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CATEGORY An average website A good website An excellent website

has… has… has…

Teacher No Website Teacher or Teacher or Teacher or
Biography Present. representation of course representation of representation of course
content picture. A few course content content picture. A
sentences about you. picture. A paragraph about you.
paragraph about Hyperlinks within
you. paragraphs and/or
videos/slideshows that
share more about you.
Weekly No Website Agenda section is Agenda section is A daily agenda section
Agenda Present. present. Information is updated. FEW is updated. SOME
not updated. BAD homework homework assignments
EXAMPLES: "Welcome assignments and/or handouts are
back to school." or and/or handouts attached. Objectives are
"Happy Homecoming are attached. stated for each day
Week." and/or the
Class No Website Syllabus and/or course DESCRIPTIVE Syllabus and/or course
Information Present. description is present. Syllabus and/or description is present.
course The grading scale is
description is defined. Descriptions of
present. The each chapter/units are
grading scale included. A class seating
may be defined. chart may be included.
Interactive No Website May display an ONE interactive MORE THAN ONE
Tools Present. interactive tool, but is tool such as interactive tools such as
not used by the teacher Remind, digital Remind, digital
and/or student. dropbox/turnin dropbox/turnin features,
features, and/or and/or discussion
discussion boards/journal, contact
boards/journals form, survey, and/or
are online tests are
used/accessible used/accessible within
within the the website.
Helpful No Website A section displays FEW A section displays A section displays
Websites/Files/ Present. helpful subject external SOME helpful MANY helpful subject
websites, PowerSchool, subject external external websites,
Screencasts student email websites, PowerSchool, student
information, bell PowerSchool, email information, bell
schedule, etc. student email schedule, lesson plan
information, bell video screencasts, etc.
schedule, etc.
Graphics/ No Website Graphics/design looks SOME MANY personalized
Design Present. sloppy with no personalized touches including a
personalized photos touches including custom banner/heading,
specifically related to a custom class photos and/or
classes/content area. banner/heading, example projects are
class photos displayed in an
and/or example organized fashion.
projects are
displayed in an
Spelling/ No Website More than 3 errors. 2-3 errors. 0-1 errors.
Grammar Present.

Created by Mrs. Tasha Candela, Instructional Technology Consultant, Business Teacher, Lake Shore High School,
Saint Clair Shores, MI, 2016