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Minutes of the meeting regarding Anukram

Date: 12th December, 2018

Time: 2:15-2:30pm


I. Dr. Sreeram Gopalakrishnan

II. Professor Kavitha Iyer
III. Placement Assistant Cell 2019: Yugika Mital, Shweta Pillai
IV. Placement Coordinators 2019: Pranav Krishnan, Kritika Siroliya, Yash Agarwal, Prakriti
Arya, Yamini Kandhari, Arpit Raj, Ashwin Lawanghare, Johanna Israni

Points Discussed:

1. Due to lack of time for managing logistics Anukram will be transformed from a day’s
event to a series of guest lectures within class rooms spanning across 30 days.

2. Pictures and write ups will be provided by photography and editorial team to be uploaded
on social media by respective agency.

3. Themes, campaign pegs and so on will be discussed internally and proposed to Professor
Iyer and approved by Dr. Sreeram Gopalakrishnan.

4. Will try and involve second and third years if first year is not possible.

5. Mementos will have to be arranged for the guests.