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Cruz 1

Esteban Cruz

Professor Brody

English 301

17 December 2018

Cover letter

The purpose of this portfolio is to show that I am able to apply student learning outcomes

through writing. There are many texts to choose from whether they were minor or major. In the

end, the three that stood out the most are definition essay, journal 2, peer review. I added them to

portfolio in that order, because I decided to organize them by which one had the most Student

learning outcomes to the least student learning outcomes. These documents represent that I was

able to apply what I learned in class. Also, they show I was able to execute these Student

Learning outcomes in a proper manner.

The definition paper on the musculoskeletal system is a great example that shows many

student learning outcomes. First, the paper shines the light on how to enter information and cite

ethically. For instance, the first paragraph of my definition essay shows how I included

information from the source into my essay and ethically cite the peer-reviewed source at the end.

Second, it displays rhetorical focus by writing formally for the audience. This is done by

formally explaining the term musculoskeletal system. Third, the language was proper for the

audience an average person would be able to understand and read the information about the

musculoskeletal system with no problem. To illustrate, in the fourth paragraph I used other terms

such as physical structure, muscular structure, Skeletal system and explained their meaning to

ease it for the audience. These terms are specific but not too scientific. Lastly, this composition
Cruz 2

shows that I can persuade the audience. To further explain, in the introduction paragraph I

clearly persuade how important this term is in kinesiology.

The next minor composition I decided to include in this portfolio of mine is a journal. I

chose the journal because it shows a learning outcome. For example, it fulfills the persuasive

arguments section by comparing three different types of narratives and explaining their unique

characteristics. This is found in the first paragraph of the journal that asks how these narratives

were different from others.

To close that I accomplished the six learning outcomes I decided to include a peer-

reviewed rubric. This minor text shows that I am able to collaborate with other classmates and

show organization. The way it shows collaboration is by showing that I am able to give

assistance in the comments section of the rubric that will allow my classmate to perfect a better

piece of writing. the way its shows organization is by looking at section four on the rubric. I give

a quick organization suggestion of how to organize an essay. Not only does this help my

classmate, but it also helps me take my advice to better perfect my organizational skills.

Although, this portfolio may have shown that I accomplished many of these outcomes

some of them still need work. For example, one of the areas that need more attention is the

organization section. In order for me to be successful in my future, I will need to have better

organizing skills. If I master all these outcomes, my future in writing will be bright.