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® Corporate advice

Project mandate

Project authorization
PRINCE2 processes v5.2 and decisions

Initiation notification

(activity view)
Project board Closure notification
request for advice

Give ad hoc direction

Authorize a 1. Project brief (A) 6. Specialist products* (confirm approval) 11. Exception plan (A)
Authorize Authorize
stage or 2. Initiation stage plan (A) 7. End stage report (A) 12. Highlight report (R)
initiation the project
DP exception plan 3. Lessons log (R) 8. Lessons report (distribute) 13. Exception report (R)
4. Project initiation documentation (PID) (A) 9. Follow on action recommendations* (distribute) 14. End project report (A)
Directing a project 5. Benefits management approach (A) 10. Stage plan (A)

Authority to Stage authorization

Exception plan 14 Exception plan
Premature close
approved Project board advice request
initiate a project

Premature close Premature close

1,3,8,10,11,12 7, 9, 11
8,9 12, 15, Lessons log
Business case
Request to Request to Request to approve
initiate a project deliver a project next stage plan Request for advice

Request to approve
exception plan
Exception raised

SU IP SB 12 CP Closing a project
Starting up a project Initiating a project Managing a stage boundary
Stage boundary Plan the Products:
Appoint the Agree the approaching
next Produce an 1. Project initiation documentation (U)
executive & tailoring management exception plan 2. Configuration item records (CU)
project manager requirements stage 3. Next stage plan (C)
4. Risk register (U) 10
Prepare the Prepare the 5. Issue register (U)
risk quality Update the Update the 6. Quality register (U)
management management project plan business case 7. Project plan (U)
approach approach 8. Benefits management approach (U)
9. Business case (U)
Prepare the Prepare the 10. End stage report (C) Project end
Design and change communication Report 11. Lessons report (C) approaching
appoint the project control management management 12. Follow-on action recommendations* (C)
management team approach approach stage end 13. Exception plan (C)
14. Product status account (C)
Set up the
Prepare the Create the
outline project plan
business case

Select the Refine the

Assemble the CS
project initiation
project approach
& assemble the
business case
documentation Controlling a stage
project brief Products:
1. Project plan (U)
Products: 1. Work package (C)
2. Product status account (C)
1. Project controls* (C) Escalate 2. Configuration item records (CU)
Report highlights 3. Issue register (U)
2. Risk management approach (C) issues and risks 3. Issue register (U)
4. Additional work estimates* (C)
3. Risk register (CU) 4. Quality register (U)
5. Follow on action
4. Quality management approach (C) 5. Risk register (U)
recommendations* (C)
5. Quality register (C) 6. Team plan (AR) New issue 6. Configuration item records (U)
Products: 6. Change control approach (C) Stage boundary Review the Capture and 7. Stage plan (U)
Take 7. Benefits management
1. PM team role descriptions* (CU) 7. Issue register (CU) management examine 8. Checkpoint report (R)
corrective action approach (U)
2. PM team structure* (CU) 8. Communication management approach (C) stage status issues and risks 9. Lessons log (U)
New risk 8. Acceptance records* (obtain)
3. Daily log (CU) 9. Project plan (C) 10. Highlight report (C)
9. End project report (C)
4. Lessons log (C) 10. Configuration item records (CU) 11. Daily log (U)
10. Lessons report (C)
5. Outline business case (C) 11. (Detailed) business case (C) Review 12. Issue report (C)
Authorize a Receive completed 11. Draft project closure notification*
6. Project product description (C) 12. Benefits management approach (C) work package 13. Exception report (C)
work package work packages (prepare)
7. Project approach* (C) 13. PM team role descriptions* (U) status 14. Risk* (raise)
12. Risk register (close)
8. Project brief (C) 14. PM team structure* (U) 15. Issue* (raise)
13. Quality register (close)
9. Initiation stage plan (C) 15. Project initiation documentation (C) 16. Product status account (C)
14. Issue register (close)
15. Daily log (close)
16. Lessons log (close)

Authority to deliver a
KEY A PRINCE2 process. Products which are not
For more copies of this wall chart, or for information about PRINCE2 management products are shown by a *.
work package

PRINCE2 training, contact Knowledge Train at: PP The products used in a process are specified
as followed:
PRINCE2 process (A) - Approved
(C) - Created
+44(0)20-7148-5985 (R) - Reviewed 8 Completed (U) - Updated work package Activity
This is an activity. Each process comprises a number
of activities.

This is an event or decision that triggers another process MP Products:

1. Team plan (CU)
Trigger or is used to notify corporate orprogramme management. Managing product delivery 2. Quality register (U)
3. Work package (AU)
4. Risk* (raise)
The arrow shows which process is triggered by the event.
5. Project issue (raise)
Accept a Execute a Deliver a 6. Specialist products* (C)
work package work package work package 7. Configuration item records (U)
These show the products output from one process to
8,9 another.
8. Checkpoint report (C)
9. Approval records* (obtain)

® ®
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