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2019 ou
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We sincerely invite global

leading fertilizer and biostimulant

China International
entrepreneurs, experts to enjoy this
international platform and to deliver

speeches, to explore cooperation
opportunities and product

Development and
innovation technology together.

Trade Forum

5th-7th March, 2019

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Three parallel forums

1. China International Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum

2. I nternational Bio-Stimulants Development and Standards Forum
3. Fertilizer Research Technology and Fertilizer New Product
Launch Conference

Concurrent events

20th China International Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC)

10th China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW)


Supported by China Bio-stimulants Development Alliance
China Chemical Industry Association Fertilizer Professional Committee
National Ca-Mg-P Compound Fertilizer Research and Promotion Center

C hina International Fertilizer Development and Trade Forum will be held in Shanghai on March 5-6, 2019.
The forum is one of the important activities of the China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW). It is held
once a year and is recognized by professionals from more than 100 countries and regions around the world and
praised by industry experts. The forum will be divided into three sections: “International Forum on Fertilizer
Development and Trade”, “International Bio-Stimulants Development and Standards Forum”, and “New
Technology and New Product Launch Conference for Fertilizer Researchw .

The forum will discuss and dialogue on hot topics such as policy interpretation, technical analysis, crop
solutions, product supply requirements, new fertilizer technologies and applications, international trade rules
and new market potential. At that time, we will invite academic institutions such as the Chinese Academy of
Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing Institute of Soil
Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, experts and representatives of the fertilizer and bio-stimulant
industry, as well as internationally renowned scholars, experts and professors from important agricultural
countries. Interpret policies and share global information.

Main Topics

5th Mar, 2019 Main Forum

Focus on China’s fertilizer import and export situation, fertilizer development needs and strategies, the future
development direction of fertilizers, detailed interpretation of the latest fertilizer technology and market development
path, combined with the analysis of foreign market related fertilizer market, for the healthy development of China’s
fertilizer industry, improve fertilizer companies international The level of trade provides ideas and directions.

• Analysis of China’s Fertilizer Production, Sales and Import and Export in 2018
Ms. Chen Li, Director of Fertilizer Department, China Chemical Information Center
• Development Direction of Fertilizer Industry and Industrial Innovation and Upgrading
Dr. Zhao Bingqiang, Chief Scientist of Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of
Agricultural Sciences
• Comparison of Fertilizer Development and Fertilization Between China and the United States
Prof Zhang Weifeng, College of Resources and Environment, China Agricultural University
• Eco-Agricultural Industrialization and its Development Model
Prof Cao Linkui, School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai Jiaotong University
• China’s Soil Conditions and Fertilizer Structure Optimization Development
Prof Wang Huoyan, Director of Soil-Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Laboratory, Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy
of Sciences
• The Status Quo of World Water Soluble Fertilizer and the Future Development Direction of Water Soluble
Fertilizer in China
Prof Zhang Chenglin, Director of Water-soluble Fertilizer Research Laboratory, College of Resources and Environment,
South China Agricultural University
• Comparison of Domestic and Foreign Registration Management Policies for Special Fertilizers and the Trend of
China’s Policies
Mr. Wang Hong, Director of Soil Fertilizer Testing Center of National Fertilizer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
• Analysis of Planting Conditions and Applicable Fertilizer Varieties in the Middle East and North Africa
Dr. Mohamed Helal, General Manager of GIZATEC, Egypt
• Introduction to Australian Agricultural Development and Fertilization
To be Confirmed
• Trend Analysis of Fertilizer Use in Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Tri Ngoc, Vice President of Vietnam Fertilizer Industry Association

6th Mar, 2019 International Bio-Stimulants Development and Standards Forum

The“double reduction target”of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural production in China encourages enterprises and
research institutes to jointly develop innovative bio-stimulants, establish standards and solve key process technologies to
meet market demand and reduce targets. Focus on the current breakthroughs and development trends of biostimulant
products at home and abroad, international regulations and standards for biostimulants and standards for biostimulant
standards in China.
• Development Status and New Product Analysis of International Biostimulants
Mr. Benot Planques, Chairman of the European Plant Biostimulant Standard TC455
• Overview and Standardization of Biostimulator Development in China
Mr. Liu Gang, Secretary General of the National Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner
Standardization Technical Committee
• Biostimulant Innovation and Technology Development
Prof Chen Jie, School of Bioenvironment, Shanghai Jiaotong University
• European Biostimulant Standards - How to Adapt to European Regulations and
the Development of Biostimulant Markets
Mrs. Mojdeh Rowshan Tabari, Secretary of ISO/TC134
• Current Biostimulation Material Analysis and Biostimulant Development
Strategy Analysis
Prof Chen Qing, China Agricultural University
• Bio-Stimulation Mechanism of Effective Substances in Seaweed Fertilizer
To be decided
• European Biostimulant Applications and Regulations
Mr. Katja Schlink, Global Regulatory Manager, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
• The Role of Bio-environmental Innovation in Paying Attention to Farmers’
Sustainable Agriculture
Mr.RogerTripathi,CEO of Global Bioag Linkages
• Study on Biostimulation Mechanism of Effective Substances of Humic Acid
To be decided

Fertilizer Research Technology and Fertilizer New Product Launch


In order to promote the effective connection between scientific and technological

achievements and industries of scientific research institutes, in order to build a zero-
distance exchange between domestic and foreign fertilizer production enterprises and
scientific research institutes, China Chemical Industry and Trade Promotion Association
held the “Farming Scientific Research Achievements Promotion and Exchange
Conference”. It is mainly promoted by agricultural research institutes on its own unique
fertilizer research products and technological achievements. The promotion forms are mainly
based on technical presentations + on-site scientific and technological achievements. A total of
eight reports, on the current industry hot products and technology speech.


Chinese & English, Simultaneous Interpretation


US$ 200/Person (including material, simultaneous interpretation)

Early bird: US$ 150/Person (register and make payment before 25th Feb, 2019)
CAC 2019 & FSHOW 2019 Exhibitor Price: US$ 120/Person (register and make payment before 25th Feb, 2019)

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