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: [ADNOC Onshore: Iho comments en ‘ foes! aagaaall gS) Asyall Aula all Cabelas asc ‘Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations (ADCO) Ltd. I EPC FOR AL DABB’IYA SURFACE FACILITIES-PHASE Ill ADCO Contract No. : 15810.01 ‘ADCO Project No. : P02065 MATERIAL RECORD BOOK INDEX ‘CLEAN AGENT SYSTEM. OIL SPILL CENTER [Purchase Order No: 7500054814 | Matera! Req Nor_s644-SS-MR-LOOOO04 2 ‘Vendor Nameil ogo" tyco essametie ; “Vendors Job: GATEORTS [ ee Doe NOTES FODICASOSTESOET Som | atetaioe | Hsia eeive | f [INSP- l [Podesta A. [Jun 15th 2018 BUYER’ coceptance ° a ca g if v al nN of Section or SubSection or Document Title _- MRB INDEX OF conTENTS A |GENERAL "Accepted Vendor LIP (inspection Testing Plan A+ oc Quamy Contes Bow sorpsiea sina Seo _—__vonder, Vendor & Contactor saratures Site (Construction) Inspection & Test Plan (Gianedtoff at Site) (for Shop pre-fabrieat and —_Site Assembled equipment on) AS Sub vendors list | 4 Vendor's responsiity Declarations / Certificates of Conformity (to applicable Codes). nted Technical Deviations Requests, i BUYER/ADCO Non-Conformity Management \ Reports retumed to Vendor, Vendor Non- \ | Conformity Repons (closed) | pg {Copy of Intemational Certificates for Supplier’ ” _| Quality Assurance System based on ISO 9000 -8 Inspection Autnonty certiicetes andlor report |_A-9 Inspection Release Notes, Punch lists |_Ax10 Packing test certificate and Packing ists 8 _ FABRICATION WELDING -NDE 4 _|Manufacturing Procedures (where applicable) B:2 _ Matera Certication Mi ent Vol. ADCO Document | | pages | Vol | Remarks a 23 96.5024 Fe. — | 0221.90.86%6_Rovnt | AS ee eee 0a2.11 578% | NA B-7_NDE Procedures BB |NDE Map B-9 _ NDE Operator Qualifications B-10 | NDE CertifcatesiReports {Eaves B12 _PMI Reports ements) ‘Visual & dimensional test reports (including APProve ore Gode | "Section or Subsection or Document Tite 8.16 _Hycio-Tosi Water Guay Contato 8:17 | Load Test Procedures, iting Ponts 5-18 "Load Test Certeaon Ling Pon's Ifetal Ling /Ceatg /Pantng Test | O19 | Corenoa = _D ELECTRICAL | D+ | Type Test Cemtcates |_D2 Hazardous Area Certfeaton | Manufacturing Test Procacures D4 [Manufacturing Test Geticaton is. _Fieiony Acceptance Test Procedure ~ (Site ‘Acceplance Test Procedure if applicable) | 0-6 [Factory Acceptance Test Certification |_E INSTRUMENTATION Ext Type Test Conicates {2 |Hazardous Area Certification 12 Marutacurng Test Proceautes f Et Manufacturing Test Certification “ES Instrument Calibration Procedures | £6 _Instument Cairation Crtical a ‘ory ‘canjsosmanmo2 | ag +7 acceptance Test Provedure [022190.030-RovA Ie okay ecco acre | F_ SITE ACCEPTANCE TESTING a Subsections tobe defined onthe basis of Site LE! jn Note- *-Document number not yet available, na