comptroller’s ber of Adaton Baptist Memorials may be
p.m. for Sunday and Monday Office and owner and Church. made to St. Jude Chil-
publication. For more informa- operator of Noxubee He is survived dren’s Research Hospi-
tion, call 662-328-2471. Gas Service, an L.P. by his wife, Betty tal, 501 St. Jude Place,
gas retailer. He was Gainey Hendricks of Memphis, TN 38105 or
Nellie Cooper also a meter reader for Starkville; daughters, to Jones Chapel Baptist
WEST POINT — 4-County Electrical Beth Cline of Grenada Church, 30150 Metts
Nellie Mae Cooper, Power Association and Mary Travis of Road, Nettleton, MS
86, died Dec. 14, 2018, and rural mail carrier. Purvis; sister, Nelda 38858.
at North Mississippi He was a member of Bryant of Starkville;
Medical Center in West Independent Methodist and four grandchil-
Point. Church in Macon. dren. Donna Neal
In addition to his Memorials may be AMORY — Donna
Services will be at 11 Ann Pope Neal, 58,
a.m. Thursday at New parents, he was pre- made to Billy Graham
ceded in death by his Evangelistic Associa- died Dec. 15, 2018, at
St. Peter M.B. Church North Mississippi Med-
with Arnell Edwards brother, Joseph Tyson tion, 1 Billy Graham
ical Center in Tupelo.
officiating. Burial will Wilkins Jr.; and sisters, Pkwy., Charlotte, NC
Services are
follow at Pool’s Memo- Sara Elizabeth Ellis, 28201 or to the Baptist
Wednesday at Cleve-
rial Gardens. Visitation Louise Anderson and Children’s Village, 114
land-Moffett Funeral
will be from 3-6 p.m. Dot Fraley. Marketridge Dr., Rid-
Home with R.D. Cline
Wednesday at Carter’s He is survived by his geland, MS 39157.
officiating. Burial will
Mortuary Services. Car- wife, Peggie; daugh-
follow at Young Memo-
ter’s Mortuary Services ter, Debbie Whitfield Herschel Ritter rial Gardens. Visitation
is in charge of arrange- of Brooksville; sons, AMORY — Herschel
ments. Billy Wilkins Jr. and Hampton Ritter, 91,
Ms. Cooper was born Darryl Wilkins, both of died Dec. 17, 2018, at
Jan. 11, 1932, in West Brooksville and Mi- his residence.
Point, to the late James chael Wilkins of Iowa, Services will be
Moseley and Jessie Louisiana; brother, T.J. at 2 p.m. Thursday
Mae Moseley. She was Wilkins of Brooksville; at Cleveland-Moffett
formerly employed with 10 grandchildren; and Funeral Home with
Babcock and Wilcox. 12 great-grandchildren. Waylon Powell and
She is survived by Wesley Stephens offici-
her son, Jerome Cooper Gladis Lewis ating. Burial will follow
of West Point; daughter, COLUMBUS — at Jones Chapel Ceme-
Linda Washington of St. Gladis M. Lewis, 95, tery. Visitation will be
Louis, Missouri; sister, died Dec. 18, 2018, at from noon-1:45 p.m.
Burnette Martin of West Baptist Memorial Hos- prior to services at the Annie L. Tate
Point; seven grandchil- pital-Golden Triangle. funeral home. Cleve- Visitation:
dren; 10 great-grand- Arrangements are land-Moffett Funeral Thursday, Dec. 20 • 12-1 PM
children; and three incomplete and will be Home is in charge of Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
great-great-grandchil- announced by Carter’s arrangements. 2nd Ave. North Location
dren. Funeral Services. Mr. Ritter was born Services:
Thursday, Dec. 20 • 1 PM
Memorial Gunter Peel
Funeral Home
2nd Ave. North Location
Friendship Cemetery
Miss. man charged months after 2 officers were killed
The Associated Press charged in the killings of fire exchange with Moak.
Brookhaven officers Zach Flowers was taken into cus-
BROOKHAVEN — Moak and James White. tody the day of the killings
A Mississippi man has A judge appointed an at- and was hospitalized. He

Annie L. Tate
been charged with capital
torney for Flowers and set a was discharged Oct. 17 and
murder in the September
shooting deaths of two po- Jan. 8 preliminary hearing. sent to a state prison.
lice officers. The officers were killed

Robert “Ronnie” Guin
The Daily Leader re- Sept. 29 at a Brookhaven Annie Lou Reeves Tate, age 87, died Monday,
ports 26-year-old Marquis home, about 60 miles south December 17, 2018, at Trinity Healthcare in Co-
Aaron Flowers appeared of Jackson. lumbus.
Tuesday in Brookhav- Investigators said Flow- Robert Earlie “Ronnie” Guin, 66, of Hamilton, Services will be held Thursday, December 20,
en City Court and was ers was wounded in a gun- MS, passed away Monday, December 16, 2018, at 2018, at 1:00 p.m. at Memorial Gunter Peel, 2nd
University Medical Center. Ave. N. Chapel with Chaplin Earl McAnally offici-

Paul D. Warren
Visitation will be Thursday, December 20, ating. Burial will follow at Friendship Cemetery.
2018, from 11:00-12:00 PM at Lowndes Funeral Visitation will be held Thursday from 12:00 noon
Home, Columbus, MS. Funeral services will be until service time at the funeral home. Memori-
Paul Daniel Warren, age 62, departed to his Thursday, December 20, 2018, at 12:00 PM at al Gunter Peel Funeral Home & Crematory, 2nd
Heavenly home on Saturday, December 15, 2018, Lowndes Funeral Home Chapel, Columbus, MS. Ave. N. location is in charge of arrangements.
from MD Anderson, Houston, TX, with his loving Interment will be at Egger Cemetery, Caledonia, Mrs. Tate was born in Lowndes County, Mis-
family by his side. MS with Lowndes Funeral Home directing. sissippi, to the late Morris Metro and Annie
He was born in Anchorage, Alaska, to the late Mr. Guin was born November 21, 1952, in Co- Bonds Reeves. She was a member of First Chris-
Billy Douglas Warren and late Alice Ferguson lumbus, MS, to the late Robert “Mack” Guin and tian Church, Columbus and a retired employee of
Warren. He married Nancy Miller on June 10, Ruby Cunningham Guin. He worked for Weath- Wal-Mart.
1977 in Columbus, MS. ers Electric for 25 years. Mr. Guin was a Veteran In addition to her parents, she was preceded in
He worked as a leader of the Tire Finishing of the United States Marines. He loved racing, death by her husband of 57 years, Roger D. Tate,
department at Cooper Tire and Rubber Company hunting, fishing and watching westerns. He also Sr.
for 30 years. Paul lived life to the fullest and loved his family. He was a member of Local 917 Survivors include her son, Roger D. Tate, Jr.
loved everyone for who they were. He was a true IBEW. and his wife, Y Lan of Shelbyville, KY; sister, Mar-
example of what it means to live a Christ-like He is survived by his daughter, Christy Guin tha Reeves Mims and her husband, Joe of Colum-
life. His smile and joy-filled heart was infectious. Cockrell; sons, Danny Guin, Donnie Malone and bus, MS; brothers, James Reeves of Columbus,
Spending time with his family and serving the Shane Turner; 12 grandchildren; and 2 great- MS and William Reeves and his wife, Betty of
Lord were the highlights of his life. grandchildren; sisters, Jean (Roy) Tribble and Guin, AL; grandchildren, Curtis Tate of Bloom-
He is survived by his sweetheart and wife of 42 Donna Miranda; brother, Randy (Pam) Guin; a field, New Jersey and spouse, Michael Vines of
years, Nancy; daughters, Erica Griffin (Enoch) host of nieces and nephews; and special friend, Dallas, TX and Melanie Tate Nix and her hus-
and Courtney Griffin (Jared); grandchildren, Beverly McKee. band, John of Shelbyville, KY; and great-grand-
Brooklyn, Rivers, Eva, Enoch, Judson and Gus; Pallbearers will be Garrett Taylor, Rod Taylor, daughter, Riley Elizabeth Nix.
beloved brothers, Doug Warren (Brenda), Brian Tribble, Kevin McWilliams, Craig Bar- Serving as pallbearers will be Michael Mims,
Donald Warren (Judy) and Daryl Warren (Yumi); ham, Bill McCool, Brandon Barnett and Tommy Morri Mims, Robert Mims, Dylan Mims, Curtis
beloved in-laws, Ronnie Miller (Cathy), Debra Richardson. Tate and George Barnes.
Gardner (Kenny), Anthony Miller (Merita), and Honorary Pallbearers will be Dr. Michal Senit- Memorials may be made to: Alzheimer’s Asso-
Joe Miller (Becky); and many nieces, nephews, ko, Columbus Speedway Racing Friends and ciation MS Chapter, 232 Market Street, Flowood
and cousins. UMMC Staff and Nursing. MS 39232 or to First Christian Church, 811 N.
Family, friends, and others whose lives Paul Memorials may be made to St. Jude Children’s McCrary, Columbus, MS 39702.
touched are invited to Welch Funeral Home, Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis,
201 W. Lampkin St., Starkville, MS from 9:00- TN 38105, LeBonheur Children’s Medical Cen-
11:00 a.m. on Thursday, December 20, 2018 to ter, P.O. Box 41817, Memphis, TN 38174-181 or to
reminisce and celebrate his life. the Wounded Warrior Project, P.O. Box 758517,
You can leave the family a condolence at: www. Topeka, KS 66675. Sign the online guest book at Compliments of
Lowndes Funeral Home
Paid Obituary - Welch Funeral Home 716 Second Avenue North • Columbus, MS
The Dispatch • Wednesday, December 19, 2018 5A

News About Town
Baptist Golden Triangle offers Childbirth
ventions. For free screenings or referrals,
call 1-800-431-1754.
n POSSUM TOWN TOASTMASTERS classes and Breastfeeding classes each n GOLDEN TRIANGLE AA
Possum Town Toastmasters meet every month, 6 p.m., in room 6, near the Gift Golden Triangle AA meets daily for
Friday at 7 a.m. at the Church of Christ, Shop, $20. For information or to register, support. If you want to drink, that is your
Columbus. To become a better communi- call 662-386-5592. business. If you want to stop drinking,
cator and leader, call 662-549-3483. n LUPUS SUPPORT that is our business. For information, call
n POSSUM TOWN QUILTERS A lupus support group meets from 10 662-327-8941.
Possum Town Quilters meet at 9:30 a.m. a.m.-2 p.m. the first Saturday of every n AL-ANON MEETING
the second and fourth Saturdays of each month in Classroom 6 of the Baptist Gold- The Columbus Al-Anon Family Groups
month at the Rosenzweig Arts Center en Triangle Patient Tower. Open to anyone meet Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30
(lower level), 501 Main St., Columbus. with lupus or any family member or friend. p.m. When you don’t know where to turn
Check us out at possumtownquilters. For more information, call Rashell Hop- because someone drinks too much, we kins, 662-570-8342. can help. For information, call 888-425-
The Columbus East Lions Club meets Baptist Cancer Center hosts a support
every second and fourth Monday of
the month at 65 Airline Road. For more
group for cancer survivors and their
families, noon-1 p.m. the third Friday of
information, call 662-251-1415 or 662- every month. Next classes are Dec. 21
Family Resource Center, Columbus
574-7552. & Jan. 18 in Classroom 5 of the Patient
campus, 1575 Second Ave. N., offers
n HOST LIONS CLUB Towers. Lunch provided. For information
free online classes to earn diplomas. For
The Columbus Host Lions Club meets and location, call 662-244-2923.
information, call 662-368-3603.
every Friday at noon at EMCC Lion Hills n HYPERTENSION SUPPORT
Center for a buffet lunch and business A pulmonary hypertension support group
Emerson Family Center, 1504 Louisville
gathering. For more information, call John meets at 2 p.m. the second Saturday of
St. in Starkville, offers Adult Education
Michael, 601-955-2176. every month at North Mississippi Medical
Classes 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Dec. 20. For more
n LOWNDES REPUBLICAN WOMEN Center-West Point Education Center, 385
information, call 662-418-5193.
Lowndes County Republican Women Medical Center Drive. For information, call
Dana Albert, 662-295-3642.
meets the second Tuesday of each
month. Buffet line opens at 11:15 a.m., ■ DIABETES SUPPORT OTHER EVENTS
with call to order at noon. Baptist Golden Triangle hosts day classes n AGRICULTURAL MEETING
n GT QUILTERS GUILD for Diabetes Support on third Wednes- An Unlimited Community Agricultural Co-
The Golden Triangle Quilters Guild meets days of each month, 10-11 a.m. in room operative Meeting begins at 8 a.m. Dec.
at 5:30 p.m. every third Thursday at the 6 PT. For information, call Lacy Smith at 22 at the American Legion Post, 3327 Pat
Starkville Sportsplex Activities Building. 662-244-1392 or 800-544-8762, ext. Station Road, Starkville. All persons inter-
Friendly City Strummers meet twice ■ HEART SUPPORT
ested in agricultural and small business
opportunities are encouraged to attend. Is Estate or
For information, contact Orlando Trainer,
monthly to practice and teach others
to play dulcimers. Join for $10/year for
Weekly education/support group for
people with congestive heart failure are 662-769-0071 or orlandotrainer@hotmail. Long Term Care
the whole family. Dulcimers available to
borrow. Contact David Saum, 662-386-
Thursdays 11 a.m.-noon in the Outpa-
tient Pavilion Boardroom, Baptist Golden n BASEBALL/SOFTBALL REGISTRA- Planning Necessary
6836 or, or the
Switzers, 662-312-6025.
Triangle. For information, call 244-1953
or 244-2132. Lake Lowndes baseball and softball reg- to Protect Your
istration begins Jan. 2-Feb. 23. Register
MSU alumni, friends are invited to Break-
Diabetes education class meets on fourth from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Family’s Future?
Wednesdays, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Baptist Lowndes Recreation Office, 17 Airline
fast with the Bulldogs on second Thurs-
Golden Triangle Outpatient Pavilion. Physi- Road (behind the Driver’s License Build- • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care
days each month at Starkville Café. Dutch
cian referral required. For information, call ing) or online at Directive?
treat breakfast is 7:30 a.m. Contact Carol
Moss Read at 662-244-1597 or email info.goldentrian- n BASEBALL COACHES’ MEETING • Are you certain that your assets will be distributed according to your
or 662-312-0637. The Lake Lowndes Summer Baseball wishes at your death?
Coaches’ Meeting is 6-7 p.m. Jan. 9 at • Are you confused by the ever changing estate and gift tax laws?
n TOPS n ABUSE RECOVERY GROUP • Are you worried that one day you may not be able to care for yourself
A Domestic Abuse Recovery Group meets New Hope Community Center, 381 Sta-
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. 288 meets or make the necessary decisions to remain independent and in your
Thursdays at 6 p.m. through Safe Haven dium Road. The Lake Lowndes Summer
Tuesdays at Community Baptist Church, own home?
Inc. Group counseling for rape recovery is League is looking for coaches for all
Yorkville Road East, Columbus. Weigh-in
available. For information, call 662-327- age groups. For more information, call At Dunn & Hemphill, we can create a plan tailored to fit you
begins at 5:30 p.m. Contact Pat Harris,
6118 or 662-889-2067. 662-328-0885 or visit www.lowndesrec- and your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 to
662-386-0249. discuss your estate and long term care planning options.
Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. 270 meets Baptist Golden Triangle offers childbirth
classes Tuesdays at 6 p.m. To register, J.L. King Center's Families First of Oktib-
Thursdays at 4370 Cal-Kolola Road,
call 662-244-2498 or email info.goldentri- beha County invites the community to join
Caledonia. Weigh-in begins at 5-5:30 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi its Walking Group at 6:30 a.m. Mon-
p.m. Contact Michelle Holliman, 662-386-
day-Friday at Westside Park, 700 N. Long 662.327.4211 |
3650. n CPR CLASSES St. in Starkville. Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.
n SENIOR CRAFTS Baptist Golden Triangle offers CPR class-
Senior Crafts meets at the Starkville es each month at 6 p.m. in the Patient
n PARENT CAFE W. David Dunn | Christopher D. Hemphill
Sportsplex Tuesdays, 10-11:30 a.m. Emerson Family Center, 1504 Louisville you call to get a free 30 minute
Tower. Next classes are Jan. 12 & 28.
Crafts provided by the parks department. St. in Starkville, offers Parent Cafe Group Estate or Long Term Care Planning Consultation!
Pre-registration required. Call the Educa-
For information, call Lisa Cox, 662-323- meetings every Monday from 11 a.m.- *Background information available upon request.
© The Dispatch

tion Department, 662-244-2498.
2294. noon to help meet the challenges of Providing Our Clients Expertise With
n FREE PSA SCREENINGS parenting. For more information, call 662- Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience
n QUILTING CLUB Baptist Cancer Center offers free prostate 418-5193 or visit
Quilting Club meets in the activities room PSA screenings ever other month for men
adjacent to the multi-purpose facility at over 40. Next screenings are 8-11:45
the Starkville Sportsplex Thursdays 10 Hearts After School Tutoring Program,
a.m. & 1-2 p.m. Jan. 25. Walk-ins accept-
a.m.-noon. Bring your own project to work 109 Lawrence Drive, Columbus, offers
ed. For appointments, call 662-244-4673.
on. For information, call Lisa Cox, 662- tutoring for grades K-5 from 3-4:30 p.m.
n DIABETES EDUCATION Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesday
323-2294. Diabetes Self-Management Education
and Thursdays. No charge, but commit-
n AARP Class meets on fourth Wednesdays at
ment is required. Teacher, parent referrals
AARP meets the first Wednesday of each 8:30 a.m. at Baptist Golden Triangle
accepted. For information, call 662-244-
month at 10 a.m. in the Community Room Outpatient Pavilion Conference Center.
of Regions Bank, Main Street, Columbus. Physician referral required. For informa-
Programs are geared to the needs and tion, call 662-244-1596. n TUTOR VOLUNTEERS
interests of seniors 50 and up. For more Hearts After School Tutoring Program is
n ANGER MANAGEMENT seeking volunteer tutors for its K-5 after
information, call 662-889-9496. Family Resource Center, Columbus
school tutoring program from 2:30-5 p.m.
campus, 1575 Second Ave. N., offers free
Health Notes conflict resolution and anger management
classes. For information, call 662-368-
Monday-Thursday. Volunteer one to four
days a week. For information, call 662-
n BLOOD DRIVE 244-8444.
Vitalant, formerly United Blood Service, n EFFECTIVE PARENTING
holds its quarterly blood drive from 11 n FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER Family Resource Center, Columbus
a.m.-5:15 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Outpatient The Family Resource Center offers
campus, 1575 Second Ave. N., offers free
Pavilion Conference Center at Baptist free classes including parenting, anger
effective parenting classes, with insight
Golden Triangle. For more information, management, healthy relationships, life
on child safety, appropriate discipline,
visit skills and youth development education
effective communication and more. For
classes. Call 662-251-1861. information, call 662-368-3603.
Baptist Golden Triangle offers free mam- n BAPTIST VOLUNTEERS n TENN-TOM WATERWAY MUSEUM
mograms to women 35 and older who Baptist Golden Triangle seeks caring, The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
have no insurance coverage for mammo- compassionate volunteers to help in a Transportation Museum, 318 Seventh
grams and are living in Lowndes, Oktibbe- variety of hospital settings. For informa- St. N., Columbus, is open for tours
ha, Clay, Monroe or Chickasaw Counties. tion, call 662-244-1165 or email info. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. School field
To see if you qualify, call 662-244-2979. trips, civic clubs, church groups encour-
n CROSSOVER SYMMETRY n BAPTIST HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS aged. For group tours, call 662-328-8936
North Mississippi Medical Center-West Baptist Hospice-Golden Triangle seeks or 662-574-5794.
Point Wellness Center offers a Crossover volunteers to assist in the office and with n ENVIRONMENTAL MEETING
Symmetry Program focusing on shoul- Hospice families at 2309 Bluecutt Road, Memphis Town Community Action Group
der health/performance. The 30-day Suite B. For more information, call Katie meets fourth Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to
membership is $30 for members; $50 for Bostwick, 662-243-1173. discuss issues related to the Kerr-McGee
nonmembers. For more information, call n DRUG/ALCOHOL INTERVENTION site. For information, contact Leon Hines,
the Wellness Center 662-495-9355. Narconon offers drug and alcohol inter- 662-574-6109.
6A Wednesday, December 19, 2018
BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947
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Our View

City needed deeper examination of spending before blanket freezes
Columbus residents, like and chances are that each has on the budget that cannot be cilman Stephen Jones voted an opportunity to dig deep
people all across the country, his own definition of “every- anticipated since many budget against the city’s claims docket into the planned agenda and
have been awaiting word on thing.” categories are estimated and — which almost always passes brainstorm solutions. Those
a possible government shut- After the meeting, Mickens can be influenced by circum- without discussion — because work sessions equip deci-
down. said he intended for the motion stances beyond control. For he had some questions about sion-makers to make informed
We weren’t expecting the to put an end to any un-budget- example, the city’s police some of the charges. In one decisions during their board
threat of a local shutdown at ed spending, an interpretation and fire departments do have respect, we find no fault in meetings.
the Columbus Municipal Com- shared by city attorney Jeff budgets for overtime pay. But Jones’ position. Given the cir- Under the circumstances,
plex on Tuesday. Turnage, who said he intend- what happens under extraordi- cumstances, it is right that the we are convinced that if the
Tuesday evening, in a coun- ed to have the minutes of the nary circumstances — a major council closely examine every mayor and council had held
cil meeting that quickly went meeting changed to reflect crime incident or a disaster? expenditure. What should be a similar work session to ad-
off the rails, the city council that. Whether Turnage has What happens if turnover in a obvious, however, is that these dress the issues, we would not
voted 4-2 in support of Ward 2 the authority to do that is just department requires unantici- examinations should have have seen the knee-jerk action
councilman Joseph Mickens’ another unanswered question pated overtime? Public safety been made prior to Tuesday’s taken Tuesday.
motion to “freeze everything” on a night where the council’s can never be sacrificed or com- council meeting. Today, no one is absolutely
regarding spending for a peri- actions only served to muddy promised to meet a budget, but In Starkville, the mayor certain what “everything” ac-
od of six months. the waters in a failed effort to there is a potential for that if and board of aldermen often tually means. In that respect,
That’s pretty much the address almost $881,000 in the council means what it says meet on the Friday before their the solution offered may serve
definition of a government budget shortfalls. about “everything.” Tuesday meeting in a work to make things worse than
shut-down, although there Even under the most re- This was a case where good session. Columbus Municipal better.
remains much confusion about strained interpretation of what intentions fell victim to poor School District has similar Tuesday night, the council
just what “everything” means. “everything,” means, there procedure. meetings. These work ses- sought clarity and ended up
There are six city councilmen will undoubtedly be demands It began when Ward 5 Coun- sions provide public bodies with confusion.

Letter to the editor

Voice of the people
Trump bans sale of bump stocks
Though long overdue, the recent ban of
bump stocks is wonderful news indeed. I have
been against any guns and have been writing
columns relentlessly, promoting the control of
guns to prevent mass shootings.
Think about a gun in your hand that can kill
anyone in a minute. If you kill someone, your
whole life will be rocky. You will likely either
be caught by law enforcement or you could be
dead after an encounter with law enforcement.
The law will always follow you.
You may get angry for some reason and
want to shoot someone you think your enemy
at that moment. An instant judgment many
times becomes irrational later on. It’s only a
moment. If you don’t have a gun, you can’t kill.
Killing never serves your purpose.
Still I do not understand why we would let
anyone be a mass shooter? The weapons that
are used in war, do we need to be made avail-
able for public? For what?
We shouldn’t even have toys of automatic
rifles for the kids. We don’t need to teach or
let our kids learn war games while they have
options for so many things.
In this world, we have only one life to live.
Why should we not use fully to live love and
Jiben Roy

Mississippi voices

This Christmas let’s embrace joy, not worry
We humans like to worry. tomorrow, for tomorrow will other about having no bread? Don’t you the tragedy of the crucifixion and how
It’s in our nature. worry about itself. Each day understand even yet? Don’t you remem- from this terrible tragedy came the
Here’s what Jesus said has enough trouble of its ber the 5,000 I fed with five loaves, and greatest gift of all time — the salvation
about worrying: own.” the baskets of leftovers you picked up? of man. That is the gift of Christmas.
“Therefore I tell you, do So are we now ready to Or the 4,000 I fed with seven loaves, So let us all make a concerted effort
not worry about your life, get into the Christmas spir- and the large baskets of leftovers you to lay the worrying aside and remem-
what you will eat or drink; it? Who among us doesn’t picked up?’ ” ber the great victory. It should fill
or about your body, what smile and laugh when we You see, we just can’t help but worry us with joy. It should fill us with the
you will wear. Is not life are worry free? So let’s quit and be afraid. We just can’t seem to Christmas spirit.
more than food, and the worrying and make these relax and enjoy the blessings of the Some people criticize all the lights
body more than clothes? next few days really special. Garden of Eden. We want more. We and hoopla and gift giving. I disagree.
Look at the birds of the air; Faith is prayer to God. want to be God. It’s the nature of sin. All of that is just an expression of hap-
they do not sow or reap or Wyatt Emmerich Worry is prayer to the Devil. I have always believed that God piness and joy and love.
store away in barns, and yet When we worry, it’s because should cut us some slack. It’s hard to And from all this came another
your heavenly Father feeds them. Are our faith is weakening and we don’t live in the flesh. We get cold, hungry, gift: The fruits of the Holy Spirit —
you not much more valuable than they? trust God’s plan for our lives. angry, tired, lustful, greedy. He created love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness,
Can any one of you by worrying add a Look around you? Did you create all us! Meanwhile, God is, well, God. He faithfulness, gentleness, patience and
single hour to your life? this through your anxiety and worry? can do anything — create the universe, self control. These are now ours. All it
“And why do you worry about I think not. This is all a gift from God. obtain infinite knowledge, defeat evil. takes is faith. Nothing more than that.
clothes? See how the flowers of the And what a perfect gift it is. Every Sin is not even a consideration. You only have to believe.
field grow. They do not labor or spin. atom, every subatomic particle is finely Yet I can understand why he would Ah, yes, belief. Does that ring a bell?
Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in tuned beyond our imagination. just want to wipe us away and start The children believe. They know Santa
all his splendor was dressed like one The balance of the earth on its axis, over, something he did a time or two. will be bearing gifts on Christmas
of these. If that is how God clothes the the rotation of the earth around the But God came up with another plan. Day, even though they may have been
grass of the field, which is here today sun, the changing of the seasons, it’s a Through his son, he took on flesh. And naughty a time or two.
and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, miracle beyond miracles. this act of becoming both man and God And so it is with us adults. We can
will he not much more clothe you — Even when Jesus was performing allowed mankind and God to become enjoy riches far beyond any child’s toy.
you of little faith? So do not worry, say- miracles on a daily basis, his disciples reconciled. It was a brilliant, bold, We just have to believe. Believe in all
ing, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall still disbelieved. They still worried creative solution to an overwhelming the prophecies which came so perfectly
we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For about what came next. In Matthew 16, problem. But with God, nothing is to fruition. Believe in his magnificent
the pagans run after all these things, a frustrated Jesus had to remind them: impossible. resurrection – the same beautiful res-
and your heavenly Father knows that “At this they began to argue with I’m not sure why our savior had to urrection that awaits us all.
you need them. But seek first his each other because they hadn’t brought suffer the worst possible outcome to Wyatt Emmerich is the editor and
kingdom and his righteousness, and any bread. Jesus knew what they were save us. It brings tears to my eyes. But publisher of The Northside Sun, a weekly
all these things will be given to you saying, so he said, ‘You have so little when I witness human tragedy, which newspaper in Jackson. He can be reached
as well. Therefore do not worry about faith! Why are you arguing with each is everywhere around us, I think of by e-mail at

Today in History
Today is Wednesday, Dec. 19, the 353rd day of 2018. perjury and obstruction of justice (he was subsequent- men to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to camp for the
There are 12 days left in the year. ly acquitted by the Senate). winter.
In 1813, British forces captured Fort Niagara
Today’s Highlight in History: On this date: during the War of 1812.
On Dec. 19, 1998, President Bill Clinton was In 1777, during the American Revolutionary War, In 1907, 239 workers died in a coal mine explosion
impeached by the Republican-controlled House for Gen. George Washington led his army of about 11,000 in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania.
The Dispatch • Wednesday, December 19, 2018 7A

Trump’s safety panel seeks
to revoke school discipline rules
Among the biggest proposals is a rollback of policy states and schools to decide, but
DeVos said schools should “seri-
urging schools not to suspend, expel or report ously consider” the option. The re-
port highlights districts that have
students to police except in the most extreme cases armed staff members, and it steers
schools to federal funding that can
By COLLIN BINKLEY ulation of guns to the regulation be used for firearm training.
The Associated Press of violent video games. Yet rather Among the biggest proposals
than suggest a series of sweeping is a rollback of 2014 guidance that
The Trump admin- urges schools not to suspend, expel
changes, the commission issued
istration on Tuesday or report students to police except
100 smaller suggestions that large-
moved to roll back in the most extreme cases. Instead,
ly avoid strong stances on top-
an Obama-era poli- the guidance calls for a variety of
ics like gun control and whether
cy that was meant to “restorative justice” remedies that
curb racial dispari- schools should arm teachers.
“Our conclusions in this report don’t remove students from the
ties in school disci- classroom.
pline but that critics do not impose one-size-fits-all solu-
President Barack Obama’s ad-
say left schools afraid DeVos tions for everyone, everywhere,”
ministration issued the guidance af-
to take action against potentially said Education Secretary Betsy
ter finding that black students were
dangerous students. DeVos, who led the commission.
more than three times as likely as
The recommendation was “The primary responsibility for the their white peers to be suspended
among dozens issued in a new re- physical security of schools and the or expelled. The directive warns
port by Trump’s federal school safe- safety of their students naturally that schools suspected of discrimi-
ty commission, which was formed rests with states and local commu- nation — even if it is unintentional
in response to a Feb. 14 school nities.” — can face investigations and risk
shooting in Parkland, Florida, that Trump praised the report at a losing federal funding.
killed 17 students and staff mem- White House event Tuesday, saying But the policy came under scruti-
bers, and sparked a national debate “nothing is more important than ny following the Parkland shooting,
over gun control. protecting our nation’s children.” with some conservatives suggest-
The panel was asked to study a On the question of whether ing it discouraged school officials
range of options to bolster security schools should arm staff members, from reporting the shooter’s past
at America’s schools, from the reg- the panel said it should be left to behavioral problems to police.

Stock market woes raise
a nagging fear: Is a recession near?
‘While we aren’t explicitly forecasting a recession next one,” said John Higgins,
chief markets economist
year, we wouldn’t rule out a mild one’ of Capital Economics. “At
the least, we expect a sig-
John Higgins, chief markets economist of Capital Economics
nificant economic slow-
By JOSH BOAK business leaders are in- Tuesday’s slight gain — down.”
AP Economics Writer creasingly predicting that the Dow Jones Industrial Nearly half the chief fi-
it will end within the next Average rose 82 points, or nancial officers surveyed
BALTIMORE — Fears two years. 0.4 percent, after having by Duke University’s
of a recession have been The fact is that reces- lost over 1,000 over the Fuqua School of Business
mounting with the U.S. sions are a regular part previous two days — was foresee a recession by the
stock market appearing of the economic cycle. A barely a respite. end of next year. And by
to be headed for its worst downturn won’t neces- “While we aren’t ex- the end of 2020, 82 per-
December since 1931 — sarily happen in 2019. But plicitly forecasting a cent do so.
during the Great Depres- the free-fall in stock pric- recession next year, we
sion. es could hasten the day. wouldn’t rule out a mild
Wall Street’s sustained
slump has been fueled by
investor concerns about
lower corporate profits,
higher corporate debt, a
festering trade war be-
tween the United States
and China and a broader
global slowdown.
So is a U.S. recession
Not necessarily.
Plenty of economic
gauges suggest that far
from being derailed by a
stock market that’s set to
suffer its first annual loss
in a decade, the $20 tril-
lion U.S. economy is bar-
reling forward. Employ-
ers are hiring, consumers
are spending ahead of the
holidays and economic
growth has been brisk,
thanks in part to Presi-
dent Donald Trump’s defi-
cit-financed tax cuts.
But the economy has
been growing since mid-
2009 and nothing — not
even what’s become the
second-longest U.S. ex-
pansion on record — lasts
forever. As the expansion
has aged, economists and

Trump signs order
to create US
Space Command
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump
launched the Pentagon’s
new Space Command
Tuesday, an effort to better
organize and advance the
military’s vast operations
in space that could cost as
much as $800 million over
the next five years.
Trump signed a one-
page memorandum
Tuesday authorizing the
Defense Department to
create the new command.
Speaking at the Kenne-
dy Space Center in Flor-
ida, Vice President Mike
Pence said, “a new era of
American national securi-
ty in space begins today.”
8A WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1A
“It’s not the same as it is at my “It’s about giving kids that tool
studio,” Miller said. “I only have they can use when they are angry
them for two hours a week and the or upset, a way to channel that in a
kids come and go. So what I can more positive way,” she said.
teach them about the sport isn’t very That, said Miller, is also his main
much compared to what I do at my objective.
place.” “This generation is a different
That, said Miller, isn’t the real group. It really is,” he said. “They
point anyway. have so many things to distract
At the Boys and Girls Club, them these days. It takes away from
Miller is looking for a way to divert being able to get into the gym and
otherwise troubled kids’ powerful running around. That’s the chal-
“river of energy” for good. lenge. The kids are going to love you
“What I get out of this is trying regardless. One minute, they’re mad
to conquer these rascals,” Miller at you, the next minute, they’re back
said. “I’m trying to figure them out. happy. That’s how it is with kids.
Trying to do what keeps them busy, “So the main thing is helping
figuring out what they like and don’t them find ways to use that ener-
like. It’s a challenge for me, but I’ve gy that they like because they’re
always liked challenges.” going to use it one way, a way that’s Slim Smith/Dispatch Staff
Turner said the twice-weekly unacceptable, or another, a way Veteran taekwondo instructor Oliver Miller puts his class through their routines during an
sessions with Miller are all about that’s positive,” he added. “What I’m exhibition at the Columbus Boys and Girls Club on Tuesday. Miller was selected as the
equipping kids to tame their energy trying to do here is find that positive club’s “Mentor of the Year” in appreciation of his work with the children, which he started
and emotions. way.” in January.

Continued from Page 1A
as interim superintendent the applicant out,” Labat was untrustworthy and I give an opinion but will re-
after former Superinten- said. “I never asked and could not rely on him to port to Labat the facts “as
dent Philip Hickman’s I would never have con- make critical decisions for he sees them.”
termination in February. doned that behavior. ...I the district,” Labat said. From that point, the
Shannon reverted to his was taken aback by it and “I needed him to be hon- board will have 30 days to
deputy superintendent told him that that’s not est with me. I think it just review the transcripts and
role when Labat came on how we approach recruit- showed me that he would information and then vote
board. ing applicants to the Co- continue to not tell the to either uphold or over-
At the hearing, school lumbus Municipal School truth.” turn the termination.
board attorney David District.” Shannon claimed he Neither Shannon nor
Dunn read from a tran- Labat said she spoke had no knowledge of his his attorney, Preston
script which stated Shan- with Shannon afterward job performance, good Rideout of Greenwood,
non went to Simpson and discussed his expec- or bad, before receiving would comment to The
County to interview and tations in the district and his termination letter. La- Dispatch. Labat would not
“feel out” a potential dis- professional behavior. Mary Pollitz/Dispatch Staff bat refuted that, saying speak to The Dispatch,
trict employee. Shannon “I was trying to work Columbus Municipal School District Superintendent she had approached him citing “personnel issues,”
testified previously he with him and I hoped his Cherie Labat testifies during former deputy Superin- on numerous occasions and Dunn did not com-
tendent Craig Shannon’s termination appeal hearing
and Labat collectively de- behavior would change, Tuesday morning at Brandon Central Services. Shan- whenever issues arose. ment and later did not re-
cided he should “seal the that he would start being non served as interim superintendent following the The school board spond to calls.
deal” with the applicant if more honest, but that did termination of former superintendent Philip Hickman in was not present for the The Dispatch has filed
she was a good fit. Labat not happen,” Labat said. February until Labat’s arrival in June. hearing but will receive a public information re-
claimed the conversation Dunn also listed Shan- hearing officer Dolton quest for Shannon’s ter-
was a lie. non threatening district ing another potential hire “I asked him several McAlpin’s report before mination letter, which was
“He said he was at employees’ job security for the district as reasons times and he continued voting on Shannon’s ap- brought up as evidence
Simpson County feeling and lying to Labat regard- for his termination. to let me know that he peal. McAlpin will not during the hearing.
Adam Minichino

662-241-5000 B


Foul trouble, Ducks’ free throw shooting help undo No. 4 Bulldogs
By ANNE M. PETERSON Maite Cazorla added 20 points GAME 12 Dec. 9 at Michigan State. The through the second quarter. Io-
The Associated Press for the Ducks. team’s only other game against nescu’s 3-pointer and Cazorla’s
n At Washington, 9 p.m. Thursday
Anriel Howard led Missis- (WKBB-FM 100.9) a ranked opponent was back on layup stretched the lead to 37-
EUGENE, Ore. — Sabrina sippi State with a career-high Nov. 1, when they downed then- 31.
Ionescu scored 29 points, in- 30 points. Oregon held senior No. 18 Syracuse 75-73. A technical foul was called
cluding all 17 of her free throws, at Matthew Knight Arena on its
Teaira McCowan to five points, McCowan, Mississippi on Oregon coach Kelly Graves
and No. 7 Oregon handed No. 4 but she had 11 rebounds. feet. Jazzmun Holmes’ layup got State’s leading scorer, whose with 0.8 seconds left in the half,
Mississippi State its first loss Oregon went up 64-57 on the Bulldogs within 80-74 with eight double-doubles this sea- and Mississippi State made
this season, 82-74 on Tuesday Ruthy Hebard’s short jumper 1:23 left, but Howard fouled out son lead the nation, was de- both shots, then added a free
night. with 7:47 left. a short time later. fended well by Hebard from the throw to take a 40-39 lead into
The Bulldogs (10-1) had won Cazorla added a layup for The Ducks went into the start. the break.
46 regular-season nonconfer- the Ducks before Bre’Amber game leading the nation with an McCowan was handed an Howard led all scorers with
ence games, but couldn’t catch Scott’s 3-pointer for Mississippi average of 92.4 points a game, unsportsmanlike conduct call 14 points at the break for the
up once the Ducks (9-1) started State. while the Bulldogs were a close after an elbow on Hebard, and Bulldogs.
to pull away in the fourth quar- A driving layup from Cazorla second at 92.3. Ionescu made both shots to Mississippi State pushed the
ter, boosted by their home fans. made it 76-65 and got the crowd Oregon’s lone loss came on put the Ducks up 28-17 midway See BULLDOGS, 2B

New normal: Coaches
adapt to signing early
The Associated Press
n A complete look at
College football fans National Signing Day for
used to treat the first Mississippi State University,
East Mississippi Community
Wednesday of February
College and the local high
like a virtual national hol- schools may be found in
iday. Now that recruiting Thursday’s Dispatch.
ritual and all the madness
surrounding it has shifted
to December. That doesn’t surprise
Most schools are sign- longtime Santa Ana (Cal-
ing nearly all their incom- ifornia) Mater Dei coach
ing recruits the week be- Bruce Rollinson, whose
fore Christmas. program has six of the
The arrival of an early nation’s top 350 senior
signing period last year prospects according to
enticed the vast majority composite rankings of re-
of last year’s top seniors to cruiting sites compiled by
finalize their college plans 247Sports.
in December . Coaches Rollinson, the high
and recruiting analysts school coach for current Chris McDill/Special to The Dispatch
expect that pattern to Southern California quar- Caledonia swept New Hope in
continue for the foresee- terback J.T. Daniels and Lowndes County prep soccer
able future — and they’ve action Tuesday night.
receiver Amon-Ra St. The Caledonia girls (7-1-2) won
planned accordingly. Brown, said many seniors 2-1. For the Lady Feds, J.C.
“I just think everybody want to sign now because Newman scored (on an assist
sees (December) as the they’re tired of the re- from Clara Allen) and Hallie Kate
new signing date, in my cruiting process. Other Brewer scored (on an assist from
opinion,” Oklahoma State seniors might feel pres- Cora Gibson).
coach Mike Gundy said. sure to get it over with The Caledonia boys (8-2) won
This year’s early sign- now because so many of 4-0. Garrett Bergstrom had three
ing period begins Wednes- their classmates are al- goals, while Francisco Garcia
day and runs through Fri- ready signing early. also scored. Wes Rollins had
day. Seniors also have the three assists, while Ethan Rollins
“Right now statistical- had an assist.
option of waiting until the ly I’m hearing anywhere In the photo above, Caledonia’s
Feb. 6 signing date. ESPN from 80-85 percent of the Francisco Garcia puts a header
director of recruiting Tom top players are going to on the goal.
Luginbill said 72 percent sign Wednesday,” Roll- At right, New Hope’s Erika
of last year’s recruiting inson said. “Well, if I’m a Edwards controls possession to
class signed in December parent, I’m looking at that stop a Caledonia scoring threat.
rather than February. and saying we’d better be
“I would be surprised if careful here, get signed
that’s not closer to 75-80 and lock down this schol-
this time around,” Lugin- arship and not take our
bill said. See Signing, 2B


Tide takes Rocket City Classic
By MARK McCARTER free-throw line, took a 34-33 lead
The Associated Press into halftime. Petty canned a pair of
3-pointers in the first 1:42 of the sec-
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Donta Hall ond half, enabling the Tide to create
made all six of his shots from the field, some breathing room. He and Lewis
scoring 21 points as Alabama eased combined for 13 of Alabama’s 15 points
past Liberty 84-75 on Tuesday night in in one stretch.
the neutral-site Rocket City Classic. Hall took advantage of some inside
A pair of players enjoying a home- mismatches for his six field goals and
coming of sorts helped lift the Tide (7- went 9 for 11 from the foul line. Ala-
3) to their second consecutive victory. bama shot 25 for 39 from the line, com-
Kira Lewis Jr., a freshman guard mak- pared to 14 for 17 for the Flames.
ing his first hometown appearance as a The rather comfortable margin of
collegian, scored 17 points and fellow victory for the Tide was a welcomed
Huntsville product sophomore John one. Alabama’s last five games had
Petty added 16 points, all but two in the been decided by six points or fewer,
second half. with the Tide going 3-2. However, there
Matt Bush/USA TODAY Sports Caleb Homesley scored a ca- was a one-point differential at 10:35 of
Robert Woodard II (12) and Lamar Peters (2) look to keep the good times going reer-high 23 and Scottie James col- the second half before a 13-4 Alabama
tonight when the No. 17 Mississippi State men’s basketball team (9-1) takes on lected a season-high 20 points with 11 run.
Wofford (9-3) at 7 p.m. at Humphrey Coliseum (SEC Network +; WKBB-FM 100.9 rebounds for Liberty (9-3). This was the second loss to an SEC
and WFCA-FM (107.9). MSU is 6-0 at home this season. Alabama, with a 10-4 edge at the team for Liberty.
2B WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •

Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports
UAB wide receiver Andre Wilson (3) attempts a move past Northern Illinois linebacker Vinny Labus (50) during the
first half in the 2018 Boca Raton Bowl at FAU Stadium. UAB won the game, 37-13 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Blazers cap season with win in Boca Raton Bowl
By HARVEY FIALKOV Northern Illinois (8-6), the in school history. Ubosi came into
The Associated Press Mid-American Conference cham- the game ranked second in the
pion, has lost six consecutive bowl country at 21.8 yards per catch, and
BOCA RATON, Fla. — Two sea- games since beating Arkansas in his TD receptions covered 70, 46
sons after shutting down its football the 2012 Bowl. and 66 yards.
program, UAB closed out the year
“It really comes down to three All-American Spencer Brown,
on an electrifying note.
things. We gave up three touch- who entered with 1,167 rushing
Tyler Johnston III threw for 373
downs on three deep balls,” NIU yards and a school-record 16 touch-
yards and four touchdowns, three
coach Rod Carey said. “Old-fash- downs, caught a 3-yard shovel pass
of them to Xavier Ubosi, and UAB
beat Northern Illinois 37-13 in the ioned go routes. Give those guys for a score and had 78 yards on the
Boca Raton Bowl on Tuesday night. credit. They ran by us. They threw ground.
Ubosi had seven catches for it, caught it. That’s the difference. If UAB’s 10th-ranked defense ha-
227 yards for the Conference USA not, it’s 16-13. In the fourth quarter, rassed Huskes quarterback Marcus
champion Blazers (11-3), who got I like our chances. Childers, sacking him five times
their first-ever bowl victory in three “We have to own it as coach- and forcing two fumbles (one lost).
appearances. UAB played in its es. We have to own it as players. He finished 22 of 29 for 179 yards
second consecutive bowl since the We didn’t coach good enough. We and had 35 yards rushing on 18
program was reinstated after the didn’t play good enough. Thirteen carries. NIU led the nation with 50
self-imposed hiatus. points isn’t winning football. Bum- sacks, but never got to Johnston.
“I guess in our wildest dreams mer.” Johnston hit Ubosi in stride for
we dreamed of winning a confer- Johnston, who took over the a 70-yard TD just 18 seconds after
ence championship and then cap it starting job for the injured A.J. Er- the opening kickoff.
off with a bowl win, so it’s really that dely at midseason, set career highs “It made it easier for me,” John-
sweet,” UAB coach Bill Clark said. in passing yards and touchdown ston said. “Everyone wants to score
“I don’t think it could have gone any passes, and Ubosi’s 227 yards were on the first play of the game. I trust-
better for us, so I’m very proud.” the third-most receiving in a game ed (Ubosi).”

Continued from Page 1B
lead to 51-44 in the third quarter, after Big picture
Howard’s jumper, layup and free throw.
Mississippi State: The Bulldogs, who
But the Ducks wouldn’t let the margin
went into the game ranked third in the
go to double digits, and Oregon tied it at
nation with 28 blocked shots, added four
55 on a pair of free throws from Taylor
Chavez. Mississippi coach Vic Schaefer more against the Ducks. ... Mississippi
got a tech and Ionescu made both shots State has been in the top 10 in the AP
to take a 57-55 lead into the final period. rankings for 45 straight weeks.
The Bulldogs were hurt when guard Oregon: Ionescu is one triple-double
Jordan Danberry collected her fifth foul away from breaking the overall NCAA
early in the quarter, leaving the game record of 12, held by Kyle Collinsworth,
with 11 points. who played for BYU. ... Oregon lost all
Mississippi State was coming off an prior meetings with Mississippi State.
86-42 victory over Southern Mississippi In addition to the matchup between
on Friday, in the 700th game in program two ranked teams in Eugene, earlier in
history. the evening, No. 8 Stanford defeated No.
The Bulldogs have two wins this sea- 9 Tennessee 95-85, handing the Lady
son over ranked opponents. Volunteers their first loss.

Continued from Page 1B
chances with a pool of 15 Coaches aren’t the “We’ll see if that’s fea-
percent or 20 percent of only ones adapting. ESPN sible for them, whether
the scholarships that are has altered its recruiting they can keep it quiet or
still available.” coverage based on what if it’s going to leak,” Sim-
The arrival of a De- happened during the first mons said.
cember signing period year of the early signing Alabama leads the
created uncertainty in period. 247Sports Composite
last year’s recruiting cy- Last year, ESPNU team standings and is fol-
cle because nobody knew aired two hours of cover- lowed in order by Georgia,
just how many seniors age on the first day of the Texas A&M, LSU and Or-
would end their college early signing period and egon. Simmons said the
selection process before two more hours on the fi- team standings probably
the winter holidays. nal day. Because so much won’t change dramatical-
Now they have a better of the action during last ly by the end of the week,
idea. year’s early signing peri- though he mentioned Ten-
“I think all of us coach- od occurred on the open- nessee (currently 16th),
es would tell you it sur- ing day, ESPN will have Michigan (9th), Florida
prised us that so many five hours of coverage this (21st) and Southern Cal-
kids wanted to get it done Wednesday — two hours
ifornia (28th) as teams
and signed in December,” on ESPN2 and three on
that could make a move.
Texas coach Tom Herman ESPNU.
Nearly all those teams
said. There could be a little
will have signed most of
The change in the more suspense with this
their classes by the end of
recruiting calendar has early signing period, as
forced most programs to Rivals director of recruit- the week.
adjust. That includes of- ing Mike Farrell said “Teams have just
fering prospects earlier more high-level recruits moved the goalposts up,”
and getting more of them entered December unde- Simmons said. “They’ve
on campus for official vis- cided than at this time a effectively reassessed
its in the spring. year ago. Seven of Rivals’ where the finish line is -
Once this early sign- top 14 senior prospects re- and they’re calling the fin-
ing period has ended, main uncommitted. ish line December. Obvi-
most teams will only be There’s also a new ously if there’s more work
pursuing a few more high wrinkle. Barton Sim- to be done in January, you
school seniors while shift- mons, the 247Sports di- do it and there’s going to
ing their attention to the rector of scouting, said be some guys you have to
sophomore and junior some players plan to sign keep on chasing, but most
classes. this week but want to keep programs are (working)
“The way you go about their decisions secret un- toward making this ear-
your business has totally til they announce their ly signing period the one
changed,” Texas A&M plans at upcoming high where they lock every-
coach Jimbo Fisher said. school all-star games. body up.”
The Dispatch • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 3B

briefly CALENDAR Basketball No. 7 Oregon 82,
No. 4 Mississippi State 74
Tight Ends: x-Zach Ertz, Philadelphia; George
Kittle, San Francisco
Wide Receivers: Davante Adams, Green Bay;
NBA MISSISSIPPI ST. (10-1): Bibby 5-11 0-0 x-Julio Jones, Atlanta; Adam Thielen, Minneso-

Local Prep Basketball
Atlantic Division
W L Pct GB
12, Howard 12-17 5-7 30, McCowan 2-5 1-1 5,
Danberry 4-8 3-4 11, Holmes 3-8 6-6 12, Car-
ta; x-Michael Thomas, New Orleans
Tackles: x-Terron Armstead, New Orleans;
x-Tyron Smith, Dallas; Trent Williams, Wash-
ter 0-1 1-2 1, Espinoza-Hunter 0-2 0-0 0, Scott
Columbus basketball squads split with Noxubee County Thursday’s Games Toronto
23 9 .719 —
20 12 .625 3
1-2 0-0 3, Taylor 0-0 0-0 0, Wiggins 0-0 0-2 0, ington
Guards: x-Brandon Brooks, Philadelphia;
MACON — Columbus High School improved to 9-0 in girls basket- Totals 27-54 16-22 74.
New Hope at Calhoun City Boston 18 11 .621 3½ OREGON (9-1): Boley 3-3 0-0 8, Hebard x-Zack Martin, Dallas; Trai Turner, Carolina
Running Backs: Saquon Barkley, N.Y. Giants;
ball action with a 70-6 win over Noxubee County Tuesday night. Brooklyn 14 18 .438 9 7-10 0-1 14, Sabally 1-3 2-2 4, Cazorla 7-10 6-6
Vardaman at Hamilton New York 9 23 .281 14 20, Ionescu 5-18 17-17 29, Gildon 0-0 0-0 0, Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas; x-Todd Gurley, L.A.
For Columbus, DJ Jackson had 14 points, while JaTyler Turner had Southeast Division Giomi 0-0 0-0 0, Chavez 2-5 2-2 7, Totals 25-49 Rams
13 points and Hannah White had 10 points. Friday’s Games W L Pct GB 27-28 82. Centers: x-Alex Mack, Atlanta; Max Under;
New Orleans
In the second game, the Columbus boys fell 53-50 to Noxubee Noxubee County at West Point Charlotte
14 15 .483 —
14 15 .483 —
Mississippi St. 17 23 15 19 —74
Oregon 19 20 18 25 —82 Fullback: x-Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco
County. Tijah McCrary had 15 points for the Falcons. DEFENSE
Lafayette at Aberdeen Miami
13 16 .448 1
12 19 .387 3
3-Point Goals—Mississippi St. 4-13
Defensive Ends: Danielle Hunter, Minnesota;
(Bibby 2-5, Howard 1-4, Holmes 0-2, Espi-
Columbus Christian at Delta Academy Atlanta 7 23 .233 7½ noza-Hunter 0-1, Scott 1-1), Oregon 5-12 x-Cameron Jordan, New Orleans; x-Demarcus

Mississippi State Joe Horne Christmas Classic
Central Division
W L Pct GB
20 9 .690 —
(Boley 2-2, Hebard 0-1, Cazorla 0-2, Ionescu
2-4, Chavez 1-3). Assists—Mississippi St. 14
(Holmes 7), Oregon 14 (Cazorla 5). Fouled
Lawrence, Dallas
Inside/Middle Linebackers: x-Luke Kuechly,
Carolina; Bobby Wagner, Seattle
Collegiate Baseball ranks baseball at No. 27 At Columbus High School Indiana 20 11 .645 1 Out—Mississippi St. Howard, Danberry, Re- Interior Lineman: x-Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia;
Detroit 14 14 .500 5½ bounds—Mississippi St. 25 (McCowan 11), Or- x-Aaron Donald, L.A. Rams; Akiem Hicks,
STARKVILLE — With just under two months until the opening of Minor (Ala.) girls vs. West Lowndes, 2 p.m. Cleveland 8 23 .258 13 egon 27 (Hebard 6). Total Fouls—Mississippi Chicago
Cornerbacks: x-Kyle Fuller, Chicago; Byron
the new Dudy Noble Field and the start of the Chris Lemonis era, the Holly Springs boys vs. Minor (Ala.), 3:30 p.m. Chicago 7 24 .226 14 St. 20, Oregon 17. Technical Fouls—Mississip-
Jones, Dallas; x-Patrick Peterson, Arizona;
Mississippi State baseball program received its first preseason national Horn Lake girls at Columbus, 5 p.m. Southwest Division Darius Slay, Detroit
ranking from Collegiate Baseball Newspaper. W L Pct GB AP Top 25 Women Fared Outside Linebackers: Anthony Barr, Minnesota;

After a 2018 season that included 21 come-from-behind victories, Pinson Valley (Ala.) boys vs. Starkville, 6:30 p.m. Memphis 16 14 .533 — Tuesday’s Games
x-Ryan Kerrigan, Washington; x-Khalil Mack,
Dallas 15 14 .517 ½ 1. UConn (9-0) did not play. Next: at Oklahoma,
seven walk-off wins and a magical run to the College World Series, the Caledonia boys at Columbus, 8 p.m. Houston 15 14 .517 ½ Wednesday.
Free Safeties: x-Eddie Jackson, Chicago; Har-
rison Smith, Minnesota
San Antonio 16 15 .516 ½ 2. Notre Dame (9-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Diamond Dawgs begin the season ranked No. 27 by the publication. Saturday’s Games New Orleans 15 16 .484 1½ Western Kentucky, Wednesday.
Strong Safety: Landon Collins, N.Y. Giants
Of the 40 teams in the preseason rankings, 11 of those appear on Joe Horne Christmas Classic Northwest Division 3. Louisville (11-0) did not play. Next: at Central Punter: x-Michael Dickson, Seattle
W L Pct GB Michigan, Thursday.
the Bulldog’s 2019 schedule, including seven SEC opponents, with 31 Placekicker: x-Aldrick Rosas, N.Y. Giants
At Columbus High School Denver 21 9 .700 — 4. Mississippi State (10-1) lost to No. 7 Ore- Return Specialist: x-Tarik Cohen, Chicago
games versus ranked teams. A 14-day stretch at the beginning of the Oklahoma City 19 10 .655 1½ gon 82-74. Next: at Washington, Thursday. Special Teamer: x-Cory Littleton, L.A. Rams
season will feature a weekend set with No. 30 Southern Miss, games Minor (Ala.) boys vs. Kosciusko, 11 a.m. Portland 17 13 .567 4 5. Maryland (10-0) did not play. Next: at Dela-
Minnesota 14 16 .467 7
against No. 4 Texas Tech and No. 40 Sam Houston State in the Frisco Minor (Ala.) girls vs. Ridgeway (Tenn.), 12:30 p.m. Utah 14 17 .452 7½
ware, Thursday.
6. Baylor (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. Texas-Rio
Bowl Schedule
Pacific Division Tuesday, Dec. 18
College Classic and a mid-week contest with No. 35 East Carolina. Grande Valley, Monday.
Horn Lake girls vs. Starkville, 2 p.m. W L Pct GB 7. Oregon (9-1) beat No. 4 Mississippi State 82-
Boca Raton (Fla.) Bowl
The 2019 squad features 18 returners from the CWS squad a Golden State 21 10 .677 — UAB 37, Northern Illinois 13
Ridgeway (Tenn.) boys vs. Starkville, 3:30 p.m. 74. Next: vs. Air Force, Thursday.
L.A. Lakers 18 13 .581 3 8. Stanford (7-1) beat No. 9 Tennessee 95-85.
season ago, including nine student-athletes that started at least 30 L.A. Clippers 17 13 .567 3½ Wednesday, Dec. 19
games in the field. The pitching staff will look to fill a pair of open spots Olive Branch girls at Columbus, 5 p.m. Sacramento 16 14 .533 4½
Next: at Buffalo, Friday.
9. Tennessee (8-1) lost to No. 8 Stanford 95-85.
Frisco (Texas) Bowl
San Diego State (7-5) vs. Ohio (8-4), 7 p.m.
in the weekend rotation, with Ethan Small’s 18 starts in 2018 being more Pinson Valley (Ala.) boys vs. Okolona, 6:30 p.m. Phoenix 7 24 .226 14 Next: vs. ETSU, Friday. (ESPN)
10. N.C. State (11-0) did not play. Next: at Chat-
than the rest of the returning staff combined from last season. New Hope boys at Columbus, 8 p.m. Tuesday’s Games tanooga, Friday. Thursday, Dec. 20
Cleveland 92, Indiana 91 11. Oregon State (7-1) did not play. Next: vs.
On Monday, senior Jake Mangum was named to Collegiate
Baseball’s Preseason All-America squad. He was the lone SEC rep- Prep Soccer Atlanta 118, Washington 110
Brooklyn 115, L.A. Lakers 110
Duke, Thursday.
12. Texas (7-2) did not play. Next: at Texas-Rio
Gasparilla Bowl
At St. Petersburg, Fla.
Marshall (8-4) vs. South Florida (7-5), 7 p.m.
resentative on the first team and the only SEC position player selected Thursday’s Match Denver 126, Dallas 118
Today’s Games
Grande Valley, Thursday. (ESPN)
13. Minnesota (10-0) did not play. Next: vs. Wis-
to the first or second team of the publication’s All-America squads. Tupelo at Starkville High, 5 p.m. Cleveland at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Mangum and the freshman All-American duo of Tanner Allen and
Men’s College Basketball
New York at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
San Antonio at Orlando, 6 p.m.
consin, Saturday.
14. California (8-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. 1
UConn, Saturday.
Rowdey Jordan are the only returners that started at least 50 games for Indiana at Toronto, 6:30 p.m. 15. Syracuse (9-2) did not play. Next: vs. NHL
State last season. Today’s Games Phoenix at Boston, 6:30 p.m.
Brooklyn at Chicago, 7 p.m.
16. Iowa (8-2) did not play. Next: at Drake, Atlantic Division
A talented crop of 18 newcomers join the fold, as well, including two Southern Miss at Kansas State, 7 p.m. Detroit at Minnesota, 7 p.m. Friday. GP W L OT Pts GF GA
New Orleans at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. 17. Arizona State (8-2) did not play. Next: vs.
freshmen and one transfer student-athlete choosing the Maroon and Wofford at Mississippi State, 7 p.m. Washington at Houston, 7 p.m. Fresno State, Thursday.
Tampa Bay 34 25 7 2 52 138 97
Tampa Bay 35 26 7 2 54 143 99
White over Major League Baseball following the 2018 First Year Player Golden State at Utah, 8 p.m. 18. Kentucky (11-1) beat Western Carolina 99-
Friday’s Games Memphis at Portland, 9 p.m. 39. Next: vs. Murray State, Friday.
Toronto 34 22 10 2 46 124 95
Draft. Freshmen Eric Cerantola (30th Round; Tampa Bay) and JT Ginn Oklahoma City at Sacramento, 9 p.m. 19. Marquette (9-2) did not play. Next: vs. No. 2
Buffalo 35 20 10 5 45 107 103
(1st Round; Los Angeles Dodgers), along with junior Gunner Halter Ole Miss vs. Middle Tennessee (Nashville), 7 Thursday’s Games Notre Dame, Saturday.
Boston 34 18 12 4 40 94 88
Montreal 34 17 12 5 39 108 111
Houston at Miami, 7 p.m.
(26th Round; Cleveland) were each chosen in the 2018 MLB Draft. p.m. Dallas at L.A. Clippers, 9:30 p.m.
20. DePaul (8-3) did not play. Next: at Loyola of
Chicago, Thursday.
Ottawa 35 15 16 4 34 116 135
Detroit 35 14 16 5 33 100 118
n Kagan leaves soccer program for Oregon State: At Southern Miss at South Dakota, 7 p.m. Friday’s Games 21. Gonzaga (10-1) did not play. Next: vs. Idaho, Florida 32 13 13 6 32 106 115
Cleveland at Toronto, 6 p.m. Thursday.
Starkville, after helping guide the Mississippi State women’s soccer Penn State at Alabama, 8 p.m. Detroit at Charlotte, 6 p.m. 22. Michigan State (8-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Metropolitan Division
program to two of the most successful seasons in program history, Atlanta at New York, 6:30 p.m. FAU, Thursday. Washington 32 20 9 3 43 122 100
including its first NCAA Tournament appearance, associate head coach Saturday’s Game Indiana at Brooklyn, 6:30 p.m. 23. Texas A&M (8-2) did not play. Next: vs. Columbus 33 18 12 3 39 108 105
Milwaukee at Boston, 7 p.m. Southern Cal, Wednesday.
Matt Kagan is headed to Oregon State. Mississippi State vs. Wright State (Jackson), 6 p.m. Orlando at Chicago, 7 p.m. 24. Miami (9-2) did not play. Next: vs. Vander-
N.Y. Islanders 33 17 12 4 38 96 93
Pittsburgh 33 15 12 6 36 112 108
OSU Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Barnes named
Kagan the fifth head coach of the Beavers on Tuesday.
Women’s College Basketball Minnesota at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m.
Memphis at Sacramento, 9 p.m.
Utah at Portland, 9 p.m.
bilt, Thursday.
25. South Carolina (6-4) did not play. Next: vs.
Temple, Friday.
N.Y. Rangers 33 15 13 5 35 97 107
Carolina 32 14 13 5 33 84 93
Philadelphia 32 13 15 4 30 96 118
“Words cannot describe how happy I am for Matt,” MSU head Today’s Game New Orleans at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m. New Jersey 32 11 14 7 29 96 118
Troy at Ole Miss, 6 p.m. Tuesday’s Men’s USA Today Women’s Top 25 WESTERN CONFERENCE
coach Tom Anagnost said. “He is a great coach and an even better The top 25 teams in the USA Today women’s Central Division
person who has truly earned this great opportunity. Although I am sad Thursday’s Games Major Scores college basketball poll, with first-place votes GP W L OT Pts GF GA
EAST in parentheses, records through Dec. 17, Winnipeg 34 22 10 2 46 122 98
to see him go I am far more genuinely overjoyed for him. He has done Alabama vs. Virginia (Orlando, Florida), 3 p.m. Buffalo 71, Syracuse 59 points based on 25 points for a first-place vote Nashville 35 22 11 2 46 108 88
so well wherever he has been and I know he will make Oregon State Coll. of Charleston 83, Siena 58 through one point for a 25th-place vote and Colorado 34 18 10 6 42 122 106
Southern Miss at Southeastern Louisiana, 6 p.m. Georgetown 83, Appalachian St. 73 previous ranking: Dallas 34 17 14 3 37 94 93
better.” Mount St. Mary’s 56, American U. 55 Minnesota 33 17 14 2 36 101 95
Prior to his time in Starkville, Kagan served as an assistant coach Mississippi State at Washington, 9 p.m. Providence 73, Albany (NY) 43 Record Pts Pvs St. Louis 32 13 15 4 30 92 108
UConn 97, Drexel 65 1. UConn (32) 9-0 800 1
at five institutions including a stint under Anagnost at Miami (Fla.). His Friday’s Game Vermont 83, St. Bonaventure 76, 2OT 2. Notre Dame 9-1 759 2
Chicago 36 11 19 6 28 101 136
Pacific Division
experience also included a head coaching job at Division III Worcester SOUTH 3. Louisville 11-0 736 3
Alabama vs. Miami, Florida (Orlando, Florida), Alabama 84, Liberty 75 4. Mississippi State 10-0 704 5

35 22 11 2 46 122 95
State (2005-07). 5:15 p.m. Charlotte 55, East Carolina 49 5. Maryland 10-0 661 6 San Jose 35 19 11 5 43 116 103
“My time in Starkville was wonderful,” Kagan said. “I will miss the Clemson 78, Charleston Southern 51 6. Baylor 8-1 604 4 Anaheim 36 19 12 5 43 94 103
Duke 101, Princeton 50 7. Oregon 8-1 600 7 Vegas 36 19 15 2 40 107 102
people and the community that make the town so great. MSU soccer is Elon 76, Kennesaw St. 67 8. Tennessee 8-0 581 9 Edmonton 35 18 14 3 39 99 105
on the rise, and the sky is the limit for this great program.”
Kagan is the second associate head coach under Anagnost to
on the air Florida 71, Mercer 63
Georgia 81, Oakland 69
Georgia Southern 79, Bradley 74, OT
9. Stanford
10. N.C. State
11. Oregon State
7-1 557
11-0 538
8-2 435
37 16 17 4 36 112 123
33 14 17 2 30 82 92
Los Angeles 35 12 20 3 27 79 107
have accepted a head coach position following his tenure at MSU.
Jason Hamilton, a member of the Bulldogs’ 2017 coaching staff, just
Today Jacksonville St. 64, North Alabama 50
Louisiana-Lafayette 80, McNeese St. 67
Louisiana-Monroe 95, Nicholls 68
12. Texas
13. California
14. Syracuse
8-2 434
9-0 397
9-2 356
NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for
overtime loss. Top three teams in each division
completed his first season at the helm of East Carolina. COLLEGE BASKETBALL Murray St. 66, Evansville 64 15. Iowa 8-2 315 15 and two wild cards per conference advance to
New Orleans 90, Williams Baptist 62 16. Minnesota 10-0 307 16
“I believe this great news also speaks volumes for our Mississippi 5:30 p.m. — St. Francis (N.Y) at St. John’s, FS1 Northwestern St. 84, Louisiana College 64 17. Marquette 9-2 282 16

State soccer program,” Anagnost said. “An assistant coach from here South Florida 82, FIU 73 18. DePaul 8-3 221 18
5:30 p.m. — Sacred Heart University at Seton Stetson 80, UNC-Asheville 74 18. Kentucky 10-1 221 20
Tuesday’s Games
Florida 5, Buffalo 2
deservingly ascending to being a head coach at a Power Five school Hall, FS2 The Citadel 82, Campbell 76 20. Arizona State 8-2 218 19 Philadelphia 3, Detroit 2
demonstrates how much this program has improved and grown on a UAB 76, Alcorn St. 49 21. Gonzaga 10-1 162 21 Toronto 7, New Jersey 2
national level.” 6 p.m. — Central Arkansas at Indiana, Big Ten Network UNC-Greensboro 65, Radford 58 22. Michigan State
23. Miami
9-1 111
9-2 88
N.Y. Rangers 3, Anaheim 1
UT Martin 75, Chattanooga 72 San Jose 4, Minnesota 0
6 p.m. — Penn State at Duquesne, CBS Sports MIDWEST 24. Texas A&M 8-2 67 — Dallas 2, Calgary 0
Akron 82, Tennessee St. 60 25. Southern Cal 9-0 45 —
Mississippi University for Women
Chicago 2, Nashville 1
Network Butler 76, Presbyterian 67 Others receiving votes: Florida State 42, South St. Louis 4, Edmonton 1
Kansas 89, South Dakota 53 Florida 30, South Carolina 28, South Dakota
6 p.m. — Auburn at North Carolina, ESPN2 Loyola of Chicago 75, Benedictine 47 23, Virginia Tech 22, Iowa State 17, West Vir-
N.Y. Islanders 3, Arizona 1
Men’s basketball falls to Wiley College 6 p.m. — Virginia at South Carolina, SEC Network Marquette 92, North Dakota 66 ginia 10, Indiana 7, UAB 6, Missouri 4, New
Tampa Bay 5, Vancouver 2
Los Angeles 4, Winnipeg 1
MARSHALL, Tex. — In the final game before taking a break for Missouri 71, Xavier 56 Mexico 3, South Alabama 3, South Dakota Today’s Games
the Christmas holiday, the Owls men’s basketball team dropped a 7:30 p.m. — University of the Incarnate Word at Notre Dame 69, Binghamton 56
Ohio St. 75, Youngstown St. 56
State 3, UCF 2, Michigan 1. Pittsburgh at Washington, 7 p.m.
Montreal at Colorado, 7:30 p.m.
hard-fought match-up in Alumni Gymnasium as the No. 13 ranked Wiley
College Wildcats outlasted The W, 87-78.
DePaul, FS2
8 p.m. — UCLA at Cincinnati, ESPN2
Purdue Fort Wayne 87, IUPUI 77
Rice 75, Rio Grande 67 Football Thursday’s Games
Minnesota at Pittsburgh, 6 p.m.
Wright St. 78, Morehead St. 67
Tavonta Jones had a team-high 20 points for The W (1-11), SOUTHWEST NFL Detroit at Carolina, 6 p.m.
Anaheim at Boston, 6 p.m.
8 p.m. — Georgia Tech at Arkansas, SEC Network Arkansas St. 71, Missouri St. 63 AMERICAN CONFERENCE
New Jersey at Columbus, 6 p.m.
shooting 8-for-20 from the field, 1-for-2 in 3-point range, and 5-for-7 Sam Houston St. 78, Alabama St. 57 East
at the line. The junior guard also lent two assist and three rebounds to
COLLEGE FOOTBALL Stephen F. Austin 59, Baylor 58 W L T Pct PF PA Florida at Toronto, 6 p.m.
Nashville at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
New England 9 5 0 .643 374 310
the effort. 11 a.m. — National Signing Day Special, ESPNU Texas A&M-CC 81, Huston-Tillotson 63
FAR WEST Miami 7 7 0 .500 295 374 Chicago at Dallas, 7:30 p.m.
Buffalo 5 9 0 .357 215 333 Montreal at Arizona, 8 p.m.
Keith Harris and DJ Clark did well in scoring with double-digit 7 p.m. — Frisco Bowl: San Diego State vs. Ohio, Denver 76, Montana St. 64
Gonzaga 89, Texas-Arlington 55 N.Y. Jets 4 10 0 .286 292 359 Tampa Bay at Calgary, 8 p.m.
St. Louis at Vancouver, 9 p.m.
points. Harris, a junior guard from Starkville, put up 17 points with five ESPN Oregon 71, Florida A&M 64 South
N.Y. Islanders at Vegas, 9 p.m.
S. Dakota St. 74, E. Washington 64 W L T Pct PF PA
assist and three boards while Clark gave 15 points with a game-high of NBA Houston 10 4 0 .714 352 281 Winnipeg at San Jose, 9:30 p.m.
nine rebounds and three assists. Alabama 84, Liberty 75
Indianapolis 8 6 0 .571 372 300
2 p.m. — G-League, Raptors 905 vs. Memphis, LIBERTY (9-3): James 7-8 4-6 20, Tennessee 8 6 0 .571 268 254
Pacheco-Ortiz 0-0 0-0 0, Cabbil 1-4 4-4 6, Jacksonville 4 10 0 .286 225 289
Ole Miss 4:30 p.m. — G-League, Lakeland vs. Maine, ESPNU
Homesley 7-16 4-4 23, Cuffee 2-5 1-2 5, Gumbs
1-5 0-0 3, Baxter-Bell 1-4 0-0 2, Newton 0-0
0-0 0, McGhee 4-11 0-0 11, McDowell 2-4 1-1

Pittsburgh 8 5 1 .607 384 316
Tuesday’s Moves
Brown, Little earn postseason honors in football 7 p.m. — G-League, Erie vs. Texas, ESPNU 5. Totals 25-57 14-17 75.
ALABAMA (7-3): Hall 6-6 9-11 21, Lewis
8 6 0 .571 341
6 7 1 .464 309
the resignation of executive vice president
OXFORD — Two Rebels were named to the Phil Steele All-Ameri- 9 p.m. — Memphis at Portland, Fox Sports 7-12 2-3 17, Jones 3-4 2-4 8, Petty 5-12 3-3 16, Cincinnati 6 8 0 .429 337 413 Chris Park, effective Dec. 31.
West American League
ca team, the organization announced on Tuesday. Mack 1-3 2-4 5, Smith 0-1 0-2 0, Reese 1-5 5-8 KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Designated INF/
Junior A.J. Brown earned second team honors at wide receiver, Southeast 7, Ingram 2-3 1-2 7, A.Johnson 1-2 0-0 2, Norris W L T Pct PF PA
x-Kansas City 11 3 0 .786 499 380 OF Rosell Herrera for assignment. Agreed to
0-2 1-2 1. Totals 26-50 25-39 84. terms with OF Terrance Gore on a one-year
while offensive lineman Greg Little also hauled in second team NHL Halftime—Alabama 34-33. 3-Point x-L.A. Chargers 11 3 0 .786 395 298
contract and with OF Bubba Starling, 1B Samir
Goals—Liberty 11-23 (Homesley 5-10, Mc- Denver 6 8 0 .429 306 299
accolades. 7 p.m. — Pittsburgh at Washington, NBC Sports Ghee 3-8, James 2-2, Gumbs 1-1, Cuffee Oakland 3 11 0 .214 260 418 Duenez and RHP Jason Adam on minor league
A junior out of Starkville, Brown re-wrote the receiving record NATIONAL CONFERENCE
Network 0-1, Cabbil 0-1), Alabama 7-17 (Petty 3-7,
Ingram 2-3, Lewis 1-2, Mack 1-2, Norris 0-1, East TEXAS RANGERS — Agreed to terms with
books in his three years at Ole Miss. He stands as the all-time leading W L T Pct PF PA RHP Lance Lynn on a three-year contract.
receiver in Ole Miss history with 2,984 yards. He had 12 100-yard
SOCCER Reese 0-2). Fouled Out—Ingram, Cuffee.
Rebounds—Liberty 29 (James 11), Alabama Dallas 8 6 0 .571 276 269 National League
CHICAGO CUBS — Agreed to terms with INF
receiving performances during his career, also a program record. 1:30 p.m. — Bundesliga, Bayern Munich vs. RB 28 (Hall 5). Assists—Liberty 11 (Homesley 5), Philadelphia 7 7 0 .500 311
Washington 7 7 0 .500 265
310 Daniel Descalso on a two-year contract.
Alabama 11 (Lewis 4). Total Fouls—Liberty 27, WASHINGTON NATIONALS — Agreed to
Little, a junior out of Allen, Texas, has anchored the Ole Miss Leipzig, FS1 Alabama 17. A—5,781 (7,198). N.Y. Giants 5 9 0 .357 307
terms with 1B Matt Adams on a one-year
offensive line, appearing in every game at left tackle for the last three 1:30 p.m. — Bundesliga, Frankfurt vs. FSV AP Top 25 Men Fared W L T Pct PF PA contract.
y-New Orleans 12 2 0 .857 459 292 BASKETBALL
seasons. Heralded as one of the top NFL Draft prospects for 2019, Mainz, FS2 Tuesday’s Games National Basketball Association
1. Kansas (10-0) beat South Dakota 89-53. Carolina 6 8 0 .429 333 344
Little also garnered second team All-America from the Sporting News, Atlanta 5 9 0 .357 356 381 NBA — Fined Toronto coach Nick Nurse
Walter Camp Foundation and FWAA. He was also a first team All-SEC 9:30 p.m. — FIFA Club World Cup, semifinal, Next: at No. 18 Arizona State, Saturday.
2. Duke (10-1) beat Princeton 101-50. Next: vs. Tampa Bay 5 9 0 .357 344 403 $15,000 for public criticism of officiating and
North Atlanta G Kent Bazemore $10,000 for throwing
selection by the Associated Press and the league coaches. Real Madrid vs. TBD, FS2 No. 12 Texas Tech, Thursday.
W L T Pct PF PA the ball into the stands.
3. Tennessee (8-1) did not play. Next: vs. Sam- PHOENIX SUNS — Waived G Austin Rivers.
n Baseball sits at No. 11: At Oxford, the first preseason rankings WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL ford, Wednesday. y-Chicago 10 4 0 .714 383
Minnesota 7 6 1 .536 323
308 WASHINGTON WIZARDS — Assigned F Oka-
of the 2019 season are in, and Ole Miss baseball checked in at No. 11 4. Michigan (11-0) did not play. Next: vs. Air ro White to Capital City (NBAGL). Signed G
7:30 p.m. — Connecticut at Oklahoma, FS1 Force, Saturday. Green Bay 5 8 1 .393 332
Detroit 5 9 0 .357 284
333 Chasson Randle from Capital City.
in the Collegiate Baseball Fabulous 40 poll presented by Big League
5. Virginia (9-0) did not play. Next: at South NBA G League
Carolina, Wednesday. West
Chew bubble gum. 6. Nevada (11-0) did not play. Next: vs. Akron, W L T Pct PF PA CAPITAL CITY GO-GO — Reacquired G Devin
The Rebels are one of five Southeastern Conference teams in the COLLEGE BASKETBALL Saturday. y-L.A. Rams 11 3 0 .786 448
Seattle 8 6 0 .571 363
292 Women’s NBA
top 15 of the poll. Seven SEC squads landed in the top 25, while nine 7. Auburn (9-1) did not play. Next: at N.C. State, DALLAS WINGS — Named Brian Agler coach.
6 p.m. — Ohio at Purdue, Big Ten Network Wednesday. San Francisco 4 10 0 .286 301 373
Arizona 3 11 0 .214 192 367 FOOTBALL
where in the top 40. All 14 teams received votes in the poll. 8. Gonzaga (10-2) beat Texas-Arlington 89-55. National Football League
Ole Miss’ 2019 schedule features three top-10 teams and nine
6 p.m. — Texas Tech vs. Duke, Madison Square Next: vs. Denver, Friday. ARIZONA CARDINALS — Released LB Jon-
9. North Carolina (8-2) did not play. Next: vs. x-clinched playoff spot
teams in the top 40, in addition to seven more opponents receiving Garden, ESPN2 No. 19 Kentucky, Saturday. y-clinched division athan Anderson and CBs Dontae Johnson
and Quinten Rollins. Signed CBs Chris Jones
votes in the poll. 7 p.m. — Coe at Creighton, FS1 10. Michigan State (9-2) did not play. Next: vs.
Oakland, Friday. Saturday’s Games and Deatrick Nichols from the practice squad.
Washington at Tennessee, 3:30 p.m. Re-signed CB Jonathan Moxey to the practice
n Reid earns conference honor in women’s basketball: At COLLEGE FOOTBALL 11. Florida State (9-1) did not play. Next: vs.
Baltimore at L.A. Chargers, 7:20 p.m. squad.
Birmingham, Alabama, for the second time this season, Ole Miss North Florida, Wednesday. ATLANTA FALCONS — Placed RB Ito Smith
7 p.m. — Gasparilla Bowl: Marshall vs. South 12. Texas Tech (10-0) did not play. Next: vs. No. Sunday’s Games
Atlanta at Carolina, Noon on injured reserve. Waived WR Julian Williams
women’s basketball redshirt freshman Mimi Reid has been named the 2 Duke, Thursday. from the practice squad. Signed RB Jeremy
SEC Co-Freshman of the Week, the conference announced Tuesday Florida, ESPN 13. Virginia Tech (9-1) did not play. Next: vs. Houston at Philadelphia, Noon
N.Y. Giants at Indianapolis, Noon Langford from the practice squad and WR
N.C. A&T, Wednesday.
morning. NBA 14. Buffalo (11-0) beat Syracuse 71-59. Next: at
Green Bay at N.Y. Jets, Noon Christian Blake and OL Chris Durant to the
practice squad.
Minnesota at Detroit, Noon
No. 20 Marquette, Friday.
Reid started in both games for the Rebels last week vs. Louisiana 2 p.m. — G-League, Rio Grande Valley vs. Long 15. Ohio State (10-1) beat Youngstown State
Buffalo at New England, Noon BUFFALO BILLS — Placed RB Marcus Murphy
on injured reserve. Signed WR Victor Bolden
and LA Tech, averaging 10.5 points and 8.5 assists over 37 minutes Cincinnati at Cleveland, Noon
Island, ESPNU 75-56. Next: vs. UCLA, Saturday.
16. Wisconsin (9-2) did not play. Next: vs.
Jacksonville at Miami, Noon from San Francisco’s practice squad.
per game. Tampa Bay at Dallas, Noon CINCINNATI BENGALS — Placed LB Malik
2:30 p.m. — G-League, Wisconsin vs. Memphis, Grambling State, Saturday. L.A. Rams at Arizona, 3:05 p.m. Jefferson on injured reserve. Signed LB Chris
17. Mississippi State (9-1) did not play. Next: Chicago at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m. Worley from the practice squad and S Chris
Alabama 4:30 p.m. — G-League, South Bay vs. Greens-
vs. Wofford, Wednesday.
18. Arizona State (8-2) did not play. Next: vs.
No. 1 Kansas, Saturday.
Pittsburgh at New Orleans, 3:25 p.m.
Kansas City at Seattle, 7:20 p.m.
Monday’s Games
Cooper to the practice squad.
Friend to the practice squad.
Devine takes over volleyball program boro, ESPNU 19. Kentucky (8-2) did not play. Next: vs. No. 9
North Carolina, Saturday.
Denver at Oakland, 7:15 p.m. GREEN BAY PACKERS — Placed RB Aaron
Jones on injured reserve and TE Ethan Wolf
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Director of Athletics Greg Byrne has 7 p.m. — G-League, Salt Lake City vs. Fort 20. Marquette (9-2) beat North Dakota 92-66.
Next: vs. No. 14 Buffalo, Friday.
Pro Bowl Rosters on the practice squad injured list. Signed WR
announced the hiring of Lindsey Devine as The University of Alabama’s To Be Held: Sunday, Jan. 27 Allen Lazard from Jacksonville’s practice squad
next head volleyball coach.
Wayne, ESPNU 21. Houston (10-0) did not play. Next: vs. Utah
State, Thursday.
At Camping World Stadium and DL Eric Cotton and CB D.J. Killings to the
Orlando, Fla. practice squad.
Devine arrives in Tuscaloosa following a successful 16-year stint 7 p.m. — Houston at Miami, TNT 22. Indiana (9-2) did not play. Next: vs. Central (x-denotes starter) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS — Placed LB Skai
Arkansas, Wednesday. AFC Moore and DT Al Woods on injured reserve.
at East Tennessee State as its all-time winningest coach. Under her 8 p.m. — G-League, Delaware vs. Stockton, NBA TV 23. Iowa (9-2) beat Western Carolina 78-60. OFFENSE Signed S J.J. Wilcox. Signed LB Tegray Scales
Next: vs. Savannah State, Saturday.
tenure, 28 student-athletes earned all-conference accolades, including 9:30 p.m. — G-League, Santa Cruz vs. Lakeland, 24. Furman (12-0) did not play. Next: at LSU,
Quarterbacks: Tom Brady, New England; x-Pat- to the practice squad.
rick Mahomes, Kansas City; Philip Rivers, L.A. OAKLAND RAIDERS — Placed G Gabe Jack-
three Player of the Year, three Libero of the Year and two Freshman of ESPNU Friday. Chargers son on injured reserve. Waived LB Emmanuel
25. Nebraska (9-2) did not play. Next: vs. Cal
the Year award-winners. State Fullerton, Saturday.
Tight ends: Eric Ebron, Indianapolis; x-Travis Lamur. Signed DB Rico Gafford and DT Gabe
This season, Devine was named the Southern Conference 9:30 p.m. — Dallas at LA Clippers, TNT Kelce, Kansas City Wright from the practice squad.

SOCCER Tuesday’s Women’s Wide Receivers: Keenan Allen, L.A. Chargers; SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — Placed CB Ahkel-
Coach of the Year for the second time in three years after leading the Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh; x-Tyreek Hill, Kan- lo Witherspoon on injured reserve. Signed DB
Major Scores sas City: x-DeAndre Hopkins, Houston. Tyvis Powell to a one-year contract.
Buccaneers to a regular season conference title and its highest win 5:30 p.m. — FIFA Club World Cup, semifinal, EAST Tackles: Eric Fisher, Kansas City; x-Taylor SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — Placed G Jordan
total (28) since 1983. ETSU earned an at-large bid to the 2018 NCAA TBD, FS2 Bucknell 73, Youngstown St. 68 Lewan, Tennessee; x-Alejandro Villanueva, Simmons on injured reserve. Signed RB Bo
Buffalo 75, Dartmouth 69 Pittsburgh Scarbrough from Jacksonville’s practice squad.
Tournament, the first team in Southern Conference history to do so, Delaware 69, Gardner-Webb 45 Guards: x-David DeCastro, Pittsburgh; Quen- TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS — Placed TE Alan
marking back-to-back postseason appearances for the Bucs.
7:30 p.m. — FIFA Club World Cup, semifinal, Marist 90, Northeastern 84 ton Nelson, Indianapolis; x-Marshal Yanda, Cross and S Justin Evans on injured reserve.
n Benjamin earns conference honor in women’s basketball: Real Madrid vs. TBD, FS2 Pittsburgh 60, UNC-Wilmington 56
Robert Morris 64, Delaware St. 63
Running Backs: x-James Conner, Pittsburgh,
Signed TE Donnie Ernsberger from the prac-
tice squad.
At Tuscaloosa, Alabama, freshman De’Sha Benjamin was named the
Southeastern Conference Co-Freshman of the Week, the conference
Friday West Virginia 72, Morgan St. 37
Melvin Gordon, L.A. Chargers; Phillip Lindsay,
Ryan on injured reserve. Signed CB Kenneth
Auburn 84, Coastal Carolina 78 Durden from the practice squad and LB Gimel
office announced on Tuesday morning. The honor is the first of Ben-
COLLEGE BASKETBALL Charlotte 88, Wright St. 85
Centers: x-Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh; Mike
Pouncey, L.A. Chargers President to the practice squad.
jamin’s career and the first for an Alabama player since junior Jordan 5:30 p.m. — UC (Irvine) at Butler, FS1 Clemson 68, Marshall 54
Davidson 83, Presbyterian 56
Defensive Ends: x-Myles Garrett, Cleveland;
Joshua Holsey on injured reserve. Signed DB
Lewis earned SEC Freshman of the Week five times back in 2016-17. 6 p.m. — Oakland at Michigan State, Big Ten E. Kentucky 70, Brescia 41 Melvin Ingram, L.A. Chargers; x-J.J. Watt, Harlan Miller. Signed DB Alex Carter, RB Rus-
Elon 73, NC A&T 64 Houston sell Hansbrough and WR Montay Crockett to
Network Georgia Southern 64, Winthrop 55 Inside/Middle Linebackers: Benardrick McKin- the practice squad.
Kentucky 99, W. Carolina 39 ney, Houston; x-C.J. Mosley, Baltimore HOCKEY
6 p.m. — Oregon at Baylor, ESPN2
Southern Mississippi 6 p.m. — Detroit Mercy at Xavier, FS2
LSU 76, Nicholls 44
Mercer 85, Howard 70
Miami (Ohio) 58, Jacksonville St. 41
Interior Lineman: x-Geno Atkins, Cincinnati;
x-Jurrell Casey; Tennessee; Cameron Hey-
ward, Pittsburgh
National Hockey League
CALGARY FLAMES — Assigned G Nick
Schneider from Stockton (AHL) to Kansas City
Women’s basketball routs Blue Mountain 7:30 p.m. — Buffalo at Marquette, FS1 Norfolk St. 71, Saint Augustine’s 38
North Carolina 71, Rice 50
Cornerbacks: Stephon Gilmore, New England;
x-Xavien Howard, Miami; x-Jalen Ramsey,
HATTIESBURG — The Southern Mississippi Lady Eagles came 8 p.m. — Oklahoma at Northwestern, Big Ten S. Illinois 65, Murray St. 59 Jacksonville; Denzel Ward, Cleveland Anderson from Colorado (AHL) to Utah (ECHL).
out with a big win over Blue Mountain College, 84-38 on Tuesday night SC-Upstate 71, Brevard College 53 Outside Linebackers: x-Jadeveon Clowney, SOCCER
in Reed Green Coliseum. Network Southern Miss. 84, Blue Mountain 38 Houston; Dee Ford, Kansas City; x-Von Miller, Major League Soccer
Stanford 95, Tennessee 85 Denver FC DALLAS — Signed F Zdenek Ondrasek
Although an exhibition for the Lady Toppers, it was a learning 8 p.m. — Providence at Texas, ESPN2 Tennessee Tech 60, UNC-Asheville 53 Free Safeties: X-Derwin James, L.A. Chargers; from Wisla Krakow (Ekstraklasa-Poland).
MIDWEST Eric Weddle, Baltimore LA GALAXY — Signed F Zlatan Ibrahimovic
experience for the Lady Eagles. Southern Miss (7-4) had a brand new 8 p.m. — Penn State at Alabama, SEC Network Evansville 56, Austin Peay 52 Strong Safety: x-Jamal Adams, N.Y. Jets and M Juninho.
starting lineup against the Lady Toppers, with Daishai Almond, Kennedy COLLEGE FOOTBALL Green Bay 81, UW-Parkside 32 SPECIALISTS COLLEGE
Toledo 80, Stony Brook 48 Punter: x-Brett Kern, Tennessee LOUISVILLE — Named Dwayne Ledford offen-
Gavin, Alarie Mayze, Respect Leaphart, and Megan Brown.
This was Almond’s first game as a starter, the second as the team’s
11:30 a.m. — Bahamas Bowl: Florida Interna- Xavier 87, Alabama St. 58
Placekicker: x-Jason Myers, N.Y. Jets
Return Specialist: x-Andre Roberts, N.Y. Jets
sive coordinator and line coach and Stu Holt
tight ends and special teams coach.
point guard; it was also Kennedy Gavin’s first game as a starter. Firsts tional vs. Toledo, ESPN Arkansas 84, Nebraska 80
New Mexico St. 67, Texas A&M-CC 65
Special Teamer: x-Adrian Phillips, L.A. Char-
SOUTH CAROLINA — Signed football coach
Will Muschamp to a one-year contract exten-
continued to roll after the starting lineup was announced. Starkville 3 p.m. — Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Western Philander Smith 53, Ark.-Pine Bluff 48 NFC sion through 2024, offensive coordinator Bryan
Texas Tech 76, Southern U. 58 OFFENSE McClendon to a two-year contract extension
native Kelsey Jones had her first 20-point game. Michigan vs. BYU, ESPN FAR WEST Quarterbacks: x-Drew Brees, New Orleans; and defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson
—From Special and Staff Reports Oregon 82, Mississippi State 74 Jared Goff, L.A. Rams; Aaron Rodgers, Green and quarterbacks coach Dan Werner to one-
S. Dakota St. 88, Montana St. 67 Bay year contract extensions.
4B WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •


Chargers lead way with seven Pro Bowl selections; 29 newcomers
By The Associated Press That, of course, includes all Bay had no Pro Bowl selections. are Houston DE J.J. Watt, Pitts- peaters include Atlanta WR Ju-
the rookies: James, Giants run- Pittsburgh and Kansas City burgh WR Antonio Brown, Bal- lio Jones and C Alex Mack, Dal-
NEW YORK — The Los An- ning back Saquon Barkley, Sea- each had six players chosen, timore guard Marshal Yanda las tackle Tyron Smith, inside
geles Chargers placed seven hawks punter Michael Dickson, including such first-timers as and safety Eric Weddle, Cincin- LBs Luke Kuechly of Carolina
players in the Pro Bowl, includ- Broncos running back Phillip Steelers running back James nati DT Geno Atkins and Den- and Bobby Wagner of Seattle,
ing safety Derwin James, one of Lindsay, Indianapolis guard Conner and Mahomes, both ver LB Von Miller. Arizona CB Patrick Peterson,
six rookies across the league to
Quenton Nelson and Cleveland having breakthrough years. “To get recognized by your Rams DT Aaron Donald and
make the game.
cornerback Denzel Wads. Lind- Cleveland has a first overall peers, the coaches and the fans, Bears LB Khalil Mack.
James, a first-round draft
say is an undrafted player. draft choice in the game — not it means a lot,” Weddle said. One of the newcomers, Chi-
choice, will be joined on the
AFC squad by veteran quarter- New England’s Tom Brady Baker Mayfield, but 2017 top “It’s always special to put in the cago DT Akiem Hicks, sounded
back Philip Rivers, wide receiv- is the other AFC quarterback, pick Myles Garrett at defensive hard work and to try your best overwhelmed by the honor.
er Keenan Allen, running back making it for the 14th time. No- end. and then get recognized. The There will be a brother com-
Melvin Gordon, defensive end ticeably missing is the Colts’ “Football is a team game and Pro Bowl is something I never bination at center for the AFC
Melvin Ingram, center Mike Andrew Luck. you can’t do it on your own,” said take for granted, and I’m pretty as Maurkice Pouncey of Pitts-
Pouncey and special-teamer New Orleans, led by quarter- Garrett, who leads the Browns stoked about it. burgh is the starter ahead of
Adrian Phillips for the game, back Drew Brees, Dallas and with 12½ sacks. “I’m happy to “Each year you just work Mike Pouncey.
which will be played Jan. 27 in Chicago paced the NFC with be able to share this experience hard and try to play your very The Jets, despite a 4-10 re-
Orlando. James and Phillips are five players each. Brees is the with Denzel because this honor best. To receive recognition for cord, have three Pro Bowlers in
the only starters, though. starter, backed up by Green is really a testament to our en- what you do on the field, even if safety Jamal Adams, kicker Ja-
Rivers is a backup to Kansas Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and the tire defense.” it may not show up in other ar- son Myers and return specialist
City’s Patrick Mahomes, one Rams’ Jared Goff. Among the perennial AFC eas, is awesome.” Andre Roberts — all first-tim-
of 29 first-time Pro Bowlers. Buffalo, Oakland and Tampa choices returning to the game For the NFC, frequent re- ers.

Comics & Puzzles
Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: macy? Has she want me to leave.
I have a seen her doctor I am very frustrated about
close friend to rule out a the man’s lack of consider-
who is in her physical cause? ation. My husband considers
mid-30s. She’s Or could it be him a good friend, but after
a wonderful, that although he the way we are being treated,
divorced, hard- looks good on I’m not convinced. — STILL
working Christian paper, there’s WAITING IN CALIFORNIA
mother of four simply no chem- DEAR STILL WAITING: I
who has finally istry? don’t blame you for being
ventured back to Because miffed. Good friends don’t
the dating scene. intimacy is an treat each other so rudely.
ZITS She’s currently
seeing a guy who
important part
of marriage,
They answer their messages
and show up when they’re
in all respects she needs to be expected. Unless the man
is perfect for honest with her- was in the hospital, solitary
her, she says. self about why confinement or dead, there’s
Dear Abby she’s reacting no excuse for his poor man-
when it comes the way she is. ners. Because your husband
to romance, for some rea- If this isn’t the only man this considers him a good friend,
son she can’t seem to get has happened with, and she he should have stayed home
aroused, and it’s now at a can’t find the answers within to welcome “the artist” and
point where she avoids his herself, some sessions with a let you off the hook.
kiss if possible. licensed mental health profes- DEAR ABBY: My son and
She really likes him and sional may be in order. daughter-in-law are “horrified”
would love for this to work and DEAR ABBY: My husband that we refer to our 3-year-old
feels conflicted because she invited his good friend (an grandson’s penis using the
GARFIELD doesn’t know how to “light her
fire” and find him intimately
artist) to stay with us for two
nights because he is coming
correct terminology. Should
we relent and refer to that
attractive. She’s afraid she’ll to our city to give a speech. part of his body as something
eventually push him away He accepted. else? — UNSURE IN THE
even though she wants the We tried to contact him SOUTH
exact opposite. Any advice I two weeks ago, one week ago, DEAR UNSURE: Not in
can pass along? — NEEDING three days ago, yesterday and my opinion. Children should
A FRIEND IN THE SOUTHWEST this morning to find out what be taught the correct terms
DEAR NEEDING: Your time he’ll arrive so we can for their body parts as soon
friend needs to understand plan our schedule and prepare as they are aware enough to
why she’s having a problem the food. He still hasn’t gotten identify — and pronounce —
“getting her fire lit.” Could it back to us. I had planned to them. To do this will prevent
be related to her divorce? Her go to church and a concert af- confusion and possibly embar-
feelings about premarital inti- terward. My husband doesn’t rassment later.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Dec. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). home.
19). You’re stepping up your You’re not in it alone; the others LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
game this year, simply because just haven’t joined you yet. They Children need different things at
you’ve done what you can where don’t yet know enough to come age 5 than they do at age thir-
you’re at and you’re ready to into the picture. So start telling teen, and here you are, grown,
go to the next level. This will people what you’re doing, and and still growing, needing differ-
involve exciting changes. Three what you need. ent things as you go. In a new
standout events will reflect your GEMINI (May 21-June 21). stage, you might not be sure
status, solidify your alliances No one is born with character. what you need, but experiments
and crystalize your memory of Character is the natural outcrop- will show you.
this remarkable time of life. ping of your choices, mainly the VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
BABY BLUES Sagittarius and Aquarius adore
you. Your lucky numbers are: 8,
little ones today. Each small
challenge is a chance to rise
You can like a person and still
dislike the person’s behavior.
40, 33, 38 and 18. up and meet the moment with It won’t help to criticize though.
ARIES (March 21-April 19). grace. For now, just observe with a
It’s time to reach out and risk. CANCER (June 22-July 22). compassionate heart. It’s very
Follow your daring impulse, It may help you to think of your likely things will turn around on
pitch your idea or extend your thoughts as items scattered their own.
offer. Regardless of whether you around the rooms of your mind, LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
get the result you were hoping some of little or no value, There’s a lot of information out
for or not, the spontaneity will others pearls. You can go in and there you don’t need to or want
invigorate you. tidy up just as you would your to know. The way to filter it is to
figure out what you do want to
know and go deeper and deeper
into that area of knowledge. All
else will fade on the periphery.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
BEETLE BAILEY 21). The words of William
Shakespeare in “King Henry
IV” will apply. “The better part
of valor is discretion, in which,
better part I have saved my
life.” Your life isn’t at stake, but
your enjoyment may be.
21). A person who is time
rich and cash poor is in a far
better position than one in the
opposite situation. With the
drop of one responsibility, your
time could open up unexpected-
ly. This is a golden opportunity
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). Success will be a matter
of sorting. There will be a few
things to match up: What you
have to give, what you like to
give, who needs such a thing,
and who meets your qualifica-
tions of exchange.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). Ambitions will drive you for-
ward, and, because you choose
such interesting ones, they
drive you forward in novel ways,
involving fascinating people
FAMILY CIRCUS and culminating in one-of-a-kind
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). The power of habit is
not to be underestimated. A
strong habit can conquer any
number of complex emotional
conditions. It can settle the
wilderness of the mind.

A white elephant
Jan Swoope: 328-2471

‘Chew Chew’ revisited

Carl Tremblay/America’s Test Kitchen via AP
Blueberry pancakes from the “Com-
plete Cookbook for Young Chefs”
is something the children can help
make during the holidays.

Let the kids help
with holiday

ancakes are a blank canvas,
so bring out your inner artist.
You can work your magic at
the table with maple syrup, honey,
confectioners’ sugar, cinnamon
sugar, fresh fruit and/or softened
butter. Or you can cook your
artistry right into the pancakes by
adding chocolate chips, chopped
nuts, shredded coconut, sliced
bananas, or raspberries instead of Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
the blueberries. Use 1 tablespoon Martha Bozeman and Bob Raymond look through a newly-printed copy Monday of the 1952 Junior Auxiliary of
of add-ins per pancake. Have fun Columbus cookbook “Chew Chew: Favorite Recipes from Columbus, Miss.” Bozeman, 96, worked on the original
cookbook project and contributed several recipes. Raymond recently made it possible for reprints of the cookbook
and try your own combinations.
to be ordered at
Pancakes 101: If you have an

Six decades later, a local
electric griddle, it’s perfect for this
recipe. Just set the griddle to 350
F. You should be able to make all
eight pancakes in one batch. This

cookbook enjoys a ‘revival’
recipe can be doubled if you want
to cook for a big crowd. Follow this
recipe with your kids.
See Pancakes, 6B

ore than 66 years have

Make great shrimp passed since Martha
Bozeman tested recipes
and helped proofread “Chew

scampi without the Chew: Favorite Recipes from
Columbus, Miss.” She still remem-
bers, however, working on the
butter-and-oil slick Junior Auxiliary fundraiser with
her close friend, Wade Puckett,
BY AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN and other committee members
who gathered around tables at the

hrimp scampi is rarely awful homes of Mary Alice McKellar
— it’s unusual for things to go or Mary Nesossis to work on the
terribly wrong when garlic, project with pencil and paper. The
wine and butter are involved — but result was a compilation of more
restaurant versions always make than 250 handwritten recipes from
me wish I’d ordered differently. I local cooks — and a peek into the
have never been presented with culinary past.
the ultimate scampi, the one that “I used that cookbook so much,
I can almost taste when I peruse I just about wore it out,” Boze-
the menu: perfectly cooked, briny man, 96, said Monday, thumbing
Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
beauties in a garlicky, buttery (but through a newly-printed copy of Sketches by Audrey Whitten in 1952 accompany some of the more than
not greasy) white wine sauce. the book she helped create when 250 handwritten recipes in “Chew Chew.” The cookbook compiled by Junior
When I last made my way she was a young woman married Auxiliary as a fundraiser for the chapter’s service work contains contribut-
through a mediocre rendition, I to veterinarian Dr. Edward Clarke ed recipes from people throughout Columbus.
decided it was time to realize this Bozeman. The cookbook was a gift
from Bob Raymond of Columbus. “I still have my mama’s cook- is now home. This past fall, he
ideal scampi vision at home. Since
He thought this bit of history was book,” he said. “She used it at arranged for “Chew Chew” to be-
shrimp are susceptible to over-
worth preserving. home in Chicago.” come available for reprint through
cooking, which can make them dry
It started when Raymond came In 1957, Raymond’s family pur-, a book creation
and tough, I gave my shrimp (1
across a vintage copy of the “Chew chased a cattle ranch in Columbus. and sharing site.
1/2 pounds, enough to serve four)
Chew” cookbook at a local estate “I just came down in summers,” “I think this cookbook is kind
a short dunk in a saltwater solution
sale. He recognized it right away. Raymond recalled. “We couldn’t of a time capsule,” Raymond said
to season them and help preserve
Even though Raymond’s family wait to get to Mississippi.” of his motivation. “It came out at a
moisture. I then heated extra-vir-
lived in Chicago when the book In 1972, he headed south to time when people were still doing
gin olive oil in a skillet, sauteed a
was published in 1952, his mother attend Mississippi State University old-fashioned cooking; it shows
few cloves of minced garlic and a
had received a spiral-bound copy and soon immersed himself in the the way people cooked and enter-
dash of red pepper flakes, and add-
from a Columbus friend, Mary Golden Triangle community and tained.”
ed the shrimp. Once the shrimp
turned opaque, I splashed in some Jane Owen. especially in Columbus, which See ‘chew chew’, 6B
dry white wine and followed it with


It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas
don’t remember me how quiet the from the Junie B. Jones series, cently begun another first: bak- much like tasting a slice of
very many firsts. house had grown. if I recall — her dark curls ing on her own. Julia has food ancient fruitcake or detan-
But I do re- I could feel my spilling onto the pages. She allergies and so hasn’t tried gling Christmas tree lights or
member the day my stomach tighten- was fine. Not only fine, but many of the foods the rest of getting one’s cheeks pinched
eldest daughter, Ju- ing around the icy reading. By herself. Silently. us take for granted. We were at by Great Aunt Myrtle, they felt
lia, started to read pebble of Mother Glory, hallelujah! church a few weeks ago when like a Christmas tradition that
on her own. I was Guilt that every That day was the beginning she revealed that she had never she should be able to reject for
a single mom and mom receives free of her love affair with books, tried gingersnaps. herself.
we were renting a of charge when but our house did not remain I’ll be honest with you: And so that afternoon, I
house from my par- she brings her first silent, as we were soon joined There is nothing about the pulled out the flour and butter
ents that we have child home. I looked by my husband (Dispatch taste or texture of a gingersnap and salt and molasses and a
since affectionately up from what I was managing editor) Zack and out of a cardboard box that dog-eared thrifted copy of an
dubbed “the tiny Amelia Plair doing, expecting daughter Zayley ... and, about appeals to me. Too spicy, too old King Arthur flour cook-
house.” the worst. a year later, another daughter, crunchy, and too hard, they are book. I prepared to sacrifice
I was sitting in the living And there she was, head Pfeiffer. high on my list of completely my semi-clean kitchen on
room when suddenly it struck bent over a book — something Julia is 12 now and has re- resistible holiday treats. But, See Butter Together, 6B
6B Wednesday, DECEMBER 19, 2018 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 5B
a chunk of butter, a big squeeze 8 garlic cloves, sliced thin just beginning to brown at edges,
of lemon juice, and a sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 3 to 5 minutes. Add reserved wine
1/4 teaspoon pepper mixture, increase heat to high, and
of parsley. 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut bring to simmer. Reduce heat to me-
My guests and I didn’t go into 1/2 inch pieces dium, add shrimp, cover, and cook,
hungry that night, but the 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley stirring occasionally, until shrimp are
scampi was far from perfect. just opaque, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove
One problem was that the n Dissolve salt and sugar in 1 skillet from heat and, using slotted
quart cold water in large container. spoon, transfer shrimp to bowl.
sauce separated into a but- Submerge shrimp in brine, cover, and n Return skillet to medium heat,
ter-and-oil slick floating on refrigerate for 15 minutes. Remove add lemon juice-cornstarch mixture,
top of the wine — not ideal in shrimp from brine and pat dry with and cook until slightly thickened, 1
the looks department or for paper towels. minute. Remove from heat and whisk
dunking bread into. (While
n Heat 1 tablespoon oil in 12 inch in butter and parsley until combined.
skillet over high heat until shimmer- Return shrimp and any accumulated
some serve shrimp scampi ing. Add shrimp shells and cook, juices to skillet and toss to combine.
over a pile of spaghetti, I think stirring frequently, until they begin to Serve with crusty bread, passing
it’s best with a crusty loaf.) turn spotty brown and skillet starts
to brown, 2 to 4 minutes. Remove lemon wedges separately.
Then there were the shrimp: Chef’s Note: Extra-large shrimp (21-
skillet from heat and carefully
Some were a little overdone, add wine and thyme sprigs. When 25 per pound) can be substituted
while others were still translu- bubbling subsides, return skillet to for jumbo shrimp. If you use them,
cent. Finally, the overall dish medium heat and simmer gently, reduce the cooking time in step 3 by
stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. 1 to 2 minutes. We prefer untreat-
was shy on both seafood and ed shrimp, but if your shrimp are
Strain mixture through colander set
garlic flavors. For results that over large bowl. Discard shells and treated with sodium or preservatives
I’d be truly satisfied with, some Carl Tremblay/America’s Test Kitchen via AP reserve liquid (you should have about like sodium tripolyphosphate, skip
adjustments were in order. This shrimp scampi is by a recipe in the cookbook “Revolutionary 2/3 cup). Wipe out skillet with paper the brining in step 1 and add 1/4
Recipes.” towels. teaspoon of salt to the sauce.
n Combine lemon juice and corn- Nutrition information per serving:
SHRIMP SCAMPI 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup dry white wine starch in small bowl. Heat remaining 323 calories; 165 calories from fat;
Servings: 4 11/2 pounds jumbo shrimp (16 to 4 sprigs fresh thyme 1 tablespoon oil, garlic, pepper 19 g fat (8 g saturated; 0 g trans
Start to finish: 45 minutes 20 per pound), peeled, deveined, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, plus flakes, and pepper in now-empty skil- fats); 245 mg cholesterol; 1259 mg
and tails removed, shells reserved lemon wedges for serving let over medium-low heat, stirring oc- sodium; 6 g carbohydrate; 0 g fiber;
3 tablespoons salt 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon cornstarch casionally, until garlic is fragrant and 1 g sugar; 24 g protein.

‘Chew Chew’
Continued from Page 5B
The cookbook proj- shrimp, Golden Glow “I was real young, but and gathered biograph- 1/2 cup cream, whipped 375 F for 15 minutes, then
ect’s format — hand- salad, Chicken Scrapple, I would cashier for her, ical snippets about as Fruit for center of the mold cut to 200 F for 20 minutes.
This cake should be crunchy
written recipes, hand- rum cookies and apple and oh, you don’t know many recipe contributors n Dissolve gelatin in boiling on the outside and like candy
drawn sketches — also scotch pie. but she was a wonderful as he could. (More can water. Chill until partially set: in the center.
appealed to him. Bozeman’s three cook,” Bozeman re- be added through the add avocado pulp, mayon- (Source: Mary Fleming, “Chew
“I like it because it’s a recipes in “Chew Chew” counted. “She cooked Bookemon service.) naise and cream. Chill until Chew: Favorite Recipes from
group of women before are congealed tuna a lot of vegetables, and Many of the family well set. Columbus, Miss.,” 1952)
computers and the inter- salad, avocado mold her cornbread was just names will be familiar to n Unmold and fill center with
orange or grapefruit seg-
net, getting together and and orange-pineapple out of this world.” longtime residents.
doing this and sending sherbert. Bozeman is genuinely Reprints of “Chew
ments, or mixed fruit. Serve
with cream mayonnaise.
it off to Chicago to get “I loved to cook,” said pleased Raymond has Chew: Favorite Reci- (Source: Martha Bozeman,
“Chew Chew: Favorite Reci- 3-4 medium apples
printed,” he remarked. the home economics helped preserve some- pes from Columbus, 3/4 cup quick-cooking
The original publisher major who was born in thing that represents Miss.” may be ordered pes from Columbus, Miss.,”
1952) oatmeal
was Gunthorp-Warren Andalusia, Alabama. She such effort by so many at 3/4 cup brown sugar
Printing Co. The book later studied at the Uni- people more than six book-profile/chew- 1/2 cup enriched flour
had two printings. versity of Montevallo. decades ago. chew/784339. Or go FUDGE CAKE 1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup butter
“My mother was a home For culinary context, to and
■■■ economics major, and Raymond added reprints enter the book title in 4 eggs n Pare apples and slice thin.
I decided I wanted to of articles about the the search bar. The 2 cups sugar Arrange slices in greased
Good cooks like Boze- follow in her footsteps.” cookbook that ran in The cookbook is available in 1 stick butter 8-inch round pan.
man contributed favorite Bozeman was 10 Commercial Dispatch in soft cover ($22.66) and 1 teaspoon vanilla n Combine oatmeal, sugar,
recipes for dishes such when her mother passed 1952, plus a 1947 menu 4 blocks of chocolate flour, spices and cut in but-
hardcover ($29.59). 1 cup flour ter. Sprinkle this mixture over
as date nut cakes, ham away, so many of her from the well-known Pinch of baking powder apples.
loaf, spoon bread, chick- early cooking influences Gilmer Hotel in Colum- 1 cup nuts n Bake in moderate oven
en croquettes and mint- came from watching her bus — when a fresh AVOCADO SALAD MOLD (350 F) for 35 minutes.
ed lima beans. Sketches father, a doctor, who was dozen oyster cocktail n Beat eggs, add sugar. Serve warm with cheese
by Audrey Whitten handy in the kitchen — with remoulade sauce 1 package lime flavored Melt chocolate and butter in wedges or whipped cream.
gelatin a double boiler and add to (Source: Mrs. J.E. Bogges Jr.,
accompany longhand and an aunt who had a was $1.60 and a cup of 1 1/2 cup mashed avocado eggs and sugar. Then add “Chew Chew: Favorite Reci-
instructions for carrot small hotel in Abbeville, coffee was a nickel. He pulp flour, nuts and vanilla, pes from Columbus, Miss.,”
rings, tomato aspic with Alabama. also added a useful index 1/2 cup mayonnaise n Cook 45 minutes: Start at 1952)

Butter Together
Continued from Page 5B
the altar of Christmas whether you liked them flour mixture to the butter mix-
Present for the sake of as much as we did. ture and combine. (As always
with cakes and cookies, be
Christmas Future. Amelia Plair is a mom sure not to overmix. Overmix-
And I was shocked to and high school teacher in ing causes tough cookies. I
discover how delicious Starkville. Email reaches use a stand mixer, but I stop
gingersnaps — the her at mamabadgerplair@ the mixer when I can still see
real ones, the kind that streaks of flour in the dough.
Then I mix the rest of the
destroy your kitchen way by hand with a rubber
— really are. They are
crunchy on the edges
n At this point, you can
Yield: 10-12 dozen cookies
and chewy in the middle, refrigerate the dough for a few
1 1/2 cups butter hours, which is what we did,
the way I think a cookie or a few days. You don’t have
2 cups sugar
should be. The spice is 1 teaspoon vanilla (optional; to refrigerate it at all, but re-
subtle and rich without the original recipe does not frigerating the dough will make
being overwhelming. And call for vanilla) the baked cookies thinner and
2 eggs crispier.
so we decorated the tree n Roll teaspoon-sized pieces
1/2 cup molasses
and drank my husband’s 4 cups all-purpose flour of dough into balls and then
world-famous apple cider 1 teaspoon baking soda roll them in granulated sugar.
and ate cookies until we 2 teaspoons salt Place the balls about 2 inches
smelled faintly of cinna- 5 teaspoons ginger apart on a lightly-greased
1 teaspoon cinnamon cookie sheet or on a cookie
mon and ginger three sheet lined with parchment
days later. n Set oven to 350 F. Cream paper.
I’m happy to share the the butter and sugar together n Bake for 10-12 minutes.
recipe with you and hope until light. Add vanilla and Enjoy, but watch out for
eggs and beat until fluffy. In hair-sniffers.
you’ll try them, too. If I a separate bowl, blend the (Source: The King Arthur Flour
see you next week, I’ll flours, salt, baking soda, 200th Anniversary Cookbook,
sniff your hair to find out ginger and cinnamon. Add the with Amelia Plair’s alterations)

Continued from Page 5B
gently with rubber spatula until just combined
ANYTIME FLUFFY (batter should remain lumpy). Let batter sit for
BLUEBERRY PANCAKES 10 minutes before cooking.
Spray 12-inch nonstick skillet with vegetable
Serves 2-4 (Makes 8 pancakes)
Start to finish: 35 minutes (active: 15 minutes) oil spray and heat over medium heat until hot,
about 1 minute.
1 cup all-purpose flour n Use 1/4-cup dry measuring cup to scoop
2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 cup batter into skillet. Repeat 2 more
2 teaspoons baking powder times, leaving space between mounds of batter
1/4 teaspoon baking soda (you want 3 pancakes to cook up separate from
1/2 teaspoon salt one another).
3/4 cup milk n Sprinkle each pancake with 1 tablespoon
1 large egg blueberries. Cook until bubbles on surface
2 tablespoons vegetable oil begin to pop, 2 to 3 minutes.
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract Use spatula to flip pancakes and cook until
Vegetable oil spray golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer pan-
1/2 cup blueberries cakes to plate. Repeat with remaining batter in
2 more batches. Turn off heat. Serve.
n In medium bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, Nutrition information per serving: 260 calories;
baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In small 87 calories from fat; 10 g fat (2 g saturated; 0
bowl, whisk milk, egg, oil, and vanilla until well g trans fats); 58 mg cholesterol; 681 mg sodi-
combined. um; 37 g carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 10 g sugar; 6
n Add milk mixture to flour mixture and stir g protein.

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corner of the East half
West half (E 1/2December 19, 2018 7B
of the Wednesday,
Page 15618; and EE'S NOTICE OF SALE of W 1/2) of Fractional
Section 17, Township
WHEREAS, on the 9th WHEREAS, on March 20 South, Range 17

day of January, 2014, 10, 2008, Roy Joseph West, Lowndes County,
Mortgage Electronic Re- Evans and Donna Taylor Mississippi; thence
gistration Systems, Inc. Evans, husband and South 00 degrees 25

American Mortgage
Company, assigned said F. Vetters, Trustee for
Phone: 662.328.2424
as nominee for Franklin wife executed a certain minutes West, for a dis-
deed of trust to Thomas tance of 2170 feet to
the US Army Corps of
Deed of Trust unto
Wells Fargo Bank, NA,
the benefit of Mortgage Engineers easement
Electronic Registration line; thence Easterly

in the office of the
by instrument recorded Systems, Inc. as nomin- along said easement
ee for GMFS, LLC, it's line 30 feet; thence
aforesaid Chancery
Clerk in Mort Book P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street
successors and as-
signs which deed of
North 00 degrees 25
minutes East 2030 feet

NOTICE OF SALE WHEREAS, on the 15th Clerk of Lowndes
Columbus, MS 39701
2014 at Page 892; and trust is of record in the to the beginning of a
office of the Chancery curve to the right;
thence Northeasterly
day of November, 2018 County, State of Missis- along said curve for 125

WHEREAS, on Septem- the Holder of said Deed sippi in Book 2008 at feet to a point that is
ber 30, 2010, A. Reno of Trust substituted and Page 7787; and 40 feet South of the

(Deadlines subject to change.)
Burr and Shirley M. Burr
appointed Dean Morris,
LLC as Substitute Trust- WHEREAS, Carrington GARAGE SALE RATES
North side of said East
half of the West half (E
Trust 4 to Lines/6
J. Patrick Cald- Days ................... $19.20 ee by 6 Days
recor- Mortgage Services, $12.00LLC 1/24ofLines/1 W 1/2); thenceDay..................$9.20
well as Trustee for the ded in 12 the office
Days of the has heretofore
.................................... substi-
$18.00 South 87 degrees 00
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads: benefit4 Lines/12
of Bancorp- Days ................. $31.20 aforesaid Chancery tuted Shapiro & Mas- minutes4 Lines/3
East 3250 Days..............$18.00
South4Bank, Over 6 lines is $1sey, perLLC additional
as Trusteeline.
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M. Lines/26 which Deed Days................. $46.80 Clerk in Mort Book by parallel with said North
Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale
of Trust was recorded 2018 at Page Six24791;
lines or less,instrument
consecutivedated days.April side to the West side of
Rate2010, applies to commercial operations and road;RAIN
signs. thenceGUARANTEE: If it
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00 P.M. as/in Book Page Rate applies to private 9, 2018
party ads and
of recorded
non-commer- a county
20794 in the and merchandise
Office of over $1,000. in the aforesaid Chan- Northwesterly thealong
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M. the Chancery Clerk of WHEREAS, cial nature
default for hav-
merchandise $1,000.inMust said rains
under Office
cery Clerk's
day of your sale, we will re-
county road to the
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. Lowndes County, CallMis- 328-2424 for rates on include
ing been made in the price in ad. 1 ITEM
Book MORT2018 at PER AD. North side ofrun yousaidad the next week FREE!
sissippi; and additional lines. payments of the in- No pets, firewood,
Page 7793; etc. and Half of You WestmustHalf call
(E 1/2to request free re-run.
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 P.M. debtedness secured by of W 1/2); thence North

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 P.M. WHEREAS, Bancorp- the said Deed of Trust, WHEREAS, default hav- 87 degree 00 minutes
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3 business days South Bank, the holder and the holder of said ing been made in the West 3310 feet along
of said Deed of Trust Deed of Trust, having re- terms and conditions of said North side to the
prior to first publication date and the Note secured quested the under- said deed of trust and point of beginning, to-
thereby, substituted signed so to do, on the the entire debt secured gether with a perpetual,
Scot P. Goldsholl as 9th day of January, thereby having been de- non-exclusive ease- SUBSTITUTED TRUST-
• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept Trustee in place of the 2019, I will during the clared to be due and ment for ingress and EE’S NOTICE OF SALE
responsibility only for the first incorrect insertion. 0 Legals
afore-mentioned origin-
1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick 4000 Merchandise
lawful hours of between payable in accordance 5000 Pets & Livestock
egress across the fol- 8000 Real Estate
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor for al Trustee, as author- 1790 Stump Removal 11:00 a.m. and 4030
4:00 Air Conditioners
with the terms of said5100 Free Pets
lowing described prop- 8050 Commercial
STATE OFProperty
1000 Service 1800 Swimming Poolsp.m., at public outcry, 4060 Antiques deed of trust, Carring- 5150 Petserty; Beginning at the 8100COUNTY Farms & Timberland
OF Lowndes
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion ized of by the 1030
terms there-
Air Conditioning & Heating
space occupied by such error. of, as evidenced by an 1830 Tax Service offer for sale and4090 will
Applianceston Mortgage Services, Northwest corner of the 8150 Houses - Northside
5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock
instrument 1060recorded
Appliance Repair
in 1860 Tree Service sell, at the south4120 east Southeast Quarter of 8200WHEREAS,
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be Book 2018, Auctions LLC, the legal holder5250 of Pet Boarding/Grooming Houses - East on the 21st
1070 Asphalt
Page& Paving 1890 Upholstery front door of Lowndes said indebtedness, hav- the Northwest Quarter day of May, 2007,
directed to the Classified Department. 24834 in1090 the Office of County Courthouse, 4150 Baby
505 Articles
ing requested the 5300 Supplies/Accessories
under- (SE 1/4 of NW 1/4) of 8250Tiffany
Houses - New Hope a
J. Eaves,
Automotive Services 1910 Welding
• All ads are subject to the approval of this paper. The Commercial the Chancery Clerk of 2nd Ave. North at 4180 Bargain Column
signed Substituted 5350 Veterinarians Section 17, Township 8300single Houses -woman,
South ex-
1120 Building & Remodeling
Dispatch reserves the right to reject, revise, classify or cancel any Lowndes1150 County, Mis- 2000 Announcements Columbus, Mississippi, 4210 Bicycles Trustee to execute the 5400 Wanted
Buy Range 17 8350ecuted Houses - West
and delivered a
sissippi; and Carpeting/Flooring for cash to the highest trust and sell said land West, Lowndes County, 8450certain Deed of Trust
advertising at any time. 4240 Building Materials Houses - Caledonia
1180 Childcare 2050 Card of Thanks bidder, the following de-Plotsand property in accord- 6000 Financial
Mississippi; thence run 8500unto HousesJulie
- OtherBrown, Trust-
WHEREAS, 1210default
Chimney Cleaning
hav- 2100 Fraternal & Lodgescribed land and4250 Burial
prop- ance with the terms6050 of Business
30.0 feet to a ee for Southeast Fund-
Advertisements must be 2150 Good Things To Eat 4270 Business Furniture & point; run thence 8520 Hunting Land
ing been1240 made in the
Contractors erty situated in Lowndes said deed of trust and 6100 Business Opportunity Wanted South ing, Inc., Beneficiary, to
terms and 1250conditions
Computer Servicesof 2200 In Memorial County, Mississippi,Equipment to- for the purpose of rais- 6120 Check degrees 25 minutes8550secure
00Cashing Investmentan Property
paid for in advance. said Deed of Trust, and
the entire 1270debt
1300 Excavating
2250 Instruction & wit:
2300 Lost & Found A tract of land 105
4300 Camera Equipment
4330 Clothing
ing the sums due there- West 93.1 feet to the 8600ness
under, together with 6150
at- Insurance
point of beginning;
6200 Loansthence South 79 de-
Lots & Acreage
therein described,
8650 Mobile Homes of Trust is
which Deed
thereby having been de- 4360 feet
Coins & torney's fees, trustee's
Jewelry 8700recorded
Mobile Homein the office of
You may cancel at any time during regular business hours clared to1320 beFitness
due Training
and 2350 Personals by 210 feet located in
4390 Computer
fees and expense of6250 Mortgages
grees 15 minutes East the Chancery Clerk of
8750 Resort Property
and receive a refund for days not published. payable,1330 andFurniture
the legal
Repair & Refinishing 2400 Special Notices the Southeast Quarter sale.
4420 Farm Equipment & Supplies
6300 Stocks & Bondsfeet to a point;
run for thence
Lowndes County, Mis-
8800 River Property
holder of1360 said indebted-
General Services (SE 1/4) of the Southw-
2600 Travel/Entertainment 6350 Business Sale North 00 de- sissippi in Mortgage
ness, BancorpSouth est Quarter (SW4450 1/4)Firewood
of NOW, THEREFORE, I, grees 25 minutes East 8850Book Wanted2007
to Buy at Page

1380 Housecleaning 3000 Employment
Bank, having
Section 12, Township 4460 Flea MarketsShapiro & Massey, LLC, 7000 Rentals
289.6 feet to a point; 890014922; and
Waterfront Property
the undersigned Substi- 3050 Clerical & Office 18 South, Range4480 18Furniture Substituted Trustee 7050 run thence South 67 de-
in Apartments
1400 Insurance
tute Trustee to execute 3100 Data Processing/West,ComputerLowndes County,
4510 Garage Salessaid deed of trust, will
7100 Commercial Property
grees 10 minutes East WHEREAS, on the 28th Transportation
the trust1410andInterior
said on January 2, 2019 of- 54.1 feet to a point; 9050day Auto of
3150 Domestic Help Mississippi, and being October, 2013,
Bargain Column land
Ad must fit in 4 lines (approximatelycordance1440 and property
in ac-
Jewelry/Watch Repair
Lawn the terms
3170 Engineering
more particularly
scribed as follows:
de-General Merchandise
4570 Householdoutcry
for sale at
Goods and sell within
public 7150 Houses
thence South 00 de- 9100the
7180 Hunting
Land 25 minutes West of Trust filed a Loan
9150 Autos
of said Deed
Rentals & Leasing
for Sale
20 characters per line) and will run for 3 days. For items $100 or of said Deed of Trust for 3200 General Help Wanted legal hours (being 7190 Land619.54
4630 Lawn & Garden for Rent/Lease
feet to a point; Modification Agreement
less ONLY. More than one item may be in same ad, but prices the purpose 1500 Locksmiths
of raising 3250 Management Positions
Beginning at the4660 South-
Merchandise Rentals the hours of
between run
7200 Mobile thence South 77 de-9200ofAviation
Homes Deed of Trust by in-
the sums1530 Machinery Repair 9250 Boats & Marine
may not total over $100, no relists.
due thereun- 3300 Medical/Dental east corner of the 11:00
4690 Musical Instruments a.m. and 4:00 7250 Mobile Home Spacesminutes West strument recorded in
grees 15
1560 Mobile
der, together withHome Services
attor- Southeast
3350 Opportunity Information Quarter (SE p.m.), at the Southeast 51.2 feet to a point; run 9300 Camper/R.V.’s
the office of the afore-
4700 Satellites Door of the County 7300 Officethence Spaces North 00 de-
9350said Chancery Clerk of
Free Pets
ney's fees, 1590 Substitute
Moving & Storage 1/4) of the Southwest Golf Carts
3400 Part-Time 4720 Sporting Goods 7350 Resort Rentals
Up to 4 lines, runs for 6 days. Trustee's1620 fees and
Painting ex-
& Papering Quarter (SW 1/4) of Courthouse of Lowndes grees 25 minutes East 9400Court in Mort Book
penses of sale. 3450 Positions Wanted said Section 12,4750 Stereos & TV’s
Town- County, located at 505 7400 River Property
28.88 feet to a point; 2013 at Page 29423;
Lost & Found Up to 6 lines, ad will run for 6 days.
1650 Pest Control
1680 Plumbing I,
3500 Professional ship 18 South, Range
3550 Restaurant/Hotel18 West and run thence Columbus, MS 39701,
4780 Wanted To Buy Avenue North, 7450 Roomsrun
7500 Storage
thence North 79 de- 9450and
Trailers/Heavy Equipment
15 minutes West 9500 Trucks, Vans & Buses
& Garages
1710 Printing Sub-
Scot P. Goldsholl, 3600 Sales/Marketing North along the Quarter to the highest and best 525.0 feet to a point; 9550WHEREAS, Wanted to Buy by various
These ads are taken by fax, e-mail or in person at stitute Trustee,
January 9,
1740 Roofingwill
& Guttering
offer 3650Trades
section line for a dis-
tance of 852 feet to the fied funds the following
7520 Vacation
bidder for cash or certi- thence North 00 de-
7550 Wanted
Rentals assignments on record
to Rent25 minutes East said Deed of Trust was
our office. Ads will not be take by telephone. 1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers
for sale at public outcry 3700Truck Driving initial point of the prop- described property situ- 7600 Waterfront
feet to the point of ultimately assigned to
to the highest bidder for erty herein described ated in Lowndes beginning, all lying in LPP Mortgage LTD by in-
cash, within legal hours and conveyed; thence County, State of Missis- the Northwest Quarter strument recorded in
Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 (between
Legal Noticesthe0010 hours of Legal Notices 0010 continuing
Legal Notices North
0010 along sippi, to-wit:0010
Legal Notices (NW
Section 17, the Legaloffice
the afore-
11:00 a.m. and 4:00 the quarter section line Township 20 South, said Chancery Clerk in
SUBSTITUTED TRUST- IN THE CHANCERY IN THE CHANCERY p.m.) at the front door SUBSTITUTED TRUST- for a distance of 105 Lot One(1) of an unre- Range 17 West, Mortgage Book 2010 at
EE’S NOTICE OF SALE COURT OF LOWNDES COURT OF LOWNDES of the Lowndes County EE’S NOTICE OF SALE feet; thence West paral- corded subdivision Lowndes County, Mis- Page 7625; and
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI Courthouse in Colum- lel with the South known as Kincade Land- sissippi and containing
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI bus, Lowndes County, STATE OF MISSISSIPPI boundary line of the ing, described as fol- 1.32 acres, more or WHEREAS, on the 21st
COUNTY OF Lowndes IN RE: THE ESTATE OF IN THE MATTER OF THE Mississippi, the follow- COUNTY OF Lowndes Southeast Quarter (SE lows: less, together with a day of November, 2018
JACK HAMMONS WHITE, ESTATE OF GLADYS ER- ing-described property: 1/4) of the Southwest Beginning at the Northw- perpetual and perman- the Holder of said Deed
WHEREAS, on the 22nd II, DECEASED MAGENE ROGERS, DE- WHEREAS, on the 17th Quarter (SW 1/4) for a est corner of the South- ent non-easement for in- of Trust substituted and
day of August, 2012, CEASED INDEXING INSTRUC- day of March, 2009, distance of 210 feet; east Quarter of the gress and egress over appointed Dean Morris,
Jerome Richardson and EMILIE CUNNINGHAM TIONS: NE 1/4 S 8 Twp Kenny H Knight and thence South parallel Northwest Quarter (SE the following described LLC as Substitute Trust-
Laura Richardson, Hus- WHITE, EXECUTRIX NO. 2018-0254-C 18 S R 17 W Lena A Knight, ex- with the quarter section 1/4 of NW 1/4) of Frac- land, to-wit: Beginning ee by instrument recor-
band and Wife, ex- ecuted and delivered a line for a distance of tional Section 17, Town- at the Northwest center ded in the office of the
ecuted and delivered a CAUSE NO. 2018-0204- MICHAEL DALE LEE, EX- A tract or parcel of land certain Deed of Trust 105 feet to a point; ship 20 South, Range of the Southeast aforesaid Chancery
certain Deed of Trust B ECUTOR located in the Northw- unto Scott R. Valby, thence East parallel 17 West, Lowndes Quarter of the Northw- Clerk in Mort Book
unto Nations Direct Title est Quarter of the North- Trustee for Mortgage with the South bound- County, Mississippi; est Quarter (SE 1/4 of 2018 at Page 25073;
Agency, LLC, Trustee for NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE TO CREDITORS east Quarter of Section Electronic Registration ary line of the South- thence East 30 feet to NW 1/4) of Fractional and
Mortgage Electronic Re- 8, Township 18 South, Systems, Inc. as nomin- east Quarter of the the East side of a 30 Section 17, Township
gistration Systems, Inc. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Letters Testamentary Range 17 West, ee for Franklin Americ- Southwest Quarter for a foot roadway and the 20 South, Range 17 WHEREAS, default hav-
as nominee for Platin- COUNTY OF LOWNDES have been granted and Lowndes County, Mis- an Mortgage Company, distance of 210 feet to point of beginning; West, Lowndes County, ing been made in the
um Mortgage, Inc., Be- issued to Michael Dale sissippi; and being Beneficiary, to secure the initial Point of Begin- thence South 00 de- Mississippi; thence payments of the in-
neficiary, to secure an Letters Testamentary Lee, Executor of the Es- more particularly de- an indebtedness therein ning and containing grees 25 minutes West East 30 feet; thence debtedness secured by
indebtedness therein have been granted and tate of Gladys Er- scribed as follows: Com- described, which Deed 0.50 acre, more or less. along said East side South 00 degrees 25 the said Deed of Trust,
described, which Deed issued to the under- magene Rogers, de- mencing at the accep- of Trust is recorded in 93.1 feet; thence South minutes West 143.9 and the holder of said
of Trust is recorded in signed upon the Estate ceased, by the Chan- ted Northeast Corner of the office of the Chan- I will only convey such 79 degrees15 minutes feet; thence South 79 Deed of Trust, having re-
the office of the Chan- of Jack Hammons White cery Court of Lowndes the Northwest Quarter cery Clerk of Lowndes title as is vested in me East along the North degrees 15 minutes quested the under-
cery Clerk of Lowndes II, Deceased, by the County, Mississippi, on of the Northeast Quarter County, Mississippi in as Substitute Trustee. right of way of a 50 foot East 344.5 feet to the signed so to do, on the
County, Mississippi in Chancery Court of the 7 day of December, of Section 8, Township Mortgage Book 2009 at roadway 75 feet; thence point of beginning; 2nd day of January,
Mort Book 2012 at Lowndes County, Mis- 2018. This is to give no- 18 South, Range 17 Page 6226; and WITNESS MY SIGNA- North 00 degrees 25 thence South 00 de- 2019, I will during the
Page 21204; and sissippi on the 15th day tice to all persons hav- West, Lowndes County, TURE, this 6th day of minutes East 295 feet; grees 25 minutes West lawful hours of between
of October, 2018. This ing claims against said Mississippi; thence run WHEREAS, Kenny H December, 2018. thence North 79 de- 252.0 feet; thence 11:00 a.m. and 4:00
WHEREAS, by various is to give notice to all estate to Probate and North 67 degrees 29 Knight and Lena A grees 15 minutes West North 81 degrees 21 p.m., at public outcry,
assignments on record persons having claims Register same with the minutes 05 seconds Knight is also known as Dean Morris, LLC 75 feet; thence South minutes West 344.5 offer for sale and will
said Deed of Trust was against said estate to Chancery Clerk of West, along an existing Lena Angell Knight per Substitute Trustee 00 degrees 25 minutes feet; thence South 00 sell, at the south east
ultimately assigned to probate and register Lowndes County, Mis- fence line, for a dis- the land records of West along the East degrees 25 minutes front door of Lowndes
PennyMac Loan Ser- same with the Chan- sissippi, within ninety tance of 767.22 feet to Lowndes County, Mis- 855 S Pear Orchard side of before said 30 East 337.0 feet; thence County Courthouse, 505
vices, LLC by instru- cery Clerk of Lowndes (90) days from this a found iron pipe; sissippi; and Rd., Ste. 404, Bldg. foot roadway 201.9 feet South 21 degrees 00 2nd Ave. North at
ment recorded in the of- County, Mississippi, date. A failure to so Pro- thence run South 22 de- 400 the Point of Beginning, minutes West 57.0 Columbus, Mississippi,
fice of the aforesaid within 90 (ninety) days bate and Register said grees 14 minutes 40 WHEREAS, on the 30th Ridgeland, MS 39157 containing 0.5 acres, feet; thence Northeast- for cash to the highest
Chancery Clerk in MORT from the date of the claim will forever bar the minutes West for a dis- day of July, 2014, the (318) 330-9020 more or less, together erly along the normal bidder, the following de-
Book 2014 at Page first publication. A fail- same. tance of 472.53 feet to Holder of said Deed of with a perpetual, non-ex- water level of the scribed land and prop-
20048; and ure to so probate and the Point of Beginning Trust filed a Loan Modi- adp/F15-1079 clusive easement for in- Aliceville Pool 30 feet; erty situated in Lowndes
register said claim will THIS the 7 day of of the herein described fication Agreement of gress and egress thence North 21 de- County, Mississippi, to-
WHEREAS, on the 7th forever bar the same. December, 2018. tract of land; thence Deed of Trust by instru- PUBLISH: 12/19/2018, across the following de- grees 00 minutes West wit:
day of November, 2018 continue South 22 de- ment recorded in the of- 12/26/2018, scribed property: Begin- 40.0 feet; thence North
the Holder of said Deed This the 13th day of /s/ Michael Dale Lee grees 14 minutes 40 fice of the aforesaid 1/2/2019 ning at the Northwest 00 degrees 25 minutes A part of the Northeast
of Trust substituted and December, 2018. Michael Dale Lee seconds West for a dis- Chancery Clerk of Court corner of the East half East 281.0 feet; thence Quarter (NE ¼) of the
appointed Dean Morris, tance of 275.58 feet to in Mort Book 2014 at SUBSTITUTED TRUST- of the West half (E 1/2 North 79 degrees 15 Northwest Quarter (NW
LLC as Substitute Trust- Emilie Cunningham OF COUNSEL: a set iron pin on the Page 15618; and EE'S NOTICE OF SALE of W 1/2) of Fractional minutes West a dis- ¼) of Section 9, Town-
ee by instrument recor- White North right of way line of Section 17, Township tance of 30.5 feet to ship 18 South, Range
ded in the office of the Executrix of the Estate William F. Gillis (MSB Tabernacle Road [SAP WHEREAS, on the 9th WHEREAS, on March 20 South, Range 17 the point of beginning. 17 West, Lowndes
aforesaid Chancery of 4854) No. 44-(4)]; thence run day of January, 2014, 10, 2008, Roy Joseph West, Lowndes County, Said property is located County, Mississippi,
Clerk in MORT Book Jack Hammons White II, Crowell Gillis & Cooper, North 59 degrees 48 Mortgage Electronic Re- Evans and Donna Taylor Mississippi; thence in Lowndes County, Mis- and being more particu-
2018 at Page 24194; Deceased PLLC minutes 51 seconds gistration Systems, Inc. Evans, husband and South 00 degrees 25 sissippi. larly described as fol-
and Post Office Box 1827 West, along said North as nominee for Franklin wife executed a certain minutes West, for a dis- lows:
Prepared By: Columbus, MS 39703 right of way line, for a American Mortgage deed of trust to Thomas tance of 2170 feet to Municipal Address: 853
WHEREAS, default hav- PHONE: (662) 243- distance of 40.43 feet Company, assigned said F. Vetters, Trustee for the US Army Corps of Kincade Road, Colum- Beginning at the Northw-
ing been made in the John D. Brady (MSB 7329 to a set iron pin; thence Deed of Trust unto the benefit of Mortgage Engineers easement bus, MS 39702 est corner of the South-
payments of the in- #9780) FAX: (662) 328-6890 run along said North Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Electronic Registration line; thence Easterly Tax Parcel Number: east Quarter of the
debtedness secured by Mitchell McNutt & Sams right of way line and be- by instrument recorded Systems, Inc. as nomin- along said easement 92W210003000 Southwest Quarter of
the said Deed of Trust, 215 Fifth Street North ing along a curve to the in the office of the ee for GMFS, LLC, it's line 30 feet; thence Section 4, Township 18
and the holder of said Post Office Box 1366 PUBLISH: 12/12, right having a radius of aforesaid Chancery successors and as- North 00 degrees 25 I WILL CONVEY only South, Range 17 West,
Deed of Trust, having re- Columbus, MS 39703- 12/19, & 12/26/2018 2425.42 feet and a Clerk in Mort Book signs which deed of minutes East 2030 feet such title as vested in Lowndes County, Mis-
quested the under- 1366 chord bearing and dis- 2014 at Page 892; and trust is of record in the to the beginning of a me as Substituted sissippi, run thence
signed so to do, on the Telephone: SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S tance of North 58 de- office of the Chancery curve to the right; Trustee. South 00 degrees 55
2nd day of January, 662.328.2316 NOTICE OF SALE grees 52 minutes 24 WHEREAS, on the 15th Clerk of Lowndes thence Northeasterly minutes West, a dis-
2019, I will during the jbrady@mitchellmcnutt.c seconds West, 93.57 day of November, 2018 County, State of Missis- along said curve for 125 WITNESS MY SIGNA- tance of 834.5 feet; run
lawful hours of between om WHEREAS, on Septem- feet, an arc length of the Holder of said Deed sippi in Book 2008 at feet to a point that is TURE on this 6th day of thence South 82 de-
11:00 a.m. and 4:00 ber 30, 2010, A. Reno 93.57 feet to a set iron of Trust substituted and Page 7787; and 40 feet South of the November, 2018. grees 55 minutes East,
p.m., at public outcry, PUBLISH: 12/19/2018, Burr and Shirley M. Burr pin; thence leaving said appointed Dean Morris, North side of said East a distance of 20.0 feet
offer for sale and will 12/26/2018, & executed a Deed of North right of way line LLC as Substitute Trust- WHEREAS, Carrington half of the West half (E Shapiro & Massey, LLC to an iron pin on the
sell, at the south east 1/2/2019 Trust to J. Patrick Cald- run North 23 degrees ee by instrument recor- Mortgage Services, LLC 1/2 of W 1/2); thence SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE East right of way of a
front door of Lowndes well as Trustee for the 44 minutes 50 seconds ded in the office of the has heretofore substi- South 87 degrees 00 paved road; run thence
County Courthouse, 505 IN THE CHANCERY East for a distance of aforesaid Chancery minutes East 3250 feet Shapiro & Massey, LLC South 00 degrees 55
COURT OF LOWNDES benefit of Bancorp- tuted Shapiro & Mas-
2nd Ave. North at South Bank, which Deed 250.60 feet to a set Clerk in Mort Book sey, LLC as Trustee by parallel with said North 1080 River Oaks Drive minutes West, along
Columbus, Mississippi, COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI of Trust was recorded iron pin; thence run 2018 at Page 24791; instrument dated April side to the West side of Suite B-202 said East right of way, a
for cash to the highest as/in Book 2010, Page South 70 degrees 02 and 9, 2018 and recorded a county road; thence Flowood, MS 39232 distance of 504.0 feet
bidder, the following de- IN THE MATTER OF THE 20794 in the Office of minutes 54 seconds in the aforesaid Chan- Northwesterly along (601) 981-9299 to an iron pin and the
scribed land and prop- ESTATE OF LORENA A. East for a distance of WHEREAS, default hav- cery Clerk's Office in said county road to the initial point of the prop-
PRUDEN, DECEASED the Chancery Clerk of
erty situated in Lowndes Lowndes County, Mis- 126.01 feet to the Point ing been made in the Book MORT2018 at North side of said East 853 Kincade Road erty described herein;
County, Mississippi, to- of Beginning and con- payments of the in- Half of West Half (E 1/2 Columbus, MS 39702 run thence South 00 de-
wit: CAUSE NO. 2018-0249 sissippi; and taining 0.78 acres, debtedness secured by
Page 7793; and
of W 1/2); thence North 18-022583MS grees 40 minutes West,
WHEREAS, Bancorp- more or less. the said Deed of Trust, WHEREAS, default hav- 87 degree 00 minutes along the said East right
Lot Number Nine (9) of FLOYD E. PRUDEN, JR., and the holder of said West 3310 feet along Publication Dates: of way line a distance of
EXECUTOR South Bank, the holder ing been made in the
and in The Downs, a of said Deed of Trust Title to the above de- Deed of Trust, having re- terms and conditions of said North side to the December 5, 12, 19 142.0 feet to an iron
subdivision in and to and the Note secured scribed property is be- quested the under- said deed of trust and point of beginning, to- and 26, 2018 pin; run thence South
the City of Columbus, NOTICE TO CREDITORS lieved to be good, but I signed so to do, on the the entire debt secured gether with a perpetual, 82 degrees 55 minutes
thereby, substituted
Lowndes County, Mis- Scot P. Goldsholl as will convey only such 9th day of January, thereby having been de- non-exclusive ease- SUBSTITUTED TRUST- East, a distance of
sissippi, as shown by Letters Testamentary title as vested in me as 2019, I will during the ment for ingress and 464.4 feet to an iron
have been granted and Trustee in place of the clared to be due and EE’S NOTICE OF SALE
the map or plat thereof afore-mentioned origin- Substitute Trustee. lawful hours of between payable in accordance egress across the fol- pin on the West bound-
of record in Subdivision issued to FLOYD E. al Trustee, as author- 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 with the terms of said lowing described prop- STATE OF MISSISSIPPI ary line of LaBelle Es-
Plat Book No. 2 at Page PRUDEN, JR., Executor ized by the terms there- WITNESS my signature p.m., at public outcry, deed of trust, Carring- erty; Beginning at the COUNTY OF Lowndes tates Subdivision; run
of the Estate of LORENA on this 10th day of
61, in the Chancery
A. PRUDEN, deceased, of, as evidenced by an offer for sale and will ton Mortgage Services, Northwest corner of the thence North 00 de-
Clerk’s Office of instrument recorded in December, 2018. sell, at the south east LLC, the legal holder of Southeast Quarter of WHEREAS, on the 21st grees 55 minutes East,
Lowndes County, Mis- by the Chancery Court front door of Lowndes the Northwest Quarter along the West bound-
sissippi. of Lowndes County, Mis- Book 2018, Page /s/ Scot P. Goldsholl,
said indebtedness, hav-
County Courthouse, 505 ing requested the under- (SE 1/4 of NW 1/4) of
day of May, 2007,
ary line of said LaBelle
sissippi, on the 27th 24834 in the Office of Tiffany J. Eaves, a
the Chancery Clerk of Substitute Trustee 2nd Ave. North at signed Substituted Section 17, Township single woman, ex- Estate Subdivision, a
day of November, 2018. 1501 N. University Av- 20 South, Range 17
I will only convey such
This is to give notice to Lowndes County, Mis- Columbus, Mississippi, Trustee to execute the ecuted and delivered a distance of 142.0 feet
title as is vested in me sissippi; and enue, Suite 930 for cash to the highest trust and sell said land West, Lowndes County, certain Deed of Trust to an iron pin; run
as Substitute Trustee. all persons having Little Rock, AR 72207- bidder, the following de- and property in accord- Mississippi; thence run unto Julie Brown, Trust- thence North 82 de-
claims against said es- 5238
tate to Probate and Re- WHEREAS, default hav- Telephone No. (501)
scribed land and prop- ance with the terms of East 30.0 feet to a ee for Southeast Fund- grees 55 minutes West,
WITNESS MY SIGNA- ing been made in the erty situated in Lowndes said deed of trust and point; run thence South ing, Inc., Beneficiary, to a distance of 465.1 feet
gister same with the to the initial point of
TURE, this 29th day of
Chancery Clerk of terms and conditions of 664-4808 County, Mississippi, to- for the purpose of rais- 00 degrees 25 minutes secure an indebted-
November, 2018.
Lowndes County, Mis- said Deed of Trust, and wit: ing the sums due there- West 93.1 feet to the ness therein described, this description, and
the entire debt secured THIS DOCUMENT PRE- under, together with at- point of beginning; run which Deed of Trust is containing 1.51 acres,
sissippi, within ninety
Dean Morris, LLC
(90) days from this thereby having been de- PARED BY: A tract of land 105 feet torney's fees, trustee's thence South 79 de- recorded in the office of more or less.
Substitute Trustee by 210 feet located in grees 15 minutes East the Chancery Clerk of
855 S Pear Orchard date. A failure to so Pro- clared to be due and Scot P. Goldsholl the Southeast Quarter
fees and expense of
525.0 feet to a point; I will only convey such
bate and Register said payable, and the legal sale. Lowndes County, Mis-
Rd., Ste. 404, Bldg. Mickel Law Firm, P.A. (SE 1/4) of the Southw- run thence North 00 de- sissippi in Mortgage title as is vested in me
400 claim will forever bar the holder of said indebted- 1501 N. UNIVERSITY est Quarter (SW 1/4) of grees 25 minutes East as Substitute Trustee.
same. ness, BancorpSouth NOW, THEREFORE, I, Book 2007 at Page
Ridgeland, MS 39157 Bank, having requested PROSPECT BUILDING, Section 12, Township Shapiro & Massey, LLC, 289.6 feet to a point; 14922; and
(318) 330-9020
THIS the 30th day of the undersigned Substi- SUITE 930 18 South, Range 18 Substituted Trustee in run thence South 67 de- WITNESS MY SIGNA-
November, 2018. tute Trustee to execute LITTLE ROCK, AR West, Lowndes County, said deed of trust, will grees 10 minutes East WHEREAS, on the 28th TURE, this 7th day of
adp/F18-0722 the trust and sell said 72207 Mississippi, and being on January 2, 2019 of- 54.1 feet to a point; day of October, 2013, December, 2018.
/s/ Floyd E. Pruden, Jr. land and property in ac- Ph: (501) 664-4808 more particularly de- fer for sale at public thence South 00 de- the Holder of said Deed Dean Morris, LLC
PUBLISH: 12/12/2018, Fax: (501) 664-0631 scribed as follows: grees 25 minutes West of Trust filed a Loan Substitute Trustee
12/19/2018, FLOYD E. PRUDEN, JR., cordance with the terms Mickel Case No. outcry and sell within
619.54 feet to a point; Modification Agreement 855 S Pear Orchard
Executor of said Deed of Trust for legal hours (being
12/26/2018 the purpose of raising 104040-1 Beginning at the South- between the hours of run thence South 77 de- of Deed of Trust by in- Rd., Ste. 404, Bldg.
the sums due thereun- s.goldsholl@mickellaw.c east corner of the 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 grees 15 minutes West strument recorded in 400
PUBLISH: 12/12, om
12/19, & 12/26/2018 der, together with attor-
Southeast Quarter (SE p.m.), at the Southeast 51.2 feet to a point; run the office of the afore- Ridgeland, MS 39157
1/4) of the Southwest thence North 00 de- (318) 330-9020
It’s a classified ney's fees, Substitute
Trustee's fees and ex- PUBLISH: 12/19/2018, Quarter (SW 1/4) of
Door of the County
Courthouse of Lowndes grees 25 minutes East Court in Mort Book
said Chancery Clerk of
12/26/2018 & said Section 12, Town- County, located at 505 28.88 feet to a point; adp/F14-1801
rule-of-thumb: Let your
penses of sale.
1/2/2019 ship 18 South, Range 2nd Avenue North, run thence North 79 de- and
2013 at Page 29423;
18 West and run thence Columbus, MS 39701, grees 15 minutes West PUBLISH: 12/12/2018,
We tell readers fingers do the NOW, THEREFORE, I,
Scot P. Goldsholl, Sub- North along the Quarter to the highest and best 525.0 feet to a point; WHEREAS, by various 12/19/2018 &
walking. section line for a dis- thence North 00 de- assignments on record 12/26/2018
what they need Find your
stitute Trustee, will on
January 9, 2019, offer Shop tance of 852 feet to the
bidder for cash or certi-
fied funds the following grees 25 minutes East said Deed of Trust was
initial point of the prop- described property situ- 50.8 feet to the point of ultimately assigned to
to know to buy dream job in
for sale at public outcry
to the highest bidder for Classifieds erty herein described ated in Lowndes beginning, all lying in LPP Mortgage LTD by in-
what they need. the classifieds! cash, within legal hours and conveyed; thence
continuing North along
County, State of Missis- the Northwest Quarter strument recorded in
(NW 1/4) of Section 17, the office of the afore-
(between the hours of sippi, to-wit:
11:00 a.m. and 4:00 the quarter section line Township 20 South, said Chancery Clerk in
p.m.) at the front door for a distance of 105 Lot One(1) of an unre- Range 17 West, Mortgage Book 2010 at
8B Wednesday, December 19, 2018 The Dispatch •
Building & Remodeling 1120 Bargain Column 4180 Apts For Rent: West 7050 Commercial Property For
Rent 7100

STRUCTION WORK Toddler Bed with mat- OFFICE SPACE: 2,000

WANTED. Carpentry, tress $99. Will deliver. square feet. 294
small concrete jobs, Call (662)364-6520. Chubby Dr. Flexible leas-
electrical, plumbing, ing terms. Available
roof repairs, pressure Apartments now. 662-328-8254
washing and mobile
home roof coating and
Farm Equipment & Supplies
underpinning. No job
too small. 549-7031. 1 Bedrooms Columbus Office, Retail,
2016 JOHN Deere
5100E Tractor, 210
2 Bedroooms Restaurant Space avail-
able. Call 662-328-
SUGGS CONSTRUCTION hours. $46,500. 3 Bedrooms 8655 or 662-574-7879.
Building, remodeling, Also, 2016 15ft
metal roofing, painting
& all home repairs.
Kubota Bush hog avail. Furnished & Houses For Rent: Northside
662-242-3471 Unfurnished 7110

Tom Hatcher, LLC 1, 2, & 3 Baths 2 AVAILABLE: 2BR/1BA
near CAFB. $450/mo +
Firewood / Fuel 4450
Custom Construction, Lease, Deposit $350 dep. 662-889-
Restoration, Remodel-
ing, Repair, Insurance FIREWOOD FOR Sale. & Credit Check 1122.
claims. 662-364-1769. Various lengths. BLUECUTT ESTATES:
Licensed & Bonded
3BR/2BA, ch/a, double
garage, chain link
General Services 1360 fenced backyard, newly
General Merchandise 4600
MUSIC THEORY LES- Apts For Rent: Starkville 7070 remodeled.
APPLE COMPUTERS For Rent: $900/mo. or
$25 per hour Two 2009 iMac com- SMALL APT, walking dis- For Sale: $115,000.

Chords, Scales, Modes puters available. Good tance to MSU. Partially 662-352-4776. YESTERDAY’S ANSWER
working condition. furnished incl W/D w/
& more! Call Jimbo @
Find Sudoku
662-364-1687 Would be good for ba- ch/a. $500/mo + dep. Houses For Rent: New Hope YESTERDAY’S
If no answer leave sic web browsing or Call 662-722-0020, 7130 Sudoku is a number-
voicemail or text. word processing. 2Ghz; leave msg or text.
placing puzzle based on
Sudoku is a number-
8 5 6 7 4 3 9 1 2
2 GB RAM; 250 GB HD. 4BR/2BA, 1.25 Acres
Computer and built-in Apts For Rent: Other 7080 Christopher Hills Sub;
What agiven9x9 grid with several
placing puzzle based on 7 1 4 9 5 2 3 8 6

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
monitor only; mouse $197K (15K below ap-
way, foundation, con-
and keyboard not in- 1BR/1BA located in His- praisal). New Hope
a 9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 2 9 3 1 8 6 5 4 7
You’re 1 to 9 in the empty spaces
crete, masonry restora- given numbers. The object
tion, remodeling, base-
cluded. $50 each. toric Downtown Colum- School District. Avail- is to place the numbers 9 7 5 3 6 8 1 2 4
Call 662-574-1561 bus, Open space, very able to rent $1,000/ is to place the numbers
ment foundation, re-
pairs, small dump truck nice. $650/mo. 662- mth - must meet minim-
1 to 9 in the empty spaces 4 3 1 2 9 7 8 6 5
hauling (5-6 yd) load &
demolition/lot cleaning.
Burr Masonry

2BR/2BA located in
um credit/income re-
quirements. Military
families welcome. Move
Looking socolumn
that each row, each
so that each row, each
and each 3x3 box
column and each 3x3 box
6 8 2 5 1 4 7 3 9
VINTAGE BIKE, Can- contains the same number 3 4 8 6 7 9 2 5 1
662-242-0259. Historic Downtown in ready. Dep $500 plus
nondale Road Bike, pro- Columbus. 2,000 sq. first month’s rent. Hot contains the same number
only once. The difficulty
fessionally recondi- feet. Hardwood floors tub, detached apart- only once. The difficulty 5 6 7 8 2 1 4 9 3
WORK WANTED: tioned. $275. Call 662- throughout. Open floor. ment, & large wired level increases from
Licensed & Bonded-car-
pentry, painting, & de-
molition. Landscaping,
251-3205. Very nice. $1300/mo.
Call 662-328-8655 or
shop. Contact James
Thompson @ 662-574-
In Monday to Sunday.
level increases from
Monday to Sunday.
1 2
Difficulty Level
9 4 3 5 6 7 8

gutters cleaned, bush Sporting Goods 4720
hogging, clean-up work, GREAT LOCATION to
pressure washing, mov- 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart-
ED SANDERS Gunsmith ments & townhouses. school, clean, 2BR/
ing help & furniture
repair. 662-242-3608
Open for season! 9-5,
Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat.
Call for more info. 1BA, a/c, gas heat, w/d CLASSIFIEDS
662-328-8254. hook up. No pets, no
Over 50 years experi- HUD. 662-327-2798.
Lawn Care / Landscaping ence! Repairs, cleaning, Lv msg after 3rd ring,
refinishing, scopes DOWNTOWN - WALK to
1470 MUW, church & shops! available for showing.
mounted & zeroed,
handmade knives. 2BR/1BA, central H&A, Lots & Acreage 8600
JESSE & BEVERLY'S hardwood. No Pets, no Houses For Rent: South 7140
LAWN SERVICE. Mow- Located: Hwy 45 Alt,
smoking, no HUD. Avail- UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY!
ing, cleanup, landscap- North of West Point, able January. $675/ 3BR/2BA, 2300 sqft,
ing, sodding, & tree cut- turn right on Yokahama very nice w/ 2 car gar- A Stable growth invest-
Blvd, 8mi & turn left on $675. Credit check. ment. FSBO: 72 Acres
ting. 356-6525. Call Long & Long Real age, lg back yard. Pets
Darracott Rd, will see need approval. 1612 in Webster Co., near
sign, 2.5mi ahead shop Estate, 662-328-0770. Mantee. Mature pines
Painting & Papering 1620 on left. 662-494-6218.
9th St. S. $1,050 per
(75yr), hardwoods
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, mo + dep. 662-574- (50yr), 10ac hay field,
SULLIVAN'S PAINT CH&A, 1 story, W/D, 7879 or 662-328-8655.
SERVICE 2ac pond, w/county
historic district, 1 block road frontage/utilities,
Certified in lead Pets 5150 from downtown, $625/ Houses For Rent: Starkville
removal. Offering spe- superb potential home
cial prices on interior & AKC REGISTERED mo. + $625 dep. NO 7170 site & recognized
exterior painting, pres- Chesapeake Bay PETS. 662-574-8789. school. 45 minutes to
sure washing & sheet Retrievers. Great Peaceful & Quiet area. 2BR/1BA house w/ 2 MSU. 334-277-9744.
rock repairs. acres in county. 3 miles
hunting, guard & com- from Strk, 5 miles from
Free Estimates panion dogs. $1000 ea. FIRST FULL MONTH
Call 435-6528 Call 662-574-7879. RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed- MSU South Entrance, HUNTING LAND IN
room Apts/Townhomes. W/D, carport. SMALL PICKENS COUNTY, AL
Stove & refrigerator. dogs ok w/ deposit. 93 acres on County
Plumbing 1680 $335-$600 Monthly. Great for grad student Road 47 (Gordo 159 to
ACME, INC. Credit check & deposit. or professor. Non- County Road 47. Turn
CKC REGISTERED Male Coleman Realty, smoking. $700/mo. left & land is on the
Stan McCown Utilities not included.
Licensed Plumber toy poodle. Perfect for 662-329-2323. left). Paved road ac-
Christmas. $500. Call 662-617-5601. cess. Mostly level.
662-386-2915 662-549-7809. (NOW ACCEPTING Price: $204,600.
APPLICATIONS) Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 Linda Pruett, Keller
Williams Realty Tusca-
Stump Removal 1790 2BR/1BA Trailer. 129 loosa, 205-657-5330.
Downtown Area- Brownlee Dr. $500
2BR/1BA, CH&A, hard- per mo. $350 dep.
wood, appliances, no Call 662-295-3262.
pets, spacious, walk to LOWNDES COUNTY 45
MUW. NO HUD. acres on Sobley & Dav-
Agent Owned. 3BR/2BA Trailer, New is Rd. Excellent hunting.
$675.00/$675.00. Hope school dist. 1 mile west of Hwy. 69.
CKC REGISTERED Pup- $500/mo & $500 dep. Small creek runs thru
pies! Ready for Christ- Convenience- Call between 10a-7p. property. $1375 per
ALLSTUMP GRINDING mas! Call or text for 2BR/1BA, almost fin- 662-386-4292. acre. 205-799-9846 or
SERVICE info, 662-305-5584. ished make-over. CH/A, NO TEXT MESSAGES. 205-695-2248.
GET 'ER DONE! new flooring, paint, ap-
We can grind all your pliances & more. No RENT A fully equipped
stumps. Hard to reach pets, no HUD. camper w/utilities &
places, blown over Business Opportunity 6050
Agent Owned. cable from $145/wk -
roots, hillsides, back- $495.00/$495.00. $535/month. Colum- WINTER SPECIAL
yards, pastures. Free HISTORIC DOWNTOWN 1.95 acre lots.
Columbus: 411 Main bus & County School
estimates. You find it, West Point- locations. 662-242- Good/bad credit.
we'll grind it! St. Office, Retail, Res- 10% down, as low as
taurant Space available. Large 1BR/1BA, gas 7653 or 601-940-1397.
662-361-8379 space heat, window air. $299/mo. Eaton Land.
Call 423-333-1124. 662-361-7711
Water furnished. No Houses For Sale: Northside
Tree Services 1860 pets or HUD. 8150
Agent Owned.
A&T Tree Service Apts For Rent: Northside 7010 $375.00/$375.00 with 2622 CANTERBURY - Campers & RVs 9300
Bucket truck & stump approved application.
removal. Free est. FOX RUN COMPANY LLC Enjoy the quiet conveni-
1 & 2 BR near hospital. ence of this partially up- TOMBIGBEE RV Park,
Serving Columbus Long & Long, Realtors located on Wilkins Wise
since 1987. Senior $595-645/mo. Military dated home. Features
662-328-0770 include a wonderful Rd & Waverly Rd. Full
citizen disc. Call Alvin @discount offered, pet
area, pet friendly, and shaded back yard, Hookups available.
"We'll go out on a limb
for you!"
furnished corporate
apartments available.
COLEMAN covered patio, screened
porch, raised flower
$300/mo. 662-328-
8655 or 662-574-7879.
ON SITE SECURITY. RENTALS beds, and a well for
ON SITE MAINTENANCE. duty free watering. Ex-
J&A TREE REMOVAL tremely spacious and Trailers & Heavy Equipment
Work from a bucket
1 BEDROOM reduced to $135,000. 9450 ACROSS
truck. Insured/bonded. SURVEILLANCE.
Call Jimmy for a free es- Benji @ 662-386-4446
2 BEDROOMS Call Emily C. Moody for
timate 662-386-6286. 3 BEDROOMS aLong private viewing. 1999 MACK Dump 1 Stadium sound
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. & Long, Realtors
Sat/Sun by appt only. @ 662-328-0770 or
Truck & 30,000lb Trail- 5 Supermarket aid
boss Tag-A-Long Trailer,
LEASE, 9 Stage direction
© The Dispatch

VICKERS TREE 662-574-3903. both good condition.
Tree trimming and re- DEPOSIT Can be seen at 5356 11 Stationery buy
Investment Property 8550 Hwy 182 E, Columbus.
moval. Fully insured. AND Call 662-328-6203 or 12 “Step aside, I’ll
Free estimates. STUDIO APT for rent. GRAVEL FOR SALE on 662-574-6202. do it”
*Now Accepting Credit Newly remodeled. CREDIT CHECK private property. Approx
& Debit Cards* $400/mth rent & dep 6 acres. Will sell or
13 Friendliness
Call Curt 662-418-0889 req. Convenient to town 14 Here, to Henri
or 662-549-2902 & CAFB. No hud. No 662-329-2323 lease property located
in NE Noxubee County. Five Questions: 15 Floor covers
“A cut above the rest” pets. 662-328-2340. 601-405-3717.
17 They make
2411 HWY 45 N
General Help Wanted 3200
Lots & Acreage 8600 1 Beer cameos
19 Guest’s bed
Noweta's Green Thumb 2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
is accepting applica- 149 Tanyia Lane. Off of 20 Peruses
tions for 2 positions:
delivery personnel &
Commercial Property For Lake Lowndes Road.
Has asphalt drive &
2 Tycho 21 Capitol Bldg.
Rent 7100 figure
general help. Driver
must know the area & 117 DR. Martin Luther
parking, 1200 ft. shop
w/ living area, septic
Brahe 22 Comb parts
have good driving his-
tory. Apply in person @
King Jr. Dr. West in tank & water meter. No 24 Possesses
Starkville. 4,000 sq. ft trailers. $45,000. Call
26 Grammatical
1325 Main St.
M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1. building. Call 662-323-
3W objects
3 Duds organism
No phone calls.
3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab- 29 Take in
COMMERCIAL PROPER- lished trailer lots. Play- 4 “Man on the 27 Utah neighbor
Medical / Dental 3300 TIES/Retail/Office ground. Located on 4 100,000 30 Blocs
32 Wrist bones
Moon” band 28 Christian of “Mr.
the News
Spaces starting @ Morgan Lane. Off of
HELP WANTED $285/mo. Downtown & Harris Road. Caledonia 5 Scout’s base Robot”
34 Kilmer of “The
East Columbus loca- Schools. $25,000. 6 For each 29 Muffler’s kin
tions. 662-435-4188. 662-574-0345. 5 Deep Blue Doors”
7 Star of the 1984 30 Ref’s decision
ABERDEEN 35 Island ring
Houses For Sale: Other 8500 Olympics 31 Snow gliders
11-7 LPN needed this 36 Make a speech
8 Secret meeting 33 Entreated
PRN (as needed) LPN's 38 Defy authority
10 Fall back 37 Vault part
Apply in person at NewspapeR 39 Was partial
11 Golf goals
Care Center 40 Wilma’s husband
16 Weapons store
505 Jackson St, 41 Cell feature
Aberdeen 18 Brewery sights
EOE 21 Close
Apts For Rent: Other 7080 23 Some sculptures
1 Museum piece
24 Fastball, in slang
2 Like some
25 Oxygen-thriving

Log cabin