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Weldolet Branch connection calculation per ASME B31.


Mill Tolerance Tb



th Th ₸h

d1 A2 C Mill Tolerance


Branch pipe: WELDOLET 12" X 4" A182 F51 SCH 40S X SCH 160 MSS SP-97 NACE

Run pipe: PIPE EFW (E=1.0) 12" A790 UNS S31803 SCH 40S NACE

Design Pressure: 70 Barg

Design Temperature: 120°C

From vendor drawing dimension “B” = 98.5mm where the branch opening.

Then, d1=98.5 mm
Th= ₸h-mill tolerance
₸h= Nominal thickness of run pipe = 10.3 mm, mill tolerance=12.5%of ₸h
Th= 10.3mm-1.29mm=9.01mm
C= corrosion allowance=0

d2 = (11.8-0) + (9.01-0) + (98.5/2) =70.06mm < d1

Then, d2 = d1= 98.5mm

L4 = 2.5 x (9.01mm-0) =22.52mm or 2.5 x (11.8mm-0)+0=29.5mm

Then, L4=22.52mm

th = Pressure design thickness of run pipe

th = [PD / [2(SEW+PY)]]+c
See attached thickness calculation sheet

th = 5.59mm

A1=5.59mm x 98.5mm x (2- sin90°) = 550.61 mm2

A2 = (2x98.5mm-98.5) x (9.01mm-5.59mm-0) = 336.87 mm2

tb = Pressure design thickness of weldolet
Consider as pressure design thickness of branch pipe

tb = [PD / [2(SEW+PY)]] + c
See attached thickness calculation sheet

tb = 1.97mm
Tb= ₸b-mill tolerance
₸b= Nominal thickness of branch pipe = 13.49 mm, mill tolerance=12.5%of ₸b
Tb= 13.49mm-1.68mm=11.8mm

A3 = 2 x 22.52mm x (11.8mm-1.97mm-0) = 442.74 mm2

Assumption by consider from welding size per WPS as available.

5 mm

12 mm 22.52mm
mm mm

5 mm

18 mm Consider area A4

Then, A4 = [(5mmx22.52mm)+(12mmx5mm/2)]x2 = 285 mm2

From above the area available for reinforcing defined as:

A2+A3+A4 = 336.87mm2 +442.74 mm2+285 mm2 = 1064.61 mm2 ≥ A1= 562.91 mm2

Therefore this branch connection is satisfied per ASME B31.3.

Comparing area of reinforcing available A4 between Weldolet and pipe branch connection

Area A4 Weldolet = 285mm2 >= Area A4 Pipe branch connection = 178.2mm2

Therefore the welding size per assumption is satisfied.