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two exhibitions explore the legacy of mm lee. >> t2
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The No More Tears series is part of a bigger body of works by Wee that looks at “monuments to and about” MM Lee. which bagged the voter’s prize. Tan Pin Pin and Bryan Van Der Beek. a portrait of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew made from shampoo bottle caps. another version was exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum’s Singapore Art Exhibition. Love is all around In recent years. >> Continued on T4 a close-up (left) of Jason Wee’s No More Tears (above). Richard Lim Han’s Singapore Guidance Angel last year and. But it’s not hard to recognise that familiar gaze. Both are titled after him: MM I Love You and Beyond LKY. No More Tears is the only portrait of MM Lee in the show.Today Tuesday augusT 3. but non-Singaporeans seeing Singapore. they go beyond iconography and delve a little deeper. there have been a number of painting exhibitions with MM Lee as its focal subject: Ben Puah’s Hero in 2008. “Lee Kuan Yew is always this big authority figure and in a sense he really is my father. Mr Lee” inscribed on it. “He is a huge part of the mythology of He SAId In a sense. the title is a playful take on “Minister Mentor” and the idea of “modern mythology”. Singapore is a country that has never needed a mother — it wasn’t given birth to as much as it was made and sculpted. implicitly and MM Lee Kuan Yew really is my father. It’s the Minister Mentor himself. Ong Hui Har’s Harry. MM Lee is a big presence this week with the opening of two group exhibitions that Wee is taking part in. Image-making and language. a revisionist video piece about Sir Stamford Raffles and the founding of Singapore. Objectifs Gallery’s MM I Love You features previous works by five artists: Wee. but the man who shaped modern day Singapore is “invisibly present” in the other works that deal with issues of national identity. Amanda Heng. Ho Tzu Nyen. said Toh. language and history.” said Wee. Last year. early this year. Forming a dialogue of sorts with No More Tears is Ho’s Utama: Every History Is Named I. The artwork. Both tackle. While the two new shows also feature a smattering of portraits. is the fourth in his series of portraits of MM Lee Kuan Yew titled No More Tears. Singapore is a country that has never needed a mother — it wasn’t given birth to as much as it was made and sculpted. The first portrait was exhibited in New York in 2006. not just in terms of Singaporeans seeing ourselves. According to curator Charmaine Toh. Jason Wee MAYO MARTIN THE portrait at Objectifs Gallery only offers a partial view of the man’s face. respectively. 2010 T2 arts Singapore stories Two group exhibitions explore the legacy of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew mayo@mediacorp. the artwork is part of the ‘MM I Love You’ exhibition. which includes a piece utilising neon lights and a granite sculpture in the shape of the number 1 with the words “In Memory Of My Father. the legacy of Singapore’s first Prime Minister. by visual artist Jason Wee. are tackled in Heng’s online project on the Singapore Airlines Girl and an excerpt from Tan’s Singapore Gaga documentary. It’s made from shampoo bottle caps — both flipped open and closed — that have been arranged to create a “pixellated” effect. which saw MM Lee in his youth rendered in pop art style.” she said. .

in a way. Esplanade Theatre. environment. which was discontinued in 1985. 11am to 7pm. Ong Kim Seng. iconography is just one of the artistic responses. but to make us think a bit closer about these things.With 3pm weekend Beyond LKY: Aug 5 to For Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore’s annual survey of Singapore artists. . 11am to 7pm. www. Oasis Gallery. And. Until Aug 29. Jimmy Ong contributed two watercolour works titled Papa Can You Hear Me. Objectifs Gallery.” Beyond iconography Beyond LKY is exactly what the title indicates. I found that even though (the details are) invisible. Alan Oei’s diptych Kelvin & Karen. A number of artists responded with portraits. Zai Kuning is presenting the remains of a dismantled piano (previously seen in other performance contexts this year) in his reimagining of a new National Anthem in a world where English or Chinese and perhaps not Malay is the national language. 1985 tackles the “Stop At Two” family-planning slogan. be enhanced — by the very presence of those three (or two) powerful letters. Mica Building #01-10/11/12. Some artists (featured in the exhibition) are not even discussing him. Issues on language. DBS Arts Centre. Knee-jerk assumptions If MM I Love You looks to the past and present. Hong Sek-Chern’s Vibrant City Chinese ink paintings of Bishan and Marine Parade paints a future that still alan Oei’s Kelvin & Karen. But it does form an interesting dialogue. Aug 5 to Nov 5. “We are looking beyond him and not him (per se). Environment and urban development plays a part in the works. Indeed. Drama Centre Theatre. It is the highlight of Toy Factory’s 20th anniversary celebrations. curator and gallery owner Valentine Willie organised a show comprising 19 artists across various generations and media. “like it’s a kind of social taboo”. Valentine Willie Fine Art (Singapore). (the silhouette is) still powerful. Aug 5 to Sept 11. last week this week stAtE OF tHE Arts: The local scene has struck gold with the opening of Asian Civilisations Museum’s latest show. “You have to find a different way. 140 Hill Street. and news of rare Chinese treasures from a shipwreck being exhibited later this year. suggesting that the idea of bringing up MM Lee in an arena beyond the confines of policy discussion unfortunately seems to result in a knee-jerk assumption of antagonism. Georgette Chen. Meanwhile. the ambiguity opens up to various interpretations of who the subject matter is. Tang Da Wu is presenting a sculpture of hammers literally hammered together into one huge mass. visUAl Arts selected singapore master Arts This all-Singaporean exhibition features 40 works — some of which have never been displayed in public — by 18 master artists including Chen Wen Hsi. they kind of found a resemblance to him.” said Leow. Because they are about ourselves. But it seems to be tempered by a sense of caution. Mondays to Fridays. Artsguide tHEAtrE Boeing Boeing W!ld Rice brings back this hilarious play about a bachelor trying to juggle three air stewardesses at one go. Aug 6 to 15.Tickets at $19 and $22 from Sistic. A take on Marcel Duchamp’s own cheeky version of the Mona Lisa. 8pm. It is apparently a coincidence that MM I Love You and Beyond LKY are being held at the same time. The use of MM Lee’s image (or the suggestion of it) has the power to evoke. who received the Arts and Culture award for the prestigious Fukuoka Prize. SBin Art Plus. 10am on weekends and 11am and 2pm on Saturdays and public holidays. Artspace@Helutrans. One that the curators hope won’t be hampered — but instead. 101 Amoy Street. Upstairs in the sky Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company’s new production about friendship and loss will be performed using boxes. Aug 4 to Sept 4. A vindication of sorts seeing as how funding for the theatre company was slashed after it was told it was doing works that weren’t local enough.vwfa. part of the ‘Beyond lkY’ exhibition. “But do we really want to think of him as taboo?” said Wee. That is. With 3pm weekend matinees. 1985. 8pm. 11am to 3pm (Sun).Tickets at $69 to $129 from Sistic. www. A percentage of sales will go towards humanitarian efforts. Admission is free. Its main premise? A survey of what artists think Singapore life would be like after Mr Lee. which virtually transforms the entire event into a miniature tableau. who is presenting his granite sculpture. Vincent Leow also offered two portraits. offering itself up to a number of interpretations that extend beyond its initial environmental roots. Tanjong Pagar Distripark.Today Tuesday augusT 3. the Flaming sphere principle Singapore surrealist artist Rosihan Dahim ties up with Mercy Relief for a solo show of 14 new works. 20 Merbau Road. economic boom and housing are also tackled. Hong predicts a status quo. 39 Keppel Road. Cheong Soo Pieng. Saturdays by appointment. Closed on Monday and PH. Admission is free. population. 2010 T4 Today Tuesday augusT 3. It brings up questions on an alternate future with a different population makeup if there had not been such a campaign. clothes and some household objects. 11am to 7pm (Tue to Sat). Sumatra: Isle Of Gold. #02-04. Wee pointed out how mentioning his name occasionally elicited sA d hong sek-Chern’s Vibrant City (Bishan). Saturday by appointment. “When I first showed it to people.” MM I Love You: Aug 5 to 28. one of which is an etching of a black silhouette.Van Der Beek presents a series of photos of the National Day Parade using the tilt-shift technique. 11am to 7pm. among others. singapore stories >> Continued from t2 Meanwhile. He is the first contemporary theatre director — and the third Singaporean after visual artist Tang Da Wu and songwriter Dick Lee — to be awarded the international prize. But the biggest haul would have to go to TheatreWorks’ Ong Keng Sen. 56A Arab Street.” said Willie.Tickets at $44 to $69 from Sistic. mAyO mArtin seems very much like what it is today. 2010 T5 arts ivAlEnt AmB py Ap H arts december rains The restaging of this Mandarin musical set in Singapore during the ’50s and ’80s stars Kit Chan. Beyond LKY ponders the future. Said Toh: “The exhibition is not meant to say ‘bad’ or ‘good’.