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PMS Syllabus 2017 Punjab PPSC Subjects List

This year in 2017 there are three chances for all the Punjab domicile holder male
female and Shemale candidates to be appearing in PPSC PMS exams. According
to the new syllabus of PMS the PPSC has set six papers for compulsory subjects
each paper carry 100 marks and total are 600 marks; while there are seven groups
for optional subjects (A, B, C, D, E, F and G) and according to the rules and
regulations any candidate has to choose maximum one subject from each group
and the total choosing optional subjects would be three and each of 200 marks
and the total would be of 600 marks. So, the both optional and compulsory marks
are 1200 and for qualifying for the posting it is necessary for each candidate to
secure minimum of 50% marks of PMS PPSC test 2017 otherwise candidates will
be rejected.


The examination will be conducted in the six compulsory subjects along with three
optional subjects. The details of the papers are given below

Written Examination:

Six Papers Compulsory Total 600 Marks

Three Papers Optional Total 600 Marks


1 An essay on one of the several (Subjective) 100 Marks
specified topics
(This paper is intended to test
the ability of the candidates in
2 functional English comprising (Subjective) 100 Marks
précis writing, translation from
Urdu into English, composition
and usage of idioms).
(Paper of Urdu (Compulsory)
will comprise of Essay Writing,
Précis, Explanation of Poetic
3 (Subjective) 100 Marks
Verses, Translation from
English, Idioms and their
(Combination of both
4 Ethics (For Non-Muslims 100 Marks
Subjective & Objective)
(Combination of both
5 Pakistan Studies 100 Marks
Subjective & Objective)
6 General Knowledge (Objective) 100 Marks
Psychological Test and
7 200 Marks


Sr. No. Subjects Marks
Group “A”
1. Commerce 200
2. Economics 200
3. Business Administration 200
4. Public Administration 200
Group “B”
5. Agriculture 200
6. Veterinary Science 200
7. Botany 200
8. Zoology 200
Group “C”
9. Mathematics 200
10. Computer Science 200
11. Statistics 200
12. Principle Of Engineering 200
Group “D”
13. Physics 200
14. Chemistry 200
15. Geology 200
16. Geography 200
Group “E”
17. Political Science 200
18. History 200
19. Law 200
20. Mass Communication 200
Group “F”
21. Philosophy 200
22. Psychology 200
23. Sociology 200
24. Social Work 200
Group “G”
25. English Literature 200
26. Urdu 200
27. Arabic 200
28. Education 200
29. Persian 200
30. Punjabi 200

Important Note:
1. Non-Muslims have the option to attempt paper on Islamic or Ethics
2. 25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the MCQs type paper
of general knowledge
3. It is necessary to take all the compulsory subjects and three from the
optional subject but not more than one from each group

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