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SUBJECT: - Principles of Marketing
Assignment Number: - 01
Assignment Topic: - Develop 7 p’s of
Marketing for education sector.
7 P’s of Marketing in Education Sector
In service sector as we are chosen the education sector and now, we are coming
up with an institute of a nursery which is named as “KIDZ HOME”

The logo of the KIDZ HOME:

We are targeting only 30 to 40 students for each batch.

Our working hour is from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

 A child appreciates a beautiful classroom.
 Child likes to feel at home.
 Qualified, experienced, trained, innovative, caring & extremely
patient teachers.
 Spacious playground with all outdoor game kit.
 We provide an opportunity for children to explore and interact.
 Serve hot, delicious and nutritious food every day.
 Quality education with devotion, discipline and obedience.
 Encouragement to take part in all sports activities.
 Lots of education play toys for children.
 Beautifully arranged annual function every year.
 Counselling for parents on child related topics, e.g. child diet, child
psychology, child parent relationship etc.
2. Price:
It is determined by a number of factors including competition, serve
quality, placement, reputation of the institution, private or public ownership,
infrastructure, facilities provided, location of the institute, mode of education,
brand name of the educational institution etc. Here, price reflects the quality of
services provided to the students.

Pricing Strategy’s

Heads Amount in ₹

Admission Fees: LKG = 8000 {p.a}

Include Uniform, learning materials. UKG = 7500 {p.a}

Bus facility: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Food: 9.30 am to 8.30 pm

Include: Breakfast & lunch
3. Place:
Place represents the location where an educational institute is established.
It is often referred to as the service centre. If the institute is located at a Metro
city, it will provide much more competitive edge, than if it is located in rural
place. So, place is also a vital promotional tool for them.

So, we planned to establish our institution in city multi location

those are HUBLI and DHARWAD, where we can get a greater number of kids.

4. Promotion:

We are promoting our nursery through the different advertisement

1. Media advertisement (newspaper, T.V, F.M, magazines)
2. House Visiting
3. Coffee cup advt.
4. Advertising in malls (U mall, Urban Oasis, Oswal)
5. In door and outdoor advt in city busses
6. Advertisement in ticket back side (Rock Garden Wonder
7. Advertisement through Theaters.

5. People:
Here, the people mean teaching fraternity and non-teaching
community directly and indirectly associated KIDZ HOME. Satisfaction
and retention of the students solely depends on the way the teachers
are in a position to deliver their best services to them. Teachers are not
treated as ‘guru’ rather they are known as their parents.
Considering the necessities we are selecting female D.ed, TCH,
or any degree holder candidates for our KIDZ HOME. Because female
candidate nourish the children’s in soft nature also they know that how
to treat & convince the kids.

People’s Num Qualification Experienced
Principal (female) 1 M.A/M.Com/M.sci/ Exp 4 to 6 yrs
Candidate (in education
Clerk’s 2 Any degree Exp 2 to 4 yrs

Number of teachers 6 TCH, D.ed, Any Exp 2 to 4 yrs

(female) degree holder
Care takers 4 S.S.L.C Exp No need
(female) (age 23 to 35)

Peon’s 2 S.S.L.C Exp No need

(age 23 to 35)

Security Guard 2 Physically Good Exp No need

(male) (age 23 to 35)

Workers: 2 Minimum 4 years Exp 2 to 4 yrs

Driver & cleaner of driving
(male) experience in
heavy vehicle
6. Process
If the service process is hassle free, simple, understandable,
student friendly and technology based, it will definitely make the
institution with difference.
In KIDZ HOME the service is not only to provide the
knowledge and teaching, also look after the children’s were it is not so
easy. So that we pointing only those teachers who can understand and
hold the children’s.

Admission process:
1. Application form
2. Interaction with Child and parents
3. Send letter of choice

List of Documents to be Produced by the Parent at the Time of


1. Date of Birth Certificate of the Child

2. Medical Certificate of the Child (for children with special needs)
3. Pass out certificates of Father/Mother (School, Graduation, Post-
Graduation etc.)
4. Proof of Residence

7.Physical Evidence:
It is the direct sensory experience of a service that allows a
student to measure whether he or she has received adequate facilities
by the educational institution.

Following are most essential physical evidence for our KIDZ HOME:

 Building (attractive infrastructure)

 Classrooms
 Office room
 Computers
 Playground
 Play home where kids will get all playing materials.