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Department of Education

Leyte National High School

MAPEH Department

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH 9 P.E

December 3, 2018

Ara Bless M. Moreto Jose L. Cabatana III

Teacher Intern CTE

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the students are, expected to do the

a. Identify representative artist and distinct characteristics
of arts during the Neoclassic period;
b. Create artworks guided by techniques and styles of
Neoclassic art traditions;
c. Appreciate the artworks in Neoclassic period

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Neoclassic Period
Reference: Music and Arts Learners’ Material 9
Materials: Visual aid

III. Procedure

A. Review
The teacher will ask the students about their previous topic.

B. Motivation
The teacher will present a crossword puzzle.
C. Activity
The teacher will present a word pool, students will classify the
terms, artworks, and artists into the two periods (Neoclassical or
Romantic) where they belong. They will write their answers in two

D. Analysis
 What can you say about neoclassic period?
 Why is it important to learn the art history of neoclassic

E. Abstraction
This time, the teacher will discuss the Romantic period and the
difference between Neoclassical and Romantic styles.
F. Application
The students will choose their own partners. They will paint or
sketch an illustration showing the ideas of Romantic painting. Observe
the usage of and application of the elements of arts.

IV. Evaluation
The output of the students will be assessed using the rubric:

CRITERIA 5 4 3 2
1-2 instructions 3-4 instructions most of the
all instructions
QUALITY OF were not were not instructions were
will followed
ARTWORKS followed followed not followed
correctly correctly correctly
Artwork mostly Artwork did not
Artwork convey somehow
convey the orderly conveys
the ideas and convey the
VISUAL IMPACT idea and the ideas and
dimensions of ideas and
dimensions of dimensions of
landscape dimensions of
landscapes landscape
Artwork was Artwork was Artwork was Artwork was
PUNCTUALITY submitted on submitted 1 submitted 2 submitted 3 days
time day late days late late
Artwork Artwork Artwork
NEATNESS presentation presentation presentation was
was neat and
was mostly was somehow disorderly
neat ad neat and
orderly. orderly

V. Assignment
Brings materials for tomorrows’ activity. Such as modeling clay,
soap, piece of wood, rock, wire or any usable and pliable medium. Use
cutter or scissors in carving out your art piece.