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Fulwood Free Methodist Church

Talks Series - Winter/Spring 2019
Sunday Mornings - 6th January 2019 to 24th February 2019
In John 3, Jesus states that all who want to be his disciples must be “born
again”. The purpose of this series is to improve our understanding of what is
involved in someone being “born again” and entering into the full freedom of
a proper new birth.
Reading contemporary Christian literature it is easy to get the impression that
all that is needed to “born again” is to say a “sinner’s prayer”. We will be
exploring how being “born again” is a process that involves the Father, the
Son and the Holy Spirit.
A series of study notes will be issued weekly to accompany the series. They will
be designed for personal study and reflection, and also for study in our home
Sunday Evenings - 13th January 2019 to 27th January 2019
In this Mini-series we answer questions along the theme … and then what?
Most people have only the sketchiest idea of what happens the second after
we die. Do we float around with wings and take harp lessons? Is there really a
hell? Will there be existence as we know it? Will we know and recognise our
friends here, there or ‘in the other place’? Is there going to be a second
coming of Jesus?
Sunday Evenings - 10th February 2019 to 17th March 2019
Dear Corinthians…
A letter written about 2000 years ago to the Church in Corinth turns out to be
surprisingly contemporary! In this series we see how God wants His Church to
flourish in a multi-cultural and secular society with more than its share of social
and moral problems – sound familiar? Join us as we look at the first 7 chapters.
Sunday Mornings - 10th March 2019 to 14th April 2019
We take a journey together through the Lord’s Prayer as we seek to
understand more about prayer and to discover it’s blessings and
acknowledge the challenges.
6th January 2019
Morning: Vision
Andrew Gardner
Evening: Vision
Ian Clarkson
13th January 2019
Morning: Set Free - New Beginnings | John 3:1-8
Lawrence Davie
Evening: ...and then what? What Happens When You Die?
Andrew Gardner
20th January 2019
Morning: Set Free - Believing in Jesus | Romans 3:21-26 & Luke 9:22-26
Andrew Gardner
Evening: ...and then what? The Second Coming?
Ian Higginbotham
27th January 2019
Morning: Set Free - Repentance Towards a Holy God | Romans 6:8-23
Ian Clarkson
Evening: ...and then what? What will heaven be like?
Ian Higginbotham
3rd February 2019
Morning: Set Free - Baptism in Water | Acts 16:22-34
Ian Higginbotham
Evening: 1 Corinthians 1 - The Corinthians, A Mixed Bunch
Rebecca Parkinson
10th February 2019
Morning: Set Free - Sealed by the Spirit | Acts 19:1-7
Dave Sewell
Evening: 1 Corinthians 2 - Life in the power of the Holy Spirit - Understanding
at a Deeper Level
Ian Clarkson
17th February 2019
Morning: Set Free - Becoming a Disciple | Hebrews 5:11-14
Jason Buckler
Evening: 1 Corinthians 3 - A Field, a Building and a Temple - Pictures of us
and God’s Church.
Andrew Gardner
24th February 2019
Morning: Set Free - Living Free | Galatians 5:13-26
Lawrence Davie
Evening: 1 Corinthians 4 - “I am who God says I am!” - Allowing God to
Shape Our Values
Dave Sewell
3rd March 2019
Morning: Michael Bretton: Senior Pastor, Light and Life Helston, Cornwall
Evening: 1 Corinthians 5 - Tough Stuff! - Handling Difficult Issues in God’s
Andrew Gardner
10th March 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Purpose in Prayer: Adoration
Andrew Gardner
Evening: 1 Corinthians 6 - Justice and Sex, etc - A Whole New Way of Think-
Ian Clarkson
17th March 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Power in Prayer: Petition
Neil Hudson
Evening: 1 Corinthians 7 - Questions, questions! - Tackling Some Hot Topics.
Trevor Crawford
24th March 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Prevailing Prayer: Intercession
Ian Clarkson
Evening: Sue Chastney
31st March 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Perseverance in Prayer: Dealing with Disap-
Andrew Gardner
Evening: Dan Feeny
7th April 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Perspective in Prayer: Learning to Listen
Ian Clarkson
Evening: Diana Jackson
14th April 2019
Morning: The Prayer Course - Partnership in Prayer: Spiritual Warfare
Andrew Gardner
Evening: Andrew Gardner
21st April 2019 - Easter Sunday
Morning: Andrew Gardner
Evening: Andrew Gardner - Baptism
28th April 2019 - Global Partnership Sunday
Morning: Gerard Charles O.M.F
Evening: Ian Clarkson

Fulwood Free Methodist Church, Lightfoot Lane, Preston