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Name - Ce Ra Zaw Din

Another name - Khin Maung Tun

Age - 44

From - center Nga Khu Ya Village, Maungdaw Township

Father - Dezar Ar Mat, age 44, center Nga Khu Ya Village

Statement - 18.10.2016

The Day Before the A7acks:

According to the message that I received, on August Oct 8, 2016, around 7:30 am, the fishery
department will come to Ye Lay Kyun shrimp pond around 1 pm. That’s why I went to Nga Khu Ya
market at about 10 am, along with the owner of the shrimp U Maung Sann Win (Rakhine), Mar Mat Ar
Yu from Twet Tan Village, and Mar Mat E Nu from center Nga Khu Ya Village.

At 2 pm, the fishery deportment officials were s[ll not there, and at 2:30 pm we walked back to Nga
Khu Ya market. Then I got a phone call from Mar Mat Tarli from U Shay Kya Village, and he said to
come to U Shay Kya Village. So, I went home and ate lunch. At around 2:45, I took my motorbike
together with Sway Ta Laung ( F ) Daw Li Ra Man, and Annawa ( F ) U Yu Shar - all 3 of us rode on one
motorbike to U Shay Kya Village. We arrived at the home of Mar Mat Tarli at about 3:30 pm. He
offered us tea and some cakes. Mar Mat Tarli told us that a local Bengali man - Shu Nar Myar was
injured and then died of his injuries in a Muslim to Muslim village dispute. We didn’t call the police
about it. But, despite those problems now we have to focus on aaacking the Nga Khu Ya Border Guard
Police Base late tonight.

A7ack Groups:
We have 4 or 5 aaack groups that will aaack. I went to visit the wife of Shu Nar Myar and I met her,
but I don’t know her name. Then, me and Sway Ta Laung and Annawa led U Shay Kya Village around 6
pm and arrived in Nga Khu Ya Village around 6:30 pm. We went to the shrimp pond owned by Shar Ar
Laung of center Nga Khu Ya Village. He is also the owner of the shrimp buying store. At his shrimp
pond we met Jin Nar Kan and Mar Mat Tarli - both from U Shay Kya Village. I told them that I had
been told that the aaacks will happen late tonight. Then, as I was talking to Jin Nar Kan about the
aaack plan, Shar Ar Laung, Ar Yu ( aka Kyaw Naing ), and Annawa - all from center Nga Khu Ya Village -
were nearby. Ader 15 minutes talking I went back to my house.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

We were group #2. In our group was my neighbor Ar Kis from north Nga Khu Ya village - he escaped
capture later - and E Nu from Auk Pyoo Ma village. They were leaders who led about 60 Bengalis who
were from north, center and south Nga Khu Ya Village. All of us Bengali militants gathered at the
primary school in south Nga Khu Ya Village. Other Bengalis, from Auk Pyoo Ma village, were directed
to gather at the football field.

We A7acked, and We Killed:

On October 9, 2016, around 3 am we entered the police outpost, from the football field, but I just
stood by the fence. Ar Kis and E Nu entered and yelled, “Nariya Takbir!”, and, “Allahu Akbar!” [both
phrases mean ‘Allah is the greatest’] They and other members of their group then got into the building
where some police officers and their families lived. Before, Ar Kis had had a previous issue concerning
his telephone with one of the officers named Zaw Naing Htun. Ar Kis had been arrested for having an
illegal phone from Bangladesh. That is why Ar Kis got to that building quickly. When Ar Kis entered
that building he killed officer Zaw Naing Htun. I also followed Ar Kis into that building, and I also killed
border guard policemen there with our knives, and clubs. Ader that I went back to my village. I heard
gunshots coming from the police outpost [as reinforcements came to save the policemen]. As the
Bengali aaackers retreated and ran away from the police outpost I just stayed home. This is the truth
of what happened.

Bengali names menEoned:

1. Ce Ra Zaw Din ( aka Khin Maung Tun ) ( F ) Dezar Ar Mat, age 44, center Nga Khu Ya Village

2. Mar Mat Ar Yu

3. Mar Mat E Nu, center Nga Khu Ya Village

4. Mar Mat Tali, U Shay Kya Village

5. Sway Ta Laung, ( F ) Daw Li Ra Man

6. Annawa, ( F ) U Yu Shar

7. Shu Nar Myar

8. Shar Ar Laung, center Nga Khu Ya Village

9. Jin Nar Kan

10. Ar Yu ( aka Kyaw Naing ) ( F ) Mar Mat Ce Yas, center Nga Khu Ya Village

11. Ar Kis, north Nga Khu Ya Village

12. E Nu, Auk Pyoo Ma Village

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2

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