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Department of Education

Leyte National High School

MAPEH Department

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH 9 P.E

November 5, 2018

Ara Bless M. Moreto Jose L. Cabataña III

Teacher Intern CTE

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the students are, expected to do the

a. Identify the different religious and non-religious festivals
and its festival dances in the Philippines;
b. Appreciate the festival dances in the Philippines;
c. Explain the importance of festival in the lives of Filipinos

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Festival Dances
Reference: Physical Education and Health 9 Learner’s Material
Materials: Visual aid

III. Procedure

A. Motivation
Show a video presentation about the topic.

B. Activity
Group the class into four. The teacher will give a matching type
activity with picture puzzle. The team, who solve the activity, will get
a high points and incentive.
C. Analysis
 Why do we need to learn the different festivals in our
 Why festival is important to the lives of Filipino?

D. Abstraction
 Why festivals?
 What are the two nature of festivals?
 Why do Filipinos do festivals?

 Festival dances are cultural dances performed to the strong beats of

percussion instruments by a community of a people sharing the same culture
usually done in honor of a Patron Saint or in thanksgiving of a beautiful
harvest. Festival dances may be religious or secular in nature. Festival
dances draw the peoples’ culture by portraying the peoples’ ways of life
through movements, costumes and implements inherent to their place of
origin. In addition, Filipinos do festivals primarily to celebrate, we also
celebrate our unity amidst the diversity of cultures and we celebrate our
industry bringing about a bountiful harvest.

E. Application
With the same groupings, the teacher will give an activity in a
form of quiz bee, the teacher will give questions that the students will
answer using a bond paper and marker. Each question has an
equivalent point.

IV. Evaluation
Give a ten item quiz.

V. Assignment
Recall the basic locomotor and non-locomotor movements together
with basic steps, and arm movements in folkdance. And study the elements
of movements in space.