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Deflection Modifier/

Hit Location Table

Crimson Skies
TM +2 To-Hit
Nose Table
1-3 P. Wing
4-7 Nose
Color Maneuver Template +3 To-Hit
Port Leading Table
8-10 S. Wing
+3 To-Hit
Star. Leading Table
1-6 Nose 1-6 Nose
7-10 P. Wing 7-10 S. Wing

+1 To-Hit +1 To-Hit
Port Trailing Table Star. Trailing Table
1-6 Tail 1-6 Tail
7-10 P. Wing 7-10 S. Wing
+0 To-Hit
Tail Table
5S 1-3 P. Wing
4-7 Tail
8-10 S. Wing
5L5 5R5

To-Hit Calculation
5L4 4S 5R4 Target's Base To-Hit Number
+ Deflection Modifier (+3,+2,+1,0)
5L3 4L4 4R4 5R3 + Range
+ 1 if Firing a Rocket
+ 1 if Gunner is Firing
5L2 4L3 3S 4R3 5R2 + 2 if Shocked
- Pilot Dead Eye Skill
= Target Number
4L2 3L3 3R3 4R2

4L1 3L2 2S 3R2 4R1

3L1 2L2 2R2 3R1

G Rating Key
4L0 2L1 1S 2R1 4R0
3L0 1L1 1R1 3R0 7 2
2L0 F B 2R0
0S 5 3
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