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Simmons 1

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Reflection

Rose M. Simmons

Aquinas College

EN 465

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is all forms of communication

excluding oral speech that express what a person is thinking (Augmentative and Alternative

Communication). AAC is tools and strategies to help an individual to overcome everyday

communication hurtles (Burkhart). AAC aids and supplements are used to help their users

communicate more effectively (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). AAC can help

people communicate effectively with another person, but the method of communicating is not as

important as being understood (Burkhart).

There are two different forms of types AAC aided and unaided. The unaided

communication systems would include body language and sign language when possible

(Augmentative and Alternative Communication). The aided communication systems include

paper and pencil, books or boards, devices that produce spoken or written output, and electronic

communication with pictures, symbol, letters, and phrases (Augmentative and Alternative


I found it interesting that AAC includes body language, symbols, pictures and writing to

communicate what they need to express (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Body

language, or control of body language, is something that can be taken for granted.

Voice4u is a picture based AAC that helps individuals express their feelings, thoughts,

actions, and needs. It costs about thirty to sixty dollars and comes with over one-hundred-and-

fifty pre-loaded images and icons with the option to create personal icons. Under each icon is a
Simmons 2

word or phrase that explains the icon. This would allow students and adults to effectively

communicate what they are feeling if they can or are learning to read.
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