1 Who are we? Are we a piece of creation by God? Were our creation totally planned and executed by God? Did God or our Creator have any input in our gradual evolution process or did we just evolve in our own time? 2 Did any outside influences got involved at any stage between creation and now? 3 Did God the Creator or Creators at some stage made physical or spiritual contact and helped us to compile religious scripture? Why do there appear to be so many different physical variances between human sapiens, is a specific group more “intended” than another? The above is only a few of the questions we ask from time to time, but are there any satisfying answers to these questions? Science is most likely the study we could turn to in our efforts to find reasonable answers, and religion will probably dispute that. Religion is probably the most practised and tried method, but also the most illogical, how much value can we put into religion? Science is not as new as we might believe and tend to look for logical explanations, can we lean more towards science? If we do our belief systems might turn us against science or the logic we find in science might turn us against religion. Will our own belief systems allow us to really experiment with science and running the risk of loosing its followers in massive droves? History have shown that religion tend to be somewhat sceptic on science and even called the real hard core scientists heretics. Should we however look at our world today science have picked us out of medieval chaos and established a relative peaceful society, where the aggressive highly religious are still warring and threatening war on a


daily basis. We have programs on world wide television asking the question; can Armageddon be stopped? Can it? Will science be able to convince religion of its fallacy? Or will religion have the final say? Let us go back to the first question:

We are part of this place we call earth. According to religion (Genesis chapter 1) we were placed here to rule and take care of everything else including ourselves. What is on this planet? Everything we know and are still investigating, all life forms, whether microscopic, or life size realistic, we are supposed to keep it, nurture it, and help it survive, but are we? From Genesis chapter 2 the message in chapter 1 is thrown out the door. Can one say that, or even whisper it? In Genesis chapter 2 “God” suddenly have a couple of trees in “paradise”, these “trees” holds certain values, and these values can wake mankind up to certain incredible facts and should mankind try to gain these incredible values he would be committing a “sin” against “God”, by becoming a “danger” to “God” through acquiring knowledge? We learn about a “snake”, which is responsible for telling mankind that there is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge. “God” however lied to man about dying should they acquire this knowledge, the “snake” said they could “eat” and would not die, which


mankind did, and they did not die! Then “God” banished mankind from paradise and they had to go and fend for themselves, which mankind did quite successfully, I am writing this, and you are reading it which is proof of the survival capabilities we have. The “snake” is seen today as Satan by religion and “God” as the good guy, but who was the first liar? According to religion we were created by “God”, and he also lied to us, (Genesis chapter 2 verse 17; “You must not eat the fruit of that tree, if you do, you will die the same day”) we are still here! Adam and Eve had children, the world became populated! Science enabled us to survive, not religion, the first banished people went out into the wilderness and made a living, their own mental and physical abilities enabled them to survive, the “snake” showed them how, “God” kept at them and threatened them with extinction throughout the bible should they not worship him, and he tried, he killed them by the millions, instigated wars amongst them, promised them riches, stole their loot from battles, killed those who did not hand over the loot from time to time, it’s all in the scriptures I am not making any of this up. “God” even hand picked a nation to be his mouth piece, and declared himself as the supreme “God”, the “snake” later became Satan or the Devil, and this supreme “God” never killed his main adversary, apparently he could have right at the start but he “preferred” not to, and according to scripture decided to keep Satan in order to “test” us, till this very day! That “God” convinced the religious that he operated in “mysterious” ways, he promised one nation that from them the high priests who would eventually run this place will be chosen exclusively from them, and that at the end of time all the wealth of the nations will be brought into a new Jerusalem for their exclusive use, all other nations are called infidels by him, religion still use that name, but today we have the Christian and Muslim communities calling other nations that, and they even hate each other better than they hate the other nations.


What did that “GOD” create? Strife, hate, fear, uncertainty, and a very possible Armageddon, but more importantly, we were created by him or them, (Genesis chapter 1 verse 26; “Then God said, “and now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us”). We tend to think that Jesus was a part of this religion, but was he? Did he fulfil the Old Testament prophecies or not? Was he the son of that “God”, is his father the same father religion has been worshipping since day one? Religion claims it to be correct, and when reading scripture and discussing it with the priests and pastors they all tell you; yes, most definitely! Look there and there, in scripture it is stated, but there are also places in scripture which tells a different story. You will not find supportive quotes for religion in this document, however you will find supportive evidence to disprove the claims of religion, it is my opinion that a myriad of writings already exist written by other people to support religion. It is not my intention to support neither religion nor atheism, in my opinion both go out from the point of view that either; God exist but due to lack of proof religion believe that he exist or from a atheist point of view God do not exist and due to lack of proof they believe he does not exist, the belief system of both have the same value, both based on the “assumption”. Religion or rather the Christian and Muslim religions including the Jewish religion started with a paradise and an obvious lie, (Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 and 5, “Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?” 2 “We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden,” the woman answered, 3 “except the tree in the middle of it. God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if we do we will die.” 4 The snake replied, “That’s not true; you will not die. 5 God said that, because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God and know what is good and what is bad.


In verse 17 of Genesis chapter 2 the Lord God told man after he placed him in the Garden of Eden; “You may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, 17 except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will die the same day.” Who lied; God or the snake? Adam and Eve went on to have children and we are still here! Plus minus one thousand two hundred and fifty pages in very small print have been written after that in an effort to prove God never lie, but a couple of pages inside that phenomenal effort tends to tell a different story. You may ask yourself this; how long is the truth, and what is needed to convince someone about an “idea”. According to scripture Jesus spoke many words, should we compare his words with the rest of scripture it is my submission that he fell short by a long way in support of it. Jesus according to scripture however made some very controversial statements, and short ones in a manner of speech. One such statement was this: John chapter 8 verse 43 to 44 “Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to listen to my message. 44 You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow you father’s desires. From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies. Religion would argue that these verses are referring to the snake, but you are reading this, mankind did not die after they ate from that famous tree. While we are talking about this tree, let us try to understand it. The fruits of the trees in paradise were knowledge, not a physical act of eating, the tree in the middle was knowledge regarded by that God not applicable to humans, it would make humans realise that “God” might not be who he claimed to be, and the “snake” explained it to us.


Jesus even made a comment about it when he was confronted at one stage, he said; “Is it not written in your law. I said, ye are gods, if he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;/ say ye of him, whom the father have sanctified and sent into this world, thou blasphemes, because I said I am the son of God. In this he used scripture against itself, according to modern religion this is not possible, yet two thousand years ago a man proved its fallacy! He even went further and explained in Matthew chapter 23 verse 35 to 36 who killed some of the prophets he have sent here, backing it up with John chapter 10, allow me to explain: In the book of Genesis chapter 4 we find that Adam and Eve have two sons Cain, a farmer, and Abel, a shepherd. Nowhere in Genesis do we read that Abel was a prophet, yet in Matthew chapter 23 verse 35, we find out by way of Jesus that Abel were also a prophet, one killed by religion to prevent the people from knowing a truth hidden from us by religion, and who implemented religion? “God”, not the “snake”! The “snake” promoted science! In the Old Testament in the book of Zechariah we read in chapter 13 that the Lord gave the order to kill this prophet in order to scatter the sheep. In Matthew chapter 23 verse 35, Jesus told us that religion killed Zachariah and in John chapter 10 Jesus explain those who came before him, those who were similar to him, those who said they were God, the Lord Almighty etc. He did so in no uncertain terms, and yet religion holds a different perspective. I quote: John chapter 10 verse 8; “All others who came before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. 9 I am the gate. Whoever comes in by me will be saved; he will come in and go out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy.


In a couple of short paragraphs you have read about religion, starting with a lie, a truth withheld, a man attempting to show the discrepancy, sheep scattered by religion, a different meaning of truth, a snake called that name by religion who scatter sheep, steel their loot after battles against their co citizens, instigated by religion, a Lord who promise man’s extinction multiple times throughout scripture but have yet to succeed. Remember I asked the question; how long is truth, and what does it take to convince someone about an idea? Maybe we should look from another angle!

According to science life first appeared on this place we call earth in the form of microscopic one celled organisms plus minus 3.5 billion years ago. Up to plus minus 6 thousand years ago according to the Bible no interference or outside influences took place, from that perspective human kind has only been here for the past plus minus 6 thousand years! Very soon after that the “sons of God” mated with earth woman, a slightly different looking human specie were born from those affairs, (Genesis chapter 6). Then in the time of Lot (Genesis chapter 19) the Lord decided to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, another outside influence! These outside influences kept happening until plus minus 400 B.C, religion prefers to call these influences God influences.


Some religions also tend to call the offspring of the mating with the sons of God unintended, or the children of Satan, and those offspring which is basically all people on earth not resembling a specific profile according to that specific religion should hand over whatever they own to the originally intended and report as the slaves of that specific human specie, should they not that God will at the end of time come back and kill all other unintended human beings, the only ones who will be saved will be those who hand over their gold and play slave. There is however other versions regarding outside influences, more scientifically based. Many reading this have heard about the Sumerian tablets, according to those who have knowledge regarding the language the human specie were first created successfully some two hundred thousand years ago by a specie known as the Annunaki or people who came from a place or planet called Nibiru or the planet of the crossing. A man called Zecharia Sitchin, apparently spent some fifty odd years researching these tablets, and the conclusions he came to is stated in numerous books written by him on this subject. His findings were however heavily criticized by other scientists and the church. Today science have taken a different approach to this man’s work and some are of the opinion that his interpretation might not be totally correct, but there might be some very real facts in his work. According to Sitchin we Homo Sapiens, were created through experimenting with Homo Erectus or Homo Heidelbergenesis and the Annunaki themselves. Apparently they used a fertilization process where sperm from Homo Erectus and egg cells from themselves were used and after some 150 thousand years finally successfully cloned Homo Sapiens. At first they were only successful in cloning male specimens, but after changing the sperm and egg cells around using their male sperm and the female egg cells of Homo Erectus they succeeded in cloning a female. These males and females were then allowed to mate and the offspring became us, the first successful offspring had a brown colour and dark


curly hair, another feature was a smooth somewhat oily complexion and hair. These features is that of the original intended human specie referred to by the religious group I have mentioned earlier, and that religious group do not believe anything as explained by the research done by Sitchin! According to them they were formed from clay by God, a description regarding their point of view was found on a Sumerian tablet written in poem form worshipping God. The Sumerian people were a nation living on this planet in the area called Mesopotamia at that stage, today Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Turkey and also Albany, which became extinct some 2000 years B.C. According to history these Sumerians worshipped a chief God called Anu, who lived in heaven, he had lesser Gods looking after things here on earth. These lesser Gods had different functions, the more important one were called Enlil, he was responsible for good and evil and was the strategic ruler, Enki was called the ruler of the water and creator of things, Inanna was the Goddess of love and likened to Venus or the western star. Sitchin’s findings correspond to this but he gives a more colourful explanation. According to him Enlil and Enki were brothers and sons of Anu, who were also the king on the planet Nibiru mentioned earlier. In the Bible in Genesis chapter 6 we read about the Sons of God taking earth woman and having children with them. According to Sitchin a group of male Anunnaki came to earth from Mars where they had a logistic centre changing gold that was mined here for the final trip to Nibiru. Apparently a meteor shower hit Mars and the men working that centre fled to earth, after having stayed on Mars for a great many years without woman the inevitable happened when they landed here. This finding of Sitchin correspond to the Sons of God epic in the Bible, and also to the history of the religious group I have mentioned previously, according to that group the men were Satan’s angels and the offspring an unintended action through the eyes of God, from which the flood of biblical proportions stemmed, God were so angry he wanted to wipe all of them from the face of the earth.


According to Sitchin Anu warned Enki about the creation of Homo Sapiens in the first place, apparently they knew about a universal law which was against influencing evolution in an unnatural manner. Apparently Enki created us as cheap labour to work the gold mines, this gold was needed to repair the atmosphere of Nibiru which were apparently also damaged by a meteor shower, and by the incredibly strong heat of the sun. After the Mars episode different offspring came from those mating sprees. Some were giants, others were white, had blond hair, blue and green eyes, and many different variances and hues of colour. In effect the offspring are a closer family to the Gods, and the incredible anger of the Lord Almighty in the Bible suddenly gets a different meaning, and a lot of understanding. Anu did warn Enki, apparently his brother Enlil, who happened to be the actual ruler here were just as angry as Anu; thousands of years of family feuds followed the initial creation. Enki was a scientist and had a symbol which represented a string of DNA, also looking like a snake, and from this symbol the name snake emerged as a manner of rejection against him by Enlil. Snake, Satan the Devil are only some names which were attached to Enki and others who had the same intention as time passed. The real reason for the feud was Enki’s idea to educate his creation as opposed to Enlil who wanted to get off this place as soon as possible and leave the slaves to fend for themselves. Enlil and Enki became bitter enemies as a result of this difference of opinion. In later years Marduk, the son of Enki who were of the same mind as his uncle Enlil but incredibly ambitious chased both his father Enki and uncle Enlil off the face of this planet and took over as the Almighty God. Should one study the Bible it seemed this happened in the time of Isaiah. In Exodus God gave all the laws and explained in great detail how He should be worshipped. Then in Isaiah chapter 1 verse 11- 12 he asked who told them to bring all the offerings to his Temple; apparently he forgot, or it was not him who gave the order in the first place. Later


in the book of Jeremiah a similar incident occurred, in chapter 7 verse 22 God stated that he did not gave our ancestors the command to do it; definitely denying it. The correlation might just be coincidence but it definitely puts one in a different frame of mind concerning religion, and the one supreme God idea. Should we again look at the previous chapter and bring Jesus back into the argument, it would seem that He left us a message not noticed by religious followers and that one might consider rethinking the influence and goal Constantine the Great had in compiling the Vulgate in 365 A.D. Constantine invited 1800 bishops to bring their scriptures to the table in 325 A.D, only 300 showed up! It took that 300 forty years to satisfy Constantine. There are rumours that he refused any input from the scriptures relating to reincarnation as apparently taught by Jesus, we however read in Matthew chapter 11 verse 14 and 15 the following “and if you are willing to believe their message, John is Elijah, whose coming was predicted. 15 Listen, then if you have ears!” Only two short sentences, but the implication are very clear and verse 15 an even clearer call to pay attention to what Jesus was saying. Maybe the rumours are more than just rumours! If John was Elijah in the books of Kings in plus minus 850 B.C and then John the Baptist in the time of Jesus, surely reincarnation took place or should we call it something else just because it was ‘predicted’? Or ignore it because no factual hard core evidence exists? The Buddhist religion accept and teach about reincarnation, and yes, no proof exist, but in that religion it is a part of the basis of that religion, why ignore it in the Christian religion, most religions are only “dogmas”, belief systems based on the assumption that a God exist and initial word of mouth declarations. Another almost impossible feat is to convince people that spirit exist, since very few can see spirit or touch, or experience it, and even those who can experience it cannot take a picture or a sound recording and play it back to the disbeliever, and for the believer of this to get


frustrated is very understandable, without the experience very few if any will believe in it. Reincarnation is the idea or concept that Spirit or the real we don’t die, but either reincarnate to learn “another day” or move on to a higher plane of existence like “heaven”, and that only the physical body die and turn back to dust. In the case of John he returned to learn “another day”, another day meaning one more life time. You might ask now; ‘but when is the learning over’? Jesus gave an indication regarding this! In the book of Matthew from the same chapters where he spoke about John the Baptists history he said in Matthew chapter 11, verse 11; “I assure you that John the Baptist is greater than any man who has ever lived. But he who is least in the Kingdom of heaven is greater than John”. From the above verse an indication is given that John the Baptist was living his last life here on earth, an indication that he has reached the point where he was considered to be “worthy” to be accepted into “heaven” and also an indication that the those regarded as the least in “heaven” at that stage were more evolved than John. You will remember that Jesus also mentioned that Abraham were glad to hear that he (Jesus) was coming to visit earth, another indication that Abraham have already evolved to “heaven” status, an indication that another “spiritual” dimension of life exist.

Did God or the Creators make physical contact to help us compile scripture?
From scripture or the Bible it seems that God in the book of Exodus called Moses up the mountain and gave him the laws and the Ten Commandments, from that perspective one can safely say, yes contact was made and scripture originated from that contact, we also read in


Exodus chapter 18 that Jethro, the father in law of Moses visited him where he was camped at the holy mountain with the Israelites, and from verse 13 you will read how Jethro instructed Moses regarding the running of a nation! This visit seems innocent enough, but it happened at the holy mountain, where Moses apparently received the Laws, Jethro happened to be a Midianite and also the high priest of that nation. Much later we read that God was suddenly highly upset with the Midianites and consequently they were just about wiped of the face of the earth, first by Moses and later again by Gideon because they misled some Israelites to worship Baal, and because some of their men had sexual relations with Midianite woman, which led to the worshipping (Numbers chapter 25 and chapter 30, the first attack by Moses). It is interesting to note that in this holy war all the men were killed in battle, all their wealth was taken including live stock. The soldiers however brought back alive, children, boys and girls, and the woman. Moses then instructed the soldiers to kill all the boys and the woman who have had sexual intercourse. They only kept alive the virgins which were divided amongst the men. From this explanation it would seem that the Midianite nation was destroyed, yet years later; in the book of Judges chapters 7 and 8, Gideon killed them all over again! What is not clear from Numbers chapter 30 however was that of the loot a number were given to the Lord as a tax! 1 out of every 50 of the half share of the living loot which included the virgins were given to the Lord as tax, the Levites who was the religious leaders took that into their care which included 32 virgins, to look after it for the Lord! Of the wealth all of the gold ornaments, armlets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces were offered to the Lord as payment so that their lives will be spared by the Lord; from this it seem that this Lord’s interest in the gold saved even his own peoples lives. What did he need this gold for? And why is it fine that concubines were supplied to the church, why could the church use woman from a nation seen as infidels for their own pleasures, or perhaps as breeding machines to breed the future priests?


This gold collecting by the Lord is seen throughout the wars in the Old Testament, and eventually up to the last book in the Bible. In Revelations the last request before the big killing start would be to carry this worlds riches, gold and silver into the gates of the 2400 by 2400 square kilometre = 5.7 million square kilometre, plus remember it is as high as its sides is long, 2400 kilometres high, new Jerusalem which will descend from heaven to sit on top of the old Jerusalem! Wow; this city would probably crush the whole of Israel, including the whole Middle East which covers approximately 5.4 million square kilometres! Looking at it from that angle it is possible to load this world’s gold and silver, and take off again, killing whoever try to enter by the gates with technology we do not even yet imagine. Imagine the devastation the take off will cause leaving the Middle East desolate and barren, no life, the neighbouring countries suffering after shocks, tidal waves just about killing all remaining life on this planet, imagine the landing, the first initial killing it would cause, now imagine us, looking at this awesome monster of a “planet” settling down here, sending smaller craft with people inside across the globe, demanding the gold and silver! Can you see how we hurry to please these “gods”, afraid that nothing will be left standing, hoping they would leave again A.S.A.P, even if it means a bit more devastation with the “take off.” Now imagine us between 200 thousand and 2 thousand years ago with a “chariot of fire” descending and its inhabitants telling us they are god our creator/s, and no scientific knowledge whatsoever, can you “see” yourself with your face in the sand, begging for mercy! Shouting, please god, forgive my sins. Do you still think it was god almighty? How could a mere man called Jacob blackmail those guys into blessing the Israelite nation, he probably wrestled one of them, realised they were human and they bought him, lock stock and barrel, convincing him that they would look after his descendants if he could assist them in getting as much gold as possible from any source he knew, it seems the Egyptians saw through these gods and refused to pay up, and the gods saw in Jacob the perfect fool to sell their idea to in order to rob Egypt into poverty, and we are still paying, how much gold is stacked in


America, and all this worlds nations national vaults? Interesting figure; right! When we read the New Testament we find a man who tells us; love your neighbour and your creator like you love yourself” The god in the Old Testament said “fear me” and worship me or I will kill you, and he did, millions of us. Who is this new guy? We were told; “the son of god”, he probably was, in a physical sense. But he said some very strange things against those guys in the Old Testament, it got him killed, but not before he left us some very interesting “truths”. What are those “truths”? He told us to “investigate all things, and hold on to that which is good”, he told us that “we were worshipping the Devil since the beginning”, he told us that “we cannot bear to listen to his message, because we were too afraid of the Devil” he told us to “open our eyes and ears”, he told us that “we never knew his Father, and that his Father did not know us, but since his visit we who open our eyes and ears met his Father and that his Father met us” he told us that “now that we understand his message we have become his friends”, have the Lord ever taken any human as a “friend”? He told us that we have killed many prophets he have sent in the past, if we read the Old Testament we will recognize some of them, we will recognize some who out of fear turned the masses over to the “wolf” (John chapter 10), we will recognize others who managed to still get the messages through by playing both sides of the coin, we will recognize others who couldn’t play poker and were killed like Zachariah and Abel. He told us; “I am not coming back in Matthew chapter 24, but we like to believe another messenger called John, who wrote Revelations, almost a replica of Isaiah the last couple of chapters. Most importantly; he told us, “mans power is of no use at all, without spirit nothing can live” in that sentence he told us that no matter what we create, without the “light” or spirit nothing will live. But why would this man tell us those things? Why commit suicide? That was what he effectively did: According to us, the historians and


self proclaimed experts, he never even existed, there do not exist any concrete proof to substantiate his life. Whether or not he lived is actually immaterial, the message in the New Testament is very real, we were conned blindly, by an expert, give the Devil his due! Jesus or the idea, whichever pleases you, is in the process of being proved by science, science have made some serious advances in the field of quantum physics, apparently a “consciousness” controls all matter, atoms and electrons react to invisible instructions, tests done on these particles by will of man gets ignored, but they instead react to unobservable instructions, refuting logic, attempted by man. This a small step, and in this step man interested in science, also stumbled on another truth, all living things emits light, Genesis 1 verse 3. This light can be very misleading! All living things no matter ho simple or how complicated emits light, including us. Those who have studied astral projection will understand this and if you have not studied astral projection, it is something new to add to your own personnel knowledge. Around our physical bodies we have what is called the etheric field, this can be seen by some people without any assistance by science, it is the “light” quantum physics are talking about, our energy field projected to plus minus 1 and a half to three inches outside our bodies, the thickness depends on every individual’s energy level. Around this etheric is what is called the aura, the aura and the etheric is something which have been described in the Old Testament in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 12 in an effort to describe what happens in our dying moments. The aura is much bigger than the etheric, and have the shape of an elongated bowl or similar to an egg, the colour striations also vary from person to person, the medical profession is already using technology which is enabling them to through taking images of the aura, assist them in finding better and faster cures for our ailments.


Science is busy learning that an unseen invincible force is creating through manipulating microscopic atoms and electrons, turning them into seen physical objects! The intent of Jesus was to help and assist us to open our eyes and ears in order not to be deceived by that very clever “Devil” anymore, his efforts was not in vain, science has grown into probably our greatest asset of modern times, another project he started in his time was “love your neighbour and your creator as you love yourself”, because of those words we are free today and science is getting government funding to better this world. The man or idea called Jesus cracked all doors 2000 years ago, perhaps the creators decided it was time that we needed a little guidance and a volunteer was sent to us, but we failed to notice, let us open our eyes and ears, and LET US NOT GO BACK TO THOSE TIMES! Walter Muller.



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