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Gained Pain

Demos just

Stole a nine year

Old angel’s innocence

She Search for her innocence

Like a mother would search for her

missing child Not once not once not twice

But more than she can count the demon lost,

But gained power in fact, she lost her happiness

On the day demon raped me she lost everyhting that day

All she gained was pain She forgot and lost her childhood

Stolen by a man that was her mom’s firend This demon molested her

More than she could count on her hands and feet Other bastards hurted

Her left herwith evem more pain Every time it rains it feels like a bully

Everytime it rains it feels like a bullet Nobody there to support her or to be her

Protector after all, she will rise above everyone to gain her happiness Her life

Her childhood back by setting up an example for coming of age through telling

How she rise above everything happened on a long journey to gained her

Innocence back like riding a roller coaster for her life