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Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date
Project Engineering – Electrical Equipment –
SP-1188 Chemical Injection Skids Rev. 5 May-10 SP-1099 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Electrical Installation Practice Ver. 5.0 Dec-06
PL-15 Quality Management Policy 2008 Edition SP-1200 Procurement Specifications for Pipeline Check Valves Ver. 2.0 Sep-11
SP-1100 Specification for Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Equipment Ver. 3.0 Jun 04
SP-1201 Procurement Specification for Pipeline Ball Valves Ver. 2.0 Sep-11
CP-117 Project Engineering Code of Practice Rev. 4.0 Jan-11 SP-1101 Electrical Infrastructure Specification for installation of Overhead Transmission Ver. 2.0 May-08
SP-2020 Flange Connections - Bolt Tourquing & Tensioning Ver. 0 Jan-06
CP-122 Health, Safety and Environment Management System Manual Ver. 5.0 Jul-11 SP-2039 Mechanical Standard Drawings Ver. 1.0 Sep-05 Lines
CP-131 Risk and Opportunity Management Code of Practice Ver. 3.0 Dec-06 SP-2044 Specification for Screwed Fittings Rev. 1.0 Nov-05 SP-1102A Electrical Infrastructure Specification for Design of 33kV Overhead Power Ver. 6.0 Aug-08
CP-139 Corporate Data Management Ver. 3.0 Feb-09 SP-2051 Specification for Flushing, Pressure Testing, Pickling and Sensitive Leak Testing Ver. 2.0 May-10 Lines on Wooden Poles
CP-190 Project Engineering: Quality Management System for Project Delivery: Code of Practice Ver. 1 Oct-09 of Mechanical Equipment and Piping SP-1102B Electrical Infrastructure Specification for Design of 33kV Overhead Power Ver. 7.1 Dec-10
SP-2069 Mechanical Engineering - Specification for Pressure Vessels Ver. 0 Sep-08 Lines on Concrete Poles
PR-1150 Project Close Out Procedure – Engineering CAPEX & OPEX Projects Ver. 3.0 Apr-04
SP-2070 Mechanical Engineering - Specification for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Ver. 1 Jun-10 SP-1103 Electrical Engineering Guidelines Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP (Sep-02) Ver. 4.0 Feb-06
PR-1153 Field Trouble Report Procedure Ver. 2.0 Feb 06
SP-1105 Electrical Infrastructure - Electrical Standard Drawings List Ver. 4.0 May-06
PR-1247 Project Change Control & Standards Variance Procedure Ver. 2.0 Mar-11 DEP (Ι) Equipment in LPG Installations DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1106 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Coding and Identification of Ver. 2.0 May-08
PR-1358 Procedure for Concept Selection and Preparing a Basis for Design Ver. 2.0 Dec-04 DEP (Ι) Pressurised Bulk Storage Installations for LPG DEM-1 Feb-11
Overhead Line Systems
PR-1964 Equipment and/or Materials Receipt Inspection Procedure Rev.A1 Dec-10 DEP (Ι) LPG Bulk Transfer & Transportation DEM-1 Feb-11
SP-1107 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Electrical Protection System Ver. 3.0 Jul-08
PR-1979 Procedure for Project Delivery Assurance Boards (PDAB’s) Rev. 1 Mar-11 DEP Design & Installation of Chemical Resistant Brick Lining Apr-03
for Process Equipment SP-1109 Specification for Earthing and Bonding Ver. 4.0 Mar-04
PR-1984 Criticality Rating Procedure NEW REQUIREMENT Ver. 1.0 Jun -11
DEP Water Tube Boilers Dec-08 SP-1110 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Electrical Supplies for Mobile Camps Ver. 5.0 May-06
SP-1134 Specification for Detailed Design of Oil & Gas Facilities Rev. 1.0 Aug-06 DEP (Ι) Loading Facilities for Bulk Road Vehicles DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1111 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Temporary Electrical Supplies Ver 4.0 Apr-06
SP-2050 Specification for Construction Activities and Utility Facilities Projects Ver. 1.0 Jul-06 DEP Symbols & Identification System – Mechanical Amended by Circular 28/08 Dec-07 for Construction & Maintenance Work
SP-2061 Functional Technical Directorates - Technical Authority System Rev. 2.0 Jun-10 DEP Internals for Columns Jan-09 SP-1112 Electrical Infrastructure - Electrical Specification for Drilling Rigs Ver. 4.0 Apr-06
SP-2065 Document Management for Projects Rev. 2.0 Mar-11 DEP Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers – Selection & Application Amended by Circular 116/08 Jan-05 SP-1113 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for 132kV Substation Ver. 4.0 Apr-08
DEP (Ι) Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 16812 Feb-11 SP-1114A Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for Design of 132kV Overhead Power
SP-2100 Contract Cost Engineering Specification Ver. 1.0 Dec-09
DEP Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers- Amendments/Supplements to ISO15547-1:2005 Sep-10 Lines on Wooden Poles Ver. 4.0 May-08
GU-484 Planning & Scheduling Guidelines Ver.2.0 Feb-11 DEP (Ι) Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers – Design & Fabrication DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1114B Electrical Infrastructure Specification for Design of 132/220 kV Overhead Ver 2.0 May-08
GU-556 Guideline for Vendor Project Document Deliverables Rev.1.0 Feb-07 DEP (Ι) Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers; Selection and Application DEM-1 Feb-11 Power Lines on Steel Towers
DEP (Ι) Air-cooled Heat Exchangers - Amendments/Supplements to ISO13706 DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1114C Electrical Infrastructure – Specification for Design of TWIN ELM 132kV Ver. 2 Dec-10
GU-569 Project Cost Engineering Rev.1.0 Jan-07
DEP Manufacturing Report for Pressure Vessels Aug-05 Overhead Power Lines on Concrete Poles
GU-663 Project Controls Plan Guideline NEW REQUIREMENT Rev. 0 Jun-11 SP-1115 Specification for Digital Power Line Carrier Communication System Ver 2.0 Jun-04
DEP (Ι) Pressure Vessels - Based on ASME Section VIII DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic Vessels Aug-09 SP-1116 Electrical Infrastructure - Specification for SCADA of Electrical System Ver. 3.0 Jan-07
DEP Design Class Tables Complex and/or High Value projects only Sept-11
DEP (Ι) Fired Heaters - Amendments/Supplements to ISO13705 DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1117 Specification for Power Transformers Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP- (Oct-01) Ver. 4.0 Nov-03
Evaluate & justify on case by case basis
DEP Calculation of Heater-Tube Thickness- Endorsement of ISO 13704 Dec-07 SP-1118 Specification for Power Station Ver. 2.0 Oct-04
DEP Asset Breakdown, Tagging and Information Aug-09 SP-1119 Specifications for Electrical Machines Cage Induction Types Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP (Jan-99) Ver. 4.0 Jun-06
DEP Fabric Expansion Joints- Endorsement of RAL-GZ719 Nov-06
DEP Requisitions Index Sep-11 SP-1120 Specifications for High Voltage Switchgear and Control Assemblies Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP (Jul-98) Ver. 3.0 Jun-04
DEP Filters for Removing Particles from Hydroprocesser Feeds Mar-01
DEP Spares Parts Amended by Circular 67/03 Sep-02 SP-1121 Specifications for Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Assemblies Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP (Jan-98) Ver 4.0 Jun-05
- Type Selection and Design Rules Amended by Circular 118/08
DEP Project Quality Assurance Amended by Circulars 24/98 & 70/03 Dec-95 DEP (Ι) Hydraulic Systems for the Operation of On/Off Valves in Protective Functions DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1144 Infrastructure Power Systems Department – Oil and Gas Directorate Service Ver. F May-05
DEP Life Cycle Costing (Endorsement of ISO 15663-1) Feb-11 DEP Instrument Air Supply Amended by Circular 03/09 Jan-05 Level Agreement
DEP Engineering Information Specification (EIS) Aug-09 DEP (Ι) Piping Classes – Basis of Design DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1242 HSE Specification for Activities in the Vicinity of Overhead Power Lines Ver 4.0 Oct-04
DEP (Ι) Piping - General Requirements DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1267 Specification for Synchronous AC Machines Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP- (Jan 99) Ver.2.0 Jun-06
Design / Drafting – DEP (Ι) Piping Classes - Refining And Chemicals DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Compilation of Bill of Material for Piping Isometrics Sep-11 PR-1168 Power Systems – Emergency Response Procedure Ver 7.0 Mar-09
SP-1131 Specification for Hand Over and As Built Documentation Ver. 3.0 May-06 DEP (Ι) Piping Classes – Exploration and Production DEM-1 Feb-11 Volume VII: Power Systems Operstions Interior
SP-1132 Specification for Plant Design Reference Manual Ver. 3.0 Apr-06 DEP Compilation of a Specification For Piping Systems Sep-11 PR-1259 Infrastructure Management Procedure Ver. 2.0 Sep-99
SP-2047 Specification for the Preparation and Content of Engineering Drawings Ver. 2.0 Feb-10 DEP Pipe Supports Amended by Circular 02/10 Jan-05 PR-1265 Procedures for Maintaining Power System Network Models Ver. 2.0 Nov-06
PR-1353 Electrical System Faults & Analysis Procedure Ver. 4.0 Jun-05
PR-1232 Design Integrity Review Procedure Ver. 1.0 Mar-99 PR-1421 Infrastructure Power Systems Department MHEW Interconnector Operation Ver 3.0 Dec-04
PR-1666 Project Drawing Procedure Ver. 1.0 May-06 DEP (Ι) Hot Tapping on Pipelines, Piping and Equipment DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Acoustic Insulation for Piping- Amendments/Supplements to ISO 15665 Apr-06 Maintenance Procedure
DEP Index to Standard Drawings Sep-11 DEP (Ι) Vertical Steel Storage Tanks – Selection & Design DEM-1 Feb-11 PR-1613 Procedure for Assessment of Protection Relay Testing Engineers Ver. 2.0 Jun-10
DEP Content and Drafting of a Functional Specification, and a Technical Specification, Nov-06 (Amendments/Supplements to EN14015:2004)
and the Classification of Products, Processes and Services (endorsement of ISO 13879, DEP (Ι) Mounded Horizontal Cylindrical Vessels for Pressurised Storage of LPG at DEM-1 Feb-11 GU-290 Infrastructure Power Systems Department – Power Systems Asset Management Ver. 2.0 Apr-06
ISO 13880 & ISO/TR 13881 Ambient Temperatures (Endorsement of EEMUA 190) GU-323 Infrastructure Power Systems Department - Key Business Control Ver. 3.0 May-06
DEP Preparation & Microfilming of Technical Drawings Amended by Circulars 15/99, 64/01 & 56/03 Oct-95 DEP Demolition of Storage Tanks (Endorsement of EEMUA 154) Apr-06 Documentation Guidelines
DEP Mechanical Maintenance Equipment, Tools and Bolt Tensioning Sep-11
Standards Administration – DEP Equipment Record Cards Aug-05 DEP (Ι) Electrical Engineering Design Amended & Supplemented by SP-1103 DEM 1 Feb-11
DEP Cleaning of Equipment Amended by Circular 42/04 Jan-98 DEP Electrical Network Monitoring and Control System for Industrial Networks – Application WITHDRAWN Aug-09
SP-1122 Specification for Project Quality Plan Ver. 2.02 Feb-08 DEP (Ι) Shop & Field Pressure Testing of Piping Systems DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Electrical Supply and Generation-Design and Operation Sep-11
DEP (Ι) Relief Valves - Selection, Sizing and Specification DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Electrical Network Monitoring and Control System for Industrial Sep-11
PR-1561 WinPCS Procedure Rev. 0 Mar-04 Networks - Specification
DEP (Ι) Interlocking Systems for Safety/Relief Valves DEM-1 Feb-11
GU-453 Guidelines for WinPCS Users Rev. 02 Jul-06 DEP Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Sep-10
DEP Synchronous AC Machines – Amendments/Supplements to IEC 60034-1 & Amended and Supplemented by SP-1267 Jun-07
ORM Opportunity Realisation Manual Apr-10 IEC 60034-14 Amended by Circulars 53/08 & 08/09
DEP Packaged Unit AC Generator Sets Apr-03
DEP Procedure for Global Technical Standards Publications Sep-11 DEP Power Transformers – Amendments/Supplements to IEC 60076-01 & Amended and Supplemented by SP-1117 Sep-11
DEP Global Technical Standards Index Sep-11 IEC 60076-11
DEP Standard Forms Index Sep-11 DEP (Ι) Static DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (DC UPS) Units DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP The Use of SI Quantities – Endorsement of ISO-31, ISO-1000 & ISO 80000 Feb-11 DEP (Ι) Static AC Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (Static A.C.UPS unit) DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Solar Power Systems Jan-05
DEP Electrical Machines - Cage-Induction Types – Amendments/Supplements Amended and Supplemented by SP-1119 Jun-07
MECHANICAL ROTATING EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING – CFDH: UEC to IEC 60034-1 & IEC 60034-14 Amended by Circular 56/08
SAFETY ENGINEERING – CFDH: MSE4 Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date DEP AC Electrical Variable Speed Drive Systems Jan-07
Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date DEP (Ι) Low Voltage Switchgear & Control Gear Assemblies Amended and Supplemented by SP-1121 Feb-11
SP-1252 Specification for Instrument Air Compression Package Ver. 3 Sep-10 – Amendments/Supplements to IEC 60439-1
Human Factors Engineering SP-2013 High Energy ( ≥500kW) Centrifugal Pumps Ver. 1.0 Jun-04 DEP High-Voltage Switch Gear and Control Gear Assemblies for Rated Voltages Amended and Supplemented by SP-1120 Nov-06
DEP (Ι) Human Factors Engineering in Projects Feb-11 SP-2030 Low Energy (≤500kW) Centrifugal Pumps Amend’t/Suppl’t to DEP Ver. 0 Jun-05 between 1kV & 52kV – Amendments/Supplements to IEC 62271-200 Amended by Circular 57/08
DEP Human Factors Engineering – Valve Analysis Sep-11 SP-2033 Functional Specification for PDO Machinery Health Monitoring Systems - MHMS Rev. 02 Jun-05 DEP Electrical Trace Heating Sep-10
DEP Human Factors Engineering – Application During Construction Jan-05 SP-2045 Mechanical Engineering - Procurement Specification for Beam Pump Units Rev. 4 Dec-09 DEP Electrical Process Heaters Nov-06
DEP Human Factors Engineering – Control Room Design Jan-10 SP-2054 Specification for Centrifugal Compressor Packages Rev. 3 Aug-08 DEP Field Commissioning & Maintenance of Electrical Installations & Equipment Sep-11
DEP Human Factors Engineering – Human / Machine Interface Design for Situation Awareness Owner: Control and Automation Aug-09
DEP Human Factors Engineering – Design and Procurement of Skid-Packaged Units Jan-10 GU-396 Engineering of Process Pumps Guideline Ver. 1.0 May-05 Electrical Safety Operational Procedures (ESOP’s)–
DEP (Ι) Human Factors Engineering – Design for Process Safety Critical Tasks Feb-11 GU-397 Engineering of Process Gas Compression Guideline Ver. 1.0 May-05
SP-1145 Guide to Safety Operability (SAFOP) Studies on Electrical Systems Ver. 3.0 Oct-03
Fire Engineering DEP Hoisting Facilities And Weather Protection For Rotating Equipment Nov-08
SP-1075 HSE Specification – Fire and Explosion Risk Management Rev. 2.0 Jul-02 DEP Installation of Rotating Equipment - Amendments /Supplements to API RP 686 Sep-11 PR-1947 Electrical Safety Rules Ver. 8.0 Aug-10
DEP Oil Mist Lubrication Systems Amended by Circular 98/08 Jul-08 PR-1948 Electrical Safety Operating Procedures Ver. 9.0 May-10
GU-230 Fire & Explosion Risk Management Guidelines Rev. 2.0 Jul-02 DEP Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries – High Speed Special Purpose Gear Units Nov-03
DEP (Ι) Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems Owner: C&A DEM-1 Sep-11 - Amendments / Supplements to ISO 13691
DEP (Ι) Assessment of the Fire Safety of Onshore Installations DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP (Ι) Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP (Ι) Active Fire Protection Systems and Equipment for Onshore Facilities DEM-1 Feb-11 - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 21049:2004
DEP. Fire Fighting Agents and Portable/Mobile Fire Fighting Equipment Sep-11 DEP Flexible Couplings for Mechanical Power Transmission – Special Purpose Applications Dec-07
for Onshore Applications - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 10441
DEP Fire Fighting Vehicles and Fire Stations Sep-10 DEP Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps Feb-11
- Selection, Testing & Installation
Facility Layout DEP Pumps – Selection, Testing & Installation Feb-11
SP-1127 Specification for Facility Siting, Layout & Spacing Ver. 3.0 Oct-10 DEP (Ι) Centrifugal Pumps - Amendments/Supplements to ISO-13709:2003 DEM-1 Feb-11
SP-1190 Design for Sour Service Specification Ver 3.0 Sep-11 DEP Centrifugal Submerged Motor Pumps (in Refrigerated Product or Pressurised Feb-11
Storage Service)
DEP (Ι) Siting of Onshore Occupied Portable Buildings Owner: Civil DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps and Metering Pumps Amended by Circulars 01/02, 25/04, 50/04 & 84/08 Dec-99
DEP (Ι) Area Classification DEM-1 Feb-11 - Amendments/Supplements to API 674 and API 675 CONTROL & AUTOMATION ENGINEERING – CFDH: UPOA2 (UES)
DEP (Ι) Layout of Onshore Facilities DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Compressors Selection, Testing & Installation Sep-11 Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date
DEP (Ι) Axial, Centrifugal & Expander Compressors - Amendments/Supplements to API Std 617 DEM-1 Feb-11
HEMP/HSE Cases DEP (Ι) Reciprocating Compressors - Amendments/supplements to API 618 DEM-1 Feb-11 Instrument Equipment
SP-1258 Technical Safety Engineering - Quantitative Risk Assessment Specification Rev. 3.0 Jul-10 DEP Packaged, Integrally Geared, Centrifugal Plant and Instrument Air Compressors Jan-08
SP-2062 Specification for HSE Cases Ver. 1 Mar-11 - Amendments/Supplements to API 672 SP-1089 Instrument Impulse Lines Based on DEP (Aug 1992) Ver 1.0 Jan 01
DEP Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps And Compressors - Amendment/Supplements to API Std 681 Amended by Circular 91/08 Dec-04 SP-1090 Instrument Signal Lines Based on DEP (May 2004) Ver. 2.0 Dec 05
PR-1696 HAZOP Procedure Owner: Process Engineering Ver. 2 Dec-08 DEP Centrifugal Fans - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 13705, Annex E Sep-11 SP-1192 Human-Machine Interface in a Control Room Based on DEP (July 1997) Ver. 1.0 Oct-00
DEP (Ι) Lubrication, Shaft-Sealing and Control Oil System and Auxiliaries DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1206 C & A Standard Drawings Ver. 2.0 Dec-10
GU-648 Guide for Applying Process Safety in Projects Rev. 1 Dec-10 SP-1243 Corporate Philosophy for Control and Automation Ver. 2.0 Jun-11
- Amendments/Supplements to ISO 10438
EP95-0230 HSES Guideline – Design 1995 DEP Combustion Gas Turbines - Selection, Testing & Installation Sep-11 SP-1245 Fieldbus Control System Specification Ver. 3.0 Dec-10
EP2005-0300 Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP) – General Requirements Ver. 1 Aug-04 DEP (Ι) Gas Turbines for the Petroleum, Chemical and Gas Industry Services DEM-1 Feb-11
EP2009-9009 Safety Critical Element Management Manual 2nd Edition Feb-09 - Amendments/Supplements to API 616 PR-1094 Instrumented Protective Functions Test Procedure Rev. 1.0 Aug-04
EP95-0312 HAZID Rev. 0 Sep-95 DEP Gas Turbine Combustion Air Intake And Exhaust Systems Feb-11 PR-1293 Main Oil Line (MOL) Metering Systems Verification Procedure Rev. 1 May-09
EP95-0314 Physical Effects Modelling Rev. 0 Oct-98 DEP Diesel Engines Dec-00 PR-1304 Product Flow Measurement Rev. 3.0 Jul-11
DEP Spark Ignited Gas Fuelled Engines Mar-01 PR-1315 Measurement Equipment Calibration/Recertification Procedure Rev. 2.0 Aug-11
Other Health & Safety PR-1619 Mina Al Fahal Terminal Oil Material Balance Rev. 1.0 Mar-11
SP-1234 HSE Specification - Personal Protective Equipment Rev. 2.0 Jul-02 PR-1620 Mina Al Fahal Terminal Dip Procedure Rev. 2.0 Sep-10
DEP Noise Control (Amendments/Supplements to ISO 15664) May-04 PR-1809 Production Measurement Management System Procedure Ver 1.0 Nov-08

ANSI/1SEA Z358.1-2009 American National Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment Sep-09 GU-437 SIL Assessment & Implementation Guidelines Ver. 2.0 May-09
GU-513 Guidelines for Alarm Management and Rationalisation Ver. 2.0 Dec-09
GU-656 Guideline for the use of Level Measuring Instruments NEW REQUIREMENT Rev. 1.0 Sep-11

DEP Human Factors Eng’g – Human / Machine Interface Design for Situation Awareness Aug-09
DEP (Ι) Quarter Turn Actuators for On/Off Valves DEM-1 Feb-11
PROCESS ENGINEERING – CFDH: UEP1 DEP Data Acquisition and Control Architecture (DACA) Amended by Circulars 52/06, 04/07 & 57/07 Aug-05
Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date DEP DACA - Roles & Responsibilities Amended by Circulars 58/07, 08/08 & 99/08 Nov-06
DEP DACA - Procedural Controls / Configuration Management Jun-07
DEP DACA - Procedural Controls / Restore & Backup Amended by Circular 10/08 Jan-08
CP-200 Water Management Code of Practice NEW REQUIREMENT Ver. 1.0 Nov-11
DEP DACA - Procedural Controls / incident Management Amended by Circulars 60/07 & 100/08 Mar-07
DEP DACA - Procedural Controls / Disconnection Procedure Amended by Circular 11/08 Jun-07
Isolation of Process Equipment Specification
Drain Systems Specification
Ver. 3.0
Ver. 2.0
May-04 MATERIALS SELECTION & CORROSION ENGINEERING – CFDH: UEOC/1 (UER) DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Security Administration Aug-09
DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Infrastructure Architecture Amended by Circulars 59/07 & 09/08 Mar-07
SP-1166 Specification for Identification of On-Plot Pipework Ver. 2.0 Sep-04 Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Remote User Access Amended by Circular 61/07 Mar-07
SP-1190 Design for Sour Service Specification Owner: Safety Engineering Ver. 3.0 Sep-11 General - DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Wireless Security Amended by Circular 62/07 Nov-06
DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Minimal Access Mar-07
PR-1696 HAZOP Procedure Ver. 2.0 Dec-08 SP-1128 Specification for Cathodic Protection Design Ver. 2.0 Dec 05 DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Authentication & Authorisation Jun-07
SP-1129 Specification for Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Cathodic Protection Systems Ver. 2.0 Sep-05 DEP (Ι) Process Control Domain – Security Requirements for Vendors DEM-1 Feb-11
GU-568 Water Treatment for Waterflooding DELETED – SEE CP-200 Ver. 1.0 Dec-06 SP-1130 Specification for Cathodic Protection Materials and Equipment Rev. 1.0 Sep-99 DEP DACA - Technical Controls / PCD Network Drawings Jan-08
SP-1136 Cathodic Protection Drawings Ver. 2.0 Dec 05 DEP DACA - Technical Controls / Architectural Requirements for Applications Amended by Circulars 63/07 & 05/08 Jun-07
DEP (Ι) Definition & Determination of Temperature, Pressure and Toxicity Levels DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1189 Specification for Duplex Stainless Steel Line Pipe - Amendments/Supplements to API 5LC REPLACES DEP Ver. 1.0 Dec-00 Utilizing Product Data
DEP 01.00.02 11 (Ι) Preparation of Process Flow Schemes & Process Engineering Flow Schemes DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1195 Specification for the Wall Thickness Measurement of Pipelines by Automated Ver. 1.0 Jan-01 DEP DACA - System Security/ Virus Management Jun-07
DEP (Ι) Preparation of Safeguarding Memoranda & Process Safeguarding Flow Schemes DEM-1 Feb-11 Ultrasonic Techniques DEP DACA - System Security/ Patch Management Jun-07
DEP Glycol Type Gas Dehydration System Amended by Circulars 50/06, 74/08 & 05/10 Jan-05 SP-1246 Specification for Painting and Coating of Oil and Gas Production Facilities Ver. 2.0 Apr-10 DEP DACA - Assurance Risk Assessment Amended by Circular 101/08 Mar-07
DEP (Ι) Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Systems DEM-1 Feb-11 (Parts 1 to 5) DEP Smart Fields – Production Critical Real Time Data Dec.07
DEP (Ι) Fuel Systems DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-2034 Specification for Internal FBE Coating of Line Pipe Ver. 1.0 Sep 05 DEP (Ι) Instrument Symbols and Identification on Process Engineering Flow Schemes DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Fouling Resistance For Heat Transfer Equipment Feb-11 (Amendments/Supplements to API REP 5L7) DEP (Ι) Instrumentation Control & Protection for Fired Equipment DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Plant Model Construction & Review Amended by Circular 65/07 & 23/08 Jan-05 SP-2041 Specification for Cracking Resistant Materials in H2S Containing Environment Ver. 2 Mar-11 DEP (I) Safeguarding & Instrumented Protective Functions for Rotating Equipment DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Gas/Liquid Separators Type Selection and Design Rules Amended by Circular 03/08 & 14/08 Dec-07 SP-2092-1 GRP Specification – Part 1 (Qualification & Manufacturing) Ver. 0 Jan-10 DEP (I) Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems DEM-1 Sep-11
DEP Liquid/Liquid and Gas/Liquid/Liquid Separators - Type Selection and Design Rules Amended by Circular 17/08 Jan-08 SP-2094 Specification for Polyethylene Liners in Carbon Steel Flowlines & Pipelines Ver. 0 Aug-10 DEP DCS Basic Application Standards Sep-11
DEP Diesel Oil Systems in Oil and Gas Production Facilities Dec-98 SP-2095 Internal Liquid Coating for Carbon Steel Piping and Line Pipes Ver. 1.0 Sept-09 Amended by Circular 02/11
DEP (Ι) Design of Pressure Relief, Flare and Vent Systems DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Baselayer Control Applications Sep-11
DEP (Ι) Overpressure and Under-pressure – Prevention and Protection DEM-1 Feb-11 PR-1180 Performance Testing of Coating Systems for Pipeline Rehabilitation Ver. 2.0 Nov-05 DEP Instrument Engineering Procedures WITHDRAWN Jul-85
DEP (Ι) Emergency Depressuring and Sectionalizing DEM-1 Feb-11 PR-1234 Safe Working Procedures for Cathodic Protection Systems Ver. 2.0 Mar-01 DEP (Ι) Instruments for Measurement and Control Feb-11
DEP (Ι) Flare Details (Amendments/Supplements to ISO 25457) DEM-1 Feb-11 PR-1503 Procedure for Determining Pipeline’s Assessed Corrosion Rate (ACR) Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 DEP Instrumentation Documents and Drawings Sep-11
DEP Instrumentation for Equipment Packages Sep-11
EP 93-1315 De-oiling Manual Rev. 1.1 Nov-93 GU-368 Guidelines For The Protection Of Buried Sections of Surface Laid Pipelines/Flowlines Rev. 0 May-00 DEP On-line Process Analysers Jan-10
EP 95-0312 HAZID Hazard Identification Technique Rev. 0 Sep-95 GU-475 Corporate Flowline Materials Selection Guideline Ver. 1.0 Sep-04 DEP Analyser Housing Jan-10
EP 95-0313 HAZOP Hazard & Operability Technique Rev. 0 Oct-95 GU-486 Screening & Monitoring Bacteria Guidelines Ver. 1.0 Oct 05 DEP Turbine Fiscal Metering Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons Amended by Circulars 63/03 & 125/08 Sep-02
EP 98-5632 Best Practices Guide - Gas Sweetening Technology Dec-98 GU-637 Sour Wells Completion, Material Selection Guidelines Ver. 1.0 May-10 DEP Fiscal Flow Measurement of Natural Gas Amended by Circular 11/10 Jun-07
EP 99-5266 Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Water – Desk Study Feb-99 DEP (Ι) Control Valves – Selection, Sizing & Specifications DEM-1 Feb-11
EP 99-5508 Key Multiphase and Hydrate Learning Points from the Main Gas Condensate Sep-99 DEP Metallic Materials-Selected Standards Amended by Circular 1/11 Sep-02 DEP (Ι) Instrumentation of Depressuring Systems DEM-1 Feb-11
Systems in the Shell Group DEP Non-Metallic Materials-Selection & Application Amended by Circulars 36/06 & 02/07 Apr-03 DEP (Ι) Instrumented Protective Functions (IPF) DEM-1 Feb-11
EP 99-5806 Best Practice in Produced Water Treatment Dec-99 DEP (Ι) Carbon Steel Corrosion Engineering Manual for Upstream Facilities DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP (I) Alarm Management DEM-1 Feb-11
EP 2003-5184 Shell Expro Topsides Solids Management Guide Sep-03 DEP (Ι) Metallic Materials-Prevention of Brittle Fracture DEM-1 Feb-11 DEP Shop and Field Fabrication of Orifice Meter Runs Apr-06
EP 2007-5644 EP Guideline on Process Safeguarding Nov-07 DEP Thermal Insulation Sep-11 DEP (Ι) Inspection & Functional Testing of Instruments DEM-1 Feb-11
EP 2005-5186 Heat Exchanger Selection Guideline Rev. 3.0 Oct-05 DEP Protective Coatings for Onshore Facilities Amended & Supplemented by SP-1246 Jan-09
GS.06.50701 Guidelines for the Hydraulic Design and Operation of Multiphase Flow Pipeline Systems Jan-06 DEP Cement Lining of Pipes Amended by Circular 15/03 Dec-98 Telecoms
DEP Thermal Spray Coatings of Aluminium & 85/15 Zinc / Aluminium Alloy Jul-08
GS 06.53139 Guide for Fluid Characterization using C7PLUS Method in HYSYS Dec-06
DEP Electroless Nickel Plating - Amendments/Supplements to ASTM B 733 Jan-08 SP-1265 Specification for ADSS Fibre-Optic Cables and Key Accessories Ver. 2.0 Aug-08
DEP Rubber-Lined Process Equipment Amended by Circular 109/08 Aug-05 SP-1266 Specification for Installation of ADSS Fibre Optic Cables Ver. 2.0 Aug-06
DEP (Ι) Positive Material Identification (PMI) Program DEM-1 Sep-11 SP-2004 Fibre Optic Cable Installation Specifications Ver. 4.0 Apr-10
DEP Materials for High Temperature Conversion Process Furnace Parts Dec-00
DEP Spoolable Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Pipes Amended by Circular 37/08 Aug 05
DEP CRA Clad or Lined Steel Pipe - Amendments/Supplements to API Spec 5LD Sep-11
CIVIL ENGINEERING – CFDH: UEP1C DEP (Ι) External Polyethylene & Polypropylene Coating for Line Pipe
- Amendments/Supplements to ISO/DIS 21809-1:2009

Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date DEP External Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating for Line Pipe Feb-11
Civil / Structures - - Amendments/Supp;ements to ISO 21809-2:2007
DEP Thermoplastic Lined Pipelines Amended by Circulars 05/02 & 39/08 Dec-99
SP-1274 Specification for Civil & Buildings Construction - Materials Testing Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 DEP Internal Coating of Line Pipe for Non-Corrisive Gas Transmission Service Dec-05
SP-1275 Specification & Criteria for Design of Civil & Building Works Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 - Amendments/Supplements to ISO 15741
SP-1277 Specification for Transportable Accommodation Units Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 DEP External Field Joint and Rehabilitation Coating Systems for Line Pipe Jan-08
SP-1279 Specification for Civil & Building Construction Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 DEP (Ι) Selection Of Material For Life Cycle Performance (Upstream Facilities) DEM-1 Feb-11
- Materials Selection Process
Engineering Specification for Safe Road Works
Specification for Reinforced Concrete - Production & Construction
Ver. 2.0
Ver. 2.0
DEP (Ι) Selection of Materials for Life Cycle Performance (Upstream Facilities)
– Equipment
DEM-1 Feb-11
SP-1284 Specification for Sign & Signboards - Standard Signs Catalogue Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 DEP (Ι) Specification of nickel base alloy 718 (UNS N07718) for oil and gas drilling and DEM-1 Feb-11 Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date
production equipment (amendments/supplements to API spec 6A718) FEED Office Management
GU-628 Guide to Civil & Buildings Standard Drawings Ver 2.0 Dec-09 DEP L80 13% Cr. Casing and Tubing (Amendments/Supplements to ISO/DIS 11960.2) WITHDRAWN Oct-95
GU-629 Guideline for Application & Selection of Standard Pipe Supports Ver 1.0 Dec-09 DEP Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Seamless Tubes For Use as Casing Tubing and Dec-00
PR-1741 FEED Office - Quality Management System Manual Rev. A05 Mar-11
GU-630 Guideline to Design & Construction of Swimming Pools Ver 2.0 Dec-09 Coupling Stock - Technical Delivery Conditions (Endorsement of ISO 13680)
PR-1742 FEED Office - Risk & Opportunity Management Procedure Rev. A02 Apr-11
GU-631 Guideline for Sunshade – Specification, Design Requirements & Standard Drawings Ver 1.0 Dec-09 DEP (Ι) Preservation of New and Old Equipment Standing Idle Feb-11
PR-1743 FEED Office - Project On-Boarding Procedure Rev. A03 May-11
PR-1763 FEED Office – Off-Boarding Procedure WITHDRAWN Rev. A01 Jun-08
DEP Structural Design & Engineering of Onshore Structures Sep-11 Welding - PR-1764 FEED Office - New entrant Induction Program Procedure Rev. A04 Apr-11
DEP Onshore & Nearshore Site Investigations Sep-11 PR-1765 FEED Office - Knowledge Management (Lessons Learned) Rev. A02 May-11
DEP Site Preparations & Earthworks Including Tank Foundations and Tank Farms Sep-11 SP-1097 Specification for Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipelines Ver. 2.0 May-05
DEP (Ι) Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering - Onshore Amended by Circular 99/11 Feb-11 - Amendments/Supplements to API Std 1104 HSE/Technical Safety
DEP Road Paving , Surfacing, Slope Protection & Fencing Sep-11 SP-1167 Specification for Welding on Pressurised Pipes Ver. 2.0 Oct-06
DEP Drainage systems and primary treatment facilities DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1173 Specification for Welding on On-Plot Pipe-Work REPLACES DEP Ver. 1.3 May-08
PR-1744 FEED Office – Managing Safety During Visits to Vendor and Contractor Sites Rev. A02 May-11
DEP Design & Engineering of Buildings Amended/Supplemented by SP-1275 Sep-11 - Amendments/Supplements to ASME B31.3 & Amend/Supl’t DEP
PR-1776 FEED Office - HSE Action Close-out Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
DEP (Ι) Design of Blast Resilient & Blast Resistant Onshore Buildings, DEM-1 Feb-11 SP-1174 Specification for Welding of Class 2 & Class 3 Pipelines Ver. 2.0 Dec-04
PR-1777 FEED Office - HSE Induction Requirements Procedure WITHDRAWN Rev. A01 Apr-08
Control Rooms, & Field Auxiliary Rooms - Amendments/Supplements to API Std 1104
DEP Laboratories Amended by Circular 63/08 Apr-06 SP-1177 Specification for Welding of Class 1 Pipelines Ver. 2.0 Oct-05
DEP (Ι) Portable Blast-Resistant Modules DEM-1 Feb-11 - Amendments/Supplements to API Std 1104 Engineering
DEP (Ι) Siting of Onshore Occupied Portable Buildings DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP (Ι) Fireproofing of Steel Structures DEM-1 Feb-11 PR-1272 Standard Welding Procedure Qualification Records for On-Plot Piping Ver. 2.0 Jun-05 SP-2067 FEED Office - PDMS Model specification Rev. A01 Sept-08
DEP Reinforced Concrete Structures Sep-11 PR-1274 Standard Welding Procedure Qualification Records For Class 2 Pipelines Ver. 2.0 Jun-05
DEP Steel Stacks - Amendments/Supplements to CICIND Model Code Apr-03 PR-1276 Standard Procedure Qualification Records for Welding on to Pressurised Pipes Ver. 2.0 Jun-05 PR-1727 FEED Office - Preparation of "Basis for Design" Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
DEP Onshore Steel Structures Sep-11 PR-1659 Pipeline Emergency Repair PQR’S Welding / Pipeline Procedures Ver. 1.0 Oct 05 PR-1728 FEED Office - Preparation of Project Specification (FEED Output) Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
DEP Onshore Ancillary Steel Structures NEW REQUIREMENT Sep-11 PR-1729 FEED Office - Technical Integrity During Design & Execution Phase Procedure Rev. A02 Oct-09
DEP Welding of Metals Amended and Supplemented by SP-1173 May-04 PR-1730 FEED Office - Engineering & Projects Calculation Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
- Amendments/ Supplements to API RP 582 Amended by Circulars 01/06, 44/07 & 16/08 PR-1733 FEED Office – Technical Information Note Procedure Rev. A03 Sept-09
DEP- (Ι) Welding on Pressurised Pipes Amended and Supplemented by SP-1167 DEM 1 Feb-11 PR-1734 FEED Office – Process System Design Review Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
Building Services - PR-1735 FEED Office - Codes and Standards Procedure Rev. A01 May-11
- Amendments/Supplements to ANSI / API RP 1107
DEP- Oxidation of Stainless Steel Weldments Dec-98 PR-1736 FEED Office - Site Survey Procedure Rev. A02 Nov-09
SP-1285 Specification for Civil & Building Services Ver. 2.0 Dec-09
DEP (Ι) Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities DEM 1 Feb-11 PR-1748 FEED Office - Equipment Criticality Assessment Procedure Rev. A03 Apr-10
(Amendments/Supplements to ISO 13847:2000) PR-1749 FEED Office - Register of Holds Procedure Rev. A02 Sep-11
DEP Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning for Plant Building Amended by Circular 43/08 Jul-98
PR-1750 FEED Office - Contract and Third Party Services Management Procedure Rev. A04 Apr-11
DEP Installation, Testing and Balancing, and Commissioning of HVAC Systems Apr-06
PR-1752 FEED Office – Project Execution Procedure (Define Phase) Rev. A02 Nov-09
DEP Drainage Systems & Primary Treatment Facilities DEM-1 Feb-11 QA-QC PR-1753 FEED Office - Weight Reporting and Weight Control Procedure WITHDRAWN Rev. A01 Jul-08
PR-1754 FEED Office - Layout Development Procedure WITHDRAWN Rev. A01 Sept-08
SP-1171 Specification for Quality Assurance Requirements for Ver. 2,0 Dec-07
PR-1768 FEED Office - Project Deliverables - Checking and Approval Procedure Rev. A03 Jun-10
Product and Service
PR-1769 FEED Office - 3D & 2D Drafting Manual Procedure WITHDRAWN Rev. A01 Jun-08
PR-1773 FEED Office - Equipment Supplier Document Requirements Procedure Rev. A03 Oct-09
PR-1858 Material Handling, Storage and Preservation Procedure Rev. 0 Oct-09
PR-1778 FEED Office - Standard Calculation Spreadsheet QC Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
PR-1938 FEED Office – Change Control Procedure Rev. A01 Apr-10
PR-1939 FEED Office – Multi-Discipline Equipment Data Sheet Specification Procedure Rev. A01 Apr-10
Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date
PR-1013 Static Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Procedure Ver. 3.0 May-05 GU-603 FEED Office - Project Deliverables Guideline ORP Phase 3: Define Rev. A02 Apr-11
SP-1279 Specification for Civil & Building Construction – Owner: Civil Engineering Chapter P – Fences & Gates Ver. 2.0 Dec-09
SP-2084 Specification for IP Video Surveillance, Perimeter Security & Access Ver. 1 Feb-11 GU-256 Static Equipment Inspection Guideline Ver. 2.0 May-05
Control Systems Cost & Planning
GU-363 Guideline for the Use of Scaffolding Ver. 1.0 Aug-00
GU-432B Guideline for Automated Ultrasonic Testing Scope Ver. 1.0 May-03
PR-1737 FEED Office - Finance Flow Procedure Rev. A02 Apr-10
Definition for Class 1 Piggable Pipelines
PR-1738 FEED Office - Business Review Procedure Rev. A01 May-09
GU-450 Guideline for Inspection and Integrity Assessment of Ver. 1.0 Nov-03
PR-1746 FEED Office - Time writing Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
Carbon Steel Non-Piggable Pipelines
PR-1770 FEED Office - Planning & Progress Reporting Procedure Rev. A02 Apr-10
PR-1771 FEED Office - Cost Planning Work-flow Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
DEP Field Inspection prior to Commissioning of Mechanical Equipment Feb-11
PIPELINE & FLOWLINE ENGINEERING – CFDH: UIP (UEL) GU-616 FEED Office - Standard CTR Catalogue Rev. A03 Apr-10
Doc. ID Document Title Additional Notes Rev./DEM Date Lifting & Hoisting - GU-640 FEED Office – CTR Catalogue Template (Minor Projects) Rev. A01 Nov-10

SP-1032 Specification for the Design of Pipeline Block Valve Stations Ver. 2.0 Oct-98 CP-189 Lifting and Hoisting Code of Practice Ver. 0 Sep-07 Quality Management
SP-1199 Procurement Specification for Pipeline Split Tees Ver. 2.0 May-11
SP-1208 Pipeline Construction Specification Ver. 3.0 Mar-11 SP-1251 Training Requirements for Lifting Operations Personnel Ver. 4.0 Sep-11
PR-1726 FEED Office - Control of QMS Documents Procedure Rev. A03 Jun-09
SP-1210 Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Ver. 2.0 Dec-03 PR-1745 FEED Office - Customer Feedback Procedure Rev. A03 Apr-10
SP-1211 Onshore Pipeline Engineering Ver. 3.0 Jan-11 PR-1708 Lifting & Hoisting Procedure – Part 1: Framework Ver. 1 Sep-11
PR-1756 FEED Office - Control of Non-Conformance, Corrective and Preventative Actions Rev. A02 Apr-09
SP-1212 DEP Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of New Pipelines Based on DEP (Jan-10) Rev. 2.0 Mar-11 – Part 2: Inspection, Testing and Certification
PR-1759 FEED Office - Audit Procedure Rev. A03 Apr-09
SP-1235 DEP Pipeline Repairs (Supplement to ASME B31.4 & B31.8) Based on DEP (Jan-10) Rev. 2.0 Mar-11 PR-1709 Lifting & Hoisting – Lift Planning / Execution Procedure Ver. 1 Sep-11
PR-1772 FEED Office - Management Review Procedure Rev. A02 May-09
SP-1236 DEP Pipeline Isolating Joints - Amendments/Supplements to MSS SP-75 Based on DEP (1999) Ver. 1.0 Dec 02

PR-1067 Infrastructure - Emergency Response Document Part III Contingency Plans Ver. 8.0 Jul-09 Information Management
- Vol. 4: Main Oil Line
PR-1146 Engineering and Operations - Flowline Cold Cutting Procedure Ver. 3.0 Dec-06 PR-1722 FEED Office - Information Management Services to FEED Office Procedure Rev. A02 Feb-11
PR-1235 Main Oil Line System - Management Procedure Rev. 02 Jun-08 PR-1723 FEED Office - Information Documents and Records Procedure Rev. A03 Jun-10
PR-1236 South Oman Gas Line System - Management Procedure Rev. 02 Jun-08 PR-1725 FEED Office - Supplier document Procedure Rev. A02 Jun-11
PR-1416 Procedures for the Use of Pipe-RBA Methodology Rev. 1 Mar-03 PR-1761 FEED Office - Hand-over Documentation Procedure Rev. A02 May-11
PR-1504 Facilities Change Proposal Procedure for Main Oil Line, South Oman Gas Line Rev. 0 Feb-02

and MAF Terminal
Pipeline Hot Tap Management Procedure
Procedure for Analysis of Pipeline Road Crossing
Rev. 01
Rev. 0
Notes: GU-600 FEED Office - Live link &Assai Usage Rev. A02 Feb-11

PR-1629 Installation of Epoxy Grouted Sleeve & Clock Spring Repairs Ver. 2.0 Dec-09 1. This Document can be accessed from LiveLink:
Procedure for “COSASCO” Retrieving Equipment Operation, Corrosion Monitoring
DEP’s (V33) are Shell Documents and can be accessed from:
PR-1642 Ver. 2.0 Dec-09
and Weight Loss Coupon Analysis 2.
PR-1799 Procedure for Emergency Pipeline Repair Material Management Ver. 1.0 Sep-08 a) Note: as of v32, new/revisions to DEP’s are split into ‘Specification’ and ‘Informative’ – See Tabs at top of DEP web-page
(Ι) denotes the DEP’s where this Specification and Informative split has been implemented
GU-379 Pipeline Emergency Repair Manual (Class 1 Pipelines) Rev. 4 Nov-04 3. PDO Management System Documents are available on Livelink:
GU-501 Pipeline Engineering Excavating and Working Around Live Pipelines Rev. 1 Oct-05
PDO Hierarchy:
DEP (Ι) Hot Tapping on Pipelines, Piping and Equipment Owner – Mechanical Static DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP (Ι) Pipeline Integrity DEM-1 Feb-11 a) CMF Corporate Management Framework Mandatory
DEP (Ι) Design Of Multiple-pipe Slug Catchers DEM-1 Feb-11 b) PL Policy Mandatory
DEP (Ι) Design of Pipeline Pig Trap Systems DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP Upheaval Buckling of Pipelines Apr-06 c) CP Code of Practice Mandatory
DEP (Ι) Line Pipe Induction Bends - Amendments / Supplements to ISO 15590-1 DEM-1 Feb-11
DEP (Ι) Line Pipe for Critical Service - Amendments / Supplements to ISO 3183:2007 DEM-1 Feb-11
d) SP Specification Mandatory
DEP Pipeline Fittings- Amendments / Supplements to ISO-15590-2 Jun-07 e) PR Procedure Mandatory
Pipeline Isolation Joints - Amendments / Supplements to ISO 15590-2
Pig Signallers : Intrusive Type
Carbon And Low Alloy Steel Pipeline Flanges For Use in Oil & Gas Operations
Jun-07 4.
f) GU Guideline
The Hardcopy of this Document (Wall Chart) is issued every 6 Months in Arrears – The document may be
- Amendments/Supplements to ISO 15590-3
DEP Precommissioning of Pipelines Sep-11 revised between hard-copy issues – please check Livelink for latest revision MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST REVISION (CHECK IN LIVELINK or SHELL DEP WEBSITE)
DEP Pipeline Leak Detection Amended by Circular 41/08 Sep-02
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Document No: GU-611 Issue Date: December 2011