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Name : Shafa Tiara P.

Class : PI 17A
Student Number : 17113023


After giving the Offer Letter, an Appointment Letter is the next step of interaction between a company
and an employee. For him/her, a Letter of Appointment is a guarantee about the given job and position in
that company. There are various formats of Appointment letter.
An Appointment Letter is a legally binding document that confirms that an organization has offered a
position to an employee and they have accepted the terms and agreement in exchange for a salary. The
appointment letter goes into great detail of what is expected of the new employee and the role they will
play in the company. This letter is a binding document and should contain all the information necessary
for an employee to begin working for the company. The Human Resources department usually has several
pre-made letters available to be disbursed to a new employee. There are guidelines that should be
followed when writing an appointment letter. Following a basic outline can prevent any discrepancies
between the employer and employee. An appointment letter must state clearly the key components of the
employee’s job. It must also have no errors or contradictions in it. This letter ultimately serves as a
contract and it is important to have the company’s terms and condition for employment. It must state what
is expected of the employee, how many hours they must work, sick days and salary. The letter should go
into detail but not every single term should be discussed in it. Those terms should be left for an employee
work manual. An appointment letter should always be written on a company’s letterhead complete with
their logo centered at the top of the document. It should also contain the contact information of the person
who wrote the letter. At the top it should be dated and include a reference number for easy identification.
It should include the potential employee’s address that they used on the application process. There should
be a one-line space between the heading and the first paragraph. The first paragraph should include
information of what position the employee is expected to hold. The remaining paragraphs should list all
the terms both the employee and employer agree to without any contradictions. The letter should close
with the person responsible for hiring and firing employees.


Luckily there are many options for anyone unfamiliar with how to write such a document. Using
sample letters will save you time and keep it brief, concise, and to the point. Samples are like
training wheels for preparing a person to create their own.

The type of situation that requires an appointment request letter can be one’s desire to speak with
their senator or other political representative. A second type may be the need to speak with
someone’s doctor or attorney. Another situation would be someone needing an appointment with
a busy boss or supervisor. A final example situation is the appointment one wants with a job
interviewer to discuss a position for work.


 less than one year to meet specific short-term requirements (normally not exceeding 364
 has an expiration date and no expectation of renewal
 if surge requirements or operational needs related to field operations or special projects
need more time it can be extended for a period not exceeding 729 days
 cannot be converted to any other type of appointment


 for defined periods of time of one to five years

 to perform functions of a certain duration or those that are part of the Organization's
regular and continuing activities
 may be renewed for any period up to five years at a time subject to funding availability,
satisfactory performance and the needs of the Organization
 no expectation of renewal or conversion


 has an open-ended time frame

 granted to those hired through the competitive exams after two years under a fixed-term
appointment with satisfactory service
 subject to the continuing needs of the Organization, those not hired through competitive
exams may be eligible for review for conversion to continuing appointment after
completing five years of continuous service on a fixed-term appointment based upon
certain criteria, particularly mobility and performance

 Business Associate Appointment. These types of appointment letters are commonly

used for requesting meetings to a business associate, it may either be one from your
own company or from another.
 Standard Director Appointment. You can use these types of appointment letters
when requesting for a formal meeting your company director or from another
 Business Meeting Appointment. These types of appointment letters are used to
request formally for a business meeting, which may also be from your own company
or to another.
Your letter of appointment tells you:

 The type of appointment you have;

 The starting date and the time period of the appointment
 The category of the post (Field Service, General Service, Professional, National Officer)
and the level (e.g., FS-7, GS-3, P-2, NO-A)
 The starting rate of your salary and, if increments are allowable, the scale of increments,
and the maximum attainable;
 Any special conditions which may be applicable.



Mr. Adam Lee Poacher,

Business Head,

Quality Solutions Inc,

#4, Colchester, Essex,

London, CO31

Date : 29th November 2013

Subject : Schedule of appointment for holding business meeting

Dear Mr. Adam,

I am Gwaneth Lee the business manager of Isotope Associates writing with reference to our
scheduled business meeting which your company has requested to be held in the month of
December. Our senior management has agreed to have an appointment for our business meeting
to be held on the 4th of December 2013 at 10.00AM. We have two members from the board of
directors who will be attending this meeting.
I am also attaching a schedule of topics that are on the agenda for discussion in the meeting on
the scheduled meeting day. You are free to add any more issues or essential things that you think
are necessary to be discussed during the business meeting. Please provide the updated agenda to
us within two days so that we have all the necessary paperwork related to the meeting prepared
well in advance.

Please confirm your appointment for the business meeting on the scheduled date for making
necessary arrangements on or before 3rd December 2013 positively. In case you have any doubts
you are free to contact our organization on 111-2222 or 222-3333 between 10.00AM to 5.00PM.
You can even reach us on our mail id if necessary.
Looking forward to hearing from you very soon on appointment confirmation and meeting you
personally on the scheduled meeting day.

Yours Sincerely,

Gwaneth Lee

Business Manager

Isotope Associates

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