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“When the body is subjected to an acceleration, there “Whenever a net (resultant) force acts on a body, it

exists a force opposite the direction of the motion and produces an acceleration in the direction of the resultant
equal to the product of mass and acceleration.” The force that is directly proportional to the resultant force
force being described is called? and inversely proportional to the mass of the body.” This
a. REF – reverse effective force theory is popularly known as:
b. REF – receiving energy force a. Newton’s First Law of Motion
c. REF – refrigerator efficiency
b. Newton’s Second Law of Motion
d. REF – reverse efficiency freezer
c. Faraday’s Law of Forces
It is the force that will pull the body moving in a circular d. Hooke’s Law of equilibrium
path away from the center
a. Centripetal force The impulse and momentum principle is mostly useful
b. Centrifugal force for solving problems involving:
c. None of the choices a. velocity, acceleration, and time
d. Both a and b b. force, acceleration, and time
c. force, velocity, and time
This is the type of stress which is caused by forces d. force, velocity, and acceleration
acting along or parallel to the area resisting the forces
a. Normal stress A projectile is fired with a horizontal velocity of 30 m/s
b. Thermal stress from the top of a cliff 80 m high. How far from the foot of
c. Ultimate stress
the cliff will it strike?
d. Shear stress
a. 112 m b. 230 m
c. 121 m d. 151 m
It is the type of stress that caused by internal forces of
change in temperature
a. Normal stress Two forces vector A and B act on the same point. If A =
b. Thermal stress 50N, 30 degrees and B = 40N, 120 degrees, what is the
c. Ultimate stress resultant force?
d. Shear stress a. 64 N b. 46 N
c. 106 N d. 94 N
Tangential stress of a thin-walled cylinder can also be
called Those quantities which have only magnitudes.
a. Circumferential stress a. vector quantites
b. Loop stress b. scalar quantites
c. All of the above c. both a and b
d. None of the above d. none of the above

This refers to the twisting of solid or hollow circular

It is one for which a unique line in space must be
maintained along which the quantity acts.
a. Strain
a. free vector
b. Elastic limit
c. Torsion b. sliding vector
d. Rapture c. fixed vector
d. line vector
In physics, work is defined in terms of the force acting
through a distance. The rate at which the work is done is An iron block weighs 5 N and has a volume of 200 cubic
called: centimeters. What is the density of the block?
a. force b. energy a. 988 kg/m3 b. 1255 kg/m3
c. 2550 kg/m 3 d. 800 kg/m3
c. power d. momentum

it is the force that will give to a mass of one gram an An object is dropped from rest from a height of 49
acceleration of one centimeter per second per second. meters. What is the speed of the object as it hits the
a. Newton b. dyne ground?
c. poundal d. slug a. 35 m/s b. 31 m/s
c. 28 m/s d. 19 m/s
A ball was thrown upward with an initial velocity of 50
ft/s. how high does it go?
a. 39 ft b. 30 ft
c. 20 ft d. 45 ft
1. A man borrowed P 20,000 from a local commercial 7. A machine costing P 720,000 is estimated to
bank which has a simple interest rate of 16% but the have a book value of P 40,545.73 when retired
interest is to be deducted from the loan at the time at the end of 10 years. Depreciation cost is
that money was borrowed and the loan is payable at computed using constant percentage of the
the end of one year. How much is the actual rate of declining book value. What is the annual rate of
interest? depreciation in %?
A. 12% A. 28
B. 14% B. 25
C. 10% C. 16
D. 19% D. 30
2. In Matheson formula for declining balance method, 8. In exact simple interest, the number of days
the value of k is each month is based on what calendar?
A. <1 A. Chinese
B. =1 B. Arabian
C. >1 C. Gregorian
D. =0 D. Newtonian
3. ABC Corporation makes it a policy that for any new 9. How much money must be deposited at 6%
equipment purchased, the annual depreciation cost each year beginning on January 1, year 1, in
should not exceed 20% of the first cost at any time order to accumulate P 5,000 on the date of last
with no salvage value. Determine the length of deposit, January 1, year 6?
service life necessary if the depreciation used is the A. P 751.00
SYD method. B. P 717.00
A. 9 years C. P 735.00
B. 10 years D. P 725.00
C. 12 years 10. Mandarin bank advertises 9.5% account that
D. 19 years yields 9.84% annually. Find how often the
4. A unit of welding machine cost P 45,000 with an interest is compounded.
estimated life of 5 years. Its salvage value is P A. Daily
2,500. Find its depreciation rate by straight-line B. Monthly
method. C. Bi-monthly
A. 17.75% D. Quarterly
B. 19.88% 11. It is the need, want, desire for a product backed
C. 18.89% by money to purchase it.
D. 15.56% A. Demand
5. Agnes Abanilla was granted a loan of P 20,000 by B. Supply
her employer CPM Industrial Fabricator and C. Monopoly
Construction Corporation with an interest of 6% for D. Market
180 days on the principal collected in advance. The 12. If you borrowed money from your friend with
corporation would accept a promissory note of P simple interest of 12%, find the present worth of
20,000 non-interest for 180 days. If discounted at P 50,000 which is due at the end of 7 months.
once, find the proceeds of the note. A. P 46,200
A. P 18,600 B. P 44,893
B. P 18,800 C. P 46,730
C. P 19,000 D. P 45,789
D. P 19,200 13. The amount of product made available for sale.
6. A company which manufactures electric motors has A. Demand
a production capacity of 200 motors a month. The B. Supply
variable costs are P 150.00 per motor. The average C. Monopoly
selling price of the motors is P 275.00. Fixed costs of D. Market
the company amount to P 20,000 per month 14. A debt of P 10,000 with 10% interest
includes taxes. The number of motors that must be compounded semi-annually is to be amortized
sold each month to break even is closest to by semi-annual payment over the next 5 years.
A. 40 The first due in 6 months. Determine the semi-
B. 150 annual payment.
C. 80 A. P 1,200.00
D. 160 B. P 1,295.05
C. P 1,193.90
D. P 1,400.45
15. Annuity is based on the principles of
A. Simple Interest
B. Compound Interest
C. Depreciation
D. Bond
16. It exists when there are so few suppliers of a
product or service that the action of one will
inevitably result in similar action by other
A. Monopoly
B. Oligopoly
C. Market
D. Demand
17. XYZ corporation manufactures bookcases that
sells for P 65.00 each. It costs XYZ Corporation
P 35,000 per year to operate its plant. This sum
includes rent, depreciation charges on
equipment, and salary payments. If the cost to
produce one bookcase is P 50.00, how many
cases mush be sold each year for XYZ to avoid
taking loss?
A. 2334
B. 539
C. 750
D. 2233