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MERIDIAN EXPL User Guide [a WARNING: TO RED\ HC THE RISK OF FI DO NOT EXPOSE THS Important safety instructions ‘cas + Read these instructions. APPARATUS TO RAIN OR MOISTURE, + Keep these instructor + Heed all wamings Safety warnings + Follow all instructions + Donat nit tocipping or splash . use ths apparatus nea * Do not place any cbject fled with gud, such as @ . with a vase, on the unit + Do not lock any ventilation openings. nstal in + Do not place raked flame sources, such as ighted e manufac candle To avoid overheating leave at least 10cm around the equipment to ensure suffcient ventlt any heat sources such as other apparatus ) that produce heat +0 5s, stoves, (including ampli not poston the unitin direct sunlight, near heat + Only wee attachments/accessories spaced by the sources such as @ ‘on top of he manufac producing equipment, wee ampli . ' apparatus during ighting storms or + To avoid iterference do nat postion the writ near strong electrical orm» dation, such as neat when unused for lng pero + Refer all senicing to rod wh 3, such 88 power-supply cord or iuid has been spied or obje eparatus has been Radio interference FCC Warning: This quipment generates and can teen expcod anor mature, doe not opera used cone in accordance with ou nrmaly or hasbeen cropped. reef radio communi en type complies with thet set ot in Spa J, Part Requirements Contents Mac OS X: Requires Mac OS X 10.8. th the following ter. No drivers ere ne Windows: Requires Windows XP SP3, and can be downlca rer? page (merician-auclo Getting started Connect the audio out preamplifior using a mini jack lead * This guide Mode — to en analogue 88K/98K audlo — ‘onnect the headphones socket to @ pair 176K/192K audio — of headphones with a mini jack plug ‘The Explorer? page on the Meridian web site ( has advice on getting the best sound quality from your Explorer, so describes how you can op configure the Explore? to suit your own requirements. ine output analogue (ini jac) WARNING: 2V RMS plug headphones into this output, of FCC rules fora Class 8 computing device, These mits a intended to provide reasonable protection against such interference in home instalations EEC: Ths product has been designed and type-teste to comply with the mis set out in ENSSO13 and EN55020, Use wth USB 1.1, 2, 3 only Power eating: SV 2.51 max Copyright Meridian Audo Lid Latham Road Huntingdon Copyright © 2018-14 Meridian Audio Lid Visit us on the web: htip://meriden-audio emi Part ne: Expl 26036) This guide was produced by H interface Ltd hit: c2.c0.Uk nection to computer 7 (mini USB Mode indicator “+ White: 44K/48K © Green: MOA ‘= Blue: MOA studio. Setting up for Mac OS X Configure the Explorer * Connect the Explorer? via US. + Open System Preferences, * Click Sound. + Select the Output pane! + Select Meridian Explorer? USB DAC Out from the lst. Optionally for best sound quality + Select the Sound Effects panel * Set Play sound effects through to Internal Speakers. * Open the Audio Midi Setup utility (found in the Applications/Utilities ‘older) + Select Meridian Explorer? USB DAC Out and select the desired required bit/sample rate, ‘Audio Devices). * Select Meridian Explorer USB DAC Output from the default device lst in the Sound playback box. + Cick the Sounds ta + Seleci No Sounds fiom the Sound Scheme crop-dovm lst and click Apply. Setting up for Windows 7 and 8 Install the USB2 driver * Download and save the diverzip fe toa ssitable lcation such as the Desktop. + Connect the Explorer” to the computer via USB ignoring ary Windows dever installation notfcators * Double click the 2p fle and open the enclosed folder. « Run the river installer by double clicking the setup application * On the next window allow’ the installer to make changes to the computer. Setting up for Windows XP NOTE: D0 NOT connect the Exlorer before running te criver intl application Install the USB2 driver + Download and save te aver 2p fle to 8 ‘suitable location such as the Desktop. + Double cick the zip fe and open the encosed olen + Run the diver instaler by dovble-ickng setup.exe and folow the stale instructions, connecting the Explore! wien requested + Cick Continue Anyway if Windows wars bout ne Explore? not passing Windows Logo tasting + Cick Finish when done, Windows wil then show a Found New Hardware Wizard, '* Select No, not this ‘then Next, + Select Install the software automatically, then Next. + Cick Install to start the crverinstilation and follow the installer instructions. + Cick Finish when done. + Restart the computer Configure the Explorer? * Connect the Explorer ‘= Open the Sound contol panel (Start > Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound > Sound) + Cick the Playback tab. ‘Find Meridian Explorer? USB DAC ‘audio in the lst, right click and select Set as Default Device. * Cick Apply. Optionally for best sound quality ‘+ Connect the Explorer’ + Open the Sound contol panel (Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound) + Click Continue Anyway if Windows warns about not passing Windows Lago testing + Click Finish when dove. «+ Restart the computer, Configure the Explorer? + Connect the Explorer + Open the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel (Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sounds and Audio Devices) + Click the Audio tab + Select Meridian Explorer? USB DAC Output from the default device list in the ‘Sound playback box. + Click Apply. Optionally for best sound quality + Connect the Explorer ‘+ Open the Sounds and Audio Devices contro! panel (Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sounds and * Click Meridian Explorer USB DAC audio in the lst. = Click the Sounds tab. + Select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme drop-down ist and cick Apply. * Click the Playback tab. © ‘* Double click Meridian Explorer? USB DAC audio in thelist. ‘Click the Enhancements tab, + Set Disable all enhancements and click Apply. * Click the Advanced tab. * If not areacy set, set both options in the Exclusive Mode box. * Select the desired bt/sample rate in the Default Format cicp-down Ist box and click Apply. Support For more detaled support please vist ‘ Warranty The Explorer is covered by warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for {wo years from the date of purchase; subject to the limitations and conditions outined below. This warranty covers the cost of labour and materials for any repair deemed necessary by the Meridian Service Tear, Proof of purchase oF a copy of the sales receipt will be required for any claim made against the warranty imitations and Conditions The Explorer is covered under the warranty only if the following conditions have been met: ‘+ It has been used in accordance with the instructions given in the section Important safety instructions elsewhere in this document, += It has not been altered or modified in any way. ‘It has not been purchased from an unauthorised dealer. ‘It has not been subjected to an unauthorised repair or service, In order to make a claim ageinst the warranty, the approved process for returning a faulty Unit for reper or replacement must be folowed Dotals of this process can be found cn the Meridian web site: ‘ Product Registration Register your Explore? product at: and receive Exclusive Meridian News and discover more about the Merician Collection You wil need the serial number to register, which is located on the base of the Explorer