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ASSISTING LOCAL. GovERNNEITS ‘sce 1998. LAW OFFICES OF EILEEN EAKINS, LLC December 10, 2018 BY CERTIFIED MAIL Mary Eng RE: Employee Complaint Dear Ms. Eng: This office represents the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District in Seaside, Oregon, If you are represented by an attorney, please provide him or her with this firm's contact information. Ms. Eng, the board and staff of the District wish to acknowledge and express sympathy for your strong feelings relating to an incident that occurred between you and a District employee, Chris Duffy, at an off-site location during non-work hours in July of 2017. On multiple occasions, through phone calls, private meetings with staff, and at public meetings of the board of directors, you have articulately and consistently expressed your position. It is the District's understanding that you reported the incident to law enforcement officials at the time it oceurred, which was appropriate given your concerns, but that no charges were brought against Mr. Duffy relating to that incident. It is also the District’s understanding that you would like Mr. Duffy to apologize to you for behavior that you found to be inappropriate. However, Mr. Dufly understands the incident differently and has declined to do so. Mr. Duffy has been employed with the District since April 2017. Prior to his hiring, the District's required criminal background check revealed no criminal offenses. Since then, except for the concern you expressed which we have been unable to substantiate, he has been an excellent employee and the District has received no reports of inappropriate conduct by Mr. Dufly while on or off-duty. Therefore, there is no legal basis to take disciplinary action against him. This is apparently a private disagreement between you and Mr. Dufly, and the District ean provide no recourse for you. This letter gives formal notice that continued complaints against Mr. Dufly at his workplace rise to the level of harassment against a District employee. We respectfully request that you cease and desist from engaging in this conduct or the District will take legal action against you. SW Bridgeport Road, Suite 205, Tigard, Oregon 97224