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PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: November 2018

Language and Literacy SESE Mathematics and Numeracy
o Cursive handwriting; Free-Writing Science History Geography Time:
o First Steps Genre: Narrative o Classify o Food in the past o Origins of food o Daily work on the Days of the week &
o Who, What, When, Where concepts edible/inedible o Food production o Farms and farmers today/tomorrow/yesterday; Day before/after
o Comprehension strategies: Prediction plants in the past - o People who work Subtraction:
and Retelling o Plants/parts of o Make brown in food production o Place Value (TU & HTU)
o Sequencing: Trip to Milanos/Lidl plants we eat bread & butter o Story of Milk - cow o Subtraction strategies
o Jolly Phonics sets 2-3 o Natural/processed in traditional to glass o Creating, subtracting sets (concrete materials)
o CV words and CVC words food manner o ‘Beans on toast’ o Mental subtraction – number facts etc
o Fry’s List sight words o Food pyramid o Farming in the story o Written subtraction incl. renaming (differentiated)
o Rhyming families: vowel+t; vowel+n o Expt: Bread past o Mapping - Trip to o Subtraction board games
o Listening & listening skills rotting obs o Shopping now the shops Weight:
o Novel: The Twits (White/brown) and long ago o Zoning of o Word map - Weight
o Picturebook: Handa’s Surprise o Expt: Impact of o Sequencing supermarkets o Vocab: weigh, weight, measure, scales, heavy,
o Vowels and consonants sugar on teeth Story of Milk light, heavier/lighter; heaviest/lightest; Kg
o Question–v–Statement(+punctuation) (cola on egg) o Categorise items as heavy/light
o Punctuation: full stop, question mark Theme o Compare items
o Conjunctions: because o Estimate and record weight of various items
o Poetry: Breakfast; My lunchbox; o Complete worksheets on weight
Popcorn! Excursions: SPHE
o Oral Language: Food theme games; o Milanos – pizza workshop o YCDI - Resilience
Pizza; Lidl trips; Travelling Ted – Tommy o Lidl – food storage, food o RSE Month
Triceratops categories, shopping for food o Healthy Eating
Speech and Language Therapy o Emotions – contd focus
o Therapy with SLT o Roots of Empathy - contd
Physical Education: Visual Arts Music Drama Learn Together
o Warm up games: Fruit Bowl; Jumping o Print - Andy o Rhythm: Cake- o Drama Games o Equality – Gender
Beans Game Warhol; food Cupcake e.g. What’s in o Do boys and girls like the same things?
o Topic; Dance theme o Action Song the fridge? o Gender stereotypes
- Magic Dust o Mr Twits beard ‘Form the o Handa’s o Jobs men/women do; does gender matter?
- Dance Bubble o Sketch food from banana’ Surprise - Role o ‘Because I am a girl’ campaign
- Body Shapes different angles o ‘Food Glorious play animals
- Body Jive o Clay food Food’ - Oliver o The Twits -
o Active Homework: Hopping sculptures o Ukulele lessons Scenes

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