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Design and Implementation of a Voice Controlled Robot with Human
Interaction Ability

Conference Paper · February 2017


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6 authors, including:

Humayun Rashid Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed
University of Turku International Islamic University Chittagong


Sharif Muhammad Taslim Reza
International Islamic University Chittagong


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left. Sayed Bin Osman. Bangladesh Email: raahat. Movement control of the robot using voice The surprising raise in the utilizing of robots and command automation offers various advantages as well as it has The movement of the proposed robot will be drawn the attention of both academic investigation and controlled by the voice command of the user. less power consuming device to connect and which will consist some pre-recorded human voice as audio exchange data between devices without using of any file will be used by the robot for the development of the kind of physical contact like wires and cable [6]. The control system of the users verbally and interact with user by speaking various robot movement will be employed by the voice and the sentences which will make it user friendly. 26-27 January. one or more peripheral devices swiftly through limited Keywords— Voice command. ISBN: 978-984-34-2030-5 148 . The analysis on numerous will use an android operated smart phone to give voice technique of controlling robot has accomplished quite a command. Chittagong-4314.Previous works the microcontroller using Bluetooth of the phone and on voice controlled robots [1]-[3] shows that the design microcontroller will receive the data using Bluetooth of those robot were complicated and none of them were module. for obstacle detection during autonomous mode. There are two main applications that robot will be able to perform which are discussed below. Communication. The voice Uno because of its versatile features along with command is converted to text by an app of the android numerous advantages which is based on Atmega328P phone and sends necessary data to the microcontroller for and an open source platform with the benefit of physical controlling robot movement. I. The paper voice command using android based smart phone using presents the research of the designing & development of a Bluetooth is presented to construct the robot based on voice controlled talking robot using mobile phone based on microcontroller. Robots are anticipated to forward. backward. [3]. the robot will move able to interact with users. For socialize along with its user however it has not yet driving the robot there will be two geared DC motors arrived at this kind of level [2]. After conversation of the voice of an innovative process among many methods which are command into text the app will send necessary data to introduced regarding robotics control [1]. 2017 Paper ID: 65 Design and Implementation of a Voice Controlled Robot with Human Interaction Ability Humayun Rashid. An ultrasonic sensor will be employed it is reasonably limited [1]. Bluetooth uses radio waves with voice command. International Conference on Computer. A technique to give the connection between humans and robot. Verbal phone will be connected to the microcontroller using a interaction intended for robot controlling is actually sort Bluetooth module. Materials and Electronic Engineering IC4ME2-2017. right or fully autonomous. A SD card module along with a SD card safe. Qader Newaz. According to the command. After getting each command the interface is a synchronous serial information process robot will act according to the instruction and will be able utilized by microcontrollers for interacting along with to speak different sentences. OVERVIEW OF PROPOSED SYSTEM proposed system will be designed based on microcontroller which is connected to smart android phone through The robot will be based on microcontroller Arduino Bluetooth module for receiving voice command.rashid09@gmail. The system will utilize Bluetooth robot responses according to the command by performing technology and Standard communication interface proper movement to the proper direction according to the known as SPI interface. robot will response the commanding persons by generating sounds of human voice with each verbal instruction. The command can be fetched using an app few success by introducing a number of innovative & which will convert the voice command into text. The robot can accept instructions from Arduino Uno microcontroller. command for stopping the robot at instant. Arduino ranges [8]. Arduino The development of a voice controlled robot is Uno will send signals according to reading of the demonstrated in this paper which has the ability to follow ultrasonic sensor to provide data about any obstacle in voice command from user and does communicate with front of the robot within a specific range. The user commercial programs [1]. Another Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle executing challenging work into more conveniently simple utilized computer with a sound card and a microphone way. SPI robot’s talking system. There are numbers of with gripped tyre which will be operated by the help of techniques to control robot using voice identification yet DC motor driver. The II. The unique methods of robot movement control. INTRODUCTION A. After receiving the data the computing [4].com Abstract—The purpose of robotics in commercial & Previously developed robot used ZigBee [10] which is a residential intention has come to be quite essential for costly device. Md. Robot . Chemical. There will be a user by using pre-recorded human voice sound. Rasheduzzaman and S M Taslim Reza Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC). There are a lot of researches working on to enhance which was not user friendly [11]. Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed.

An amplifier pin of l293D is connected to the digital pin number 6 of with a speaker will be connected for generating the Arduino Uno for speed control. III. for backward command. The central processing unit will be a used to connect two DC motors and another 4 input pins microcontroller connected with an android operated are connected to the microcontroller for controlling the smart phone via a Bluetooth module. Communication. Materials and Electronic Engineering IC4ME2-2017. When user will command for communications. Circuit Diagram digital pin 0. robot will speak with every instruction the user will give. Arduino Uno which is digital pin 1 and TX of Bluetooth module is connected to Rx of Arduino Uno which is B. Diodes D1 and D2 are used to prevent back current. Emitter and detector of Ultrasonic sensor voltage with accuracy to maintain the voltage regulation are able to produce 40 kHz sound wave and detect same [5]. high current. It will be used to motors. it will generate sound of every sentences defined for its each actions.Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 is used for Circuit diagram of the proposed robot is shown in obstacle detection and avoidance by measuring distance figure 2. Each command robot will receive. Until the robot will receive the next direction. 2017 B. ISBN: 978-984-34-2030-5 149 . IV. Capacitors of different values will be used to frequency as well as sends electrical signal back to the construct circuit for filtering and bypass purposes.2: Circuit diagram of the the proposed robot model. DESIGN AND IMPLMENTATION During the implementation of the proposed robot. Echo and trig To communicate with the user. Electrolytic polarized capacitor as well as the bypass capacitors has employed for steady the slow changes and bypass very small period spikes and extremely tiny duration spikes to the ground with no distress the other components. Similarly. 26-27 January. ground and output and able to provide fixed of the obstacle. Input 1 and Input right by controlling the direction of rotation of motors. the robot will be saying by generating voice record that the robot is moving for that direction and ask for next command. it will greet the user and ask for command be attached with the Arduino Uno utilizing SPI for performing its action. Fig. Enable module will be connected to the microcontroller for storing the pre-recorded human voices. any specific direction. SD card Module will up the robot. PROPOSED ROBOT MODEL Fig . Chemical.3 volt. The ultrasonic sensor consists of ultrasonic transmitter. microcontroller using Bluetooth. 1: Functional block diagram of the proposed robot model. received sound of recording from micro SD card through RX of the Bluetooth module is connected to TX of microcontroller. the robot will be able pins of ultrasonic sensor will be connected to the digital to talk while executing a specific command. Communicate with the user by talking while Bluetooth module will be interfaced with microcontroller performing each command using two data pins known as RX and TX. microcontroller [7]. A SD card 4 and 5 for right motor according to the figure 2. Functional diagram The functional diagram of the proposed robot is Motor driver L293D has 16 pins where 4 pins are shown in figure 1. power supply unit is first developed using 7805 to convert 9 volt into 5 volt and LE 33 to convert 5 volt into 3. Operational amplifier LM 358 and power give voice command using an app and will convert the amplifier LM 386 will be used to construct amplifier voice command into text as well as send the data to the circuit. As example. The sound will be pre-recorded human voices and stored to a micro SD card connected to the microcontroller unit using a SD card module. 2 are connected to the digital pin of 2 and 3 for left motor An ultrasonic sensor will be interfaced to detect obstacle and input 3 and input 4 are connected to the digital pin of and help robot to operate full automatically. After power pin of 7 and 8 of microcontroller. International Conference on Computer.The Uno consisting of 14 digital and 6 analog pins. development of the power supply will be implemented receiver and the control circuit [7] and has worked by using lM7805 & LE33 which has three terminals of sending pulse and check echo to determine the distance input. the robot will say “The robot is moving backward”. it will continue to follow the previous command.5 V to 36V [9]. The main central processing will be an Arduino in range of 2cm-400cm with accuracy of 3mm. The motor driver controller is based on L293D which Motor driver will be required for controlling the is a quad. half bridge driver that is created movement of the robot and it will be operated by the to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600mA at microcontroller to control two different motor of left and voltages range from 4. A.

ISBN: 978-984-34-2030-5 150 . SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT The microcontroller is programmed using Arduino IDE which is the official software based on C programming supplied from vendor and is used to program Arduino Uno.5W along with did not face any obstacle on its way. 26-27 January.3 volt is using google speech to text technology to convert voice required which is supplied by LE33. The android software is with the digital 10 pin of Arduino Uno. Arduino Uno is programmed to receive a manages the peripheral systems. 2017 Interfacing SD card Module with Microcontroller has An android software is created that gets voice implemented by interconnecting of Arduino Uno and SD command information and transform into textual content Card module’s mutual pins known as MISO. (ii) Amplifier. Communication. RESULT ANALYSIS OF DEVELOPED ROBOT A. Fig. also developed which is able to make the robot to operate fully autonomously by employing ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacle and avoid collision. A programming for autonomous is (Serial Clock) is the clock pulses [8]. V. The filtered Speaking ability of the robot was developed using output is obtained from pin 5 of LM 386 and is supplied several prerecorded sound of human voice for different to an 8 ohm speaker. backward. The A preamplifier is designed utilizing LM358 op-amp robot was able to move forward. right. left and right that is attached in a negative feedback manner along with according to the input given to L293D from Arduino an adjustable resistor R4 attached in the feedback route Uno which gave input according to the command for minor fragile signals which are need to be increased received from user. Figure 4 SCLK which are defined pins for SPI communication. Chemical. A able to senses the obstacle. Interaction with User by genrating human voice current where the non-inverting port is provided with the recording output of the preamplifier via variable resistor of 10k although the inverting port is grounded. If user gave the voice command through utilizing pre amplifier that can be effective to “autonomous” the robot started moving autonomously boost the actual transmission along with substantial large without hitting any obstacle. VI. SCK backward and stop. Speech Recognization Process & Movement of the Robot according to the Voice Command By using the android app the textual content was transmitted to the Arduino using Bluetooth through (i) (ii) mobile phone handsets which had built-in microphones Fig. 4: Descriptive diagram of model software (i) Speech recognition. internal fixed 34dB gain in order to retrieve the actual enhanced transmission through preamplifier to boost the B. MOSI & utilizing google speech recognition technology. Table 1 shows the circuit instructions utilized for the movement of the robot. shows the process for Speech recognition. (ii) movement and (iii) communication with Fig. 5: Illustrative overview of the implemented proposed robot. International Conference on Computer. Bluetooth and sonar sensor according to voice command [2]. user.3. Figure 3 is showing the interactions and stored in SD card as wav file which implementation of the circuit. 3: Implemented model view of proposed robot to process the signal and the robot made movement (i) Motor driver circuit. MISO (Master in Slave textual command via Bluetooth and according to the Out) is the Slave line used for delivering data to the command it is programmed to move forward. left. movement The chip Select pin of SD Card module is connected and communication with user. Then it gave command to power amplifier is employed using LM386 that is microcontroller to move in such a way so that the robot capable to supply output power of 2. MOSI (Master out Slave In) is the master line for the purpose of delivering data to the peripherals. master. were played through the amplifier circuit when any specific voice command was given. The avoidance of the gain however is actually not capable in order to generate obstacle was guided by the ultrasonic sensor which was the actual output for absence of proper current gain. Materials and Electronic Engineering IC4ME2-2017. Along with an SPI command into to text and then the text is sent to the connection there is usually one particular master unit that Arduino Uno.

Right 0 0 0 1 Right Issue 1. 11-16.backward. Left The Robot is moving left. 2013. different command was received.The developed Figure 5 shows the overall view of the robot. Commercial production of this Technology. Priyanka Deshmukh.Daniel a lot more further future developments and researches AlexandruVisan. There is a voice Controlled Robot". V.2. 28-30. 31st International Spring Seminar on Electronics product for consumers. 02. robot can be possible of following future researches and [7] “Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC-SR04” available on updates can be done for more improvement of the robot. paper development of a prototype is presented although [6] Ioan Lita. The developed robot are able to move in any [8] “Micro SD Memory Card interface for 5V MCU” available on www. ISSE '08. Issue 2. Jazuli Backward 0 1 0 1 Backward Sanusi Kazaure. vol. and Amuda F. pp. “sBOT: A Face Authenticated and Speech Controlled Forward The Robot is moving forward. February 2016. Megan Biondo. LM340A and LM78xx Wide V IN 1. Avilable many new methods as well as development. no. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 56 – 63. pp. The wav files from the SD individual response’s audio files are recorded and stored memory card were selected by chip select pin of SD card as wav files on SD card.A.. International Conference on Computer.micropik. www. vol. March2013. acquisition and control systems”.13th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (REV). Revised July 2016. 303-307. no. International Research Journal of command “Autonomous” which can instantly makes the Engineering and Technology (IRJET). “Android-based Speech Processing for Eldercare TABLE II Robotics”. 49-55. pp. Ion BogdanCioc. "Arduino Based Voice forward. robot to move fully automatically without hitting any [11] P. In this on http://www. For each command. Instant stopping of the Journal of New Trends in Electronics and Communication robot from any kind of movement can be done by the (IJNTEC). 2015. input audio signal was amplified according to the gain Further future development can be conducted by set by the POT. [4] Vladimir Cvjetkovic & Milan Matijevic. 3.5-A Fixed The robotics is becoming more reliable and adopting Voltage Regulators”. Priti Stop The robot has stopped moving. Kannan and D.ti. vol. Stefan Oprea. Rasal. VII. Backward The Robot is moving backward. The devloped robot ISBN: 978-984-34-2030-5 151 View publication stats . pp. International Journal of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (IJCSEE). pp. 01.” International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE).A. May 2008. “Wireless Technologies for Distributed Sensor Networks Used in Measurement and Automation are needed to make the developed robot into a complete Systems”. “Mobile Robot Voice Left 0 1 0 0 Left Recognition in Control Movements”. left and right. be needed for controlling the direction according to the voice command received from [9] “Controlling DC motors”. IUI '13 Companion Proceedings of the companion Different Sounds of Voice Recording According to different publication of the 2013 international conference on Intelligent Command user interfaces companion. architectures with Arduino boards asbuilding blocks for data Autonomous The robot is now moving as autonomous. The voice as response on amplifier from micro SD card. When user will command any module and given as input to the inverting terminal of instruction the robot will generate the related human the amplifier of LM358 whenever a constant supply from voltage diver is given to non-inverting terminal. International obstacle using ultrasonic sensor. Autonomous Autonomous [2] Tatiana Alexenko. Nuhu Alhaji Muhammad. “Overview of Right The Robot is moving right.Voice extremeelectronics. 02. 2012 available on the user by android phone and bluetooth . vol. Voice Command Input 1 Input 2 Input 3 Input 4 Direction Stop 0 0 0 0 Stop REFERENCES Forward 1 0 1 0 Forward [1] Zakariyya Hassan Abdullahi. 2008. voice command “Stop” at any time. researchdesignlab. 26-27 January. Chemical. Materials and Electronic Engineering commands has able to control the robot to move [10] K.Badadhe. TABLE II device used prerecorded human voice sound to is showing different recorded sounds of voice recording communicate with user but artificial inteligence can be of the robot for different voice command. [5] “LM340. May15. Marjorie Skubic. pp. Selvakumar. 2014. But due to less current the pre amplified developing a system which will be able to receive voice signal was given to the non-inverting port of the command through direct voice recongnization hardware amplifier circuit of LM386 which amplifies the current to recognize the voice command and no android app will of the signal and sound can be heard in an 8Ω speaker.Sayali Bhujbal. Communication.87-88. 2015. "Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle”. implemented for interection purpose so that the robot TABLE I will be able to interact more appropriately by analyzing Input For Different Logic the testing enviroment and user’s behaviours. Deya Banisakher. 01. Voice Command Robot Interaction [3] 2017 The Arduino Uno was programmed to response by has ability to interact with its user using the prerecorded playing the wav files through speaker if any voice human voice file.February 2000. Bhandare. Robot. 160-167.