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Greenergize India Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed company
making rapid strides in the domain of solar and renewable energy solutions in India. We
cater to a broad spectrum of customers as a contractor and systems Integrator for all solar
energy products.
Our core technology partnerships are as diverse as the solutions themselves; wherein each
solar power solution is specifically tailored to address a 'best fit' situation. Armed with
international tie-ups and expertise, we bring you the best of global solar technology,
products and solutions, with proven expertise as a solar developer, designing and
executing solar power projects, big and small.
Leveraging our linkages with the leading players in the domain of solar energy across the
world, we have a diverse portfolio of services ranging from Captive Solar Power farms,
Off-grid and Grid-tied Solar energy systems suited for both domestic and commercial
use, designed specifically for the Indian subcontinent.

We at Greenergize India integrate our technologies to attain maximum output and maintain
highest standards. Few of the system features include
 PV Modules with RFID tags
 High efficiency Solar Power Conditioning Unit
 Energy metering as per MNRE requirements
 Protection as per IEC standards
 System warranty for 5 years

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Bill of Materials Product Make/Specification Quantity

1. Solar Modules Canadian Solar 300- 20000W


2. Solar PCU UTL(OFF-Grid) 20KVA 240V (3Phase

in 3phase out)

3. Structure Hot dip G.I. Structure For 20KW

4. Wiring Havells / KEI As needed

5. Junction Box IP65 rated 1

Tailor Made

6. Lightning Arrestor 1

7. Battery (C10) Okaya 20


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Cost of 1KW Solar PV system 73,000 /-( in INR)

Cost of the 20KW Solar PV System 14,60000/- ( INR)

Terms and Conditions

1. The above price quoted are exclusive of taxes.

2. Operation and Maintenance included for 5 year in the above cost.
3. Scope of work a) Complete SPV system- Procurement, Design of the plant,
Installation and Commissioning.
4. Execution period – 20-30 days from date of receiving the work order and issuing
5. Transportation of the material till the project site is to be paid by the costumer.
6. Payment terms 50 % Advance, 40% at the erection of structure and panels 10% on
final commissioning.

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 Design & Engineering

A. System design
B. Engineering drawings
C. Detailed Bill of Materials & Project Report
 Procurement
A. Vendor sourcing
B. Enquiry generation
C. Ordering & follow up for delivery of materials
D. Invoice certification
 Electrical Works
A. Wiring of Modules
B. Cabling from modules to Combiner box
C. Combiner Box assembly
D. Cabling from Combiner box to Inverter
E. Cabling from Inverter to AC Distribution box
 Civil Work
A. Module structure installation

Thanks & Regards

Team Greenergize India Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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