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Michelle Obama opens up international foundation

afford it, sexual assault and
MARY KATE MACHI harassment, child marriage,
Staff Writer assuming full-time respon-
Around the world, there sibilities upon adolescence,
are over 98 million adoles- and stigma surrounding
cent girls who are not in menstruation.
school. If these girls were “The idea that girls in
to receive an education, the other countries have little
amount of girls in pov- or no access to education
erty would be cut in half, is a sad thought. Everyone
lifetime earnings would deserves an equal chance
increase by $15-30 trillion, at higher education, and
and child marriage would the fact that many girls
be virtually eliminated. haven’t even been to school
This is exactly what the is something that needs
Global Girls Alliance, to change.” said Gabriella
a foundation recently Garcia (‘20). The money
created by former first lady Photo By Today Show raised by the Global Girls
Michelle Obama, plans to Michelle Obama’s Global Girls Alliance aims to help all types of girls throughout the world. So far, it’s helped over 98 million girls Alliance will help greatly
help with. They claim to receive an education. It was to combat these issues
“empower adolescent girls people but it has also pre- far between, and countless it to a specific place and bringing them to formal and in turn allow a great
around the world through pared me academically to students are unable to purpose. school and proving them number of girls to receive
education, allowing them work hard”, said Lindsay complete a proper educa- For example, you can an essential, well-rounded an education.
to achieve their full po- Craft (’21). According tion for many reasons. donate money to the education. Through empower-
tential and transform their to U.S. News, our school But, how does Global Thousand Girls Initiative So far, almost $150,000 ment, engagement, and
families, communities, and ranks #206 in the nation, Girls Alliance plan to in Uganda, which helps has been raised by the education, Global Girls
countries.” our reading and math make a difference? Well, Mayan girls break out Global Girls Alliance. This Alliance hopes to change
Access to an education proficiency is over 40% with their plan to aid of the cycle of poverty money will go towards these long-standing issues
has been something taken greater that the state’s av- grassroots leaders and through education and helping girls receive an that girls have faced while
for granted by many stu- erage, and our graduation spread awareness, the empowerment. Or, you can education who would trying to receive an edu-
dents in America, espe- rate is 98 percent -- a stark main resource they need is donate to SHEF’s Girls’ otherwise not be able to. cation. By doing so, they
cially at Amador. “School, contrast to schools in third money. On their GoFund- Education Initiative in Some reasons that girls plan to improve the lives of
especially in our area, has world countries, in which Me page, people can either India, which helps girls in third world countries countless girls and, in turn,
prepared me with life skills public school is not free, donate money generally to who are not enrolled in include too long of a the entire world.
on both how to work with schoolhouses are few and the foundation, or donate school get an education by commute, not being able to

The 2018 Midterm Elections

of citizen initiatives. democrats would win con-
In this election, the Dem- trol and a one in eight
Page Editor ocratic party had a slight chance that the Republican
Midterm elections of upper hand. Democrats party kept their control.
Donald Trump’s presi- have netted 38 seats, with “I was shocked because
dential term took place one other to be deter- in past midterm elections,
on November 6, 2018 and mined. the Republican party took
grabbed attention of mil- History has prevailed the lead, but this year, it
lions of people throughout that the parties have been took a different turn. I
the world. 35 of the 100 almost parallel. A 38-seat guess that the Democratic
seats in the United States loss is the third-largest party is just stronger this
Senate and all 435 seats in change of seats, seen only year,” said Bala Ravikumar
Photo By MSNBC the United States House by the 54 seats Republicans (‘20).
President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping meeting in Beijing in 2017. of Representatives were gained in 1994 and the 63 The outcome of the mid-

China expected to overtake U.S. economy contested.

34 of the 50 U.S. states
they won in 2010.
The raw vote margin is
term election party stance
is that the Democratic
The demand for Chinese and manufactured and pro- elect their governors for more than nine million, party won with 53.2% of
students entering higher duced there. You can’t buy four-year terms during which is the largest gap total popular vote and the
Staff Writer
education has also grown an American flag without midterm elections and Ver- between the two parties Republican Party won with
Although the United significantly over the past seeing ‘Made in China’ mont and New Hampshire in the history of midterm 45.1% of total popular
States has been the top few years. engraved on its staff.” said elect governors to two-year elections. The 8.1% spread votes.
world economy for over a The Chinese Commu- Adrian Sowul (‘19). terms in both midterm between Democrats and It looks like the 2018
century, China is predicted nist government has full The US government has and presidential elections. Republicans is a larger per- midterm elections was
to become the world’s larg- control over key resources taken action against this. 36 governors are elected centage-point divergence a pivotal moment in the
est producer by 2022. (such as land) and decides Trump sparked a trade war during midterm elections. than in any wave midterm future of America’s politics,
As of now, the Gross how to allocate them. against China this year in Many states also elect election including 1994 , and we will have to wait
Domestic Product(GDP) The yuan is also tightly order to hurt its econom- officers to their state leg- 2006 , 2010, and 2014. and see how these deci-
of the China is $12.24 watched by the People’s ic growth and maintain islatures in midterm elec- According to FiveThir- sions will affect the next
trillion, compared to the Bank of China, so that America as the dominant tions. On the ballots are tyEight, the race of house presidential election in
United States at $19.39 export prices remain lower world economic power. mayors, local public offices, prevailed that there was a 2020.
trillion, according to the than the US. Amador students gen- and a vast selection seven in eight chance that
International Monetary China has also shown erally side against this and
Foundation. its ability to efficiently assert that it is better for
The country’s growth construct infrastructure. the world as whole if the
is based on a few funda- Despite controversial safety US does not pursue such
mental parts of a national concerns, the Chinese action.
economy. government finished the “China is an integral
First, China has a popula- Macau-Hong Kong trans- part of the world’s GDP
tion about four times the sea bridge, completing it in and its a good sign for in-
size of the United States just nine years. ternational trade that their
at 1.4 billion citizens. China’s well-known light GDP is rising.” said Nate
This means that China rail is to connect 40 cities, Bonour (‘19).
has more people to work, stretching 600km around As of now, the United
trade, build infrastructure, the entire country. States remains the larg-
generate wages, exploit re- Due to these factors, est exporter in the world,
sources, buy products, and China’s GDP is growing at along with the highest
pursue higher education. 7% each year, compared to technology invention rate.
In fact, China produces the United States 2.5%. Yet, If China desires to
more university students “It doesn’t surprise me trump the world’s largest
than the European Union that China is going to be economy, all it needs to do
and the United States the largest economy in the is continue on the path it is Photo By The Wall Street Journal
combined, giving it a world. It seems that most currently on. The 2018 midterm elections took place on Tuesday, November 6 and created many changes in the U.S.
major potential in all fields. of the items in the world House of Representatives as well as the U.S. Senate.