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PETNS Short Term Planning Templates Teacher: Aoife McGonigle Class: Birch Class (DLD) Month: November 2018

Language and Literacy SESE Mathematics and Numeracy
o Cursive handwriting; Free-Writing Science History Geography o Target Board – What number am I thinking of?
o First Steps Genre: Narrative o Seasons: o Celebrations in o Celebrations o Days of the week & today/tomorrow/yesterday
o Who, What, When, Where concepts Winter the past: around the world: o Seasons of the year
o Comprehension strategy: Visualisation o Signs of Winter - Hanukkah - Hanukkah o Times of the day – morning, evening, night etc
using story ‘Are you there baby bear?’ o Hibernation - Christmas - Christmas o Clock – parts of a clock
o Jolly Phonics sets 4-7 (individual o Winter - Diwali - Diwali o Reading and expressing analogue time o’clock,
sounds, no diagraphs) Celebrations half past, quarter to/past (differentiated)
o CV words and CVC words - Hanukkah o Place Value (TU & HTU)
o Fry’s List sight words - Christmas o Place Value games
o Rhyming families: vowel+p; vowel+d - Diwali o Subtraction Word Map
o Listening & listening skills o Creating, subtracting sets
o Differentiating sentences & questions Themes o Mental subtraction
o Novel: The Twits o Written subtraction
o Pronouns: they/it (reinforce he/she) o Subtraction board games
o Conjunctions continued
o Poetry: Christmas Lights, O Hanukkah SPHE
o Oral Language: Celebration theme o YCDI - Resilience
o Active Listening o Feelings self-reflection
o Barrier games o Red/green light thinking
o PenPals and Skype with Monaghan o Catastrophe scale
o Emotions – contd focus
Speech and Language Therapy o Roots of Empathy - contd
o Therapy with SLT
Physical Education: Visual Arts Music Drama Learn Together
o Dance o Mr Twits beard o Celebration o Drama Games o Feasts and Festivals
o Shapes – making shapes with body o Menorah music: e.g. Party games o Focus celebrations:
o Shapes – making collaborative shapes construction - Hanukkah o The Twits - Hanukkah
o Shapes – holding shapes for 8 count o Clay diya - Christmas o ‘The party’ - Christmas
o Shapes – creating shape sequences o Fabric & Fibre - Diwali - Decoration - Diwali
o Performing dance sequences Christmas o ‘Celebration’ by - Invitation
stocking Kool & the Gang - Food
o Ukulele lessons