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PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: September 2018

Language and Literacy SESE Mathematics and Numeracy
o Pencil grip & scissor grips Science History Geography o Numeral identification and writing
o Cursive handwriting o Healthy habits; o Myself o Getting to o Rote counting forwards and backwards
o Free-Writing sleeping, exercising, o All About Me know new o Counting Can
o First Steps Genre: Narrative drinking water, eating o Personal school o Number word sequences
o Who, What, When, Where concepts healthy food milestones o School o Ordering number (non-sequential)
o CV words and CVC words o Body Parts: Mouth, o My community o Number before/after
o Capital letters teeth, tongue photos/Items o Local o Target Board – What number am I thinking of?
o Alphabetical Order o Healthy lunches o My personal community o Creating, adding sets
o Phonological Awareness timeline o People at work o Place Value (TU & HTU)
o PM Assessment o Days of the week & today/tomorrow/yesterday
o High Frequency sight words
o Listening & listening skills
o Oral Language: Personal Theme
o Poetry: Myself theme
Theme *Assessment of individual numeracy levels*
*Assessment of individual literacy levels*
Myself The Arts
Physical Education: Visual Arts Music Drama
o Ball Skills: {Monthly Focus: Settling in to new school} o Drawing - o Song: Peace o Drama
 Throwing and catching *Assessment* Self portrait like a River Contract
 Passing and catching o Paint & o Clapping call o Drama
 Dribbling Colour - & response Warm-Up
o Playground Games: Theory o Ukulele Games
 Duck, Duck, Goose lessons o Scenario
 Ship, Sea, Shore cards
Speech and Language Therapy SPHE Learn Together
o Observations and assessment o Introduction to YCDI Programme o Respect - meaning
o Healthy Habits of Mind o School rules, routines, behaviour
o Self-Identity: All About Me; Similarities/Differences; o Class Contract
o Developing Citizenship: Elections, Class Contract o School Elections
o Circle Time; Positivity o Peace
o World Peace Day (Song – Peace like a River)
o Mindfulness; Meditation
PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: September 2018