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Physics 101 - Godwin

Homework #34
Due Friday, 02 December 2016

Instructions: Do all these problems on notebook paper. Follow the procedures previously stated on
your pink sheet. Each problem is worth 5 points. Moments of inertia are listed on page 208 of the
Giancoli book.

1. Modeling the earth as a uniform sphere, (a) determine its moment of inertia as it spins about its
daily axis. (b) What constant torque would superman need to apply to stop the rotation about its
daily axis in one year?

2. Two children are playing on a see-saw, which is balanced in the middle. The see saw is a 4.00-
m-long, 25.0-kg uniform board. A 42.0 kg boy sits 1.50 m from the middle. (a) How far away
from the center should a 34.0-kg girl sit to balance the see-saw? Hint: The word balance
implies you should start with P = 0. (b) Treating the children as point masses, what is the
total moment of inertia of the system?

3. A uniform metal disk has a mass of 300. kg and a radius of 40.0 cm. It is mounted on a pivot
that allows it to spin freely about its geometric center. (a) What is the moment of inertia of the
disk? (b) What force, applied tangentially to the outside rim, is required to give the disk an
angular acceleration of 2.00 rad/s2? (c) After 3.00 s, how far has it turned? State answer in

4. A student holds a uniform rod by the center. When he applies a 1.40 N·m torque for 0.750 s he
rotates the rod, about its center, 1.30 radians. Now the student holds the same rod at the end
point. He applies the same torque, but this time for 1.00 s. (a) Through how many radians does
the rod turn? Answer without knowledge stated in part (b). (b) If the rod is 125 cm long, what
is its mass?

5. Disk brakes in a car work by pressing a rubber pad against a piece of metal attached to your
wheel. Suppose this disk is uniform, has a mass of 1.60 kg and a diameter of 30.0 cm. The
coefficient of friction between the parts is 0.850 and the initial rotational speed of the wheel is
2400. rpm. If we desire to stop the wheel in 20.0 s, what force needs to be applied by the piston
to the disk? I estimate that the center of the force from the brake pads is applied at 80%
outward from the center.

Selected partial answers:

1a) 9.74  1037 kg·m2!
2b) 245 kg·m2
3b) 120. N
4b) 2.33 kg
5) 1.11 N

Diagram from