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Keyboard shortcuts for IL-2 BOS/BOM

Service Key Engine Controls Key Camera Controls Key Command

Send chat messages to all Enter Engine(s) superchargers toggle L Shift + S Switch veh turret sight position LCtrl + MouseWheel
Send chat messages to friendly R Ctrl + Enter Engine(s): start/stop procedure E Reset external free camera C
Show/Hide ESC menu Escape Auto Mixture & Supercharger L Shift + M Free camera – slow mode NumPad 0
Show/Hide HUD H Auto Radiator L Shift + R Reset camera NumPad 5
Lobby Tabulator Engine 1: start/stop procedure R Ctrl + 1 Camera local rotation up/down Lsft Mouse Y
Show/Hide Missions Briefing O Engine 2: start/stop procedure R Ctrl + 2 Camera local rotation left/right Lsft Mouse X
Enable/Disable flight recording L Ctrl + R Cowl Flaps: open/close L Alt + = / - Rotate camera up NumPad 8
Make a Screenshot Mixture: lean/rich R Alt + = / - Rotate camera down NumPad 2
Changa Gauges I Oil Radiator: open/close R Windows + =/- Rotate camera left NumPad 4
Change Map M Prop pitch: low (high rpm)/high (low rpm) R Shift + =/- Rotate camera right NumPad 6
Accelerate Time ] Throttle =/- Camera: player cockpit F1 Flight Leader Commands Key
Decelarate Time [ Water radiator: Open/close R Ctrl + =/- Camera operator: enemy L Ctrl + F12 Squadron
Game Pause on/off P Switch engine 1 control: on/off 1 Camera operator: friendly F12 Attack nearest air L Alt + 1
Switch engine 2 control: on/off 2 Camera padlock: friendly air R Shif + F8 Attack nearest ground L Alt + 2
Plane Controls Key Switch common control of Engines: on/off 0 Camera padlock: friendly ground R Shift + F7 Stop actions & follow our mission L Alt + 3
Airbrakes on/off R Alt + B Camera padlock: enemy air F8 Copy my actions L Alt +4
Autopilot Level Flight on/off L Shift + A Weapon Controls Key Camera padlock: dangerous air R Ctrl + F8 Hold formation & cover me L Alt + 5
Autopilot Left turn L Shift + Z Weapons Camera padlock: enemy ground R Ctrl + F7 Patrol the area L Alt + 6
Autopilot Right turn L Shift + X Fire all guns Spacebar External free camera: friendly air L Sift + F3 Patrol for air enemies L Alt + 7
Autopilot on/off A Reload all guns R External free camera: bombs F6 Patrol for ground enemies L Alt + 8
Bail out L Ctrl + E Fire only cannons L Alt + Spacebar External free camera: friendly bombs L Sfit + F6 Accept the leadership L Alt + 9
Canopy: open/close R Alt + C Fire only machine guns R Alt + Spacebar External free camera: enemy bombs L Ctrl + F6 Return to base L Alt + 0
Canopy Emergency Remove R Alt + C Remove personal weapon/flare L Ctrl + ` External free camera: enemy air L Ctrl + F2 Formation
Flaps Down F Red flare L Ctrl + 1 External free camera: ground F5 Column L Ctrl + 6
Flaps Up L Shift + F Green flare L Ctrl + 2 External free camera: friendly ground L Shif + F5 left edge L Ctrl + 7
Gear up/down G Yellow flare L Ctrl + 3 External free camera: enemy ground L Ctrl + F5 right edge L Ctrl + 8
Cockpit Lights on/off L White flare L Ctrl + 4 External free camera: player plane F2 V L Ctrl + 9
Navigation Lights on/off R Ctrl + L Personal weapon L Ctrl + 5 Camera: flyby F3 Hold this position & wait L Ctrl + 0
Landing Lights on/off R Shift + L Shoot pers.weapon/flare (LeftMouseButton) L Ctrl + Spacebar Camera: free F11
Parking Brakes on/off L Shift + / Bombing Camera: head-unlinked cockpit L Alt + F1 Pilot Gestures Key
Adjustable Stabilizer up/down R Shift +↑ ↓ Bomb sight V Camera: combat camera F4 Hand up L Shift + 1
Pitch trim: up/down R Ctrl + ↑ ↓ Bomb bay doors close L Ctrl + N Camera: track L Ctrl + 1 Form left L Shift + 2
Roll trim: left/right R Ctrl + ← → Bomb bay doors open N S/W Form right L Shift + 3
Move free camera forward/backward
Rudder trim: left/right L Ctrl + X/Z Throw bombs mode toggle L Shift + B RightButton+Mouse Y V formation L Shift + 4
Wheel Brakes / Drop bombs B A/D OK L Shift + 5
Move free camera left/righ
Left Wheel Brake , Turrent RightButton+Mouse X Attack L Shift + 6
Right Wheel Brake . Turret: nestle to the gun sight L Shift + T F/R
Move free camera up/down
Tail Wheel lock/unlock L Shift + G Turret: Take/leave control T RightButton+MouseWheel
Switch to next free Plane L Ctrl + C Fire turret guns (LeftMousButton) Spacebar NumPad +/-
Camera zoom
Switch to next firing point In the cur. turret L Shift + C Mouse Wheel
Reload turret guns ( Mid.MouseButton) R Change veh turret zoom Mouse Wheel
Gunners: Fire at will R Alt + 1
Gunners: Attack balloons R Alt + 5
Gunners: Attack ground tgts R Alt + 6
Gunners: Return fire R Alt + 2
Gunners: Cease fire R Alt + 3
Gunners: Cease heavy weapons fire R Alt + 4
Gunners: Long attack distance R Alt + 9
Gunners: Normal attack distance R Alt + 8
Gunners: Short attack distance R Alt + 7