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** PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COPY ** rom 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 501(c), £27, or 4947(a}(1) ofthe Internal Revenue Code (excent private foundations) D> Do not enter social security numbers on this form as it may be made public, Bean is POET Tngpection 'A For the 2017 calendar year, or ax year beginning and ending B cay [C Name of organization 1D Employer identification mumber “st |" CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS (Cises* |_IN WASHINGTON, INC. (Else. [Doing business as 03-0445391 (Weis, | Number and street (or P.0. box i mills not delverad to steet adress) Roomisuite | & Telephone number (ae, | 455 MASSACHUSETTS AVE., NW (202) 408-55 2 | ot ortown, stato or province, county, and ZIP or foreign postal code Somers 7,779,865. (tn*| WASHINGTON, DC 20001 ‘fa Is this group retum [here |e name and address of principal officer NOAH BOOKBINDER for subordinates? [Ives LX] No mise |SAME AS C ABOVE __ Hib) neat sires tieolYes [_]No jaxcoxompt status: [J 5011018) [_] sot Tet Gusetinoy [Taser oT 1827] No attach alist. (808 instructions) ‘J Website: > WH. CITIZENSFORETHICS . ORG H(e) Group exemption number D> i Foun ganz: [3] Corporation [Tras [art Summary Assooain [Ota Tr Yoo of tomaton: 200 2] M State ofa) domicile: DE 8 1 Briefly describe the organization's mission or most significant activities: SEE PART III, LINE 1. E| 2 Grockthasbox b> [litho organaation cissontinucd fs operations or iaposed of more than 25H of is net assets. | Number of voting member of the covering body (Part ne 1a) 3 10 S Number ot dependent voting members ofthe governing body (Part ino 1) 4 __10 8 | 8 Total number of individuals employed in calendar year 2017 (Part V, ine 2a) 5 31 | 6 Total numberof volunteers (estimate necessary) 6 11 | 7 Total unrelated busines rovenuo rom Pat Vl, cota () kno 12 ra 0. bb Not unralated businass taxable income from Form S60-T, ine 34 ae 7 oO. Prior Year Current Year gg| ® Contibutons and rants Patt re 1h) 1,853,672. 7,773,524. 8 Program service revenue (Part Vill ine 2g) 73,797,] 800. i 10. Investment income (Part Vill, column (A), lines 3, 4, and 7d) 662.1 3,534. 11° Other revenue (Part Vill, column (A), fines 5, 64, 8, 90, 10c, and 116) 0 oO. 42 Total revenue - add lines 6 through 11 (must equal Part Vill, column (A), fine 12) 1,928,131. 7,777,858. 13° Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, column (A), ines 1-3) 0. oO. 14 Benofits paid to or for membors (Part IX, column (Aj, line 4) 0. Oo. | 15. Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits (Part, column (ines 5-10) 1,327,044.| 3,054,574. B | 16a Professional fundraising fees (Part IX, column (A, ine 116), 695,156. 2B» tora uncrating expenses art conn ©). ine 25) 957,725. = 17 Other expanses (Part IX, column (A), lines 11a-11d, 11f24e) 449 682. 1,939,453. 18 Total expenses. Add fines 13-17 (must equal Part [X, column (4). line 25) 1,995,677. 4,689,183. 19 Revenue lass expenses. Subtract ine 18 from line 12 67,546.) 3,088,675. 4 Beginning of Current Ye End of Year, 3 20 Total assets [Part X, line 18) 735,315. 4,053,473. 22) 21 Total ibis Par x, Ine 26) 179,580. 409,063. 2 sts octund balances. Subtract tne 21 fom in 3 555,735.1 3,644,410. [Parti { Signature Block Under penalties of perry, dere that have exained this eur, incuing aocompanying schedules and statements, ard the hes of my Krowage and beets ie Ee ee ee eee Type cr pt name a tle tu, co nd coi pirate oar ae ta oe based ona nano wc pep Ras ay knw. ae 2— TF SIPAE/) » Go 4 it = Bogen onl" Ta a OW [ss |12l ss | PDOS4 27 a~ Proparer [Fua'snana y GELMAN, ROSENBERG & PREED! Use onty |Frm’sedcrssy 4550 MONTGOMERY AVE SUITE 650N BETHESDA, MD 20814-2930 Ree Til, FimisEINp 52-1392008 May the IRS discuss ys return withthe preparer shown above? (ees instructions) LLHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Phoreno.(301) 951-9090 Lx Form 990 (2017) CITIZENS POR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS For 990 2017) IN WASHINGTON, INC. 03-0445391 Page? Part if] Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Check i Schedule O contains a response or note to any tin in this Part a 1 Bry deserve the oiganzation’s mission CREW_USES AGGRESSIVE LEGAL ACTION, IN-DEPTH RESEARCH, AND BOLD COMMUNICATIONS TO HELP FOSTER A GOVERNMENT THAT IS ETHICAL AND ACCOUNTABLE AND TO REDUCE THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY IN POLITICS. (CONTINUED ON SCHEDULE 0) Z ‘2 Did the organization undertake any signieant program services during the year which were not sted onthe ‘prior Form 290 or 990E2? Coves Exo Ines." descibe these new services on Schedule O Dd the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducte, eny program services”, [yes [no Wo," describe these changes on Schedule ©. 4 Describe the organization's program service accomplishments for each ofits thee largest program services, as measured by expences, Section 501/¢}3} and 501(c)(4) organizations are required to report the amount of grants and akocations to othare, the total exnensos, and even, if any, foreach program service repetod, 43 (coun Vlewnaes___ 1,512,261. vasmgamat > (ovens D EDUCATION: CREW HAS WORKED TO EDUCATE THE PUBLIC ABOUT UNETHICAL CONDUCT ON THE PART OF PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND THOSE WHO SEEK TO INFLUENCE THEM, THE THREAT THIS CONDUCT POSES TO OUR DEMOCRACY, AND THE CORRUPTING INFLUENCE OF MONEY IN POLITICS. IT HAS PUBLICIZED INSTANCES OF THESE KINDS OF ABUSES AND BROADER PATTERNS OF UNETHICAL CONDUCT AND IMPROPER OR_EXCESSIVE INFLUENCE. THE ORGANIZATION'S ACTIVITIES HAVE BEEN HIGHLIGHTED IN PRINT, BROADCAST, AND ONLINE NEWS SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD. IT ALSO MAINTAINS WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS THAT PUBLICIZE ITS ACTIVITIES. CREW HAS ALSO PUBLISHED IN DEPTH REPORTS ON GOVERNMENT ETHICS AND CORRUPTION ISSUBS AND ON THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY IN POLITICS BASED ON ITS OWN RESEARCH CONTINUED ON SCHEDULE 0: - 4 (Coie Vemmmes__1,645,270. nevaromnats Y oneran 800.) LEGAL: CREW HAS ENGAGED IN LARGE SCALE LITIGATION TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH KEY_ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY LAWS INCLUDING THE CONSTITUTION'S EMOLUMENTS CLAUSES, THE FEDERAL RECORDS ACT, AND THE PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT, CREW HAS FILED NUMEROUS ETHICS COMPLAINTS AND ADMINISTRATIVE AND LEGAL COMPLAINTS WITH THE OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS, THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, AND OTHER AGENCIES AGAINST EXECUTIVE BRANCH OFFICIALS AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS; CREW HAS ALSO FILED COMPLAINTS WITH THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION, THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, AND OTHER AGENCIES CONCERNING VIOLATIONS OF FINANCE AND TAX LAWS BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND THOSE WHO SEEK TO INFLUENCE THEM, AS WELL_AS BY CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE AND POLITICAL OR NON-PROFIT. ORGANIZATIONS. (CONTINUED ON SCHEDULE 0) é 40 (co _ eomes Incong arts Y Weveses y ‘44 Otier program senices (Describe i Schedulo 0) fesosns peudeoautect Loewe ) 49 Tota program sence expenses “3,157,531. Fern 890 (2017) yaseo $1.90-9 SEE SCHEDULE 0 FOR CONTINUATION(S) 2 15501113 745960 06605 2017.04030 CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY 06605_1 CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS 90,2017) IN WASHINGTON, INC. 03-0445391 _ PegeS Part IV | Checklist of Required Schedules aE Yes] Ni 1 Isthe organization described in section S01(0K9) or 4947lt) (ther than a private foundation)? | Yes," complete Schedule A atx] 2. Is tho organization roqued to eampiste School B, Schedule af Gantrbutor? 2 [x 8 Did the ganization engage in tect or indirect poltical campaign actives on behalf of orn opposition to candidates for pubke fice’? "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 3 x 4 Section £013) organizations. Di the organization engage In ebying actos, ox havea section SUT) elton n afect luring tho tax your? if "Ye," complete Schedule O, Part i a |x '5 te the organization a saction St(cH4), 501KX5), oF 501() organization that receives membership dues, assessments, of simiar amounts as defined in Ravonue Procedure 88-1971 "Yes," cempible Schedule C Part il Ls x {8 Dit he organization maintain any donor asod funds cr any similar funds or accounts for which doners have the ight to provide advice on the cstbution oiavastment of amounts in such funds or accounts? If Yes," complete Schedule O, Pat! |_ 6 x 77 Did the organization receive or hold a conservation easement, inciusing easements to preserve opon space, tho envronmont, rst land arae, o histori erutures? If *¥eo,* complete Schedule D, Part z x {8 Did the organization maintain coloctions of works of art historical easures, or other simala assets? Yes,” compete Sched, Pat 8 x ‘© Di the organization report an aunt Part X ine 21, or escrow o estodal account kabity, sar ae a custodian for “mounts act liste in Pat X: or provide crit counseling, debt management, ret repait, oF debt negotiation services? 1#°es," complete Schedule D, Part V 2 x 40 Did the exganization,crectl or through a related organization, hold assets in temporary resticted endowments, permanent ‘ercdowments, or quasiendowments? I "Yes," complete Schedule 0, Part V 11 tthe organization's answer to any ofthe folowing questions i "Yes." thon compete Sched O, Pats VL, Vi Vil IK oF X as applicable 2 id the organztion roport an amount for and, buleings, and equipmantin Pat X ne 10? 1 *¥6," complete Schedule D, Part vi sta] X bb Did the orgenization report an amount for vestments other securities n Pant X ne 12 tht 8696 oF more of Rs total assets reported in Part X, tne 187 If "Yes," complete Schedule D, Pat Vii aw| |x © Gia the organzation repent an amount for nvestmants - program related in Pat X tne 19 that is 6% or mor of ts total assels reported in PartX, ine 18? If "Yes," complet Schedule, Part Vil tel | x 4 D4 the organization report an amount for ther assets in Part X, tne 15 thats 5% oF moro of ts toll assets reported in Pan x, ine 162 Yes," compte Schedule Part ata|_| x «© Di the organization report an amourt fo other Fablisin Par X, ne 257 Yes," complete Schedulo D, Pat X tel X {id the organizations separate cr consolidated financial statomonts or he ax year include a footnote that addressee the organization’ abit for uncertain tax postions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? I "os," completo Scheu D, Part X st| x ‘2a, Did the organization obtain eeparae, independent auited financial statement forthe tex year? I'Yes,* complete ‘Schedule D, Parts XI and Xt taal X Was tne organization incued in consolidated, independent avatadfancal statements forthe tax year? {1 °Yes," andi tne organization answered "No* to ine 12a, then completing Schoduie D, Parts XI end Xie optional vol |x 413. the organization a school described in section 17O(0KTKAN? I "Yes," complet Schedule 18 x ‘4a_ Did te organization maintain an offce, empioyees, or agents outside ofthe United States? seal |X 'b Dc the organization have aggregate revenues or expanses of more than $10,000 from grantmaking, fundraising, business, investment, and program service activities outside the United States, or aggregate foreign vestments valued at $100,000 cor mor? f Yes," complete Schedule F, Pats and sw| | x 418 Did the organization report on Part IX, cokimn (A, ne 3, more than $5,000 of grants or other assistance to o er ary foreign organization? 1 "Yes," complet Schedule F, Parts Hand iV 16 x 416 Did the organization report on Part, column (A), ne 3. more than $5,000 of agaregete grants or ether acsstance to 6 fo foreign indveuals? If -Yes,* compete Scheie F, Parts tar V 16 x 474 the organization report atta et more than $15,000 of expanees for pofesscnalundrasing sori on Part column (A), nes 6 and 116? I*¥es," complete Schedule G, Pert a\|x 18 Di the organization report more than $15,000 total ol undrasing event gross ncome and contrat on Pat Vl, nes ‘and Ba? if "es," complete Schedule G, Part I Le] |x 10 Di mo organization report moro than 815,000 of gross income irom gaming aetutes on Par Vl, ine 03? Yo,” complete Schedule G, Parti 19 x Form 990 (2017) 3 15501113 745960 06605 2017.04030 CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY 06605__1