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About a hundred miles outs ide of R eno, there’s a little truck stop just off I80 that claims to have
The Best Coffee in the World. Well, no disrespect to Sierra Sam’s Truck Stop Casino, but that’s a pretty
tall claim. We at Lamill are very serious about our coffee - we liken it to fine wine. After all, coffee has
notable vintages, narrow growing parameters, and even character of a fine wine. Why, just the other
day we chanced upon a Peaberry Brazil that teased us caramel, nuts and milk chocolate. Told you–
we’re serious about coffee. When you walk out of here, you should have no doubt about who serves
“The Best Coffee in the World.”

Lamill’s proprietary water and ice recipe is formulated to produce a precise balance of minerals
and solids for ideal extraction. It is first stripped of undesirables then blended with pure filtered
water to create a sweet, round, full flavor. It’s reverse osmosis technology with re-mineralization.

Los Angeles water conservation ordinance has required us to not serve water to any customer
unless requested. Help us conserve.

C lover / 8 oz. or 16 oz.
Brewed in a highly specialized Clover vacuum siphon brew chamber. This method creates the unique
flavor of a French press coffee without the sediment.

C hemex / 24 oz.
Hand-drip style coffee that uses a unique paper filter to create a crystal clean cup.
This brewing process tends to add clarity to all coffees and creates a crisp cup.

E va S olo / 16 oz.
In the industry, coffee tasting is called, ‘cupping’. This brewing method creates a cup in the
same extraction process that a professional coffee taster would use.

F renc h P res s / 16 oz.

Full saturation extraction process. Coffee is filtered through a fine metal filter, yielding a strong
cup with full body and lots of sediment in the cup.

Hand Drip Ic ed C offee / 18 oz.

Japanese Hario extraction, brewed at your table with customized ice. The couture of iced coffee.

J apanes e Hand Drip / 16 oz.

Japanese Hario extraction, brewed at your table. The latest craze in coffee extraction.

S iphon B rew / 20 oz.

The oldest semi-automated coffee maker; this process creates a full saturation-brewing environment,
which is extremely temperature stable, and produces an aromatic cup with little to no sediment.
L IMIT E D S E L E C T IONS / see your server for availability

Bali Organic Kintamani Natural Clover 3.5

Chemex 12
Eva Solo 8
Hand Drip 8
French Press 6
Hand Drip Iced 10
Siphon 15
Pound 15

The Bali Organic Kintamani Natural is produced by smallholder farmers inhabiting fertile volcanic
highland areas in the heart of this Indonesian Island with the coffee grown between 1200 and 1600
meters above sea level.
Tasting Notes: Maraschino cherries with vanilla / candied key lime / fruity / deep complexity / syrupy /
full body / low acidity / finish is smooth and long

All S tandard S elec tions Clover 3.5
Chemex 12
Eva Solo 8
Hand Drip 8
French Press 6
Hand Drip Iced 10
Siphon 15
Pound S ee below

Sumatra Iskandar Pound 18

From the north-central highlands of Medan-Aceh coffee comes this beautifully prepared large-bean
offering that is triple hand-picked after drying to remove defects. Iskandar is less earthy, cleaner and
more refined. The fragrance is caramel and milk chocolate and the aromatics have herbal sage notes.
Tasting notes: balanced / a bit of acidity / big thick body / butterscotch sweetness in the finish

Brazil Natural Peaberry Pound 17

Joao Sidney de Souza Filho has produced this natural processed peaberry offering for Lamill for the last
two years. Joao’s many years of craftsmanship is evident in this beautifully grown coffee in Campos
Altos Minas Gerais.

Tasting notes: notes of fruit, caramel and nuts / fabulous body, incredible sweetness / when cooling,
sweet dried fruit and milk chocolate / low acidity / round and rich, medium to heavy body, balanced

Kenya AA Thangathi / only available in February Pound 17

Thangathi is produced by small-scale farmers in the Nyeri area of Kenya. There are about 300 farmers
that belong to the THANGATHI Farmers Society, which in turn is one of the factories that is part of the
Mukurweni Co-operative Society. The coffee is grown in Nyeri, along the foothills of Mount Kenya where
there is perfect climate, altitude of 5,500 ft above sea level, deep red volcanic soil and very high level of
production and processing standards. THANGATHI has produced coffee of very consistent high grade
with absolute perfect balance of body and acidity with extra richness and intense black-currant flavor.
Tasting notes: sweet floral aroma / dry acidity / big smooth body with black currants and cocoa /
complex with a long, sweet finish that cools beautifully
Organic E thiopia Y irgac heffe Pound 16

This is a fully washed organic offering with the classic sweet floral perfume and lemon zest notes that
only the best coffees from Yirgacheffe are known for.

Tasting notes: notes of lemon zest, apricots and peaches. A brilliantly clean almost effervescent quality
and a pronounced body and mouth feel. The acidity is refined and it is well balanced.

Organic Mexic an T erruno Nayarita Natural Pound 14

In Western Mexico, in the State of Nayarit, the extinct volcano Cerro San Juan rises high above the
Matatipac valley and the lush sugar-cane fields surrounding the city of Tepic. This coffee is
harvested on those slopes at 4000 feet above sea level. Here prevailing westerly winds from the
nearby Pacific form moisture laden clouds that sustain a high-altitude, rain forest environment so
favored by the world’s best coffees. A small portion of the fruit in every harvest is left to dry naturally
on the trees, then it is dry processed. This enhances the fruit’s natural sugar content, and yields a
cup with increased body, complexity and sweetness. Certified Organic and Direct Trade.
Tasting notes: sweet / smooth intense body / berry fruit and citrus notes / lingering chocolate finish

Organic L amill Hous e Pound 16

Organic Lamill House is a blend of coffees from Central & South America. It’s created to give a soft,
pleasing and sweet cup without the high bright notes nor the deep roasty notes of a dark roast.
Tasting notes: soft / sweet / balanced / smooth

Organic B lac k Onyx Pound 16.5

This coffee blend is from several countries to produce a bittersweet flavor like the best dark chocolates.
It has the right balance between body, intensity of the roast flavor and caramelized sugar to make for
an intensely flavored coffee all without the bitter and burnt flavors common with dark roasts.
Tasting notes: bittersweet chocolate / intense / smoky

Lamill Organic Decaf House Pound 16.5

Lamill’s decaffeinated coffees employ an exclusive water process. We start with the same high quality
beans as our regular coffees, removing the caffeine but not the flavor.
Tasting notes: soft / sweet / balanced / smooth

B lis s E s pres s o Pound 16

Bliss is a blend of 6 beans from 3 continents: South America, Central America and Indonesia. Fully
washed coffees, pulped natural and natural coffees are incorporated to produce intense sweetness. It
has thick viscosity and an undeniable caramel chocolate long finish with complexity.

L amill O rganic Decaf E s pres s o Pound 16.5

We’ve been working to create a decaf espresso that’s up to our standards and we finally got it right.
As complex and as flavorful as our regular espresso, this cup has its own unique characteristics.
Malty sweet with a creamy body and layers of flavors—exotic nuts, chocolate chip with hints of raisins
and dried fruit.
Caramel Corn
Fresh peanut milk & espresso topped with popcorn infused cream and house-made
caramel / 4 oz. 6
C offee and a J elly Donut
Strawberry essence layered with donut-infused milk and topped with espresso / 2 oz. 5
C rème B rulee
Espresso and caramel served with one part textured milk and one part foam / 5 oz. 6
Orange Infus ed C appuc cino with C acao
Orange infused textured milk with espresso and dusted with cacao / 5 oz. 6
B lanc o y Negro
Coffee granita, Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla scented, chilled 6.5
“ Mojito”
Limes muddled with fresh mint, organic green tea and topped with a splash of soda / 12 oz. 5
Mas ala C hai T ea (hot or iced)
Indian Assam tea blended with traditional Masala curry spices, milk and sugar / 8 oz. 6
Hong K ong Milk T ea (hot or ic ed)
An Assam Sewpur Estate tea steeped in milk and sugar / 8 oz. 6

S pic ed R ooibos Milk Tea

Rooibos tea and spices steeped in milk with sugar / 8 oz. 6

21 grams of espresso shot under 8.75 ATM pressure, creating a 1 oz. pull
Intensely sweet and aromatic 2.5
Mac c hiato
Espresso marked with textured milk and foam 3.25
E s pres s o c on P anna
Espresso garnished with a dollop of house-made vanilla bean infused whipped cream 3.25
C appuc c ino
Espresso served with one part textured milk and one part foam 4
C afé L atte (hot or iced)
Espresso served with textured milk and topped with foam 4.5
C afé con L ec he (hot or ic ed)
Two pulls of espresso and brown sugar with steamed milk 5
Valrhona Moc ha (hot or iced)
Espresso poured over Valrhona chocolate and textured milk, topped with foam 5.5
V anilla L atte (hot or iced)
Espresso poured over house-made Madagascar vanilla and textured milk, topped with foam 5
Americ ano
Espresso poured over hot water allowing crema from the espresso to float 3.75
C afé au L ait / Extra strength clover coffee & steamed milk, French style poured tableside 5

Organic Ic ed T ea / Plumberry Black or Green Mystique Cup / 3.5 Retail Tin 3 oz. / 7.75

Ic ed C offee / House-made 18-hour brew cold water extract 3.5

Madagas c ar V anilla S teamer / Steamed milk with Madagascar vanilla 3

V alrhona C hocolate Milk / Milk with Valrhona dark chocolate (hot or iced) 3

Milk / Steamed or cold 2.5

Orange J uic e / Freshly squeezed, California Navel 4.5

L avender L emonade / Freshly squeezed with a splash of soda 4.5

Mr. Woods / Freshly squeezed lemonade with our organic plumberry black iced tea 4.5

50 / 50 / Freshly squeezed lemonade, freshly squeezed orange juice with splash of soda 4.5

San Pellegrino Mineral Water / 1 liter 9

For years, Tea has lived in the shadow of its more famous and arguably sexier younger sibling, Coffee.
Tea has had to content itself with a slightly older crowd as Coffee snapped up the young hipsters, not to
mention all the acclaim and limelight. People of all ages are discovering Tea’s widely acknowledged
health benefits. Of course, this isn’t news to us—we’ve spent the last few years sourcing the best teas in
the world. It was only a matter of time before people re-discovered the extraordinary tea leaf. All hail

C eylon R athkanda E s tate / B lac k Pot / 16 oz. 9
Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15.75

This rich black tea hails from Sri Lanka, where all the Ceylons come from. It has a bright, crisp,
citrus flavor and a very soft and long ‘finish’. This particular tea is hard to find and is highly
regarded among connoisseurs. It comes to us from Rathkanda Estate, renowned for producing
the highest quality teas in the region.

Darjeeling T hurbo E s tate / B lac k Pot / 16 oz. 11

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 21

Brewed in one of the finest tea growing regions in Darjeeling, India, this distinctive black tea is
subtle and multi-faceted. Infused with notes of wild flower and fully ripened Muscat grape, this
tea is known as the Champagne of Teas. It may not bubble, but its select tea leaves and
sophisticated top notes deliver a taste that is effervescent.

Organic As s am S ewpur E s tate / B lac k Pot / 16 oz. 10

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 12

The Assam region of Northeast India is renowned for its fine black teas. This particular variety is
produced exclusively for Lamill during a two-week window during the harvest. Assam Sewpur Estate
has a rich, sweet and malty character and can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar.

Organic L amill Milk T ea / B lac k Retail Tin / 3 oz. 7.5

This traditional delicacy is an amalgamation of our sultry Sri Lankan Black Tea. Cut to be steeped in
milk, it has a rich taste of malt and creates an amber-tinged cup.
Organic Mas ala C hai / B lac k Pot / 16 oz. 8
Retail Tin / 3 oz. 2

‘Chai’ is the word for ‘tea’ in many South Asian and Middle Eastern Countries. Of late, the Chai recipe
from India has become increasingly popular. Black tea is blended with an assortment of spices, the
most common being cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Milk and sugar are added to taste. At Lamill,
our Chai is crafted from the finest black Assam tea and a special selection of premium spices.

Organic J as mine Ming Mei / G reen Pot / 16 oz. 11

Retail Tin / 1.5 oz. 26.5

Grown in Jiangxi Province, Jasmine Ming Mei is one of the most renowned teas in China. It is
produced in very limited quantities, as only the fine pointed tips and tender buds of the plant are
harvested. The leaves are wok-fired and then blended with freshly plucked jasmine flowers to
impart its sweet, mellow flavor.

Organic J as mine P earls / G reen Pot / 16 oz. 13

Retail Tin / 1.5 oz. 29

This unusually shaped tea is hand picked in the misty mountains of Fujian, China. Only the
most tender green tea buds are chosen from the harvest and then carefully hand rolled into
small pearls. A vibrant aroma and rich accents of chestnut distinguish this select green tea.
One of our most exclusive teas.

Organic Magnolia Y unc ui / G reen Pot / 16 oz. 10

Retail Tin / 1.5 oz. 19

The Dazhangshan province in Wuhyan, China produces the renowned Magnolia Yuncui–one of the
finest handcrafted teas in China. Scented with the fresh organic buds of the Magnolia flowers, this
tea has a lovely combination of sweet, aromatic favors. The Yuncui leaves have a twisted
appearance, the result of each fragile leaf being twisted by hand.

O rganic S pring E merald L ung J ing / G reen Pot / 16 oz. 12

Retail Tin / 1.5 oz. 26.5

This fine tea hails from Zhejiang where you’ll find the village of Lung Jing, also known as Dragon Well.
Legend has it that during a bad drought, the resident monk called upon a lucky dragon to help. It wasn’t
long before the rains came, saving the villagers and their crops. This broad-leafed tea becomes a
translucent pale green when brewed and is a great thirst quencher, with rich flavors of plum and orchid.

J apanes e G en Mai C ha S elect/ G reen Pot / 16 oz. 7

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15

A combination of sencha, toasted brown rice, and garnished with matcha. This pulverized
green tea is an improvisation of the standard Japanese tea.

O rganic S ilver Needles / White Pot / 16 oz. 9

Retail Tin / 1.5 oz. 18.25

Harvested for only a few days a year in northern Fujian, China, this is the most highly prized of all
the white teas. The silvery, down-covered buds yield a beautiful pale color and subtle, savory
aroma with a sweet mellow finish. Its rarity and expense make this a true connoisseur’s tea.


C ommune-a-T ea / Organic E arl G rey Pot / 16 oz. 7

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15

There’s nothing quite like gathering around the water cooler to discuss your favorite TV show or
sports team. Or that surly Edna in accounting, who nobody likes. At home or at the office, the idea of
communing with one another is very important. And that’s just what this Commune-a-Tea is designed
for. So gossip, bicker, tell knock-knock jokes. The important thing is that friends are coming together.
Pass the sugar, please.
G as P edal / Organic E nglis h B reakfas t Pot / 16 oz. 6
Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15

Find yourself needing a little pick me up during the day? At Lamill, we often need a little bit of a
jump-start first thing in the morning. Come to think of it, mid-morning, too. Also post-lunch and let’s
not forget early afternoon, late afternoon, and late, late afternoon. You can brew a cup of this helpful
tonic infused with ancient tea leaves from Vietnam any time you need to be a little more alert.

No Snacking! / Organic Tropical Mango Pot / 16 oz. 5

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 11

Not only is sugar an empty carbohydrate that does great harm to the body, it’s also part of an
insidious plan by the Dark Lord to enslave us all. It’s true, we read that somewhere. Next time
you’re craving something sweet, reach for a cup of No Snacking instead. It’s a blend of mango
and black teas that adds up to a delicious blend of fruit flavors and zero calories.

Time Machine / Organic Decaf Earl Grey Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 13.5

We call this Time Machine because of its unique calming properties. When you’re still and calm you
have time to reflect. You can go back in time and relive your youthful days. Or indulge in a bit of
daydreaming about the future. No ordinary decaf, this particular tea is crafted from the finest Black tea
leaves which are naturally infused with the citrus flavor of Italian Bergamot. We put this through a
special decaffeinating process, so you can enjoy this tea anytime.


B attery C harger / Organic Pineapple Papaya Pot / 16 oz. 7

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 17

Feel like you’re moving at half speed? What’s that you say–more like one-third speed? Uh oh.
Could be time to reach for Battery Charger. This fruity and flavorful tea begins life as a Sencha,
a green tea produced from whole tea leaves. We add bits of wild pineapple and exotic cornflowers
to produce a clear green brew that bursts with tropical flavors. A great way to get recharged in the
middle of the day. Don’t forget–connect the red lead to positive and the black lead to ground.

G os s ip T ea / Organic Moroccan Mint Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 13.5

‘Gossip’ is just a maligned word for ‘news’. Current affairs, that’s what it is. Next time you’re trying to
figure out who’s seeing whom and how often while wearing what designer ensemble, may we suggest
our new Gossip Tea. It’s a great conversation starter—a robust combination of gunpowder green tea
and peppermint that goes together like Tom and Katie. Or Ben and Jen. Or Brad and Angelina.
Take your pick.

Nip and T uck T ea / Japanese Green Citron Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 17

Botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous naturally occurring substances in the world. Incredibly,
people have been known to inject this toxin into their faces to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Our
new Nip and Tuck Tea helps firm the skin and reduce fine lines around your eyes and mouth naturally,
with the help of Meyer lemons, a citrus fruit from China. This tea is sure to put a smile on your face.
Unless, that is, you’ve temporarily paralyzed all the muscles in your face.


Head-In-A-Vic e R emoval P otion / J ade Oolong Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 2 oz. 15

Stress has long been known to cause headaches. And tea has long been known to relieve them.
Try this soothing blend of Ginko Leaves and Schizandra Berries. We can’t do anything about the
jerk in IT that refuses to fix your e-mail but a soothing cup of tea–now that we can do.
S tamina / Organic Jade Osmanthus Pot / 16 oz. 7
Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15

You know what keeps us going on those long, arduous days at work? No, not electroshock therapy.
Our Stamina tea is chock full of natural compounds that give your body an added boost of energy.
Whether you’re organizing your sock drawer or tackling a job that requires real stamina, start by
brewing some our special tea. It’s hard to run out of steam when you’ve got a kettle on.

C ough**wheez**s niffle / O rganic Herbal B lend Pot / 16 oz. 6
Retail Tin / 3 oz. 13.5

Nothe a little thtuffy? Yeah, you sound like you’ve got a little something. Alas, we’ve no cure for the
common cold but can we can offer you this uncommon tea. Our special blend of Echinacea and
Hibiscus will help ease some of your symptoms. Box of tissues not included.

Weight L os s / Organic G reen Herbal B lend Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15

If you’re trying to shed a few lb’s, may we suggest you start with a few oz’s. Our weight loss tea
combines Fennel Seed, Red Clover Flower and Dandelion to help heighten your metabolism–
that’s medical speak for ‘burn fat’. You’ll find it has a nice slimming effect. We like you just the way
you are, but as our accountant is quick to remind us, we are in the business of selling tea.

G uilt-Free T reat / Organic Bourbon Rooibos Pot / 16 oz. 7

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 16

Rooibos tea comes to us from South Africa. Rich in antioxidants and naturally caffeine free, it has a
distinct red color and an even more distinct flavor—very sweet with a hint of nuttiness. We add vanilla
from Madagascar to create a delicious beverage with no added sugar, no caffeine and no guilt.

Holiday in a C up / Organic Crimsonberry Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 16

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on vacation somewhere far away in an exotic and beautiful
country. Now, imagine opening your credit card statement a month later. Ouch. If you’re looking for a
less expensive path to serenity, pour yourself a cup of our new Holiday in a Cup tea – an exotic blend
of Cranberries, Elderberries and Rosehips. It’s just like taking a vacation. Well, a vacation for your
taste buds anyway. All right, it’s a lousy analogy but a very good tea.

No S ignal / Organic Tropical Rooibos Pot / 16 oz. 5

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 12.75

Cell phones, crackberries, laptops – we thought digital technology was going to free us but instead
we find ourselves shackled with wireless handcuffs. Here’s a thought: Turn off the cell phone. Shut down
the computer. Get off the grid. Our soothing blend of Rooibos, Lemongrass and Orange Peel will help
you disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. This tea is 100% analog.

P ink Parac hute / Organic Passionberry Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 3 oz. 15.75

Tough day? Pull the ripcord on this delicious cup – you’ll find yourself floating through it and headed
towards a nice soft landing. This fruity, caffeine-free tea blends fresh peaches, apricots, apples, and
hibiscus flavors. It brews up a delightful pinkish-red color with lots of bright citrus flavor. Geronimo!

S tres s Away / Organic Licorice Blossom Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 2 oz. 10

Take this simple test. Go find a mirror. Turn your head slightly. Is there a bulging vein on the side of your
neck? Thought so. This might be a good time for our stress relief tea. Made from Rooibos, Lemongrass
and Chamomile, this soothing potion will help you relax and de-stress. Blow steam through a kettle,
not your ears. By the way, if steam really is coming out your ears, skip the tea and dial 911. Now.
T ummy Time / Organic Herbal P eppermint Pot / 16 oz. 6
Retail Tin / 2 oz. 11

If your stomach sounds (and feels) like two surly, drunken bears arm wrestling, it might be time for
a cup of our Tummy Time tea. Peppermint and Ginger relieve symptoms like gas and bloating to
help put your stomach at ease. And no, we won’t pull your finger so stop asking. Seriously. Stop.

Up All Night / Organic Citrus Chamomile Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 2 oz. 11

You’re up all night, tossing and turning. Counting sheep. Cursing sheep. Maybe it’s time you tried
something different. Like our specially formulated blend of Organic Chamomile, Hibiscus and Orange
Peel. It helps relax the mind and body so you can drift off peacefully. One cup, and you’ll be sawing
logs in no time. Unless you really are a lumberjack, in which case, disregard the last sentence.

Y ou mus t be this tall to drink this (kids ’ tea) / Pot / 16 oz. 6

Organic Red Raspberry Rooibos Retail Tin / 3 oz. 17

Next time your kids decide to have a tea party, why not brew up a pot of our Kid’s Tea? It contains no
caffeine and no sugar. It’s also perfectly suitable for adults. Adults just don’t have enough tea parties.
Excepting that big one in Boston where no one even drank any tea at all.

C ool Down / Organic White Ambrosia Pot / 16 oz. 6
Retail Tin / 2 oz. 9

It’s another hot and muggy day. Why not take a quick dip in the pool? Because you work in a cubicle
not in a lifeguard chair, that’s why. Bai Mu Dan is a white tea from the Fujian province of China.
Rich in antitoxins, it’s known to have cooling properties to help decrease body heat. We blend it with
flavors of Hawaiian pineapple, coconut, and papaya to create the perfect summer cooler.
Note: this beverage is not chlorinated; do NOT fill your pool with it.

C reative Unbloc k / Organic White Tangerine Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 2 oz. 9

Do you know what Hemingway used to call the blank page? Who frickin’ cares! It’s the night before
your deadline and you can’t buy an idea! What you need is a good cup of tea. Bai Mu Dan white
tea with Organic Valencia orange peels and essence of Sicilian tangerines helps unlock the
creative lobe of your brain. Let us be your muse. Your inspiration. Your tea company.

T o-Do L is t / Organic White Calypso Pot / 16 oz. 6

Retail Tin / 2 oz. 9

Need to get a lot done? Add this refreshing tea to your To Do List and mark it Urgent. We start with
Bai Mu Dan, a gorgeous white tea and infuse it with the essence of Italian pears, ripe mango,
pineapple, and Persian plums to create an invigorating tea that will give you just the boost you need.
If you do nothing else today, make sure you treat yourself to a refreshing cup of tea.
Artisan Flowering Teas Retail Tin 2 oz. / 29

China Black Needles Imperial Tribute Tea / This tea is limited in production and what we call
tribute teas because they were originally never sold but harvested for the emperor as a tribute.
They are produced only one week out of the entire year. It produces a rich amber cup with malty
notes of rose, fennel, and concord grapes.

Magnolia Lotus Lamp / Chinese White tea scented with magnolia blossoms tied by hand into the
shape of a traditional Chinese lantern.

Yunnan Black Mu Dan / Black tea originating from the ancient tea trees of Yunnan tied in a rosette
yield a wonderfully floral aroma with deep notes of malt and fruits.

Dian Hong Small Tower / Artisan hand tied China black tea, which blossoms into the shape of a
tower. The tea releases its aroma slowly. When fully brewed the tea gives a fully flavored dark tea.

China Jasmine Lychee Pearl / Chinese green tea scented with jasmine blossoms hand crafted
into a tea pearl.

China Purple Flower / This artisan hand tied tea is white tea that blossoms into a purple bud
flower shape. The purple flower opens slowly, releasing it deliciously delicate aroma.

Lamill Tea Boxes / Loose leaf tea in a silk bag

Cool Down, Commune-A-Tea, Gas Pedal, Gossip, Holiday in a Cup, No Signal, No Snacking,
Stamina, Up All Night
15 bags / 10.5

Jasmine Pearls
15 bags / 12.5

Variety Pack
10 bags / 8.5

Lamill Hot Chocolate Tin / House-made Lamill Valrhona chocolate mix Retail Tin / 12.95

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