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Main Products of Azeus Fertilizer Machinery:

☆ compost turner
☆ fertilizer mixer
☆ fertilizer crusher
☆ fertilizer granulator
☆ fertilizer dryer
☆ fertilizer cooler
☆ fertilizer coating machine
☆ round fertilizer granules shaping machine
☆ fertilizer packaging machine
☆ organic fertilizer production line
☆ compound fertilizer production line
Organic Fertilizer Production Line: 20000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Plant,

30000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Production Line, 50000 Tons Organic

Fertilizer Production Line.

Npk Compound Fertilizer Production Line: 50000 Tons Npk Fertilizer

Production Line, 100000 Tons Npk/Compound Fertilizer Plant.

All Fertilizer Production Line Can Be Designed By Clients’


20000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Introduction Of Pan Granualtor Production Line

This is a 20000 tons organic fertilizer production line, also called pan

granulator production line for manufacturing organic and bio organic

fertilizer. Our factory is a professional fertilizer production line

manufacturer, in which organic fertilizer equipment products are

produced fresh manure as raw material, without any chemical

ingredients, and chickens, pigs, poor digestion, can only consume 25%

of the nutrients, and feed another 75% of the nutrients excreted, so

that the finished dry nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter,

amino acids, proteins and other ingredients. Bio fertilizer plant both

for enterprises to create economic benefits, but also for humanity

made great contributions to environmental projects.

Main parts of 20000 tons bio fertilizer production line

Compost Turner (raw materials fermentation)→ Pan Feeder (smooth

feedin→ Semi-Wet Fertilizer Crusher (fermented materials shredding)

→Pan Granulator ( granulating machine)→ Rotary Dryer ( drying)→

Rotary Cooler (fertilizer cooling) → Drum Sifting Machine (fertilizer

screening) → Organic Fertilizer Coating Machine (finished products

coating) → Automatic Packing Machine (fertilizer packaging) →

Vertical Crusher (substandard products crushing for re-granulating)→

Belt Conveyor (raw materials and finished organic fertilizer production

line products transporting)

30000 Tons Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Main Parts Of 30,000 Tons/Year Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

A whole process of this 30000 tons organic fertilizer plant, which is

also called flat die granulator production line consists of many

fertilizer equipments.

Compost Turner(Fermentation Machine)→ Materials Mixing

Machine→ Pan Feeder→Flat Die Granulator(Fertilizer Granulator)→

Ball Fertilizer Shipping Machine→ Rotary Dryer→ Cooler→ Rotary

Screening Machine (Screening Fertilizer Granules)→ Fertilizercoating

Machine→ Packaging Machine.

Advantages Of 30,000 Tons/Yearflat Die Granulator Production Plant

1.Wide Application

This flat die production line are suitable for almost all kinds of organic

waste, covering animal waste(chicken manure,bio-gas residue,etc),

agricultural waste(cop straw, soybean mean, etc), industrial

waste(vinegar residue, manioc waste, etc) and municipal sludge( river

sludge, sea mud,etc).

2.High Productivity and High Return

With advanced technology and reasonable arrangement, it greatly

increase value of output per unit of labour and production value profit

margin. At the same time, its energy consumption is also very low,

further lowing the production cost.

3.Good Market Prospect

In recent years, the problems caused by irrational application of

fertilizer is getting more and more attention. In contrast to chemical

fertilizer, organic fertilizer has rich organic matter, which is good for

improving soil condition. The organic fertilizer market must will

expand, so this organic fertilizer line will also become more and more


50,000 tons organic fertilizer production line | New-Type Granulator


Main parts of 50000 tons of organic fertilizer production line

A whole 50000 tons organic fertilizer production line, also called new

fertilizer granulator production line, consists of manr fertilizer


Compost Turner (Composting Equipment) → Pan Mixer(Materials

Mixing)→ New Fertilizer Granulator→ Rotary Dryer→ Rotary Cooler

→ Granules Screening Machine→ Vertical Crusher→Coating Machine

→ Packaging Machine.
Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

1. Equipped with advanced fertilizer manufacturing technique, this bio

fertilizer production line can finish organic fertilizer manufacturing in

one process.

2. Adopts advanced new type organic fertilizer dedicated granulator,

granulating ratio is up to 70%, high intensity of granules,

3. Wide adaptability of raw materials

4. Stable performance, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials

components, abrasion proof, low energy consumption, long service

lifespan, easy maintenance and operation, etc.

5. High efficiency and economic returns, and the small part of feeding

back material can be granulated again.

6. Adjustable capacity according to customers’ requirements.

Npk Fertilizer Production Lines | Compound Fertilizer Plants

Introduction of compound npk fertilizer production lines

As a well-known compound npk fertilizer plants in China, AZEUS

Fertilizer Machinery provides 30000 tons npk fertilizer production line,

50000 tons npk fertilizer plant, 100000 tons npk fertilizer plant and

more higher yeild by your own disign.

Main parts of 30000 tons npk compound fertilizer production line

Compost Turner→ Pan Mixer→ Pan Feeder→ Roller Extrusion

Granulator→ Rotary Screening Machine→ Packaging Machine→ Belt


Main Parts Of 50000 Tons Npk Compound Fertilizer Plant

Compost Turnr→ Pan Mixer → Pan Feeder→ Pan Granulator →

Rotary Dryer → Rotary Cooling Machine → Rotary Screening

Machine→ Packaging Machine → Dust Cage Crusher → Belt


Main Parts Of 100000 Tons Npk Plant

Compost Turner → Six Bin Batching Machine→ Pan Mixer → Rotary

Drum Granulator→ Rotary Dryer → Fertilizer Cooler → Rotary

Screening Machine → Coating Machine → Chain Crusher → Packaging

Machine → Belt Conveyors.

Features of NPK Fertilizer Production Line:

1.Our granulator machines adopt high-strength, anti-corrosive

materials, which is adaptive to hostile working environment.

2.Relatively simple structure is easy to operate and maintain, and it’s

easy to adjust the machines to your specific demand.

3.High granulating efficiency, reliable performance, and long service


4.The pan granulator compound fertilizer production line is can be

used in producing compound production line, as well as in

manufacturing organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and

magnetizing fertilizer etc.

5.We can design the granulator compound fertilizer production line in

accordance with your requirements.