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PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: January 2019

Language and Literacy SESE Mathematics and Numeracy
o Cursive handwriting; Free-Writing Science History Geography o Days of the week & today/tomorrow/yesterday
o First Steps Writing Genre: Report o Heat – o Personal clothes o Temperatures o Seasons of the year
o Comprehension strategy: Connections Temperature timeline around the world o Months of the year; No of days in each month
o Diagraphs ch, sh, th (evil h) o Thermometers o Clothes in past: - climate o The Calendar – months, dates, reading calendar
o CVC and CCVC/CVCC words o Clothes – - Prehistoric o Clothes around o Clock – parts of a clock – hands, face
o Fry’s List sight words weather - Ancient the world o Reading and expressing analogue time o’clock,
o Rhyming families: short vowels connection Civilization o Climate and half past, quarter to/past (differentiated)
o PM Readers; CVC readers o Materials - Medieval clothing links o Place Value (TU & HTU); Games
o Speaking & active listening skills o Insulators - Industrial o Materials used o Creating, subtracting sets
o Spelling – structured lists - 20th Century around the world o Mental addition and subtraction
o Novel: The Legend of Spud Murphy in clothing o Written addition and subtraction
o Picturebooks: Odd Socks; Dinosaurs **Heritage Week** o Addition and Subtraction board games
love Underpants o Ordinal Number (link with calendar)
o Pronouns: Me/you/he/she/they/we/it Themes
o Conjunctions continued
o Plurals (regular and irregular) SPHE
o Vocab: Clothes theme o YCDI – Getting Along
o Poetry: Clothes, Sock in the Gravy - Gabby Get Along
o Oral Language: Clothes theme naming - Good Friend/Bad Friend
types/parts, describing, categorising, o Stay Safe Programme
matching clothes to weather/seasons - Touches
o Talk Boost Programme - Secrets
- Say No, Get Away, Tell Someone
o Roots of Empathy - contd
*Speech and Language Therapy
Physical Education: Visual Arts Music Drama Learn Together
o G.A.A. o Weaving o Step into my o ‘The fashion o Human Rights
o Gymnastics o Construction - shoes show’ - Wants and Needs
- Travelling footwear o Clog Dance - planning - Rights and Responsibilities
- Jumping o Collaborative o My hat has three - missing - Right to Food, Clothing and a Home (Article 27)
- Crab/Caterpillar walk fabric & fibre piece corners clothes - Poverty
- Rolling o Annie: ‘Maybe’ - performance - Homelessness