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Khasawneh 1

Sheerin Khasawneh

AP English Literature Block 3

Ms. Mann

23 August 2018

RRJ: Brave New World Chapter 6

Bernard Marx

Prompt #4: Take on the persona of one of the characters (as if you were an actor playing that

person) and, as realistically as you can, describe how you feel about yourself, other characters,

or the situation presented in the chapter.

Flaws. There are flaws in everything. We were meant to criticize our way of life because

there is no right way of living it. ​What benefits does criticizing do?​ It means you have an eye that

sees and interprets society differently. ​Take those critiques and make changes.​ I suppose there is

no point in rambling on to my cohorts, they don’t understand. ​Lord Ford!​ What is the point of all


Soma after Soma​. I took four just to get through the process with Linina. She thought we

had fun… truly had fun… no, it was an illusion of happiness created by soma. I thought ​sex

could make me happy; it seems to keep everyone else sustained. True happiness is achieved with

memories I can enjoy and my desired emotions I can express all without some drug. Linina didn't

understand this; she is concerned with what they want her to be concerned about. Society has

taken a toll on her and she refuses to think beyond what is given to her. She’s like a wall: no

matter how much you push it, it won’t move and how much you scream, it can’t hear you.
Khasawneh 2

The Director​- a fool- exposed himself when we discussed the New Mexico trip. He

revealed that his girl-at the time- was not to be found when they vacationed there. He injured his

knee and still went searching for her. He sent a search party and still did not find her but he

“‘dreams of being woken up by that peal of thunder and finding her under the trees’” (Huxley

107). I knew it! People can feel emotion about other people. The Director became conscious of

his expressed affection and lack of attention and took out his defensiveness on me. Not only did

he express one but two feelings and it was all because of me. And to believe that one single

human can cause such dispute among the emotions another carries. Anyways, he is sending me

to Iceland. I suppose he does not need word of his story going around or an epidemic of showing

emotions. To save himself, he sends me away.

Helmholtz​, a trusted friend. I can express my feelings to many people but I enjoy talking

to him the most. He’s raw and real and he can honestly tell me what he is feeling by one

expression. He reflects on me and I can see the ​flaws​ in myself through him. He just doesnt think

like me which means he doesn't have the greater sense of what I’m trying to convey. He’s not

like the rest, he’s cognisant. He is aware of himself and what he says and I am a little late on

picking up his ques.