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 Cosmetics on concrete after the formwork removal (construction joints, concrete drains from
formwork joints)
 Concrete non-conformities (cleaning segregations and fixing them with SIKA repair material);
 Mounting scaffolding for steel fixers on each level;
 Moving the scaffolding between all the elements on one level;
 Dismantling scaffolding and deposit it on site organization when it’s not needed;
 Moving access platform and stairs from level to level;
 Moving material platforms from level to level where it’s needed;
 Making bannisters and covering openings for Health and Safety;
 General site cleaning including moving the garbage container when the truck comes;
 Moving the ecological Toilets from level to level and getting them down for cleaning;
 Winter conditions (making enclosed partitions, handling heaters and checking them for fuel
 Taking water out of the basements after rains;
 Maintenance works on the washing ramp (it fills up with concrete remains after cleaning the
 Coloring the post-tensioned strands bellow the slab in order to avoid any damage of them
when fixing the supports for MEP equipment and the support for the suspended ceiling;
 Material handling in-site;
 Pouring concrete inside the strand pans after the injections procedures are finished;
 Doing small construction related works (welding small metal pieces, mounting façade rails
before concrete pouring etc);
 Operators (day and night) for the material elevator;
 Site organization works (loading/unloading office containers, making access etc);

Number of workers needed:

 Scaffolding: 2 for dayshift (until 01.05.2019);

 Health and Safety: 2 for dayshift (until end of project);
 Elevator: 2 for dayshift and 2 for nightshift (until façade is finished);
 Other: 5 for dayshift and 2 for nightshift (until end of project);
Operations Day Night Months Total
Scaffolding 2 5 10 Decembre 2018 - April 2019
Health and
safety 2 11 22 Decembre 2018 - October 2019
Elevator 1
operator 1 1 10 20 Decembre 2018 - September 2019
Elevator 2
operator 1 1 10 20 Decembre 2018 - September 2019
Other 5 2 10 70 December 2018 - October 2019
Total months worked 142

One month is an average of 28 working days. A day is made up of 10 working hours. So it comes up
to 142 months X 28 days X 10 hours = 39 760 hours.