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Low Temp. Carbon Steel

Material Carbon Steel (CS) Stainless Steel (SS) Low Alloy Steel (LAS)
A312 Gr.TP304 1/2Cr.-1/2Mo. A335 Gr.P2
A312 Gr. TP316 (SMLS/WELD) 1Cr.-1/2Mo. A335 Gr.P12
A312 Gr. TP321 1 1/4 Cr.-1/2Mo. A335 Gr. P11
A358 Gr. 304/316/321 2 1/4-1Mo. A335 Gr.P22 SMLS A333 Gr. (WELD/SMLS)
A106 GR.B (SMLS)
PIPES A409 (14” & Above) 3Cr.-1Mo. A335 Gr.P21 A671 Gr. CC60 (EFW),
5Cr.-1/2Mo. A335 Gr.P5 16” & Above
A672 Gr.B60 (WELD), 16” & Above
TP - Tubular Product 9Cr.-1Mo. A335 Gr.P9

A691Gr……(EFW) high P&T, 16” & Above

FORGING A182 Gr. F304 (18Cr.-8Ni.) 1/2Cr.-1/2Mo. A182 Gr.F2
(1/2” -1 ½”) A182 Gr. F316 (16Cr.-12Ni.-2Mo.) 1Cr.-1/2Mo. A182 Gr.F12
Small Bore Fittings, A182 Gr. F321 (18Cr.-10Ni.-Ti.) 1 1/4 Cr.-1/2Mo. A182 Gr. F11
A350 Gr.LF2
All ‘O’Let Fittings, A105 2 1/4 -1Mo. A182 Gr.F22
Class 1 & 2
Flanges, Small Bore (If Base Material Contain Low Carbon, Write 3Cr.-1Mo. A182 Gr.F21
Valves and Special ‘L’ after grade) 5Cr.-1/2Mo. A182 Gr.F5
Parts 9Cr.-1Mo. A182 Gr.F9
A403 Gr. WP 304
1Cr.-1/2Mo. A234 Gr.WP12
A403 Gr. WP 316
WROUGHT 1 1/4 Cr.-1/2Mo. A234 Gr.WP11
A403 Gr. WP 321
FITTING A234 Gr. WPB 2 1/4 -1Mo. A234 Gr.WP22
A420 Gr. WPL - 6
(2” & Above) (SMLS & WELDED) 5Cr.-1/2Mo. A234 Gr.WP5
(If Base Material Contain Low Carbon, Write
9Cr.-1Mo. A234 Gr.WP9
‘L’ after grade)
WP – Wrought Product
A351 Gr. CF8 (SS 304)
1 1/4 Cr.-1/2Mo. A217 Gr.WC6
A351 Gr. CF8M (SS 316)
CASTING 2 1/4 -1Mo. A217 Gr.WC9 A352 Gr. LCB
A351 Gr. CF8C (SS 347)
Large bore Valves A216 Gr. WCB 5Cr.-1/2Mo. A217 Gr. C-5
and Special Part 9Cr.-1Mo. A217 Gr. C-12 LCB – Low Temp. Casting
(If Base Material Contain Low Carbon,
Use CF3)
A240 Gr. 304L
1/2Cr.-1/2Mo. A387 Gr.2 C1.1
A240 Gr. 316
1Cr.-1/2Mo. A387 Gr.12 C1.1
A240 Gr. 321
1 1/4 Cr.-1/2Mo. A387 Gr.11 C1.1
A515 Gr.60
PLATES 2 1 /4 -1Mo. A387 Gr.22 C1.1 A6 Gr.60
(If Base Material Contain Low Carbon, Write
3Cr.-1Mo. A387 Gr.21 C1.1
‘L’ after grade)
5Cr.-1/2Mo. A387 Gr.5 C1.1
9Cr.-1Mo. A387 Gr.9 C1.1

BOLT/NUT A193 Gr.B7 / A194 Gr.2H

A193 Gr.B8 class II / A194 Gr.8 A193 Gr.B16 / A194 Gr.4
FASTNERS A307 Gr,B / A563 Gr.A

0º to 427º C High Temp.